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Authors: Laurann Dohner

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Mate Set (9 page)

This wasn’t the perfect situation that Mika had in mind when she’d fantasized

about her and Grady in her bedroom but she wanted him bad. The large man following

her looked wild and untamed as his gaze burned into hers. He paused and then tore

down his boxers and pants, dropping them to the floor.

Mika stared at Grady’s naked body. He was better looking than she’d even

imagined. Tan skin and a muscular body greeted her eyes. His stomach was flat and she

saw muscles ridged it, clearly defined. Her focus lowered and she swallowed hard, her

body responding instantly. Grady naked, in good lighting, made her feel damn

impressed. Grady could proudly hold up his head in any men’s locker room. She

wanted him as much as he obviously wanted her, judging by how hard he was.

A deep, rumbling growl came from him. Her attention jerked up his body to his

face. “Undress now.”

She gripped her shirt and lifted it over her head. She had wanted Grady and now

she was about to get him. This was what she’d wanted for days and she’d fantasized

that it would come to this. The attraction between them was too strong to deny. A slow


Laurann Dohner

smile spread across her lips as she backed toward the bed. Grady followed her, inching

closer. She couldn’t wait to feel his hands on her body.

“The condoms are in the nightstand behind me.”

Grady watched her tensely as she undressed. She stripped out of everything until

she was totally naked. His look was hungry as he slowly raked every inch of her body

with his intense gaze. He growled softly and then was moving. He walked past her but

a gentle hand shot out that made contact with her skin, shoving her.

Mika landed on the bed flat on her back. She was shocked that he’d done that to her

as she watched him jerk open the drawer of her nightstand. He used both hands and

just tore the box in half, causing condoms to spill out onto the floor. He bent, grabbed a

roll of them, and tossed them on the bed after tearing one off. He used his teeth to tear

open the condom wrapper and looked down at his body as he fit it over his cock.

“In a hurry?” Her voice shook.

Grady’s head snapped up. “Have you ever slept with a wolf?”


The word he cursed under his breath made Mika flinch. She saw his jaw jerk as he

clenched his teeth hard. “Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but I marked you. It

drives me crazy to smell me on you and I want you bad. I’m also suffering mating heat.

This isn’t going to be romantic but I won’t hurt you. I hope you don’t mind raw sex

because you’re about to get just that. Spread your thighs now.”

She had to close her gaping mouth. “I don’t…”

He moved. She suddenly found her legs spread wide by Grady’s hands, which held

them that way. In the blink of an eye Grady dropped to his knees next to the bed and

yanked her toward him until her ass was at the edge of the mattress. Large, strong

hands adjusted her thighs to push them wider open and higher. Mika met his intense

black gaze and then he looked down at her exposed sex. She could only widen her eyes

in surprise as Grady buried his face between her thighs and his mouth attacked.

Shock tore through Mika as Grady’s mouth, lips, and tongue ravaged her. He

shifted his hold on her so his thumbs spread her sex wider open to his seeking, teasing

mouth. He stabbed his tongue inside her and then slid it out and upward to torment her

clit before he sucked on the swelling bud. The pleasure increased in intensity when his

teeth lightly raked her clit. Sensations overwhelmed her.

Mika threw her head back, clawing at her comforter as moans tore from her. She

didn’t fight since what Grady was doing to her body was amazing and too damn good

to even want to resist. He growled and she moaned louder from the vibrations it caused

where he was latched on to her. His tongue and lips had no mercy as he licked and

suckled. He figured out just the right tiny spot that sent her pleasure into overdrive and

zoned in on it. Mika screamed as her body tensed and the climax hit her hard. It

shocked the hell out of her how fast she’d come.

Grady’s mouth released her entirely as he eased back away from her a little. She

was feeling the climax starting to ease back and she relaxed. Large hands gripped her


Mate Set

hips and Mika cried out in surprise as she was flipped over as though she were a rag

doll. Those hands yanked her to the edge of the bed until her knees touched carpet and

she found herself kneeling over the bed. Mika’s eyes flew open.

