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The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the author.


**Not intended for readers under the age of 18 due to strong sexual content**

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Outside the Box



“Ouch!  Shit…Coming!!” I yelled to the person that was ringing the doorbell non-stop.  I shut the curling iron off and ran down the short hall to the door. 
Dingdong Dingdong
“I said I’m coming…” I yanked the door open, there stood two of our local police officers. 

“Alexia” Officer Smith said.

“We need to talk to you.” Officer Hanson said.

“Ohhhkay?” I stepped out of the way so they could walk in.  Officer Smith motioned for me to sit down in the living room.  “What’s the problem?  I paid my speeding ticket last week.”

Officer Hanson sat down on the ottoman, “Alexia…” His eyes filled with tears.

“What?” I
asked trying not to yell.  My heart was beating fast and my palms were sweating.

“Just give me a second.  This is a part of the job I don’t like.” He rung his hands together and looked at the floor then back up at me.  “Your parents were in a car accident about an hour ago.  They hit some black ice on the highway.”

“Oh my god, I need to get to the hospital…”

Officer Smith cut me off, “Alexia, they passed away.”

All the air in my lungs left me deflated, “Wha…What?” I said as I felt a panic start to rush through my body.

“I’m sorry, they hit the black ice and…there was a semi coming.”

I sat there staring at Officer Smith, his lips continued to move but I couldn’t hear anything he was saying.  The only thing I could hear was my heart beat and blood thumping through my ears. I shook my head, “No…It can’t be them.”

“I’m so sorry.” Officer Hanson
told me, while trying to keep his composure.  Since he was one of my dad’s poker buddies…he was having a hard time not breaking down.

“NO!  It’s not them, it can’t be.  They…They are my only…family.” I started to sob.

“Is there somebody you can, call, somebody to come be with you, to take you to the hospital?”  Officer Smith asked and placed his arm around me as I sobbed harder. 

I had nobody, absolutely nobody.  Dan and June were my only family, they adopted me when I was a newborn because my biological mother was addicted to cocaine and passed away while
she was giving birth to me.  My best friend Destiney had moved to New York after we graduated about six months ago.  I thought about my high school teachers, counselors, neighbors, and what friends I could possibly call.  “Can…you…go next door…Mrs. Shaw..” I sobbed out to the officers.

Officer Hanson nodded his head, then stood up and walked out the door.  I continued to cry on Officer Smith’s shoulder unable to talk. 

“Oh Lexi baby, oh sweet heart!” Mrs. Shaw said as she walked through the front door and over to the couch.  She pulled me tightly against her and rocked me as she smoothed my hair down.  “Where’s your phone honey, I’ll call Destiney.” She spoke softly.

“My room.” I said and continued to cry even harder. 
I heard her say something to the officers while she hugged me tighter.  “You’ll be okay, it’s going to be okay.” She spoke softly and started humming. 

Officer Smith sat back down in front of me, “Lexi,
Destiney will be here as soon as she can.  She is headed to the airport right now.”

I nodded my head, I could feel a migraine headache coming on already so I asked for him to get me some Excedrin out of the kitchen.  A few minutes later he returned with the two small pills and a glass of water.  “Lexi, I’m not supposed to do it like this, but…” He placed a
family picture of my mom and dad in front of me. “Are these your parents?” He asked through his gruff voice.  I nodded my head unable to speak.  “Okay, you won’t need to go to the hospital.  I don’t think you should have to, we both know them.”

I nodded my head and started sobbing harder.  “I…I can’t…” I choked out.

I could faintly hear Mrs. Shaw speaking to the officers, “Lexi I’ll have Harold go down there.”

I nodded my head and closed my eyes, eventually falling asleep.

The following morning I woke up, my head was pounding and my eyes felt like somebody had poured sand in them.  The smell of bacon and eggs made me quickly turn around from where I was sitting on the couch and look into the kitchen.  Part of me was hoping it was all a bad dream, that mom would be in there cooking and singing while dad read the newspaper.  Mrs. Shaw turned around, “I know you’re probably not hungry Lexi but I had to do something.  Come sit.” She smiled and pulled a chair out. 

