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She stood, took Shane’s tanned but still Caucasian hand and led him to her bedroom. He wanted this very much, but he could also see her submissive side. “Are you sure about this?” he asked, hoping she did but giving her the choice.

“Yes, yes, I’m sure,” Gina answered softly. He kissed her gently, aware that she would do this for him, no matter what her own convictions might be. Shane had to be careful…for many reasons. Mind over matter; reality over heart.

With their lips still pressed together, Gina’s dark-colored hand drifted down to his crotch where his cock was already half erect. Her fingers drifted over the fabric that covered it, tickling, teasing, and bringing moans of pleasure from Shane. In answer to her touch, he massaged her ample breasts, enjoying the touch of what he had hit with the ball that day at the beach. From her breasts, his fingers drifted to the buttons on her blouse; he unbuttoned them one by one, removed her blouse, then her bra. Gina rubbed his cock harder as her passion mounted with his.

Totally undressed, they explored each other’s bodies with their hands and mouth; he nibbled at her erect nipples, she tasted his skin down his beautiful chest as her tongue moved toward his manhood. When she lifted his shaft to her mouth, the difference in their skin spoke loudly of the difference in their heritage; she bound by culture, he by memories. Shane stopped her, pulling her back up to kiss her soft lips; he loved the taste of her, the exotic sweetness that he had never experienced before. Easily, he lifted her and carried her to the bed. Gina pulled him down on top or her, wanting what he was offering, hungering for this man who had consumed her waking and sleeping world. He entered her easily, drawing a gasp of pleasure from her lips as she lay open to him, eyes closed, heart pounding. The rigid outlines of his muscles contrasted with the softness of her body. The sight of her smooth skin, her flowing hair and the outline of those wide beautiful eyes made his heart skip a beat. Even in sexual ecstasy, he couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

It happened so naturally between them. A slow, steady rhythm of his dick moving in and out of her; her well-kept nails leaving a red trail down his back as she reached the point of a light pre-cum.  Its warm flow ignited a hot reaction from Shane; his pace picked up. He lifted her hips from the bed and thrust himself into her pussy deeply, held it for a second, then retracted to the tip of his penis, then in deep again. She was wracked by the movement. Gina wrapped legs behind him, locked her ankles and pulled him into her, holding tightly so he couldn’t move back again. Slowly, she gyrated her hips against the fullness, bringing him to the absolute pinnacle of passion. He gushed with hot love juice, filling her, moaning with her as they rode the climax together. Hearts beating wildly, clammy skin and a sense of total release consumed them both as Shane fell onto the bed beside her. Neither said a word as they cuddled together. A sense of rightness and commitment surrounded them.
Nothing will hurt what we have
, Shane promised himself.
Many of the differences that faced them remained to be sorted out, but today, they were one.


The next morning, the bedside alarm woke Shane with a jolt. Snuggled up against him spoon-fashion, Gina stirred slightly while he tried to remove his arm from beneath her head. She turned to him, half waking, fully smiling. “Is it time already?” she mumbled, laying her hand on his massive chest.

“Yes,” he whispered. “Sadly so. I have to get on the road. My first patient is always at eight. I can’t be late.”

“You don’t have patient patients?” she asked, chuckling.

“No, just rich ones who get perturbed with waiting,” he answered, kissing her forehead. He twisted around to put his feet on the floor, but Gina grabbed him around the waist. He turned back to her and popped her teasingly on the butt. “I have to go,” he whispered.

“I know,” she said. “I know. Please lock the door on your way out.”

Shane kissed her again, got dressed and left, carefully locking the door behind him, but keeping the scent of her in his mind. She was a keeper.

He called her promptly at nine o’clock after he finished with the first patient. “Are you up and going?” he teased.

“Yes,” she answered breathlessly. “Just getting dressed. How are you? I see you made it home safely. Did you get your impatient patients handled?”

“I’m wonderful,” he answered softly. “I’m better than I’ve been in a long, long time, thanks to you. And, yes, the patients are all very satisfied.”

“Well, what can I say?” she teased. “We Indian princesses have that gift. Glad you got the rich and powerful drilled in line.”

“My Indian princess,” he offered. “That is if you like.”

“I like,” she answered softly. “I like very much.”

“Good!” Shane replied. “That’s what I wanted to hear.” And, he meant it. From that day on, they talked no less than twice a day until he saw her again on Wednesday. There was no way Shane would take a chance on losing a second opportunity to grasp the happiness he felt. On Friday, she called to ask him to go to San Francisco with her on Saturday. To meet my family, she had said. Shane dreaded to do it, but that family would be a part of his life if things went the way he hoped. She planned to come to Manhattan Beach on Friday so that they could fly to San Fran.


Shane opened the door to her smiling face, happy to see this woman who had so easily captured his heart and body. He pulled her straight into his arms without a word, kissing her gently and holding her close.

“That’s quite a greeting,” Gina said, slightly pushing him away. “Not even a “Hi” or “Hello.”

“Hi,” he replied. “Is that what you want?”

She took his chin in her hands, raised on tip toe and kissed him passionately. “That’s what I want,” she murmured, dropping her overnight bag to the floor. “All that.”

He took her hand and led her through the foyer into the den. Gina couldn’t help but to stare at the luxurious house as she passed from one room to the other. “You have a beautiful home,” she quietly expressed. “I’ve never been in one so, so…opulent.” She struggled to find the right word without sounding rude or making him uncomfortable. They were both aware of their differences, and certainly their positions, as one might say.

