My Cup Runs Over: The Ultimate and Final Deception

BOOK: My Cup Runs Over: The Ultimate and Final Deception

My Cup Runs Over



The Ultimate and Final Deception












Give: Part 3

By Will Brown




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My Cup Runs Over



The Ultimate and Final Deception












Give: Part 3

By Will Brown






It’s been said a friend will stick closer than a brother. They know your darkest secrets, the keys to your success and even the failures that kept you prisoner; things no one else would ever know.  But everything has a price rather good or bad. Moving from book one, I’ve Got So Much To Give; Trey, JJ, Tamara and Q were the perfect 10. They were family, confidants and partners regardless of the trials or tribulations, betrayals or heartbreaks, they depended on each other.
Trey Edwards
, is CEO of Vision Mobile Net, a multi-million-dollar cellular phone company which just set a record in sales and technology. He is the new trendsetter in the mobile phone industry and has found his nitch. Regardless of his new relationship with Carlotta he is still trying to escape the wrath of the one woman who controlled him with sexual exploits and manipulation, Octavia
the gold digger
. Finally
it’s all about to come to an end when
she encounters Carlotta the one woman who was not going to let her
continue to cause destruction.

Tamara Robinson
, nicknamed
because of the sultry sound of her voice, is the hottest artist in the music industry. She is a natural songwriter and hit maker, who's at the top of her game, generating hits for anyone looking for a banger to make the charts. Finally she is on tour after the release of her debut album entitled (
It’s Over Now
) which just turned platinum after the release of first single entitled (
Can’t Wait Another Minute
). Her life couldn’t be more perfect especially after falling in love with Darnell which turns out to be the biggest mistake she's ever made.


Quincy Anderson
, better known as
is CEO of Corporate Jet Travel and Limousine Services. His clients are high profile celebrities and business elites from every facets of the business world.  Now after being with T-bird’s first cousin Desiree he is willing to turn in his
player’s card,
as they both  realize they are the perfect match. Who would have ever thought they would create a bigger empire by establishing satellite companies in each other’s cities.

Jay "
is the most recognized entertainment lawyer and entrepreneur in the metropolitan area. He represents the big names in business from sports to singers, including
while revolutionizing the music industry.  His biggest challenge is trying to find closure as he and his wife Vivian try to reestablish their marriage from what became a dichotomy because of betrayal and trust after she embezzled money from the foundation account started by T-bird in an effort to help her worthless brother pay a child support debt of $50,000
































  1. Love To The Limit                     

2. Success Is Hard Work      

3. All About You                
4. The Show                          
5. What’s Going On?
6. The Price










Love To The Limit 


Standing there with his glass half full, Q couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His life had always been lived on the edge but now he was faced with the surprise of Vita showing up at his office unannounced. To add to that, Octavia had also paid him a visit looking for Trey. And, if that wasn’t enough, now Vita stood absolutely naked as she leaned against the doorway to the bathroom in his office.

“Excuse me but do you have a place I can put these?” Vita voiced, referring to the clothes she was holding in her hand.  Before he could even answer, she walked towards him, laying them in the chair.  Needless to say, Vita’s body was all that and enough for any man to desire having. However, her motive was quite clear. She wanted Q, not thinking twice about the price or consequences. As cool and collected as Q tried to appear, Vita didn’t budge.  She took the glass from his hand and poured some of the whiskey on one of her breast.  Immediately, she began licking the residue trailing down from her nipple, provoking him to watch. She then grabbed him by the back of his neck.

“Um…Well, I see I have someone’s attention hum…Do you see something you like?” Those were the wrong words to say to a man used to getting what he wants. 

Although he wanted to resist Vita, she had crossed the line, forcing his hand. Immediately he grabbed her other breast in the palm of his hand, caressing it.             

           “I don’t think you want to take this to where you’re going. Do you?”

Before Q could say another word, she was putting his hand between her legs to feel the warmth of her hot mound as she began to get wet.

“I didn’t come here for a lecture and don’t bring up Desiree’s name. At least not right now. She made it quite clear you belong to her, so I want to know for myself. So are you gonna fuck me or not? I’m already giving you this pussy on a platter. Do you want me to put it on a fork and feed it to you too? You better handle this.” She said while attempting to unzip his pants to feel his dick.  As she continued reaching for the object of her desire, trying to kiss his neck, he pushed her away, picking her up and placing her ample ass on top of his desk.

“Okay…if you want to play, we'll play but I’m going to tell you something right now, if this gets back to anyone, I will deny we ever saw each other.  Do you understand?”    

