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Mating Call

BA Tortuga


Stephanie has three rules when it comes to her relationship
with werewolves Shaw and Jordan—keep their lusty encounters casual, never
invade each other’s space and no biting. The boys have always seemed perfectly
fine with all that, leaving her plenty of time to do her magick and keep her
shop going.

Her rules come back to haunt her when the local pack leader
gives Jordan and Shaw an ultimatum—find a mate or find another city to live in.
Jordan and Shaw hate having to ask Stephanie to help them find a mate. She’s
not just their best friend, she’s the hottest lover they’ve ever had. The boys
will have their hands full convincing Steph that rules are made to be broken,
before it is too late.

Mating Call

BA Tortuga


Chapter One


The smell
of burned sage never got out of robes.


Stephanie shook the heavy ceremonial robe, the fabric soft
in her hands, and sighed. Maybe it was time to take it to the dry cleaners.
Obviously Woolite wasn’t doing it. She hung it over the back of her
grandmother’s rocking chair. Tomorrow she would worry about the robe. Tonight
the boys were coming over.

Tonight she’d be coming, over and over, if she was lucky.

Jordan and Shaw were worth shaving her legs for. They were
worth all the fancy lotion she smeared on her body. They were…well, they
a force of nature.

She grabbed her broom and swept the floor, picking up the
little bits of herbs and candle wax and fur. Pyewacket was already in her spot
atop the big wardrobe in the dining room that held Steph’s supplies, black tail
hanging down.

A soft yowl sounded as she came close and she reached up,
tweaked Wacky’s tail. “I know, sweet lady, but it’s almost the full moon, and
Goddess knows I’m not getting any hot, hunky loving outside of the two of

Wacky’s yellow eyes glowed in the dim light, seeming to tell
her what an idiot she was. That cat was expressive, almost magically so.

“Two years and I get about four orgasms per full moon. That’s
not bad for one night a month.” It was close to perfect, really. She got her
freedom to work, update the website, create her spell kits and ship them out.
The day before the full moon she saved for her best boys.

They were horny then, and they put aside their worries about
the pack to come to her. They worried about their pack a lot, apparently. She
was like their mother confessor a little.

Which, okay, whoa. Not sexy, with the holster hips and the
penguin-outfit thing.

No, today was tight jeans and a tank top, a see-through
shimmery top in the same color as her eyes, deep and dark. Hrm…but they loved
her in green, though she teased them about dogs being color blind. Oh, the
green sundress. She loved that and it was easy access.

Wacky yowled again and she chuckled, stroking the puffy tail
on her way by. “I’m making them steaks, of course. They’re bringing dessert.
You, lady, are getting tuna so you can hide in the library.”

Tuna for her cat, a nice long shower for her then sizzle the
steaks on either side for her boys.

It was a good plan.

* * * * *

Do you think she’ll

Jordan stared at the dessert case, trying to decide between
spice cake and those éclair thingies. He ignored Shaw’s question as best he
could, not wanting to think about what they were about to ask Steph to do.

“Are you listening to me? Do you think she’ll do it?” Shaw
was one hell of a puppy some days, bouncing and moving constantly. Jordan
wanted to snap at Shaw’s ear.

“I don’t know. Éclairs?” They were going to ask their lover
to find them a mate who wasn’t her. Why would she help?

“I like éclairs. She likes the ones with chocolate.” Shaw
looked closer. “Can I have pecan pies?”

“Only if you don’t pass out after we all fuck and leave me
to talk to her alone.” Such. A. Pup.

“I won’t!”

The girl behind the counter gasped, turned bright red, and
Shaw’s head ducked.

“Sorry, honey.” Jordan smiled a little, not wanting to bare
his teeth “We need two éclairs, a spice cake and two of the pecan pies.”

“Sure. Do you want any cookies? We have snickerdoodles.”

Snickerdoodles. Wow.

“No. No more sugar for this one.” He jerked his thumb at

“Hey!” Bright-green eyes flashed up at him from under the
unruly shock of big red hair.