Grady’s body caged her as his chest pushed her back down where he pinned her

securely under his large body. His hands left her hips then slid down her thighs on the

outside. He gripped her knees and jerked them farther apart as he lifted her hips higher

so her knees left the floor.

She turned her head and stared into his dark eyes. They weren’t almost black

anymore, they were completely black and didn’t look human, even in shape, since they

appeared wider and rounder now. His lips were parted and she saw his canines as he

breathed hard. She knew she made a soft, terrified sound.

“Easy,” his voice was really deep—too deep. “I’m that turned on and I’m slipping

just a little but I won’t hurt you. Look away if I’m scaring you, babe. It’s still me.”

Mika turned her head away from him, not really wanting to see just how far he was

going to slip. She was a little freaked out by having him turn a little into his wolf but he

wasn’t hurting her or changing much except for the shape of his eyes and a show of his

longer teeth. She glanced at his arms, not seeing a mat of hair but tan, smooth skin

instead, and relaxed completely. She lowered her face into mattress as the blunt tip of

his cock nudged against her pussy. He was thick enough that her body resisted slightly

even though she was wet and ready for him as Grady gently pushed into her, going

really slowly but deeper until he was fully seated inside her body.

“Balls-deep,” he growled. “Thank God you can take me because I was afraid you

couldn’t. You ready? I won’t be real gentle but I’ll try damn hard to not hurt you.”

She nodded into the bed. Grady braced his arms next to hers until they were

touching, pressed skin to skin. He withdrew partially from her and thrust forward.

Mika moaned at the sensation. It felt really good as every thick inch of him brought

sensitive nerve endings roaring to life.

Grady growled and withdrew then pushed into her deep again. He had her pinned

tightly between the bed and his body. She was unable to move, so all she could do was

feel the pleasure as Grady rode her faster and harder, increasing the pace. Mika had

never felt anything close to the way Grady made her feel and she was no slouch in the

sex department. She’d had lovers before but none of them had even come close to

feeling as good as Grady did. She realized another climax was coming. She never came

during straight sex without more stimulation to her clit but that wasn’t the case this

time. She tensed and came hard.

Grady rode her harder, if that was possible, as her muscles went crazy and the

pleasure made her scream. She clawed the bed and bucked frantically against Grady.

He suddenly gasped in air loudly and his hips started to jerk violently against her ass.

A loud groan came from him as he lifted his chest off her back. His hands gripped her

hips to hold her steady as he snarled something she couldn’t understand as he came.

His hips stilled.


Laurann Dohner

They were both panting. Mika acknowledged silently that Grady had just given her

the best sex she’d ever had in her life. Grady was still gripping her hips but his hold

eased and he shivered against her. When he slowly withdrew from her body she was

glad she was lying half across the bed as he backed away, knowing that if the bed

wasn’t holding her up she would have collapsed. She forced her eyes open and turned

her head.

She watched Grady straighten and tear off the used condom before he turned away

to go into her bathroom. Mika was shaky as she forced her legs to move. She climbed all

the way onto the mattress and collapsed on her side. She lay there while Grady turned

on water in the other room and quickly realized he was using her shower.

She was tempted to go join him but she couldn’t find the energy to get out of bed.

She had to catch her breath. The shower shut off in under two minutes so she guessed

that Grady must have just wanted to rinse off. He walked out of her bathroom with dry

hair but water beaded on his chest and arms. One of her pink bath towels was slung

low around his hips. His dark eyes had lightened from black to dark brown when his

gaze locked with hers. He looked grim.

“Did I hurt you?”

Mika couldn’t resist grinning. “If that was pain, sign me up for more.”

His eyes widened in surprise and then a smile tugged at his lips. “You’re signed up

for the duration of mating season.”

