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“Not if he does it right. Taking a nice long snack to catch you up and give himself time to refuel.” Alanso closed his hand over hers, showing her how he preferred to be gripped with firm pressure. Their discussion helped ease their initial foray into intimacy. How could she be nervous when the friends she’d loved forever were here with her?

“I suppose.” She shrugged. “Haven’t met many guys interested in pursuing sex after they’ve blown their wad.”

“The first time?” Eli looked confused.

“How many times do you guys plan to come in a night?” She paused, her fingers less certain on Alanso’s shaft. Damn, she could hardly close her fingers around him, and his big balls bounced against the heel of her hand when she slid it to the base of his shaft.

“I can’t count that high when I’m distracted by your fabulous tits and that pretty pussy.” Eli shrugged. “But more than once or twice, that’s for damn sure.”

“Oh.” She blinked.

While she mulled over the revelation, Eli performed an impromptu strip tease for her. He unveiled his abs inch by inch until he shucked his shirt. Then he turned around and peeled his pants over his fine ass.

Alanso plumped in her hand. Had Eli let him in there? Oh, damn. She’d love to see that. Couldn’t wait to watch them together. The desire was almost as strong as her need to feel them inside her, together, joining the three of them in a special bond. All she could picture was the look of pure bliss on Devon’s face when her two men had teamed up to drive her wild.

Suddenly Eli was bare too. He faced her again, waiting as if for judgment beneath her appreciative stare. Her fingers traced the arched Hot Rods tattoo across his belly. Each dip and rise of his abs enhanced the lines of the script.

“I swear, I’ve fucked more in the past two weeks than in those early years when I first discovered the softer side of girls. And even all that fooling around with Cobra hasn’t made me want you less. Nothing will.” Alanso looked afraid, as if she might bolt again. “Still interested in playing our way now that you know we’re sex maniacs?”

“Doubly so now.” She winked at him. “In that case…can I taste you?”

“You never have to ask,
mi alma
.” He guided his cock toward her mouth.

Eli surprised her by running his thumb over her lips, opening her for his best friend. “Make him feel good, Sally. I’ll do the same for you. Tell me what you like. Anything.”

She opened her mouth and stretched her neck to close the gap between her lips and Alanso’s cock. Eli slapped his hand on Alanso’s abdomen and prevented the shorter guy from sealing the deal.

“No, no.” He
ed at them. “She can’t talk with her mouth full. I want to hear it. In that sexy rasp that tells me she needs us as much as we need her. What would you like me to do with you while Alanso becomes the luckiest bastard on the planet?”

“Lick me,” she whispered.

“Here?” He tasted the column of her neck.

“Lower.” She shoved his shoulders and begged Alanso with her eyes to give her something to work over. With him in her mouth, she’d at least have the satisfaction of knowing someone else suffered the bite of arousal with her. Suckling him would help her check her rocketing blood pressure too.

Being with Alanso always soothed her. There were lots of times they’d sat, quietly, staring at the fishpond in Tom’s garden or watching paint dry on one of her projects. They didn’t have to talk to enjoy each other’s company, though they did plenty of that too.

“Like this?” Eli flitted along her collarbone with his mouth, tasting her skin as he teased.

“Lower,” she repeated.

He obeyed in his own way, forcing her to admit to them both what she secretly craved. His mouth worked the slope of her breast, drawing ever nearer to the peak and the piercing there. When he bit and tugged just a little, a trickle of arousal squeezed from her pussy.

The spot where she truly craved his handiwork.

“Lower, lower, lower,” she chanted as he kissed first her ribs then her belly and finally the spot just above her mound.

.” Alanso shivered above her, painting her knuckles with a smear of pre-come.

She released him long enough to sample the fluid, and him, for the first time. “I swear I can taste that dried pineapple you’re always eating.”

He gurgled when she devoured a second helping of him. “You’d better get down to business there, Cobra. I’m waiting exactly seven more seconds before I get my dick in her mouth. I’ve dreamed about this for too long to stop on the brink.”

“Like this?” Eli humored them both.

The instant his mouth settled on her pussy, she squealed.