“I’m getting you pies.” He popped Shaw’s ass, loving that

They got another wide-eyed look from the girl behind the
counter. Wow. Wow. He had to watch his damn mouth. He was just so fucking horny
this time of the month. He could just toss Shaw down and fuck him raw. Thing
was, that wouldn’t sate him. He needed Steph too.

There was something about the pair of them—her sweet body
wrapped around his cock while Shaw took her mouth. Or Shaw’s ass working him
while he watched his lover lick Steph’s creamy…

He groaned, and Shaw stared at him, sporting an amazing
hard-on and a look of pure lust. Damn it.

They were never going to manage to just talk to her. Never.
They needed her help, though.

“We need to go.” Shaw’s voice was pure rumble, very little

“Get it together, baby.” It was just stress. The moon
coming. That shit.

“Here you go.” The girl handed over the bag with the
pastries, pulling her hand back as though they might bite her. He didn’t even
bother handing her the cash, leaving it on the counter to give the poor girl
space. “Keep the change, honey.”

“Thanks.” Jordan grabbed Shaw and dragged him out.

“Teasing asshole. Fuck, I smell you.”

“Hush.” They needed to stop revving up, at least until they
got in the truck. They were going to embarrass themselves.

“Uh-huh.” Shaw bounced a little bit, the shithead. Jordan
had to wonder whether Nyla had given him espresso this morning.

“I mean it, Shaw. I’ll tie you up when we get to Steph’s.”
That made his pup crazy, being forced to be still.

“You won’t.” Shaw groaned, almost rubbed against him.

“I will, baby. I’ll make you scream.”

As crazy making as Shaw was, his sweet mate could make his
mouth dry, make him ache for it. He loved that boy to distraction. He reached
over and touched Shaw’s thigh.

The lean muscles jerked and jumped, shifted under his
fingers, even the cloth of Shaw’s jeans not hiding the movement. Shaw’s cock
pressed hard against the zipper, and Jordan had to fight the urge to open those
jeans and take that hardness into his hand.

“I hope she’s ready for us.” Shaw panted, licked his lips.
“I want you.”

“I want you, baby. I want both of you. I can’t wait to strip
you down and do you while you lick her.” He wanted to just grab Shaw by the
hair and fuck that pretty mouth. Christ, his hands were shaking.

“I could suck you, now, before we get there. I so could.”

“No.” No, they had to wait. It was important to not dilute
the sex magick. Steph had taught them that. They would need every drop, so to

“Asshole.” Shaw gave him a low, pouty growl.

“You want this to work, baby?” He finally handed the bag of
pastries to Shaw and got the truck going.

“I don’t know…” Shaw sighed, fastened his seat belt, eyes
facing out the window, watching the Rockies. “I don’t want to lose her. I like

“I know, baby.” He didn’t want to end their friendship with
Steph, either, but the pack was breathing down their necks. They were supposed
to be good little wolves and settle down.

“If we find her, our mate I mean, it’ll be good, right? We
won’t care that we’re losing Steph?”

Well, Steph had always made it clear that this was just fun
and games, hadn’t she? Three buds hanging out, drinking beer, sharing orgasms?
They even watched football together. Besides, she knew what they were, knew
they couldn’t mate with someone for life who wasn’t one of them.

He smacked Shaw’s shoulder, just a little too hard. “It’ll
be cool. We’ll be stupid in love and wanting to make puppies.”


Chapter Two


pulled up to Steph’s little house, tucked right into all the other little Sears
and Roebuck arts and crafts houses on the street. The yard looked great, if a
little overgrown—she needed to weed—and there were too many damn cats hanging
out all over. Shaw grinned, bared his teeth at a kitty who dared to puff up
when he stepped out.

Kitty spit and hissed, but all Jordan had to do was growl a
little and it skittered away. Jordan was a stud.

“Are you two scaring my cats again?” Steph came out in a
little green sundress that made her boobs look amazing. It also made her legs
look a mile long, which they weren’t. She was petite.

That was what his mom always called it.

Jordan laughed, the sound making Shaw’s cock ache.

“Look at you, in a dress. Pretty.” He wasn’t drooling. He

She winked, smiled. “Easy access. I was going to wear jeans
and a tank top, but I changed my mind.”