My muscles ached when I stood up, I went down the hallway to the bathroom.  I brushed my teeth and sp
lashed cold water on my face.  When I looked in the mirror I barely recognized my own self staring back at me.  “This can’t really be happening.” I whispered as tears formed in my eyes.

Destiney said her flight is boarding, she’ll be here in a few hours.”  Mrs. Shaw said from the other side of the door. 

I opened the door, “Okay.” I said trying to hold back tears.

“Oh sweetie…you’re a strong woman.  I’m so so so sorry.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Shaw I didn’t know who else to call…”

“Alexia, you better call me Carol, I’ve told you that for years.” She smiled and hugged me.

I nodded my head and wiped tears away, she turned us and walked with me to the kitchen.

“I can’t believe this.” I said when I sat down at the table.

“Me either dear, me either.  The roads had been getting slick that black ice is so hard to avoid.” She said and sat down across from me and slid a plate of food towards me.

I picked at the bacon and pushed my scrambled eggs around on my plate.  “I know that they both had told me that they wanted to be cremated if anything every happened.  In their room is a copy of their Will.” I said and wiped tears off of my cheeks.

“Harold and I will help you any way we can Lexi.” She said and wiped tears off of her cheeks.  There was a light knock on the door then Harold walked in and right over to me. 

“I’m so sorry kiddo, I…I just can’t believe this.” He said and hugged me while I was still sitting in the chair.  When he let go of me he sat down and put some breakfast on his plate.  “After breakfast I’ll do whatever you need me to kiddo.”


Two Weeks Later


“Lexi, you can’t stay here, you’re going to end up depressed, worse than you already are.  I really think you just need to come back to New York with me.” Destiney said as she pulled food out of the take out bags.

“I can’t, I don’t want to sell the house.  I’m trying to get my cosmetology license…”

“ALEXIA!  You can do that there too, but, I think you really need to become an Accountant.  You’re great with numbers remember.” She said and smiled.

“I can’t leave…I just can’t.”

She slapped her hands down on the counter, “ALEXIA DAWN DAVENPORT…YOU.ARE.GOING!  I AM NOT going to go back to New York without you and I’m sure as HELL not going to leave you here to grow old and become the god damn cat lady.” She yelled at me.

“Get out!” I said just barely loud enough for her to hear.

“Excuse me?” she said with a snarky laugh.  “I’m not LEAVING!”

I yelled.

She yelled back.

Carol walked in the door, “What are you two girls yelling about?  I could hear you as soon as I started up the sidewalk.” She said with her hands on her hips.

won’t leave,
wants to stay here and become the cat lady!” Destiney said while glaring at me.

I started crying, “I can’t…I just can’t.”

“Destiney apologize now!” Carol said and walked over to me.  “Lexi, I think she’s right.  I know you wanted to get your cosmetology license, you can do that anywhere.  The house will be fine, you need to spread your wings baby girl, that’s what Dan and June would want you to do.” She told me.

I wiped my eyes, “I don’t have money for an apartment, school, nothing…”

“You’ll live with me until you get your feet under you.”  Destiney said and walked around the kitchen island and turned me to face her.  “You will regret staying here, I can promise you that.  I’m going to help you pack things you need, I’ll have a packing company come do the rest.”

“I won’t be able to pay for that.”

“I said I would, if you want to pay me back some day you can.  Please just say you’ll go with me?”

I looked from her to Carol, “Okay, but if I don’t like it there, I’m coming back and becoming the cat lady.  I’ve already got Frank over there.” I pointed at the yellow tiger striped cat that was swishing
her tail back and forth as she stared at us.

“You never changed her name?”
Destiney asked with shock.

“Nope!” I popped the P.
“Dad was the one that named her he refused to let us change the name for some reason.”

“Poor girl, I’m still going to call her Frankie.   It at least sounds more GIRLY!” she said and laughed.

We all three sat down, Carol told us about the gossip at the grocery store.  How the mayor’s wife had an affair and got pregnant by the other guy.  Harold walked in and sat down across from us beside Carol. 

“Lexi is going to move to New York with
Destiney.” She smiled at me when she told him.

“That’s great kiddo!  You’ll love it there,
we go there twice a year, we’ll come visit!” He told me and smiled.