Alanso took advantage of the opportunity to insert his cock into her mouth. She surrounded him with her lips, welcoming him to her body, hoping he understood her open invitation. The weight of his thickness on her tongue, combined with the sweetness of him, acted like a drug on her.

She closed her eyes and drew on his cock as if it was a pacifier while Eli employed every trick in the book. Hell, he invented a few she’d never heard of to ramp her up. Flicks, circles and taps of his tongue had her eyelids fluttering closed. Her toes curled in the silky sheets and her hands sought her men out. With one palm she cupped Alanso’s balls, holding him in place as she laved him from beneath. The other hand was filled with Eli’s head and short hair as she pinned him to her body.

Arcs of her hips had her riding his tongue. She wasn’t afraid to take what she desired from them. With another man she would have tried to be patient, let them exert their dominance. With her Hot Rods, she didn’t have to tone herself down. She could be liberated. Undomesticated. And they would still tame the Mustang in her easily.

They made her feel dainty. Girly. And all woman.

Eli teased her piercings—the rings on either side of her pussy and the discreet barbell through the hood of her clit. She moaned around Alanso’s shaft, making him groan too.

“This one isn’t for decoration, is it?” Eli stopped pleasuring her long enough to ask about the captive bead ring at the apex of her slit. “It’s functional, right?”

“Uh-huh.” She wasn’t about to stop sucking or she’d be screaming the house down beneath the added stimulation of Eli’s fingers, which prodded her opening while his mouth returned to investigating the merits of her piercing.

It didn’t take him long to figure out that sliding it up and down stroked her clit and drove her absolutely insane. Verging on painfully arousing, the stimulation required some distraction to bear for any length of time when activated directly. During intercourse, it provided that little bit extra she’d often needed to get off hands-free with an average lover.

Somehow she doubted Eli or Alanso would need such tricks. But the insurance couldn’t hurt. Oh no, it did far nicer things than cause her pain.

Her suction on Alanso became irregular. He didn’t seem to mind, adding tiny pumps of his hips to keep the friction going. Fucking her mouth, he joined her on the upward spiral toward rapture.

“Hurry, Cobra,” he begged. “I want her to come with me.”

Sally tried to tell him she wasn’t close enough. She could detect the veins on his shaft creating more defined ridges, and he bulked up. The bad news was unintelligible with her mouth so full, however.

Just when she thought Alanso would lose control, her attention frayed. Eli inserted two long fingers as far as he could reach. The man above her began to chant her name. Sweat glistened on his chest and bald head. Knowing she inspired this pleasure in him enhanced the motion of Eli’s fingers. They curled inside her, rubbing on a spot she’d never found herself.

Holy shit.

He pressed just enough, trapping sensitive nerves between his prodding digits and her pelvic bone. At the same time, he rolled the captive bead ring in her hood across his tongue several times in quick succession. And before she knew it, Alanso was having to catch up to her.

Without warning, she shattered.

Eli seemed prepared as he clung to her waist and pinned her where he pleased so he could continue his annihilation of her inhibitions. The immobility also kept her in place for Alanso to plunder her mouth. She shouted around his flesh, using all her spare brain cells to keep from biting him.

!” He grunted. The first splash of his come landed on her tongue. She swallowed, drawing more of his seed from his cock. Sweet. Salty. A potent combination. Mostly because it meant so much to have pleased him. Either of them. Both of them.

By being honest about what she wanted and how much joy they brought her, they were all winning. Alanso continued to pump jet after jet into her mouth. She suckled his pulsing cock until nothing remained except the traces of his ecstasy. And still her pussy clenched around Eli.

“Damn, you should feel this, Al.” Their boss continued to pump her slow and steady. “She’s tight and wet and so damn responsive.”

Alanso sucked in air as if he’d run a marathon. He couldn’t answer Eli. But his gaze told her everything she needed to know when it locked on hers. Allowing her to suckle him, a draw for every clench of her pussy, he stayed until he wilted in her mouth.

She sighed when he pulled out, leaving her empty.

Eli glanced between them, smug. “Was that fun?”

“Hell yes,” they replied in unison.

“But weird to give a guy a blow job when I’ve never really kissed him before.” She put one hand over her face. “We’re doing this all out of order, aren’t we?”