“I have to give credit to Amanda,” Shane easily said. “This house is her, full of her style, her colors…” his voice trailed off.

“And her presence.” Gina finished the sentence for him. “It’s full of her presence. But, it doesn’t bother me at all. I believe we would have been good friends.” He almost made an audible sigh of relief, but he caught himself.

Shane realized that Gina had made the observation honestly. Looking around the room, he saw that it was true. Amanda’s favorite knick knacks, coasters, vases, everything was still in place. “I’ve just never changed anything around the house,” he said quietly. “Never took the time, I guess. I have made some strides, but not many. It isn’t easy.”

Gina moved toward him and hugged him around the waist. “You don’t have to,” she began. “The right time will come.” They embraced, holding each other for a moment, each understanding the other’s emotion.

“Want some dinner?” he asked, holding her away from him gently. “I’ve got some Chinese take out for us. I’m not a cook.”

“Yes, that’s great. I love Asian food. Let me help you.”

Together they set plates on the bar, divided up the food, poured some wine and settled into a leisurely dinner full of good conversation about their week of work. Eventually, the topic found its way to discussing her family. “About my father,” Gina began. “He’s a tough cookie, so I don’t want you to take anything he might do or say personally.” Shane looked at her questioningly. “I’m serious, Shane,” she continued. “He can be brutally rude. I want you to ignore it. He is very protective of me and our culture. He lives in the 18
Century when it comes to following tradition. I’m my own person, I make my own decisions, and he understands that about me now. We have come to an understanding about me and my life.  Still, when it comes to relationships, he really wants to control me. He will do it by trying to discourage you. I don’t want you to accept that discouragement. Okay?”

“I’ll be fine, Gina. Quit worrying about it.”

“I’m not that worried, Shane, but I know my father.”

“I understand. Let’s just leave it at that. We have more important things to be concerned about, right?” He lifted her hand and brought it to his mouth, kissed it and moved his lips up her arm until he reached her mouth. “I won’t let him bother me. Relax.”

Gina pulled him close to her, resting her head against his chest as he rubbed her back. It felt so utterly natural, the connection they shared. Turning her face up to him, she whispered, “I want you, all of you.” The words spread through Shane’s mind and body instantly. He lifted her slight body into his arms and carried her to the guest room. It would be some time before he could have another woman in his bed. Time, it would take time, even for this woman.

Fire heated his groin and passion filled Gina’s whole body. This time, it wasn’t new to them; this time, they could express the pent-up need for unbridled sex; this time, it would be without reservation.  He turned her on her side to face him and pulled her face close to his, eyes facing eyes. Shane plunged his tongue through her waiting lips, kissing her passionately. Gina’s arms closed around his neck, holding him tightly, returning the kiss. Her mouth wandered over his face, his eyes, his neck; her teeth nibbled on his ear lobe as his hands squeezed her hard nipples and wandered down between her legs. Shane pushed her legs apart, putting his warm hand on her clit and squeezing softly. Gina moaned deeply, moving her hand down to close on his hardening shaft as he knelt beside her on the bed. He moved his finger into her sweet spot; she stroked him harder, each of them lifting their bodies in sync, a steady motion known only to the two of them. “Yes,” Gina whispered, “there, it feels amazing right there.” Shane slowed his finger to a steady rub as she worked her ass against him, deepening the sensation, savoring her lover’s mastery. His dick was throbbing, responding to her steady up and down movement. He moved her hand from his member and posed himself over her. “You’re going to get fucked, my beautiful princess!” She smiled in acceptance to his threat. This time, the newness and shyness was gone; it was just them doing what they wanted to do to each other.

Shane kissed her foot, lifting it into the air with one rand, rubbing her leg softly with the other. His mouth moved up her leg, kissing and licking both her inner thighs as he bent over her. The taste of her skin was exhilarating, but she would never hear that from him. Gina’s hands were on his head, unconsciously guiding him where she wanted his mouth to be. She was hot, but he moved at his own speed, slowly, enjoying her unleashed passion while he controlled his own. This was one fuck that had to be perfect! He knew it wouldn’t be their last.

Her pubic hair was meticulously and neatly trimmed, which didn’t surprise him at all. How nice to leisurely explore each other, taking in those little things they hadn’t taken the time to see before. Shane traced the outline of the V-shaped patch of hair that remained, letting his finger glide across her clit as she writhed in pleasure, groaning audibly. As his tongue found the soft wrinkles of skin beneath the short hair, her hands pushed his head into her crotch; he licked her moist center, her smell sweet and intoxicating. Musky and hot, she tasted delicious. “Yes,” she said with panting breath as she moved her head back and forth on the pillow, holding tight to his head, loving his teasing tongue, bracing for the release she needed so badly, intoxicated by the smell of this beautiful man. “Eat me, baby!” she managed to whisper in a guttural release. Shane smiled to himself. Gina gasped lightly as he sucked her clit harder and worked his finger in and out of her roughly. Her body rose and fell to match the movement of his finger, fucking the hand that had found her magic.

She pulled him down on her; reaching between his legs, she tugged at his ready cock, showing Shane that she wanted him inside her. Easily, he slid into her and pumped her hard until she came, lightly screaming at him to go deeper, harder as they both reached a climax even more fulfilling than their first. The contrast of their skin color was lost in the sameness of their desire. For that one moment, the world was theirs equally.

Exhausted, they lay together on the bed spoon-fashion, quickly falling asleep. He had one arm under her neck and one hand on her breast. It had always been Amanda’s favorite sleeping position, and now he found himself comforted next to Gina.

BOOK: Moving Forward
9.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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