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Spreading her thighs with his hands, he took her with his mouth, first sliding his tongue along her plump lips, and then tracing figure eights around her clit. Her legs shook as he drew the sensitive bud into his mouth again and again.

“You taste like pineapples today,” he moaned into her.

“Mmmm.” It was all she could manage. She was immersed in ecstasy and she anticipated release. Every sense in her body seemed heightened as her pending orgasm built up inside of her.

He used a finger to part her dewy lips, and stroked at her moist slit with that devilish tongue of his. She nearly careened over the edge, when he added a finger, slipping it inside slowly and then pumping in and out with the leisurely strokes. All the while, his tongue never failed to lash her clit at just the right pressure and angles.

Alexia’s climax lurched through her, taking her into a pleasure-filled trance. She felt the affects all the way down to her toes, and they curled in response.

When her passion was sated, he came over her licking his lips. “Now I can’t wait to dive deep into that wet, sweet pussy of yours.”

The condom wrapper crackled as he fumbled to open it. As he slid the latex down the length of his rock hard dick, their lips met in a hungry kiss. She brought her knees up higher and wrapped her legs around his back, inviting him in.

“I want you to fuck me…hard.”

His breath hitched in surprised, and his lips quivered against hers. “Be careful what you ask.”

She lifted her hips, and his dick sunk in a little more. “What’s wrong? Afraid?”

He chuckled softly. “The anticipation over the last few days was torture. I’m afraid of hurting you.”

“I’m a big girl. I can handle you.”

Without further warning, he slammed into her.

Alexia pressed her lips together, but the scream still escaped. Her body shook as another tremor from the last orgasms pulsed through.

He pulled out to the tip and thrust into her again. She held onto his back, sensing that he wouldn’t fail to live up to the expectation. They had both missed each other. She wanted him. Her body needed him. He picked up tempo and his thrusting became relentless.

“Oh…” Her breath came in pants.

“Is this what you wanted?”

She nodded.

Holding her waist, he pounded down into her. “You like to be fucked hard and long, huh?”

“Yes, keep doing what you’re doing,” she whispered.

“Another request? You know I will please you all night long.”

He wasn’t lying. Not only was he skilled, both inside and outside of the bedroom, his libido was enduring.

Shawn adjusted his angle, plunging into her so that her clit received attention. He looked into her eyes. She saw nothing but lust and elation deep within them. Her body shook as heat coursed through her veins and another climax tore through her. She cried out against his shoulders, as her core tightened in pleasure. When he trembled against her, the heat of his release fused with her own.

It took a while until their breathing and heartbeat returned to normal, but as he held her in his arms, tight against his chest, the warmth from their fiery union comforted her.

Chapter Seven

Alexia glanced over at the GPS on the console again.

“You’ve reached your destination,” it chimed, just as she pulled into the parking garage.

It was a surprise that she’d made it here. She absolutely hated traveling downtown. The streets were too narrow, too many people jaywalked, and the traffic was horrific. Planning to be here during lunch hours was a bad idea.

She glanced down at the bag next to her on the passenger seat, and smiled. Today was Shawn’s birthday. They were supposed to meet at his company, and then go out for drinks and dancing. He was definitely workaholic number one. Even she took the day off when her birthday came around every year.

Her heels clicked across the pavement as she walked toward the high rise building. Glancing at her reflection in the shiny glass in the interior of the elevator, she tugged at the blazer she’d put on over her sundress to meet Shawn at his office. It was a spaghetti strap dress and showed just a bit more cleavage than normal. According to her fashion savvy best friend, it was in style for the season. She hoped that she wasn’t overdressed for their night out on the town.

There was a second set of elevators once she made it past the security desk, and she took one up to the twentieth floor.

Long ago, her mother had warned her about the highs and lows of falling in love, but it was too late. Alexia didn’t know if this giddy feeling in the anticipation of seeing Shawn was love, but it was unusual. She’d never been in love. Didn’t know what it felt like. Was this it?

She swallowed just as the numbers on the display flashed as it neared the twentieth floor. No, it couldn’t be love. She cared about Shawn, and coveted his company. That was all.

