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Never to Love

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(Accepting Fate, Book 3)

Aimie Grey


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Chapter One
 – Thomas

Chapter Two
 – Juli

Chapter Three
 – Thomas

Chapter Four
 – Juli

Chapter Five
 – Thomas

Chapter Six
 – Thomas

Chapter Seven
 – Juli

Chapter Eight
 – Juli

Chapter Nine
 – Thomas

Chapter Ten
 – Juli

Chapter Eleven
 – Juli

Chapter Twelve
 – Thomas

Chapter Thirteen
 – Thomas

Chapter Fourteen
 – Juli

Chapter Fifteen
 – Thomas

Chapter Sixteen
 – Juli

Chapter Seventeen
 – Thomas

Chapter Eighteen
 – Juli

Chapter Nineteen
 – Juli

Chapter Twenty
 – Thomas

Chapter Twenty-One
 – Juli

Chapter Twenty-Two
 – Juli

Chapter Twenty-Three
 – Juli

Chapter Twenty-Four
 – Thomas

Chapter Twenty-Five
 – Juli

Chapter Twenty-Six
 – Thomas

Chapter Twenty-Seven
 – Juli

Chapter Twenty-Eight
 – Thomas

Chapter Twenty-Nine
 – Juli

Chapter Thirty
 – Thomas

Chapter Thirty-One
 – Juli

Chapter Thirty-Two
 – Thomas

Chapter Thirty-Three
 – Juli

 – Thomas

About Never to Keep

About Never to Hope

Letter from Aimie


About the Author

Bad boy meets bad girl…

Thomas Ramsay
has three rules:

One night

No expectations

No bullshit

Julianne Griffith
has three rules:

One night

No feelings

No beds

When a man who doesn’t believe in love collides with a woman who has no use for it, the resulting explosion is much more than they are prepared to handle.

Meeting your match doesn’t always lead to the kind of happy ending you expected, especially for those who have vowed
never to love



“Wanna fuck?”

The barstool on which I half-sat, half-leaned nearly slid out from under me when a sultry, unfamiliar voice ambushed me from behind, whispering my trademark pick-up line next to my ear. After regaining my balance, I turned slightly to the left and was met at eye level by a pair of plump, luscious lips painted candy apple red. My dick came alive at breakneck speed, which had me praying he wouldn’t hurt himself.

“Always,” I casually replied in an attempt to regain some semblance of dignity.

The glossy lips curved into a seductive smile, and I had to practically tear my eyes away from them to take in the rest of the package. The stunning green eyes, wavy red hair, and perfect tits did not disappoint my dick in the slightest.

“I have three rules,” she said as if negotiating a business transaction. “One night,” she began, raising a finger on her right hand, “no feelings, and no beds.” If I hadn’t been studying her so closely, I might have missed the slight shiver of what appeared to be derision that ran through her body as the word “feelings” passed over the lips I actively imagined wrapped around my cock. She was definitely my kind of woman.

“I’m surprised you don’t have a rule against exchanging names.”

“Oh, I want you to know my name,” she said with a sexy little smirk. “I’m looking forward to hearing you scream it until your voice gives out.”

“I think I’m in love,” I teased, letting her know I was completely onboard and also testing her reaction to the “L” word. I’ve met women who would say just about anything to bed an Adonis such as myself, so I knew her perfection couldn’t be taken at face value. Painfully hard or not, the tiniest spark of triumph in her eyes would send me running.

“On second thought, never mind.” Before I could offer an explanation, she darted across the room, earning herself a perfect score on my exam. The slight I-just-ate-a-worm face preceding the fifty-yard dash maxed out her extra credit.

Not wanting to spook her, I stood back for a little while, watching as she surveyed the crowd from where she’d taken up residence at the other end of the bar. Slowly, I moved closer, creeping up on her like she’d done to me. When I was close enough to catch the end of her one-sided conversation, I stopped.

“Old. Gay. Virgin,” she muttered as her eyes flicked from man to man. Following her line of sight, I realized the last two adjectives were directed toward my brothers. She seemed confident of her appraisal but was wrong on both counts.

My youngest brother, Finn, was getting married in a few days to a God-awful shrew. As much as I wished he’d been born with an affinity for dick so he would’ve stayed the fuck away from the Antichrist to begin with, he was as straight as the crease in his perfectly pressed trousers. As for our middle brother, having personally mentored Sawyer, there was no way he hadn’t dipped his dick in half of the Beverly Hills talent pool by the time he was old enough to drink.

Her incorrect appraisal of the brothers Ramsay didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The three of us would only be in Vegas a few days for Finn’s bachelor party—otherwise known as the final salvo of Operation Get Finn to Dump the Nastiest Bitch on the Planet—so I let it go.

Maybe I should correct her—about one of them anyway. I bet she could get Finn to see the light. Who could turn down a woman with tits so perky they had to be fresh off the assembly line?

Never one to discriminate, I appreciated the beauty of each and every breast, regardless of origin. As a world-class connoisseur, I could differentiate between a natural formation and a silicone valley from fifty yards away. It was a God-given talent, and being the son of a plastic surgeon helped refine my craft. Screw Christmas; growing up, “Take Your Child to Work Day” was my favorite day of the year.

In my professional opinion, these were top-shelf tits, and even loyal-as-a-mastiff Finn wouldn’t be able to turn them down. However, when the object of my musing sighed in defeat, my dick decided he wasn’t in the mood to be altruistic. Finders keepers, losers can suck it.

“Looks like you’re stuck with me.”

“Jesus,” she said, spinning on her heel. The hand now resting over her heart drew my focus to the dream team barely concealed by the bodice of her dress.

Leaning down closer, I pulled her body against mine and nipped at her ear. “Turnabout is fair play.”

“You blew your chance by breaking the most important rule before I even got your name.” Her jaw clenched in frustration. She’d obviously been looking forward to taking me for a ride and was pissed her rules were getting in the way. I couldn’t blame her. If I were a chick, I’d totally want to do me too.

“It was a figure of speech. Trust me. My rules are very similar to yours.”

“Oh, yeah? What are they?” she challenged as she pulled away from me.

“One and done, no emotional bullshit, and don’t expect me to call you tomorrow—or any other day, for that matter.” Holding her eyes with my own, I dropped my voice to a tone that had made countless pairs of panties hit the floor over the years. “By one and done, I mean one night, not one orgasm. I’ll make you come more times than you can count.”

“I’d like to see you try. I may be stupidly hot, but I’m not actually stupid. I can count pretty damn high.”

Fuck. Was she immune to the voice?

“Sooner we get started, the sooner I’ll find out just how smart you are.” Even though we were in a building with well over a thousand mattresses, logistics would be slightly inconvenient. “What’s the deal with your aversion to beds?”

“Beds are boring,” she said with a note of amusement in her tone. “You pick the first place, and if it meets my standards, I’ll give you an opportunity to put your dick where your mouth is. Or more accurately, where your mouth is going to be.”

She hadn’t stood a chance against resisting me, but my eager dick was relieved as fuck she gave in without much of a fight. “Do you know anyone here?” I asked, gesturing around the room. Owning a hotel back in LA meant I could easily find dozens of secluded places for a quick fuck. However, with that particular prize on the line, there was absolutely no way I’d settle for easy.

BOOK: Never to Love
3.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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