Monkey Bars and Rubber Ducks (15 page)

Everyone got a certificate to take home and show their parents, and on each one there was a comment but they were mostly rubbish like
A good team player
– that was on Jonno’s, and
Tried hard at Highwoods
– mine. Whatever. I was too busy staring at our photo. We were all in it. Even though the focus was on Fifty, Jonno and me, the photographer had caught the back of Copper Pie’s head and the side of Bee’s. I knew exactly where it was going to hang – the wall of the Tribehouse. We did the fist of friendship. Did we care that we hadn’t won the best team? Or even made the top three?

Nope. Not one bit. We’d triumphed at camp, the photo showed it. We’d done it the Tribe way, that’s all.

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