“I’d like that.” I told them.  I was really going to miss them, the other neighbors were always too busy to get to know us.  Carol and Harold were always coming over to visit and barbeque with us.  “You’ll probably move there and meet some big time CEO and fall head over hills in love.” He told me.

I snorted, “I doubt that.”

“She will, but first she has to go to the college and get student loan applications.  She’ll love college and can even do cosmetology on the side.”
Destiney told us all.

Three hours later we had two large suit cases, a small carry-on bag, and my cat Frank in her pet carrier.  I cried when I hugged Carol and Harold, “We’ll see you in a few months, you can call anytime day or night if you need to talk or if you just get bored.”  Carol told me as she hugged me tight.  I nodded my head and pulled away to give Harold a hug. 

“Trust me kiddo you’ll love it there.” He said and patted my back as we hugged. 

I looked around the house one last time then followed
Destiney out the door to her rental car.  We put my suit cases and carry-on bag in the trunk and Frank in the back seat.

“Maybe once Frankie is around me more she’ll learn to like me.” She said as she looked at her in the back seat.  Frank hissed and growled at her. “Or not.”
Destiney said and turned back around in her seat.

“I’m sure she’ll warm up to you eventually.” I said with a laugh.  Frank was at least six years old,
we had adopted her from the local animal shelter when she was a kitten.   She never did like Destiney and the feeling had become mutual.

The drive to the airport was going to take about an hour,
Destiney drummed her fingers against the steering wheel as I checked my messages on my phone. 

“So has asshole Carter called or stopped by?”

I looked over at her, “No, he left for Wyoming to work on his uncle’s ranch.”

“You two are done then?” she asked with a smile.

“Yeah, we…I refused to have sex with him and he tried accusing me of having sex with somebody else.  I just didn’t feel like he was the one. You know?  I know I’m like the last nineteen year old virgin but…” (I shrugged a shoulder) “The right guy will come along, right?”

“You don’t know do you?”
she asked.

  Know what?” I questioned.

He was screwing Jamey Swanson on the side.”

“EW…wait how did you find out?  How long have you known?”

“I found out a few days before…uhmm the wreck.  I had been so busy at the law firm I didn’t have time to call you.”

I shook my head, “I should have known, Jamey would glare at me every time I went to the mall to get beauty supplies.”

She slapped her hand on the steering wheel, “Well, you’ve got a new start!  There is so much to do in New York, and
wait until you see all the hot guys!” she said and smiled.

We arrived at the airport
, she dropped me off in front and we unloaded all of our luggage.  Frank hissed and growled loudly at her when she grabbed the pet carrier to put beside the luggage.   “Love you too FRANKIE!” she said and hurried around to get back in the car.  “I’ll be back in a few minutes wait here!” she told me then pulled away to go return the rental car.

When she finally made it back to where I was waiting she was out of breath, “I can’t wait to have you around, we can start running in the mornings and going to the gym together again.” She grabbed the luggage cart and pointed at Franks carrier, “I’ll let you take care of him I mean her.” We both laughe
d when Frank glared at her.

we had went through security, I declined having Frankie fly as a carry on, they carted her off with our luggage.  We didn’t have to wait long, maybe about an hour, before they called for our flight to board. Destiney looped our arms together as we walked through the terminal to board the plane.  We found our seats and put our carry-on bags away then sat down as the other passengers did the same. 

“You’ll love it there, I have
a two bedroom, two bath apartment.  It’s really close to Columbia University, Riverside Park, and Central Park.  Frankie will love the view from the windows, she’ll be able to see for miles.” Destiney told me and smiled.  “Lexi, I know you are worried about paying me but don’t worry okay.  Dad is an alumni so the apartment costs him barely anything.”

I squeezed her hand, “I’m just afraid I won’t be able to get into college, find a job, or even fit in.” I told her.

She laughed, “Honey, you just relax and accept the changes that are coming your way.”

I nodded my head and looked out the window as the airplane started to taxi down the runway.  “I hope this works out.” I whispered to myself. 
Destiney squeezed my hand and smiled at me, I smiled back and leaned my head against her shoulder. 

The four and a half our flight went by fast, I managed to nap for about an hour.  Once we hit turbulence I was gripping
Destiney’s hand and the arm rest.  She laughed, “It’s okay woman, we aren’t crashing…I don’t think anyways.”

