Mila (Heartbreaker #3)

BOOK: Mila (Heartbreaker #3)



The Heartbreaker Series


Book Three



By Evan Grace





Copyright © 2016 by Evan Grace.

All rights reserved.

First Print Edition: April 2016



Limitless Publishing, LLC

Kailua, HI 96734


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to locales, events, business establishments, or actual persons—living or dead—is entirely coincidental.




To my family. I love you all more than you’ll ever know. You make me smile and laugh every day, and you guys push me to be better and better.












Chapter One





Quickly, I look down at the address in my hand and then up at the restaurant.

“Okay, this is the place,” I mutter to myself. I fold the paper with the address on it and stuff it into the pocket of my jacket. I was surprised when my co-worker Jill—well, I guess she is a friend—invited me to the welcoming party for her sister-in-law, or her boyfriend’s sister, who just moved here from Italy. I wasn’t sure what to wear to this function, so I opted for my tailored black pants, a jacket, and a white dress shirt with a skinny black tie.

I step inside and stop at the hostess station to ask where the Bianchi party is. She points to a set of double doors. I make my way down the hallway, and when I reach the doors, I take a deep breath, open the doors, and step through.

There are people everywhere. I don’t see anyone I know at first, so I head to the bar and order a whiskey on the rocks.


I turn to the direction where the voice is coming from. I admit that, for the first time in my life, I’m struck speechless. She’s stunning. Her dark hair is in a knot at the back of her head. She has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. Her light olive skin is highlighted by the deep red wrap dress she’s wearing. She’s got curves that are displayed beautifully. I realize I’m staring and internally shake myself out of this stupor.

Way to be original
, I think to myself. No wonder I’m always such a hit with the ladies. I take a sip of my drink. Then I hold my hand out. “I’m Brian.”

She places her hand in mine, and I swear it sends electric pulses straight through my body. It takes all of my inner strength to get my body not to react to her.

“Hi, Brian. I’m Mila.” This must be Jill’s sister-in-law. Her accent is heavy, but beautiful.

“Brian, you’re here.” I turn and see Jill coming toward me with a huge smile on her face.

She and I both started working at St. Louis Family Resources around the same time. We became fast friends, and I’ve always loved her dedication and passion for the job.

I know how important social workers are because they saved me. I was orphaned at the age of six when my parents died because the train they were on derailed. My three-year-old sister had been with them.

I was bounced around to several different foster homes before I met the family that would take me in and raise me as their own for good. I remember feeling so lost those first few years. Some homes weren’t bad, just not very loving. Some it was clear why they did the foster parent thing. They liked the check they got every month.

Luckily, I was never in a really bad home. Over the years, I’ve heard stories about other kids in foster care, and I’ve counted my blessings that I was never beaten or sexually abused. I got picked on, but I’ve always gotten picked up. Being the skinny kid always kind of sucked. I guess I appeared weak to some of the foster families I was placed with.

Maggie and Jack Burns adopted me when I was twelve years old and never made me feel like I was a burden or just an easy way to get a check. They opened up their home and their hearts to me and I never looked back. I may not be biologically theirs, but that doesn’t matter; they’re my parents, and I love them very much.

Jill hugs me. “I see you’ve met the guest of honor already. Mila, Brian and I work together. He’s a fantastic social worker and helped cover my caseload when Nicola and I were in Italy. Mila’s a fantastic artist. She paints, draws, and sculpts.” I smile because Mila’s cheeks turn an adorable shade of pink. “Oh, I have to go check on the appetizers. I’ll catch up with you guys later,” Jill says before scrambling away.

“She’s great.” I turn to Mila. “She is so wonderful for my brother. He was not lucky in love until they met. It was rocky at first, but now they are stronger than ever.”

“That’s wonderful that you’re all close.” I’ve often wondered what it would be like if my baby sister were still alive. What type of relationship would we have? I usually shut those thoughts down. They only seem to make me depressed.

“Yes, I am very lucky.” She looks me up and down. Oddly, I feel like I’m on display. “I really like your suit. You’re very handsome.”

