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Mystic Flame (Beyond Ontariese 4)

BOOK: Mystic Flame (Beyond Ontariese 4)
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Mystic Flame

Cyndi Friberg




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April 2013

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Dro Tar Nex leaned her shoulder against the
cool bulkhead in the commander’s cabin and watched the argument
escalate. The ship had been orbiting Rodymia for almost a full
lunar cycle and still Kort agreed to wait.

“He’s playing you for a fool,
.” The subtle mockery in Evan’s tone was sure to
get fists flying. Broad-shouldered yet lean, Evan stood half a head
taller than the Linusian. “This is the third time Stromn postponed
the exchange. He has no intention of dealing with you.”

Kort’s beady eyes narrowed and the green
tinge of his skin deepened. “If you don’t like it, get the hell off
my ship.”

Dro Tar crossed her arms over her chest as
tension expanded within her. They needed Kort. The obnoxious
Linusian was their only hope of finding Stromn, and apprehending
Stromn was their primary objective. Stromn headed a ruthless
network of smugglers who had recently expanded operations into
Ontarian space. Dro Tar understood Evan’s frustration. Kort needed
a push or they would be stuck on his ship until the Day Moon turned
to dust. Still, the Linusian could be unpredictable.

“Maybe you’re satisfied with these dead-end
runs.” Evan paused, challenge gleaming in his lime-green eyes. “But
I need something more lucrative. Stromn is never going to take us
seriously when you let him push you around.”

Kort laughed, the sound harsh and brittle.

going to teach me how to be assertive? You can’t
even control your woman.”

“What’s between me and my woman has

“The crew is begging for permission to tame
her,” Kort sneered. “If you can’t make her obey, I’ll give her to
someone who can.”

The men glared at each other. Dro Tar felt
their hostility like a gravity accelerator. Tingling heat burst low
in her belly as she stared at Evan’s chiseled profile. Kort’s blunt
features, on the other hand, sent chills skittering down her spine.
She’d suspected it would come to this, had agreed to sleep with
Evan if the situation made sex unavoidable. Anticipation had been
sizzling between them for days, distracting them from their duties.
Maybe it was better to get it over with.

Are you sure you’re ready?
voice sounded in her mind. This was the first time she’d worked
with a Mystic operative. She wasn’t used to voices erupting in her
head. He could only hear her thoughts when he intentionally created
a telepathic link. The channel was obviously open now.

What choice do we have?
He’s testing you

“The cabins are monitored,” Evan said to
Kort. “She won’t perform for an audience.” He pushed his fingers
through his hair, sending the blond waves into appealing

“And I won’t take advice from a
pussy-whipped Ontarian.”

Leaning forward, Evan brought his face
within inches of Kort’s. “I’ll take care of my woman if you arrange
a meeting with Stromn.”

“You take care of your woman or I’ll show
you what women are for.” Turning his head, Kort swept Dro Tar’s
body with a lecherous glance.

Evan shoved Kort back and crossed the cabin.
Fight. If you suddenly give in, it will seem suspicious
. He
closed his hand around her upper arm.

She jerked out of his light grasp. “If
anyone touches me, I’ll show them what knives are for.”

Grabbing her with both hands, Evan pulled
her against his chest. “Kort’s right. I’ve indulged you long
enough.” He bent and shoved his shoulder into her belly, easily
lifting her off the floor. She kicked and squirmed until he banded
her legs with his arm. Snatching her knife from the sheath strapped
to her thigh, he tossed the weapon to Kort. The Linusian gasped but
managed to catch the weapon. “No more excuses. Contact Stromn.”
Evan stormed from the cabin before Kort could reply.

Dro Tar shoved against Evan’s back. He
smacked her on the ass. “This is
going to happen,” she
yelled. “I saw you with your hand down Lissa’s pants.”

“Her hand was down my pants and that’s as
far as it went. I told you that three weeks ago.”

“Why the hell should I believe you?”

Several crewmembers chuckled as they passed,
but Evan entered their cabin before he replied. “Have I ever lied
to you?” He slid her down against his body until her feet touched
the floor.

“How would I know?” She struggled against
his hold, glaring up at him. “I trusted you until I found you

“Nothing happened!” He pushed her back and
pinned her against the wall with the weight of his body. His hands
framed her face. “I’m tired of aching,
. Look me in
the eyes and tell me you don’t want me anymore.” She’d never heard
the strange word, but his tone caressed it, made her certain it was
an endearment.

