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BOOK: Mates Since Birth (Half-breed Shifter Series)
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He did, as frenzied to get inside her as she was to get him there.

“Free me.” He choked out the command as he grasped her hips and lifted her long enough for her to reach between their bodies and draw his cock from the opening of his jeans. She barely had a moment to pump his warm, thick length twice before he tightened his grip on her hips and shoved her down, impaling her with the tip of his prick.

Her nipples throbbed. She let go of his shaft so he could thrust up and spike the rest of his cock between her slick folds. Her body caught and captured him, squeezing tight, contracting around the heavy column. Seated fully, he pulsed inside her.

She’d had sex before, taken all form of shifter and human, but no one had ever made her feel so full, so complete. Dazed, she fluttered her lashes, trying to focus on his face.

His features looked white, drained of color as he gaped. “Jesus.” When his dick throbbed inside her again, she choked out a started cry. Her body took over, began to spasm and milk him. Vision blanking out, she clasped his shoulders hard as his fingers bit into her waist. Neither moved as the orgasm consumed them both, his hot seed jetting inside her, her pussy sucking him dry.

A chaotic storm, it swept her up and she could merely hold on, squeezing her thighs around his hips and their bodies clenched in harmony. Mating. Bonding.

When the world settled and her eyesight returned, she opened her lashes to regard him with a bit of awe and a bit of mistrust.

“You lied to me.”

He opened his eyes and a pair of stunned blue orbs regarded her with a dazed kind of confusion. “About what?”

She shook her head, a bit confused herself. “That was no half bonding. It felt too complete. I had to have bitten you at some point.”

He gave a slight wince but otherwise didn’t look overtly guilty. “You went through a biting stage during your terrible twos.”

Her brow crinkled. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want you to worry, to think resisting the mating urge was completely impossible.”

She sighed and closed her eyes. Still embedded inside her, his flesh jerked as if reawakening.

“It seems the urge
impossible to resist. We’re well and truly mated now. No going back.”

Licking his lips, he glanced down at their connection. There was no mistake about it now; he was most definitely hardening once more. She closed her eyes and bit her lips, then answered his cock with her cunt, squeezing her muscles and clamping around him briefly.

He caught his breath, then grasped the hem of her shirt and peeled it off her. “No. There’s no going back now.”

Lifting her arms to assist, she watched him as he tossed her shirt over his shoulder and then attacked her bra, peeling the straps down her arms. “Do you regret it?”

Her bra landed across the room as his blue gaze seared into her. “Do you?” he asked, heaving up deep inside her to scrape the walls of her inflamed sex with his shaft.

She clamped her bottom lip between her teeth, relishing the intoxicating sensation, rolling her hips as he rubbed her stimulated glands.

“Not…” She groaned and writhed in his lap as he loved her slowly, pressing and releasing in lulling waves of pleasure. “Not at the moment.”

“I’ll never regret it.” He bent his head to tug a hard nipple into his mouth. She arched out her back to press her breast closer. His tongue laved the beaded point as his cock swelled larger in her channel, filling her tight. “Never.”

“But…” She clutched his hair, her nails grazing his scalp. “You came here to sever our ties.”

“Stupidest thing I ever attempted.”

Her chuckle was husky. “Well, aren’t you a fickle male. Changing your mind at the drop of a hat.”

“I changed it the moment I walked into your yard and saw you hanging from that tree. I was just in a state of serious denial until you kissed me.”

He rolled her onto her back, pinning her to the mattress with the weight of his hips. Even as he continued to pump her with long, bold strokes, he struggled to tug his jeans the rest of the way down his legs until he was as naked as she.

Once they were both bared to the flesh, he returned his attention to her face. He was still inside her, moving, growing larger, his buttocks flexing with each plunge. But his face was peaceful
and satisfied as he smiled.


Ari grinned and a part of her tumbled headlong in love with him. She touched his hair. “Hi, yourself.”

Then, just to torture him a little, she tightened her pelvic muscles, hugging his length and making it more difficult for him to slide in and out, making it tighter.

His expression lost its passive edge. The muscles in his jaw tensed and his cock convulsed, jerking inside her. Hissing out a breath, he began to thrust faster, harder, his face taking on serious intent.

“So I guess we’re going to fuck until the purebloods get here,” he said, the words hissing from between clenched teeth.

She grinned and stretched under him, making him growl out his pleasure. “You have a better idea?”

“No. God, no.”

He jerked from her body, leaving her barren. “Wha—” Eyes flashing open, she panted and reached for him.

“You’re in too much control of yourself,” he said, looking irritable. “I’m supposed to be making you lose it, not have a freaking conversation while I’m stroking you.”

“But—” He cut off her protest by rolling her onto her belly. Then, before she could ask what he was about, he wrapped his arm around her waist and hiked her ass up a foot off the bed. Then he climbed on top of her from behind.

“If I have to mount you and do it like our animals to get your head completely into this, I will.”

“I was into it,” she cried in objection. He’d been the one asking her questions. But he felt good back there, his heat covering her, protecting her, dominating her. She forgot all about her argument. Both her wolf and her deer purred in response. She couldn’t help it; she tried to buck him off—a natural animal instinct, to force him to show just how dominant he could be.

His body tightened around her, his muscles straining to keep her under his control. She heaved up again to unseat him. In retaliation, he impaled her from behind, slamming his hips into her ass and stroking her pussy with a forceful plunge that made her throw her head back and keen out her acceptance.

He bit the back of her shoulder where her claiming mark tingled. When his teeth sank deep, he cupped her womanhood, catching her clit and squeezing. A shockwave of pleasure rocked through her so fast and hard, she bucked again, the waves uncontrolled as her body trembled violently from the release.