Now it’s my turn to blush. No one has ever been blunt with me before, especially a beautiful woman like her. I’m aware of my lot in life. I’ll always be in the friend zone or a distraction until the girl finds someone better. I’ve had three serious girlfriends in my life. The first was in high school, and she dumped me when some college douche came sniffing around. The second cheated on me with a guy from her gym, and the third wanted a friends-with-benefits situation and was trolling online dating sites for other guys.

“Thank you. I don’t think I need to tell you how beautiful you are.” She steps toward me and places her hand on my chest. Maybe she’s drunk and she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she looks like she wants to devour me.

“You are very sweet. Don’t go too far tonight. I think you and I could have a lot of fun.”

With that, she kisses my cheek and then walks away. My eyes zero in on her ass as she struts across the room to Jill and Jasmine. I turn back to the bar, slam back my whiskey, and will my erection to go away before I embarrass myself.

I lean forward on the bar with my arms braced against the shiny, sleek wood. I turn my head, looking behind me. I find the most beautiful pair of blue eyes staring at me, Mila’s eyes. With a smile on my lips, I shake my head and turn back to the bar.

I’ve been here for a couple hours. I’ve got a little buzz going. I’ll just take a cab home tonight. I’m glad I decided not to drive here.

I should really slow down because I’m teaching a yellow-belt class for my sensei tomorrow afternoon. Martial arts were a saving grace for me. My dad enrolled me in classes when I was thirteen after discovering I was being picked on because of my size. Turns out I had a natural talent for it.

At thirty-two, I’m a fifth degree black belt in Krav Maga. I’ve taught and done demonstrations over the past ten years. I’m an expert with the
and nunchaku. It did wonders for my self-esteem. I may be skinny, but my muscles are compact, giving me a lean body.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts when I spot Mila across the room. She carries herself so confidently. I know I should look away. She’ll think I’m a creeper if I keep staring at her, but I can’t help myself.

“You should totally go for it.”

I jerk and turn to find Jasmine standing next to me. She’s Jill’s sister-in-law and used to work with us, but she quit shortly after one of her cases ended tragically. I just don’t think her heart was ever in it afterwards.

“Go for what?” I ask, which is lame as fuck.

“Mila, silly. You haven’t stopped watching her since dinner.” She leans in close. “She’s been watching you too.”

Jasmine squeezes my arm and then takes off, leaving me standing here with my mouth hanging open like a fucking trout. I close it and turn around. Sure enough, Mila’s staring at me with a small smile on her kissable lips.

I set my drink down on the table and make my way toward her. Nerves swirl in my stomach as I get closer. When I finally reach her, I grab her hand and walk her to the dance floor. I pull her in close as we begin to sway back and forth to the slow tune coming through the speakers.

She looks up at me. “You have the darkest eyes I’ve ever seen, but they fit the rest of you.” I have a natural-looking tan and dark blond hair, and I’ve always felt like my dark brown eyes don’t fit.

“You’re good for a man’s ego,” I tell her.

We continue dancing and drinking until the party starts winding down. I excuse myself to go use the bathroom, and then I’ll tell her bye and go home, where I’ll proceed to jerk off until I work her all out of my system.

When I finish using the facilities, I wash my hands and look up at myself in the mirror. I’m not an ugly guy. I just don’t understand what women are looking for, but apparently it’s not me. I know it’s not manly to have low self-esteem, but since woman after woman tells me that I’m too nice of a guy, I just can’t let them get too close anymore. I’m no pussy. I’m not going to let any woman walk all over me and use me until something better comes along either.

That’s why I’m not going to even attempt anything with Mila. She’s way out of my league and probably has already cast me in the friend zone. I shake my head to drive these stupid thoughts from my mind. When I step into the hallway, I’m surprised to find her leaning against the wall across from the door.

She sways her hips side to side as she moves toward me. My body reacts immediately to her. She places her hand on my chest. I wonder if she can feel my heart pounding. She reaches up, kissing under my chin. She whispers against my skin, “Take me home with you tonight?”