When she entered through the doors of the investment firm, a woman behind the desk looked up from her computer.

“Good afternoon,” she chimed. “Are you here to see someone today?”

“Shawn Morgan.”

“Certainly,” she smiled. “Is he expecting you?”

Why would he not be? She wanted to ask her that, but she was in such a good mood, so she reigned her impatience in. “He is.”

The receptionist picked up the phone and dialed some numbers. After a bit of a wait, she said, “Well, he didn’t answer. What’s your name? Let’s check the database.”

“Alexia Reilly.”

She tapped away on her keyboard. “There you are. You’re already on his list of potential clientele.” She stood. “Right this way.”

Alexia followed the woman down a corridor. Suddenly, she didn’t feel out of place. The woman’s dress was so short and tight, and she wondered how she managed to do anything without revealing herself.

As they moved further down the hall, she thought she heard Shawn’s voice at the far end. It was mingled with the voice of another man and their laughter.

“Let’s make a bet,” the unidentified male said.

“Are you kidding me?” It was Shawn’s voice again. “I win the bets all the time. You like being broke, don’t you?”

“I’ll bet next month’s commission check. Sign three more clients by next week. You’ve run out of steam, man. I bet you can’t.”

Shawn laughed. “You’re looking at the guy who trained you.”

“Yeah, and…I’ve been bringing in clients left and right for the past couple months. But, you get to go on an all-expense paid trip and have six course elegant meals with our top partners in New York…?”

“You’ll be where I am in a couple years. Pay your dues. Patience, bro.”

The receptionist stopped in front of the door, and folded her arms. “Looks like someone else is in his office,” she said. “Let’s give them a few minutes.”

Alexia nodded.

“So, let’s bet now,” the other man lured Shawn again.

“Don’t do it, man.”

“You scared? You always have a list of contacts in your back pocket. Didn’t you just recently get referrals to that auto shop franchise?”

“What are you talking about?” Shawn asked.

“Rodney’s . O’ Reilly’s, I can’t remember the name, but I hear the family net worth is top tier,” the man said.

Alexia’s face grew hot.

“Where are you getting this info?”

“Come on, man. Rumors fly in this office. Plus the owner is a chick. Get between those legs, man, and you’ve already got one in the bag. Two more. That’s it. Let’s bet.”

Alexia clutched the bag handled and her fingers nearly dug into her palms. How could she have been so stupid? He was using her.

“You’re an asshole, Ryan,” Shawn said. “You shouldn’t stick your nose where it don’t belong. But, you want to bet…let’s bet.”

“One week, man.” The man’s voice drew closer, and the door opened.

“Hello, Mr. Scott,” the receptionist greeted him.


He gave them a slow grin, and whistled as he walked down the hall.

By that time, Alexia was pissed. She barged past Vivian before she could even introduce her.

“Alexia.” Shawn smiled widely when he saw her.

She dumped the gift bag on the desk in front of him. “What type of game are you playing with me?”

“What?” His smile went out like a light. “What are you talking about?”

“You stop at nothing to fatten you wallet.”

He came out from around the desk. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. What’s the matter?”

Shawn was a great actress too. He actually did look really innocent.

“You think screwing me will get me to sign the dotted line?” Her blood boiled within her.

His mouth dropped open, and he reached for her.

She back up. “Don’t touch me, Shawn. I heard what you said. Your bet…”

He shook his head, slowly. “No, that’s not what I meant.”

Alexia stepped back further, moving toward the door. She didn’t want him to see her like this. Didn’t want him to know that he’d hurt her. He wasn’t even worth one tear. She should have known what kind of man he was. He hadn’t changed one bit.

“Happy Birthday, Shawn. Enjoy your night.” She turned to leave.

He managed to touch her on the shoulder, but she shrugged him off. Her legs couldn’t move fast enough without running. She didn’t even look behind her to see if he followed.

“Ms. Reilly,” the woman called from the desk. “Gone so soon?”

Alexia said nothing, as she swallowed back her anguish.