“Sounds like a deal to me” she replied. “As you can see, I didn’t come with a tape recorder or camera. I don’t have any clothes on. Remember” She said smiling.

“You selfish bitch. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you since you coming at me like this,” he grunted, spreading her legs as she wrapped them around his back.

“Come on and bring it” she replied. "I heard you have a big rattle in your chain anyway.”

As much as Q realized he was wrong for what was about to happen, there was no turning back since Vita had pushed his buttons. It was bad enough he was attempting to clean up his act so he could settle down and totally surrender to Desiree. However, for the moment he was being faced with the temptation of Vita.

Eagerly he pushed his dick inside her while looking her right in her eyes as she attempted to subdue the scream forcing its way from her mouth. 

“Oh shit baby, you better give it to me.”

Q had to put his hand over her mouth so his employees wouldn't realize what was going on in his office.

“Don’t you dare scream.” He watched her grind her teeth together. 

“Oh shit.. that's my spot. You found my spot.” Immediately her body began to shake.

“You want me huh? Okay let’s turn it up a notch then."

Immediately Vita began to cum.

“Come on give it back. You better not hold back.”

The more Q dominated her, Vita helplessly surrendered as she began to squirt from multiple orgasms.

“Oh so you’re a squirter huh? You’re going to remember this night coming over here like this.” Q pounded her body mercilessly.

“Oh baby. Smack my ass when I cum again. You’re inside of me so deep.”

“Oh yeah, I’m going to smack it. You want me to fuck it too? Yeah you want me to stick that ass. Turn that ass around and put it in the air so I can get at it.” He said with fire in his eyes.

“Oh shit baby. Come on and dog this ass. I’ll give you anything you want. You can have it.”

That was all Q needed to hear as he fucked her until she couldn’t take any more. When he stepped away, sweat ran down his body like a loosed water faucet.

“Damn woman. I’m taking a few minutes then I’m going to get it again.” Vita attempted to push him away. “Enough. Please I’ve had enough.”

"No..." he hissed, "not until you suck my dick then you can go. When you leave, I want you to be satisfied you got what you came for.”

With barely any will, she began to give him head as he grabbed her by the hair, manipulating her movements until coming in her mouth. He couldn’t help letting out a sigh because Vita was so good, she didn’t leave a drop behind...



The evening was closing in and Q still had to meet everyone for Carlotta’s dinner engagement with her mother. Drenched in sweat, Vita curled up in a chair to regain her composure. With his head tilted back against the wall at his desk, Q just stared in disbelief that Vita would belittle herself in that way.

“Go on and clean yourself up. I’ve got business to take care of and I’m sure you’ve got to get to your hotel and put together your interview.” 

All Vita could do was shake her head.

“Yes, I think I will freshen up a little. You’ve satisfied my curiosity alright. You’re a fucking animal. Thank you for a great fuck.” She said while walking to the bathroom clutching her clothing. After coming out fully dressed she walked over and kissed him before standing in front of him.

           “Well, does this mean goodbye or do I see you again?” Q just looked at her like she was a fool.

“What? Are you for real or just crazy? It’s time to go. You were never here remember?”

After that statement, it was quite clear that no one had better find out about their encounter.  If their meeting was ever implied, he would deny it.

Vita applied her lipstick without missing a beat and the least bit of shame.

“No I’m not crazy and yes, maybe for real. After all, that was some good dick. But whatever. If you ever change your mind, you know how to find me. You take care of yourself. I enjoyed the meeting we never had” she commented coolly, as she walked out the door.

Unfortunately, with the kind of woman Vita was, their encounter was sure to be exposed.
There was no way she was keeping their little tryst a secret,
Q thought, as he
reminisced on the conversation she'd been having with the girls at the hotel concerning men.  She was definitely going to let them know that she was the one to get under his skin and right under Desiree’s nose to boot.

After closing the door behind her, Q jumped in the shower. As the hot water cleansed his body, he couldn’t help thinking he'd made a critical mistake with this one. He'd let his ego get in the way. Needless to say, he knew she was going to tell. All he could do in frustration was hit the shower wall in anger with himself. If and when Desiree found out, there would be hell to pay.       

              Minutes later, dressed in a fresh suit and tie, JJ and Trey were calling him on the same line. 

“What’s up guys? I’m just walking into my office. Is everything all right?”

“Sure man, we just wanted to make sure you weren’t going to disappear on us tonight. You are coming to Carlotta’s mother’s dinner party right?” 