“Go to hell!” I whisper yelled at he
r.  Causing her to laugh again, and the old lady across from us to glare at us.  I elbowed Destiney and smiled at the lady. 

We talked about different places I could apply
for a job, Destiney wanted me to go to the college the following day to apply for student aid to get into the accounting program.  The stewardess came over the intercom to let us know that we would be landing within thirty minutes.  The landings were my second least favorite thing about flying, turbulence being the first.

Once we had our luggage and Frank, I followed
Destiney to the loading and unloading area.  She pulled her cell phone out made a phone call within a few minutes there was a sleek black SUV with tinted windows pulled up in front of us.  “This is us.” She said and smiled.  A large black man quickly walked around the front of the SUV and greeted us.  Destiney introduced us to each other, he was Bryce one of her dads security guards.  He picked our luggage up and put it in the back of the SUV, when he went to grab Frank’s cage, he yanked his hand back when she hissed and screeched at him.  I shook my head and laughed, “Sorry.”

“That’s only the rudest animal you’ll ever encounter Bryce.”
Destiney told him.

“Vicious kitty, I’ll get on his good side.”

“Her.” We both told him.

“A cat named Frank?” he asked with a confused look.

“Don’t even ask.” Destiney told him and laughed.

We pulled out of the airport, Bryce informed us that with traffic the drive would take about forty five minutes.  

“Okay so first thing tomorrow I’ll go with you to Columbia to fill out student aid paper work, then I’ll show you around the neighborhood.  You are going to LOVE it.” Destiney told me.

“I don’t want you missing more work, I’m sure I’ll be fine going by myself.”

She waved her hand, “Dad is so excited that you’re going to be living here, he told me I could take a few days off.”  When she laid her arm on the pet carrier she quickly yanked it back when Frank hissed at her.  Bryce started laughing, “It’s not funny!  This cat hates me!” she told him causing him to laugh even harder. 

I looked out the window at large sky scrapers, old brick buildings, and
small shops as we made our way through down town.  When we arrived at our destination Destiney clapped her hands and smiled, “Let’s get you to your new home!” We both climbed out of the vehicle, I looked up at the sleek metal and glass high rise building. “Seriously? This is where you live?” I asked Destiney. 

She laughed, “Yep, you are going to LOVE it!” She told me then started grabbing our luggage out of the trunk.  A
bellman that looked to be in his early fifty’s walked out, “Good afternoon beautiful ladies, glad to see you arrived safely.” He tipped his hat at us and nudged Destiney, “Stop it D let me do this, it’s what I get paid to do!”

laughed, “OKAY JEEZ!  Rich this is Alexia, a.k.a Lexi.” She waved her hand dismissively and smiled. 

d to meet you, what do YOU like to be called?  I call Miss Lancaster, D, per HER request.” He told me as he started pushing our luggage rack into the lobby of the building.

“Lexi…you can call me Lexi.” I said and smiled.  Once we were in the lobby my mouth fell open.  “WHOA!” I turned a circle and looked at the lobby.  It was all very modern, the front wall was all glass, the walls were all a very creamy off white, dark hardwood floors stretched the length of the room, long white
cylinder lights hung down at different levels creating a beautiful modern chandelier.  A lady sitting at the desk smiled and greeted us. 

“Good after

Destiney interrupted her and smiled. 

The lady nodded, “Lexi, I’m Ginger.  You be sure D doesn’t skip out on giving you the tour of this wonderful

“Oh I can’t wait!” I waved at her then hurried to catch up with
Destiney and Rich.  We stood in front of the elevator for a few minutes, “What floor do we live on?” I asked.


My eyes got big, “How many floors are there?”

grinned and shrugged a shoulder, “Twenty.”

Once we were all in the elevator Rich looked down at my pet carrier, “I take it this little one is Frank?” He asked and knelt down to look inside the crate.  Frank meowed and rubbed
her head against the cage door.  Rich stuck his finger through the holes of the metal door and scratched behind Frank’s ears.  Frank started to purr so loud we could hear her over the soft elevator music. 

“What the hell Frank!”
Destiney said with a shocked look on her face.

BOOK: Outside the Box
9.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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