She stared into his smoldering gaze and felt
her insides melt. They might not be longtime lovers as they were
pretending, but attraction had sparked between them from the very
start. His confidence appealed to her. His sense of humor kept her
from going insane. Pretending she wanted nothing to do with him had
been harder than surrendering to desire. Licking her lips, she
lowered her gaze to his mouth. Finally, she’d feel the heat of
those sensual lips.

“You’re still an arrogant jerk,” she

He chuckled. “I can work with that.”

His mouth covered hers and he pulled her
away from the wall, pressing her tight against his body. With
frantic urgency they touched each other, too impatient to fully
undress. He slipped his hand beneath her uniform top and unfastened
her undergarment, freeing her breasts for his eager

She tugged his shirt up and found bare skin,
stroking his back and sides with ravenous hunger. She’d dreamed of
this, imagined their joining, yet he’d seemed reluctant to touch

I knew they’d watch us. I didn’t want to
put you through that
. Even in her mind his voice sounded
breathless and edgy.

I don’t care. I want this. I want you.

He drew her breath into his mouth and traced
her lower lip with his tongue. His hand cupped her breast, his
thumb teasing her nipple.
I don’t want to share this with them.
I want—

They can only intrude if we let them. Look
at me. Think only of me.

Sweeping her into his arms, he placed her in
the middle of the bunk and quickly undressed before joining her.
“I’ve missed you,” he whispered as he pulled her uniform top off
over her head then tossed her support garment aside. She sat,
exploring his broad chest as he knelt between her legs. His body
was masculine perfection, lean, toned and sharply defined. She
squeezed his thick upper arms and broad shoulders. Her pulse raced
as each touch brought them closer to fulfillment.

He touched her with reverent care, his hands
skimming her fevered skin. His patience tormented her, coiling
tension between her spread thighs. She trailed her fingers
downward, reaching for his thick shaft, anxious to feel his
hardness and his heat.

“Not yet.” Grasping her wrists, he guided
her hands to the bed behind her, arching her back provocatively. He
bent to her breasts, capturing one nipple between his teeth while
he firmly rolled the other.

Each touch, each nibble wound the coil
tighter. She squeezed her eyes shut, blinded by desire. Her legs
trembled and her core pulsed. She needed him there, needed him now!
“Please.” The word escaped with a ragged gasp. Weeks of
anticipation and the ever-present sense of danger sharpened her
emotions and fueled the flames.

“Lie back.” The husky command robbed her of
strength, made her hot and boneless. He tugged off her boots and
unfastened her pants. She raised her hips so he could finish
undressing her. “You made me wait. Don’t think this is going to be
easy.” She trembled at the tender threat, reminded of their
unwanted audience. “Open your eyes. Look at me. Think only of me.”
The possessive passion gleaming in his gaze took her breath away.
This was more than a mission. The emotions etched in his face were
stark, elemental,
. “Raise your arms above your head and
leave them there or I’ll bind you.”

She obeyed, her gaze locked on his
passion-flushed face. He touched her boldly, building her need to
the edge of orgasm only to pause and refuse her release. After
lavishing attention on her nipples, he wandered across her
quivering abdomen. He scooted down, forcing her legs wide to
accommodate his shoulders.

Her lids started to droop as the throbbing
became painful. “Look at me.” Their gazes collided and he pushed
two fingers into her core. She cried out, arching off the bed.


He flicked his tongue across her clit twice
then grinned. “You refused me for weeks. Why should I show

“I thought…I’m sorry. Please stop teasing

Dragging his fingers nearly out of her slick
passage, he narrowed his gaze and covered her clit with his thumb.
“I like teasing you. I like hearing you beg. Beg some more. Beg me
to taste you.”

A hard, needful spasm constricted her inner
muscles while tenderness softened her heart. “Please taste me. Fill
me with your tongue.” She’d never wanted anything more or needed
anyone so desperately. He parted her folds with his fingers and
traced her slit over and over. She bucked and swayed, trying to
bring his tongue into contact with her aching clit. He was
punishing her for her stubbornness, she understood that, but a
certain gleam in his eyes warned her that this was not all for
show. Evan intended to devour her, claim her, overwhelm her in ways
she had yet to imagine.

BOOK: Mystic Flame (Beyond Ontariese 4)
6.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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