Her mother had warned her…


Shawn watched as the elevator door slid closed with Alexia in it. He shut his eyes briefly, and his heart felt as though it dropped into his belly.

His brain worked overtime trying to rehash what it was he said that would make her lash out. He’d made a bet with Ryan, but how did that make her mad?

Ryan’s comment about how he had Alexia’s business in the bag was trifling, but there was no truth in that. Sure, he wanted her business. He had a genuine interest in helping her. He wasn’t out to use her to make money off her. What was so wrong in wanting to have a loving, steady relationship with her?

“Are you okay, Shawn?” One of his colleagues asked as he walked passed.

“Ah, yeah,” Shawn muttered. He turned around and headed back toward his office.

Damn it. He’d messed up big time. How would he ever convince her now that he was a changed man?

He picked up the gift bag that she had left on his desk, looking inside. Pulling his cell phone from his pants pocket, he walked over to sit in the chair near the conference table in his office. After dialing her number and waiting for several rings, his call was sent to voicemail.

Shawn breathed out a sigh of hopelessness. And just like that, she’d rejected him.

Chapter Eight

This was too much. How was she ever going to forget about Shawn if he kept calling her? Why couldn’t she easily forget the way she felt in his arms when he held her or how she felt like the most special woman in the world when he kissed her? How could she still think about him after discovering that she was nothing more than a potential raise to his paycheck?

Alexia’s gripped the edges of the work table, squeezed her eyelids tightly together, and took a few deep breaths in and out.

“Alex, are you okay?” Jimmy, the delivery truck driver, ask from behind.

“Yeah,” she said, pulling herself together and turned around.

“You don’t seem okay.”

Jimmy had been regularly delivered parts to the shop on a weekly basis for the past couple years, so there was no doubt that he could sense her bad mood.

“It’s been a rough week.” It wasn’t far from the truth.

He leaned against the hood of a pick-up truck. “You should be floating on air. What are you still doing working in the shop? I hear you just leased a nice spot where the corporate offices of your new company would be located.”

“The new technician starts next week. I wanted to make sure these guys had adequate coverage before I actually called it quits.”

The reality was, she was actually hesitant about moving into her new office, and moving onto something where the unknowns were extremely high. She was Alex, the mechanic, who just so happened to have had the determination to earn Ph. D. in Law. Yet, she nearly let a womanizer take her heart and run with it.


Alexia attempted to rid her mind of Shawn. “While we’re on the subject, I won’t be around the next time you deliver.”

“That’ll be a bummer.” Jimmy pushed off of the truck. “Is this an attempt to dodge my requests to take you out?”

Off and on for the past year, Jimmy had hinted many times that he found her attractive. “We’re friends, Jimmy. You know that.”

“You’ve been saying that for months.” He held his palms out as a gesture of his impatience.

“It’s the truth.”

It wasn’t that Jimmy wasn’t attractive. He was a good guy. Made his weekly rounds. Never even once failed to delivery on time. He did his job, plain and simple. They had casual conversation, but that was the extent to which their relationship ever got.

He deserved some nice woman who was not a busy career-oriented woman to go home to. Not only was he good-looking with sandy brown hair, blue eyes, and muscles that indicated he stayed in the gym, he also had a good head on his shoulder.

The fact of the matter was, Jimmy wasn’t her type, and she could never make him happy with her workaholic ways. He seemed to need to much attention.

“Alright. I’m not going to pressure you,” he said.

That’s what she liked about Jimmy. He never pursued her relentlessly.

“How about a hug?” he asked, holding out his arms.

She stepped into them, and returned his embrace. “Don’t quit on me either, just because I’m gone.”

“You’ve got my word.” Jimmy pulled back, and looked down at his watch. “Gotta go.” He picked up an empty box, and paused near the door. “I’ve been meaning to ask, when I can come work for your new company.”

“Oh, yeah.” She’d mentioned to him that he could have a position a while back. “We’re in the process of creating a logistics position. I’ll send David your information and have him contact you.”

“I look forward to it.” Jimmy smiled. “See ya, Alex.”

She waved goodbye.

BOOK: Mz Mechanic
11.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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