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She took him in his mouth, relishing in the spicy taste of his pre-cum. The heat of his arousal turned her on even more, and the walls of her pussy clenched in painful need.

He was big, and her mouth took time to adjust to his size. She took all of him until his dick hit the back of her throat.

“Fuck yeah.” His groans encouraged her to continue, and grabbed a handful of her hair.

Alexia used her hands to hold tightly onto the base of his rod, while her mouth moved up and down his shaft. She sucked at the head, slicing her tongue through the slit to taste him. His balls tightened against her as she pumped him with her hands.

She glanced up at the man who’d encouraged her to succumb to her deepest desires. With his eyebrows drawn tightly together in concentration, his facial expression was one of intensity.

Shawn looked down into her gaze. “You are so beautiful.” He led her mouth away. “I want you in my arms when I come inside you.”

She shuddered in anticipation. As he came down over her, she wrapped her arms around him. He plunged slowly inside of her all the way to hilt, pausing to take her mouth in a kiss again. Her muscles clenched around him, as if begging him to move within her.

Shawn pumped into her with calculated precision. He rested his forehead against hers and said her name. As promised, he moved with slow, sure strokes. He plunged down into her, hitting her clit at just the right angle every time. Before long, she was on the edge of another orgasm.

Her fingernails dug into his back as she cried out. Spirals of ecstasy washed through her. The pleasure peaked even higher as he continued thrusting. As she came down from her orgasm, his strokes decreased their tempo.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Trying not to come too soon. I want to stay in this pussy forever.”

She grabbed his hips, pulling deep within her. “Fuck me harder. I want to come again…with you.”

He smiled, and then slid from her. “Turn over.”

She looked at him puzzled, but still dazed from her powerful release.

“You want to be fucked hard? Turn over.”

Alexia turned over slowly, and reached for the waist of her panties in the process.

“Leave those on.” He put his hand over hers, stopping her from removing them.

She did as he said, getting on her hands and knees on the bed with her ass poised in front of him. He grabbed her fleshy globes in his hands, admiring them from behind.

He moved her thong to the side, slicing her open with gentle fingers.

She bit her bottom lip when he spread her pussy lips and stroked at her clit. “Please.”

He replaced his fingers with the head of his dick, sliding the bulbous tip against her moist lips. Without warning, he slapped her ass and she cried out against the bed sheets. The bud of her desire tingled as the skin where his hand had made contact stung.

“Again,” she panted.

Shawn slapped her again, making her hiss.

He kneaded the spot where he spanked, soothing it. “You have such a pretty ass.”

“Damn it, Shawn.” She wanted him inside of her and the wait was becoming unbearable.

He took each one of her hands and placed them above the headboard. As if trying to torture her even further, he pressed small kisses down her back and then up against her spine.

Taking her by the waist, he slammed into her. She cried aloud, with nothing this time to muffle her screams. He pumped into her hard, rocking the bed frames. His fingers wrapped around the waist band of her panties. In the heat of the moment, he tore the flimsy piece of fabric off of her. He beat into her from behind, his balls slapping against her already swollen clit. Her nails gripped at the headboard, and she threw her head back and arched her spine, causing him to go deeper.

He moaned her name and tightened his grip on her waist. His thrusts grew determined. The sounds of their bodies meeting, their unified pants, and the knowledge that he was nearing his climax threw her over the edge once more.

Alexia felt the release throughout her entire body. It over powered her, and shook through every cell in her core.

Shawn plunged deeper, increasing tempo. Just as her orgasm heightened, his began. Warm fluid shot up inside her as he moaned in gratification. Her legs became jelly, and her knees could no longer hold her up. She closed her eyes and rode the waves of pleasure until they subsided.

He spooned her as they collapsed on the bed, but they did not separate. “Don’t ever break up with me again.”

“Break up?” To imply they never break up would mean they were in a relationship.

“Being with you means so much to me. I would hardly call what we share a fling.”

She pulled his arms tighter around her. “I was wrong, Shawn. I do need you in my life.”

He breathed a sigh of relief against her neck. “And I need you, Alexia. More than you know.”

“One question.”


“How in the hell did you find my calculator after all this time?”

He laughed a heartily. “The day after the reunion I went to pick up the keys to my mom’s storage unit. I swear she keeps everything. Turned out to be a good thing too.”

“It brought back good memories,” she whispered, and pushed back against him tightening their spoon.

“I thought it would,” he said. “It took several trips before I found it in a trunk with my old football jerseys.”

“Mmmm, you know you were really cute back then…in those football uniforms.”

His chest felt good against her back.

“And now?”

“You’re alright.” She giggled, jokingly. “You’re a knock-out, Shawn, and I think you know that.”

“And you were beautiful the day I met you in the library and you are beautiful now. I only regret not reconnecting with you sooner.”

She smiled, contently.

His rod jolted inside of her, and it seemed like he was filling her up again.

“Umm…Shawn…are you…?”

“Yeah, what did you think? You keep throwing that ass back.”

She grinned. “With sex that good, how can I resist?”

The End.

BOOK: Mz Mechanic
4.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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