But her lover, her mate, was ready for the fallout. Pumping her from behind, he massaged her mound with brutal, delicious power, all the while imitating the bonding bite he’d given her twenty-five years before.

It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. She threw her head back and screamed, accepting everything he had to give. When she drained out her orgasm, she slumped face first into her sheets. On top of her, Dane released his hold, unlatched his teeth from her nape, let go of her swollen, slick clit and slid from her pussy.

When he rolled her onto her back, she was limp and compliant, could barely manage to open her eyes. His smile was soft, devoted. “Does that answer your question?”

She frowned, licked her lips and tried to remember what she’d asked him.

His grin turned smug. “No, my love, I do not regret completing the bond. I do not regret searching you out for twenty years until I finally found you. I do not regret marking you again. You’re mine. I lost you once, but I’ll be damned if I
lose you again.”

She smiled. In return, he opened her legs, rolled on top of her, and thrust into her, hard and long. She gasped, realizing he hadn’t come when she had. His thickness wedged tight between her swollen folds. She arched up, relishing the slide of him searching deeper inside her.

“Yes,” she hissed, heaving up to meet the next slam of his body against hers. “Take me, Dane. Stake your claim.”

His eyes blazed with savage intent. Feeling empowered, a single small female able to bring such a large, dominant male to this point of helpless passion, she wrapped her legs around his hips and dug the heels of her feet into his taut ass. She liked it this way, chest to chest, facing him, watching his eyes fight for focus as he watched her.

Wanting to return a sign of similar pledge to him that he’d given her, she slid her hand around his neck and drew him down over her. Once his chest met her aching breasts, she licked up the side of his throat, then nibbled on his ear. Before he could do much more than groan, she bit him right behind the ear where she instinctively knew she’d marked him during her terrible twos.

He howled out his pleasure. His cock palpitated, growing bigger and bigger until he held himself inside her and released his seed. She clutched him tight, holding him through his crisis as he buried his face in her shoulder.


Chapter Seven



Dane felt boneless and so freaking satisfied, he grinned like an idiot up at Ari’s ceiling. But God damn. He’d had plenty of sex in his life, even enjoyed it. But this…this blew him away. Being with his mate, with Ari, made him wonder how he’d ever managed to ejaculate inside any other tasteless female before.

Unable to help himself, he rolled toward her, and cuddled like his animal was always inclined to do whenever he was so content. When he purred, a wave of emotion rose from her, echoing into him. Her undiluted joy washed over him until he experienced it with her. Linked to her in every way possible, Dane rubbed against her, needing the physical contact to complete the mental and emotional.

A pleasured sigh seeped from her. “We should…move,” she finally said.

He groaned, burrowing himself closer. “Why?”

After a moment, she murmured, “I don’t know. But I’m sure there’s a reason.” Her confusion flickered through him. “I’m sure there’s a good reason.”

Wanting to help her solve her dilemma, Dane tried to muddle through his own pleasure-drenched brain until he remembered. His body tightened. “The purebloods.”

She groaned. “Ugh. Yeah. Forgot about them.”

He grinned, smug he’d made her forget. But even as he stroked her soft skin in reassurance, he sat up. “We should dress. I want to be prepared by the time they show up.”

Ari sat up too, sending him a strange look. “So you’re no longer against me staying?”

He sent her a short frown. “Oh, you’re going. That’s what I need to prepare…for you to be long gone by the time they arrive.”

She huffed out an incredulous sound of anger. “You’re delusional if you think I’m going to abandon you now. We’re mates, Dane. We stick together.”

“Your mother’s going,” he reminded, forcing himself to sound cold and militant so she wouldn’t suspect how much sending her away made him ache. He didn’t want to part from her again, not even for the length of this fight with the purebloods. “And your father’s staying. This is no different.”

“Yes, it is!” When he ignored her and yanked up his pants, she reached for her own BDUs and tugged them on. “I’m not a human like my mother is. In fact, I have more animal in me than you do.
words. I should be able to look after myself better than you can.”

Eyes flashing in bitter resentment, Dane dropped the shirt he’d just picked up. “Is that a challenge of my power?”

He’d always been sensitive about having such diluted shifter genes. Even the other half-shifters in Locks Hollow had been merely half. He was only a fourth. It had made him fight harder in his growing years to prove himself.

Ari must’ve seen the anger in his face, or felt the hurt in his emotions because her eyes grew large a moment before he pounced, tackling her to the bed and pinning her beneath him. “So you think you’re stronger than me, huh?”

“Dane…” Her voice trembled with apology. When she lifted her hand to stroke his cheek, he hissed and caught her wrist, pinning that down as well.

“If I’m so weak, then best me, woman.”

Her eyes flared with irritation. “You know that’s not what I meant.”

Leaning close, he whispered in her ear. “Prove it.”

Only the brief bunching of her muscles under him warned him of her impending change. One moment, he pinned a curvy, soft woman, the next, a ferocious wolf vibrated under him. Grinning at the challenge, he flashed into his jaguar. A part of him reveled in her attack. He knew she craved a male able to dominate her and he wanted a female who was eager to test him.

Encouraged by her spirit and speed, he countered her attack with one of his own, snapping at her muzzle when she went for his leg. When his teeth barely grazed her jaw, she growled instead of yelped. Then she head-butted him off her bed. If he’d been in his human form, he would’ve laughed. But damn, he loved her spunk.

They tumbled to the floor, a wad of fur and teeth. She didn’t hold back, and he only held back in regards to hurting her. When she tried to overpower him and leapt onto his back, he twisted his hindquarters with a speed that impressed even him and performed his own head butt, taking out one of her back legs until she buckled. Before she could regain her footing, he was on top of her, pinning her to the carpet and sinking his fangs into her bonding mark. Claiming her.

BOOK: Mates Since Birth (Half-breed Shifter Series)
12.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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