“Oh, good. I like this.” Jordan held out the bag of
pastries. “Éclairs.”

“Wow, you both deserve orgasms.”

Shaw bounced. Yes. Yes, they did. “Now?” Shaw asked.

Steph cackled, opened her arms and he grabbed her and spun
her around. He rushed up on the porch with her, his mouth coming down on hers
in a kiss. Oh, he loved her taste.

He could hear Jordan rumbling behind him, but it didn’t
matter. She tasted like beer and laughter. Shaw kissed her again, just for good
measure before neatly twirling her to Jordan, who caught her in a bear hug.

“Hey there, fuzzy.” She laughed, held on as Jordan squeezed
the stuffing out of her.

They were so pretty together. Far more mouth-watering than
the pecan pies, and Shaw loved pecan pie. He wanted Jordan to kiss Steph too,
and in just moments he got his wish. She groaned, kissed Jordan back as if she
was starving, needing their kisses in the worst way.

Jordan held out a hand for him, supporting Steph with the
other, and he went eagerly. He wanted in on that.

“In the front yard?” Steph’s laugh made him want to howl.

“Like we haven’t done worse out here.” Jordan, now, he
wasn’t laughing. “Inside.” Jordan headed in, carrying their girl.

Who wasn’t theirs, really, even if Shaw liked to pretend.

The whole house smelled like steak and sage and magick. Her
house fascinated him—so many things to look at, to touch. They lived up in the
mountains, right at the edge of the Packlands. Their bachelor pad was a pretty
nice little cabin, but sparsely decorated.

Mostly he and Jordan had soft cushions and stuff to chew.

Jordan plopped on the sofa, Stephanie straddling his thighs,
skirt crawling up her legs. That was…he had to slide up behind her and bend
over to touch her skin.

Oh. Oh, G-string. Score. His fingers cupped her ass, fingers
spreading her lips, just a little bit.

“Mmm.” Her head fell back, her black hair falling over his
arm. So soft. She was wet for them, slick and burning hot, and he let his
fingers explore, stroke and tease. He knew he was teasing Jordan too, because
the man was moaning for them.

“We could, mmm…” Steph kept dropping kisses on Jordan’s lips
between words. “Have a pre-supper appetizer.”

“We could,” Jordan agreed, grinning hugely. That was the
most relaxed Jordan had looked all damn night. Shaw wanted things to stay just
like this.

He nodded, pushed her skirt up higher, bared more of Steph’s
sweet, amazing ass. She ran, so her muscles were firm, tight, and her skin was
soft from all sorts of lotions and creams. Magical herbs, she said.

He leaned down, nipped her playfully, and she scooted forward
with a laugh. “You know the rules, Puppy. No biting.”

Jordan growled. “It would be so much easier if you’d let

“Hush. I’m a cat person.” Steph nuzzled into Jordan’s
throat, a move he wouldn’t let another wolf make. Their girl, though, could
nibble all she wanted and Jordan let her get away with it.

Shaw thought that was so hot he couldn’t stand it.

Jordan’s fingers tangled in her hair, chocolate-dark eyes
looking down at Shaw, needy, hot, hungry. Yum. “Help me, baby. This is gonna
take both of us.”

Oh, he loved it when Jordan got to ordering them around.
Especially when it got everyone naked.

“Yes. Oh hell yes.” He pulled her dress off, then stepped
back to snap the strings on those silly panties.

“Shaw!” She always sounded so outraged.

Jordan sounded happy, though, when he moaned. “That’s it.”
Those strong hands lifted Steph for a moment so Shaw could tear the underwear
fully away.

“Sweet.” He leaned down, lapped her ass cheek, fingers on
her wet inner thighs.

“Mmm. She’s so wet for us.” Jordan started rocking, pushing,
the scent of his love suddenly so much stronger.

“Who wouldn’t be? I wait all month for this.” Steph opened
Jordan’s jeans, fingers working the zipper down, getting her hands around his

Shaw’s mouth watered. God, yes. He wanted them. Now.

Jordan groaned as her fingers wrapped around his prick,
thumbs working the tip, spreading pre-come around so that Shaw could smell them
both. He was torn between pushing down and taking Jordan’s cock between his
lips and sliding down to lick at Steph from behind.

