My Brother's Best Friend (Crazy in Love Book 1)

BOOK: My Brother's Best Friend (Crazy in Love Book 1)
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My Brother’s Best Friend

The Crazy in Love Series

By Kate Daniels















Copyright 2015 Kate Daniels

All rights reserved.


All rights reserved. This book may not be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of events to real life, or of characters to actual persons, is purely coincidental. The author acknowledges status and trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction.

This book is for those who are eighteen years old and up, due to strong sexual content and language.






































Chapter 1

              Nervously, I stood at the bus stop waiting for it to pull up and me to have to do what I’d been dreading since I heard I was moving. I have to start my first day of high school in a new town without knowing a single person, and the rest of the students started last week. We’d still been moving into our new house. At this moment, I hate my damn life. My mom remarried quickly without a thought of what it would do to me.

              I’d not been looking forward to high school in my old town, but I hadn’t been dreading it either. At least, I’d had some friends there that I could sit with at lunch and talk to in between classes. They were nerds, like me, but I’d had a group of people that I’d known since kindergarten. Now, I was just a tall guy with short blond hair that didn’t know the school or anybody in it.

              At this moment, I hated my mom. She’d never been that concerned about me, but today, she’d reached a new low. She hadn’t even gotten up before I had to leave. She never took me to my new school to check it out and get the information I needed for my first day, and she was disgustingly focused on my stepfather to the extent that nothing else mattered. She’d even requested that I live in the pool house to give them privacy since they were newlyweds.

              It didn’t matter to her that I might need her still since I was fifteen and in a new area with no friends. She was done with me, and I’ve realized that I’d better learn to live with the disinterest and move on. So that’s what I’m trying to do, not take anything personally, but right now, I’m cursing her out in my head because she’s not there for me. The bus pulls up, and I climb on and quickly grab a seat as the doors close. I look around and realize that there’s only one other guy on the bus other than the driver, and he’s in the back asleep.

              I check my phone for the time, and it says 7:25 which is too close to school starting at 7:45 to pick up a lot of other kids. I can’t be one of the first stops. Where the hell was everybody? On my old bus, we were almost always full, and it was so loud that you had a headache when you got off. This bus was also significantly nicer than the old one I used to ride. This town is directly on the beach with the average house being worth a couple million; I guess that they can afford to have nice buses.

              My old neighborhood was predominantly made up of government housing and rundown apartment buildings. The bus I was riding even broke down on the way to school once. I was in the fifth grade, and it was awesome. My friends and I got an extra hour to play with our Pokémon cards instead of being in homeroom.

              “Hey man,” startled I look over at the kid that was sleeping in the back sitting beside me. He’s dressed preppy with a polo shirt and khakis, and he’s got hair that looks like it’s going in every different direction. “Hey,” I say cautiously. “Why’s this bus so empty? Is it always like this?” He laughs like I said something hilarious before answering, “Dude, do you even know where you are? We’re in freaking Carmen Beach. Nobody rides the bus here. Parents, nannies, or drivers drop kids off if they can’t drive themselves yet.” I look at him confused. People were that rich here that they didn’t even need to have a bus system for the high school. He must’ve sensed my confusion since he continued. “I think we have three buses for the entire school. I got suspended last week for trying to sneak into the girl’s locker room. As an additional punishment my parents are making me ride the bus for the next month.”

              Stunned, I look at him and ask, “The bus is used for punishment here? In my old town, the bus was almost overflowing with kids. It was hard to score a seat unless it was by the kid that didn’t shower.” The kid beside me chuckled and said, “Well, that definitely isn’t our town.” He grips my shoulder and says, “Get ready to live in a town of the mother fucking rich and very rich. My name’s Stanson Jeffreys, and I’m glad you’re on the bus with me for the next month. It won’t be as bad with you here too. What’s your name, man?”

              I stick out my hand, and he shakes it before telling him, “My name’s Colin Rocklend, and as you can tell, I’m new here. My mom just got remarried, and we moved into my stepdad’s house last week.” He nods in understanding and says, “That’s cool, we don’t get a lot of new blood in this town very often, but you at least look like you won’t have that hard of a time fitting in.” I look down at my T-shirt and jeans and back at him and his preppy outfit and hair.

              Stanson must sense my doubt cause he adds, “You look like a lot of our jocks do, and the girls are going to love your pretty face. You’re also in decent shape.
What sports do you play?” I shake my head at him and try to push down the uncomfortable feelings that come from a guy commenting on my looks. “I don’t play any sports. I worked on people’s yards all summer for a landscaping company. It’s helped me get in decent shape.”

              I tried to talk casually about it, but I’ve always been too thin for my height. This summer, I’ve finally developed some muscle to go along with how tall I am, and I was pleased with the way my arms bulged now. I’d needed the extra weight to give me a little confidence going into this new school. I felt better that somebody else noticed too, even if it was a guy.

              Stanson looks disappointed and informs me, “Well, you don’t seem to have much money, and you don’t play any sports. Nobody’ll give you a hard time due to your size, but you won’t be getting into any of the higher groups of the social hierarchy around here without playing sports.” Surprised, I ask him, “Are you in any of the high groups.” He shakes his head, “Hell, no, I suck at sports, and my parents are rich but not super rich. Plus, I’m in the tenth grade which means I won’t have any real chance at getting a hot girl or getting into the good parties until next year. All the upper classman are all over the pretty freshman. I was hoping that you could get me into the higher groups if you were an athlete, but it looks like we can be losers together this year. I’ve got some friends I can introduce you to.”