Not that she minded much when aftershocks tore through her, causing her to shiver violently.

“That can be fixed, you know?” Alanso practically collapsed beside her. He pillowed her head on his shoulder, then cuddled up.

She peeked at Eli and found him sitting on his haunches, straddling their intertwined legs. She’d swear he held his breath when he leaned forward, peering at two of his friends, who were about to make out.

“I think I’m going to like this part of us.” Eli hummed as he stroked his hand idly over his rigid cock. “You two look hot together. So sexy. It makes me want to cut in on you both but also sit back and enjoy how beautiful you are.”

Alanso winced a little at the description.

“Handsome.” She patted his cheek.

“Thanks, Sally.” He cradled her. From this close up, she could see a measure of contentment in his eyes that had been missing all this time. Until this moment, she hadn’t quite noticed his underlying anxiety—he hid it well. The absence of negative stimuli allowed vulnerability to evaporate and leave only happiness in its place.

She lifted her face to his. He complied with her unspoken wishes. Not by crushing their lips together and plundering the access she granted. No, he made love to her mouth with his lips and tongue as surely as he’d fucked it minutes before.

Unlike the guys she’d dated, Alanso didn’t make her awkward. He felt right. Like a shelter from all her grief. Like a place to hide from a storm. With these guys and the rest of their gang in the living room, she would never be homesick.

With them was her place.

She’d never been so sure of it as when he traced her ear, tucking her hair behind it so he could caress her face. A sliver of guilt punctured her serenity when Eli groaned. The sound of his overpowering appetite had both her and Alanso pausing.

They turned their faces toward him. He rubbed his cock in time to the rhythm their mouths had set on each other. “Don’t stop.”

Chapter Six

“Let us take care of you.” She glanced to Alanso, who nodded before trying to sit up.

“I said, keep going.” Eli straddled their torsos, his long legs helping to bridge the bodies of his two lovers. He shoved Alanso’s shoulder until the bald man fell back to the bed once more.

“Are you going to come on us, Cobra?” The engine tuner licked his lips. “Mark us? Claim us as your own?”

“Fuck yes.” Eli’s tugs over his impressive length weren’t all even. He seemed extra affected when Salome trailed her fingers up and down Alanso’s arm. “Kiss. More.”

Sally imagined drawing his pleasure from him and allowing him to paint their bodies with the proof of his desire. She’d be his canvas any day.

A butterfly brush of Alanso’s lips on her cheek broke her from her fantasy. He was so soft with her, so sugary. It caught her unexpectedly how much she really loved him. Not just as her partner at the shop or a roommate of nearly a dozen years. No, this was it. He was the one for her. And so was Eli.

They were the

She smiled as he kissed her bottom lip, rasping his teeth lightly over the flesh swollen from his thrusting cock. And as if it heard her call, something stirred against her thigh. Already? He was revving up for another round?

They got a little carried away, their kisses turning insistent again.

“Slower,” Eli commanded. And they obeyed. Anything to touch him, even if it wasn’t physically.

Each press and glide of their lips on each other began to feel like full-body contact. The slightest sensations were magnified until Sally wondered if she could have an orgasm just from kissing Alanso. The fact that her pussy had come to rest against his thigh didn’t hurt either. She rode him just a little, with subtle twitches of her hips.

“Look how wet she is.” Eli took the hand not pumping his cock and swiped his fingers through her slit. He gathered her moisture and put it on display, as though she would deny how much they turned her on.

Alanso broke free just long enough to pout. “My turn, please, Eli.”

Sally quivered when Eli fed his fingers into Alanso’s open mouth.

“That’s right, suck them clean.” Eli withdrew slowly, then scooped another dollop of cream from her. Like a baby bird, Alanso parted his lips. He cried out when Eli smeared the fluid over his tongue with gentle strokes of his fingers.

“Eli.” She squirmed in Alanso’s hold.

“Yes, Mustang?” The gleam in his eye proclaimed his knowledge of her struggle. Even if he wanted to tease her into begging. It didn’t take much to twist her arm.

“Please fuck me.” She spread her legs as best she could. Alanso adjusted his hold and positioned her for his best friend.

BOOK: Mustang Sally
9.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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