“Want to ride you.” Steph took the choice from him, sweet,
pink folds dropping over Jordan’s cock.

“Oh God.” Jordan kissed her neck, just under her ear,
holding out one hand to him. “We can all go together.”

Shaw nodded, panting with his own need. Jordan. Steph. Both
of them.

Jordan pulled him in until he was pressed against Steph, his
legs on either side of Jordan’s knees. He had to squat a little, and his thighs
sang with tension, but it was perfect.

“Yes…” Steph leaned her head back against him, moaned.
Hungry woman.

He reached around to push up under her breasts, squeezing,
knowing she needed a firm touch. Just like Jordan’s cock.

Jordan growled, curled down to suck one hard nipple in as
Steph sank down.

“Sweet girl. So hot. Move, baby, get her going.” Jordan was
just… Like heaven.

He pushed up behind her, encouraging Steph to rock up, push
back, take Jordan in, deep. Everyone groaned, the heat between them ratcheting
up a thousand notches. Jordan started humping up, thighs like rock.

Her skin was like silk, almost kissing his cock, sliding on
him with the perfect amount of friction. He pushed up against her, the rough
hair on Jordan’s thighs rubbing his skin, completely different.

“Fuck, yeah.” Steph groaned, moving faster as she bounced on
Jordan’s cock.

Shaw did love a girl who could ride. He held her hips,
helping the rhythm along.

Pretty soon he could start moving too, rubbing off against
her, lips on her shoulder. Jordan reached around to grasp his hip hard, holding
him there.

The scent of them was everything sexual and good in the
world. Everything. He put his nose to Steph’s shoulder, his lips on her skin
and rocked, back and forth, up and down, feeling her. Feeling them.

“Fuck, girl.” Jordan arched, hips punching up into Steph, neck
corded as he moved. He was so fucking stunning, a real stud. Their stud.

“Uh-huh. Good plan. Harder.” She always pushed. Jordan loved
it, Shaw knew, even though the big guy bitched about them both being pushy
bottoms, occasionally “punishing” them for it.

Jordan gave it to her harder, which rocked him back on his
heels. Only Jordan’s hand kept him upright.

She met each thrust with a hard, sure push of her own, their
skin slapping. Lord, they were good together. Hell, they were magick. He could
feel it, buzzing between them, a tiny itch. Shaw moved faster, harder, knowing
if he pushed just right, he could make Jordan crazy, and that’s what he needed.
Them all not thinking, coming and moving and screaming.

It worked, Jordan grunted, this amazing, primal sound, and
started moving harder and faster, his muscles standing out under his skin.

Shaw rocked, drove against Steph’s ass, balls drawing up
tight. He was so close. So close. All he needed was…

Oh God. Steph pushed back against him, and he slipped a
little, his cock sliding down under her. He could feel everything then.

“Shaw. Sweet boy, so hard for us.”

“Need.” He needed all sorts of things. Like whoa.

“Anything.” She swirled her hips a little bit on the way
down, made his eyes cross.

“Come on, baby.” Jordan was close. Shaw could hear it in
that deep voice, could feel it in the way the heavy thighs shook.

“Yes.” This word was a growl and he humped up, lost it, lips
curled back from his teeth.

Jordan shouted for them, that amazing control snapping. He
could feel it when the man came, the impact shuddering through Steph’s body.

Steph leaned against Jordan’s chest, chuckling softly.

“Mmmhmm.” Jordan kissed her cheek, squeezing Shaw’s hip.

Shaw nodded, squashed her between them. “Nice appetizer.”

She chuckled. “I can’t wait to see what we’re doing for the
main event.”

“Steaks!” He reached up, tickled her ribs and made her

“Yeah, that and a favor, Steph.”

Her laughter trailed off. “Anything, Jordan.”

“Well, we hate to ask,” Shaw murmured, knowing this was
going to hurt, but needing to get it over with. Like pulling a splinter out of
his finger, fast was best. “But we really need you to use your magic. We have
to find a mate.”

BOOK: MatingCall
6.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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