“Come on guys. There’s no way I could let you down tonight. Carlotta and T-bird would never forgive me. I’m sitting here trying to decide how to make these phone calls. I have to admit I’m scared to death knowing I have to break away from being a player for so long.  I know I’m going to break some hearts but I have to be honest about Desiree. Well, the thing I feel good about is this: I’m cool with everyone on my list. We have understanding and everything started out good so it should end that way. No sense in burning any bridges and having windows being busted out of my car. I want to sleep at night with a clear conscious.” 

“You know Q, I’m proud of you for thinking like that,” Trey said. ‘You’re going to gain more respect that way instead of being bashed for letting go without at least an explanation.”

“Damn…Can you imagine? Desiree’s got this boy’s nose wide open..” JJ said out loud on the phone.

"...I don’t care what anybody says, I’m still in shock. I mean you’re supposed to be the playboy and now you’re willing to give all that up? It’s just unbelievable to me. Well just take your time. You don’t want to encounter any sudden surprises.  Right now we have enough to deal with trying to keep our eyes on T-Bird.”

“Shit, I would like to give my opinion on that too.” Q interrupted. "It’s time to be a little considerate. I think we should give her a little breathing room to make a few decisions on her own regarding Darnell.  If he’s not the right guy for her, let her figure that out.  We don’t need to keep trying to force our ideas on her because it’s only going to make her more determined to be with him...She has to be able to see things for herself, not just from our prospective..." Q stopped to collect his thoughts before continuing with his point. 

"...T-Bird is single now. Why is that so hard for everyone to understand? Her marriage with Shaun is over and we just need to give her time to find her own identity for a change. Rather she cares for him or not, we have to give her some space to work things out. I believe she’s capable of that. Don’t you? Also, we shouldn’t make the mistake of convincing her that she should give Shaun any second chances either.  I know we would all would like to see them back together, but that will have to be up to the two of them, not us. Let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing; being supportive and available for both of them with the hope the situation will work out in both their favor. Do you understand?”

“Go ahead, Mr. Preacher man!” JJ shouted out. “Well said.  I’ll step back. But when all hell breaks loose don’t say I didn’t warn you.” 

“Now wait a minute JJ, Q does have a point. After all, because no matter what anyone thought of me being with Octavia, you guys let me work it out and in the end you told me how you felt. I mean not that I blame you. However, you did give me the opportunity to do what I had to do...” Trey continued.

"...I agree with Q. Let her handle it.”

Although JJ was stoned face over the matter, it was unanimous they should step aside and let T-Bird handle her own life regardless if they liked it or not.

“Okay... but I know what my gut feelings are telling me but I’m willing to step aside.”

“Good! Now I can hang up this phone and leave this office knowing that we’ve all talked about this for the last time?  I’ll see you guys shortly. I’m on the way.”

After indulging Q, everyone hung up, preparing to meet for dinner. Yet, sitting at the desk in his office, JJ was still having a problem accepting what Q and Trey had recommended concerning allowing T-Bird to work out her own personal life.

His wife Vivian walked in the room, seeing the expression on his face and questioned,  “Is everything okay JJ?” 

“Not really, but I’ll be alright. I just need to sort a few thoughts out, that’s all.” 

“Well if you want to talk about it, let me know.” 

“Sure I’ll do that. Hey come here.”

As she walked over, he pulled her onto his lap. “Thanks for being concerned. I’d like to also thank you for being patient with me. I’m glad things are getting better between us and I’m really proud of you for accepting the responsibility of overseeing the foundation again. My friends have made every effort to show you they love you and I’ll always appreciate them for that. I love you Vivian.” 

After hearing those words from JJ, Vivian held him tight, stroking the thick hair on his eyebrows. The chemistry was so high between them, they began taking off each other’s clothes. It was an urgency they hadn't experienced since going through all the turmoil with her brother. JJ stimulated the tips of her nipples with his index finger as she grabbed him around the neck. He picked her up, laying her back on the desk and began softly biting her thighs while she held on to his head. The sensation of feeling the warmth from his mouth between her legs aroused her body to a fevered pitch. All she wanted was to submit to the burning desire to feel his tongue penetrate her vagina and taste her nectar. Instantaneously, she climaxed, unable to resist as he maneuvered his fingers inside her.

Without hesitation, Vivian pushed him off back in his office chair to sit right on his dick. The way she controlled their body rhythm provoked JJ to grab her breast as he began to cum, almost collapsing under her intoxicating weight.

There was no way Vivian was going to let him get away with leaving her a glass half empty. She began to suck and massage his dick back into erection before inserting his hard shaft deep inside her pulsating womanhood yet again.

About fifty minutes later, they lay next to each other drenched in sweat. Finally, JJ was able to gather enough strength to grab a towel to wipe their bodies.

Before they realized, it was close to 6 pm, and Andre was calling.   

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