              This guy thought he was a loser. My friends at my other school would never go this long without mentioning War of Warcraft or one of the computer games that we play. He was more together than anyone I knew at my old school, and I was grateful to know somebody before I walked into the high school. I even like how upfront and honest he was with me.

              We pull up at the school and climb out when I remember to ask him, “What were you doing trying to sneak into the girl’s locker room?” He smiles at me and doesn’t look a bit repentant, “I was trying to get a look at the most beautiful girl at this school.” I laugh and ask, “Did you?”

              Stanson shakes his head and looks truly depressed about it before saying, “No, I didn’t, and she punched me in the balls when she caught me trying. All I got was one look at her in her bra before I was bent over in pain and seeing dots. After that, I got taken to the principal’s office and was given a suspension. Then as if all that wasn’t enough, her brother came and threatened my life if I ever look in her direction again. I’ve decided to wait and pursue her when we’re older. She’ll realize that I’m her soul mate someday. I’ve just got to wait for it.”

              I laugh and tell him, “Man, that sounds awful. I don’t think this girl is good for your health or heart. Maybe you should try to like a girl that could like you back instead. Would save you and your balls a lot of trouble.” He looks at me like he did when I asked why there was no one on the bus. “You’ve never seen Reagan Hall, man. When you do, you’ll understand exactly why I can’t give up on her after one bad incident and school suspension.”

              Distracted with trying to find the way to the office, I ask, “Is this girl a senior?” He laughs and says, “You really aren’t from here. Everyone in town knows all there is to know about Reagan Hall. She’s a ninth grader, and she has a brother, who’s a sophomore, and already on the varsity football team. They’re already the stuff at this school. They hang out with the older kids and get away with doing whatever the hell they want. But Reagan is unbelievable. She looks like a model with giant tits and puffy dick sucking lips, and every guy in this school is obsessed with her. But she doesn’t give any of us younger guys the time of day. I mean she’s nice and cool as shit, not a snob or anything, and she’ll joke around and crap. But she won’t  consider dating any of us because she can have any senior she wants.”

              Baffled, I shake my head and ask, “Man, you’re talking about the girl that punched you in the balls and got you suspended.” He chuckles and says, “No, she did punch me in the balls, but she didn’t get me suspended. Another girl ran and got the P.E. teacher. Reagan was pissed at the girl for getting me in trouble. I told you she’s extremely cool.”

              Done talking about a girl that I’ve never met, I ask Stanson before he can start talking again, “Where’s the office, man? I need to get my schedule before school starts.” He claps me on the back and says, “Sorry, man, I completely forgot about you needing to check in. I’ll take you and with any luck, they’ll give me a note to be late for class.”

              Relieved that I won’t wander around lost in this school of rich high school socialites, I let him lead the way to the office. We walk in and even the secretary is in a stylish black dress with pearls. She glares at Stanson before looking me over. I don’t think he’s very popular with authority figures around here.

              He doesn’t appear intimidated by her glare and starts right in with a cheerful voice, “Good morning, Miss Lynch. I’ve got my friend Colin here who wants to get his schedule and sign into the school.” Miss Lynch pulls up my information on the computer and gets me to sign in before handing me my schedule. She shoots me a tight smile and says, “I hope you have a good first day, Mr. Rocklend. Maybe you can make sure that Mr. Jeffreys behaves himself today. He needs a good influence to help keep him on the straight and narrow.”

              “Now that would be boring, Miss Lynch,” Stanson teases which earns him another glare as we head out the office door. He confides, “She really loves me; she just plays like that.” I shoot him an unconvinced look and say, “I don’t think so, man, but you’d know her better than me.” He chuckles and shoots back, “I’d know her better than most people. I’m in here at least once every two weeks.”

              Stanson directs me to my first class, and I grab an available desk and sit down. Some of the girls glance my way and are giggling or talking quietly with their friends. I don’t glance at anybody but try to wait for the teacher to join us and blend in as best as I can. Everyone is in designer shit but not a lot else seems to make them different than my old high school.

              Nicer facilities, but still high school is a social hierarchy of the hottest girls and jocks being at the top with everyone else trickling down slowly till you got to the very bottom of the ladder where I was. Guys who didn’t know how to talk to girls and had spent all their time with other guys like them.

              Except, I mentally added that I also was in a school with a bunch of rich people too when I didn’t have more than a few hundred dollars to my name, another thing not going in my favor. I decide right before class starts to keep my head down and try to make it through today with as little interaction as possible. I needed to get the lay of the land before I even attempted to see where I’d fit.

              That goal lasted until right before lunch. I’d taken a wrong turn after my last class and couldn’t find my way back to my locker to drop my books off. Damn it, I thought to myself. How big was this fucking school? I can’t believe I got lost on my first damn day. Pissed at myself, I finally reached a hallway that I thought I recognized when I heard groaning in the other direction. Someone sounded in pain, and I walked quickly towards the noise to see if I could help. I heard an angry male voice yelling, “After this, you’ll know to never go near her again.” And another voice stuttering but getting out, “I was tutoring her in algebra, that’s all, Mitchell, I swear.”

BOOK: My Brother's Best Friend (Crazy in Love Book 1)
7.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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