I pull back and look into her blue eyes. There is no hint of teasing in her eyes. Only hunger and need.

My first thought is to tell her no, but damn if I don’t want to say yes. I’ve never had this immediate of a reaction to someone, and a little voice in my head tells me I’ll regret it if I don’t take her up on her offer. When am I ever going to get the chance to be with someone like her again?

I grab her face with both hands and pull her close. “Okay.”

My lips meet hers after a slow, sweet glide. Her skin is soft beneath my fingers as her flowery scent wraps around me. I lick at the seam of her lips until she opens for me. The taste of her explodes on my tongue, and I want to drown in it.

I slow the kiss and pull back. “Come on.”

With a hand to the small of her back, I lead Mila outside. I had already texted the cab company, so they were already waiting.

I hold the door for Mila. She slides in and I follow. I give the driver my address and wrap my arm around Mila’s shoulders. I love that she leans right in to me. As we get closer to my house, my erection tries to punch a hole through my trousers. She places her hand on my thigh and my dick jerks.

When we pull up in front of my house, I throw money to the driver and get out, dragging her with me. As soon as we step inside my front door, I push her against it, my lips against hers until she opens. I fuck her with my tongue. The kiss goes on and on.

I grab her leg and lift it until she wraps it around my hip. I grind my hardened dick against her core, swallowing her moan. She grabs my suit jacket and pulls it off. My shirt disappears next. I reach under her dress and grip the little scrap of silk covering her and pull until the material gives and falls to the floor. I grab her other leg and lift her off of the floor.

I swallow her surprised gasp and move silently through my house. Once we make it to my bedroom, I move to my bed and let her drop her feet to the ground. I break the kiss and look down at her. “You are so beautiful.”

The moon is bright and casts a slight glow through the blinds, illuminating her skin and causing her eyes to sparkle. She reaches her hand up until she’s cupping my cheek. The tenderness of her touch is almost my undoing.

” she whispers. Mila drags her thumb over my lower lip before she slowly moves her hands down and starts undoing my belt. My fingers find her zipper. I slowly pull the zipper down and, on a whisper, the dress falls to the floor.

I want to swallow my tongue. In front of me is pure perfection. She’s got gorgeous large breasts with juicy looking brown nipples. The flare of her hips gives me the perfect place to hold her.

My eyes reach the apex of her thighs. She is completely bare. An involuntary growl leaves my lips, and I push her down on the bed. She lets out a little yelp. I like the look of her all spread out on my bed. At some point either she took her hair down or the pins just fell out. Her dark brown locks are spread across my comforter. I remove my pants and boxer briefs.

I wrap my hand around the tip of my cock and squeeze. Just looking at her has me ready to blow. She spreads her legs for me as I move onto the bed. Starting at her ankles, I kiss up her smooth, silky legs. When I reach her pussy, I grab her thighs and push them wide open. I can see her glistening folds, and I need just a taste. I lean forward and swipe my tongue from bottom to top and moan as her juices coat my tongue. She tastes tangy and sweet. I want to drown in her.

She grips the top of my head as she grinds her pussy against my mouth. With a tender touch, I stroke her clit. Her chest rises and falls as I feel the nub harden beneath my fingers. I move my fingers from her clit to wrap my lips around it and suck as I shove two fingers inside of her. Her walls clamp down on my digits as she cries out. She’s saying something in Italian that I can’t make out. I bring her down slowly.

“I need you, Brian,” she whispers. My dick throbs as I kiss up her body, stopping to suck each nipple into my mouth. Then I kiss up her neck and finally reach her lips. She reaches up with her lips and kisses me. Her mouth moves aggressively against mine. When I thrust my tongue into her mouth, she can taste herself, and she moans against my mouth.

I blindly reach for the top drawer of my nightstand and grab a condom. I rip it open with my teeth and she quickly takes it from my hands. A groan rips from my throat the moment she wraps her hand around my dick.

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