Questions filled Mika’s head. The top one came pouring out of her mouth. “Does

that mean that I’m the only woman you’ll be sharing a bed with for the next two weeks?

I don’t share.”

He blinked and his smile faded as he studied her.

Mika found the strength to sit up. “I know we’re not in a relationship or anything

but don’t expect me to be a part of that shit. It won’t happen. If you plan on bed

hopping then don’t try to climb back into mine.”

He slowly nodded. “That’s fine. Any other rules you want to lay down?”

She shook her head. “That’s the only one I can think of.”

“You shouldn’t worry about that since we’ll be in your house until you go home. I

won’t be around other women.”

“We still have to stay here? I’m marked by you and carry your scent. Aren’t I safe

from being a walking sex toy?”

He cocked his head and then nodded. “You should be safe but if we do go

anywhere you aren’t getting out of my sight since we aren’t mated. You’re just marked

with my scent. Some bastards might still go for you.” He raked a heated look over her

body. “You’re very tempting, Mika.”

Her eyes lowered down his body and saw he wasn’t soft anymore. His cock was

growing hard as she watched the bulge under the towel lift it slightly. Her eyebrows

arched as she looked into Grady’s eyes.


Mate Set

“Let me guess. Werewolves have good recovery time?”

He nodded. “Excellent. We’re very sexual.”

Mika smiled at him and rolled onto her back, stretching out. “Lucky me. Want to

play nice and slower now?”

The towel dropped to the carpet as Grady got on the bed and crouched over her

until he caged her under his body with his arms and knees but they weren’t touching.

Mika moved first, reaching up to open her hands on his chest. He had hot skin. He was

hard bodied but his skin was soft and she ran her hands over his nipples, loving the feel

of him. The cool drops of water made her lift her head to open her mouth and lick at

some between his nipples.

“Babe,” Grady softly sighed. “You’re playing with fire.”

“So burn me up.” Her hands slid to his shoulders and she tugged.

Grady lowered his bigger body until he was totally on top of her. He braced enough

of his weight to not totally crush her under his large frame. Mika spread her thighs

wider to give him room for his hips to snuggle against her body. Her legs lifted and she

wrapped them around his firm ass. Grady moved his hips and she felt his arousal

pushing against her still-wet and welcoming pussy. She wiggled her hips, feeling the

hard press of his cock right there, and wanted him to enter her.

“Condom,” he said softly.

Mika bit her lip. “I’m on the Pill and I’m clean. Are you disease free?”

She saw something wild flare in his eyes. He shook his head and then nodded.

“Damn,” he rasped. “No, I don’t have any diseases. We don’t catch them. Our

physiology is different enough from yours that most diseases can’t be passed on to us. I

can’t come in you. It’s too dangerous right now with mating heat. You’ll scent stronger

of me and it’s the kind of scent that could get us in deep shit.”

“Deep shit sounds bad.” She smiled at him. “Of course I like trouble.”

He suddenly laughed and his dark eye color lightened again. It amazed Mika how

the man’s eyes could change color so quickly. She was learning that emotions lightened

and darkened them. Smiling back at her, Grady caressed her cheek.

“I wouldn’t trust myself not to bite you while I was fucking you. My control isn’t

the greatest when I’m in heat. Without a condom it would feel too damn good. We’d be

stuck with each other forever. During sex all kinds of hormones and chemical changes

are happening in my body that weren’t present when I marked you. If I lost control and

bit you during sex all those would be introduced into your bloodstream. It would bind

us together and make you my permanent mate.”

“Ah. That kind of deep shit.”

He nodded. “I wish I could risk it. I hate condoms and I want to feel you so damn

bad I hurt. I just can’t risk making you my mate.”

Pain at his words hit her. She’d heard him tell her uncle he wanted a werewolf

woman as a mate.
It shouldn’t be any skin off my nose
, she reminded herself,
if he doesn’t

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