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“I like you touching me,” she confessed.

Her words were rewarded with a groan and he twirled her quickly. Her shoulders hit the tiled wall with Alex immediately closing in on her. Their mouths connected desperately.

While Angel fed on the taste of Alex he wrapped his hands around her waist, lifting her up. Her legs being up around her waist left her open for him.

“Please,” she pleaded.

His fingers entered her wet pussy.

“Yes!” Moving her hips forward, she encouraged him.

“I’m going to bury myself in you. Claim you,” Alex told her as he added a second finger.

Words wouldn’t come so she agreed with pants and cries. “Alex, now!”

“Yes now.”

His cock replaced his fingers. She gripped his arms as Alex pinned her to the wall, his cock impaling her. He filled her completely, not giving her a chance to catch her breath before withdrawing then plunging back inside.

Angel could feel each thrust through her whole body. Her chest expanded in need of air. Her breasts were full and flushed. Her blood pumped rapidly as Alex pounded her with pleasure.

She wasn’t going to last. But at least she could take Alex over the edge with her.

He held her hips firmly while he pistoned in and out of her. Angel leaned forward and, at the same time as he pressed inside, she clamped her mouth down on his shoulder.

Angel didn’t break skin but instead sucked to pull up a mark.

“Yes!” Alex cried out when he started to come.

His seed spilling inside her was enough for her to reach her own climax. Angel had never been happier to be mated with a shifter right then. To feel his release inside her was something that she wouldn’t be able to describe if asked. Since shifters didn’t transmit diseases to other species and mates very rarely ever used contraception, Angel felt claimed both inside and out.

“We might just have to stay in here all night.” Alex sounded exhausted.

Laughing, Angel pushed at Alex’s chest. He slowly withdrew from her before gently helping her to stand on her feet. Grabbing a washcloth from the shelf, she lathered it with soap before running the fabric quickly over Alex.

Doing the same to herself, she decided they were clean enough. She peered up at Alex before twisting off the water. He remained leaning, one shoulder against the wall, looking at her with amusement.

“Come on,” she urged, spotting two fluffy towels hanging on a bar close by. She wrapped the first around her body before grabbing the second to start wiping down Alex.

“You don’t have to,” he told her but made no move to interrupt as she crouched to run the material down his legs.

“You took care of me so now it’s my turn,” she replied with a smile.

As she rubbed him down she couldn’t help but notice his cock start to harden. Placing a soft kiss on the tip, she glanced up at him. He was biting his lower lip while looking at her through half-closed eyes.

Closing her lips around the head of his erection, she sucked.

“Jeez,” he shouted.

Sitting back on her heels, she grinned. “Race you to bed?”

He yanked her forward with his fingers holding her chin, for a wet and messy kiss. “Now,” he said when they parted.

As fast as Angel could, she wiped away the water still on her skin. Tossing the towel on the counter, she rushed to catch up with her mate.


* * * *


Heat covered her back, waking Angel up in the early morning darkness. She tried to roll over but the weight against her held her still. Smiling, she realized that Alex had effectively pinned her in his sleep.

The amount of warmth that was radiating off him was enough for her to not need blankets. If they were going to sleep together often she’d have to make sure to lower the thermostat before climbing into bed.

Taking a breath, she took in the scent of her mate.

She cuddled into his hold still smelling the soap they’d used earlier.

It was too early for her to be awake but she didn’t mind. Getting to lie in Alex’s arms while he slept had its own rewards. She could hear the noise of the ranch from the open window above her head.

It was a comforting sound that Angel could see herself getting used to.

Marcus Webb had retired from the organization and moved to Canyon, close to Alex’s home. Since she hadn’t finished her commitment there was no way that she’d be able to do the same. However, even though she currently resided with the other Guardians, she wasn’t required to do so. If she could find a way to work out moving close by she’d continue to see Alex when she wasn’t traveling for the organization. She’d call her brother after breakfast and see if he minded having a house guest until she made a decision. Lubbock wasn’t too far away and she’d probably be able to see Alex several times a week unless on a mission.

As she started to make plans in her mind she became aware of the horses starting to make sounds.

In the few days she’d been at the ranch they’d never been so loud.

Picking up her head, she concentrated on just what was different. The noise was growing in volume and dread hit her hard. The Pack was still a target. Remy and Kieran were searching for the three missing rogue Guardians, but there was a better chance that the rogues had followed Emilio rather than staying in Lubbock.

Trying to keep from waking Alex, she wiggled out of his hold. Up on her knees, she peered out of the window. The angle was all wrong for her to get a good view.

Another loud bang from the stables and Angel knew trouble had reached the ranch.

“Alex.” She shook her mate. While she could take one or two of the trained agents, trying to capture them all was too big a feat.

“Come here, baby,” Alex murmured reaching for her.

“Alex. Wake up!”

He lifted his head while squinting at her. “What’s wrong? It’s still dark out.”

“There something in with the horses. We need to get out there and see what it is,” she told him.

Alex stilled completely, and she could see him straining to hear what she had. Again a noise echoed around the empty land.

“Shit!” He jumped up, stumbling off the bed.

She hit the floor on her two feet while grabbing up her bag that Alex had moved into his suite earlier the day before. After pulling out panties, a bra, socks, jeans and a long-sleeve shirt she then dressed quickly. Her boots were by the door so she rushed to grab them and slip them on.

By the time she was done Alex already had a hand on the knob. “Are you sure you want to come?” he asked quietly. “I can go get Max.”

After shaking her hand she waved toward the door. “No, let’s go. It might be nothing.”

“You don’t believe that.”

“No, I don’t,” she admitted. “But I’m in this. These are my people who are threatening you. We can grab Max if you want but I’m going down there with you.”

“I’ll call him and ask him to meet us there,” Alex conceded.

The large house was dark and silent as they made their way through the halls and down the stairs. Kayla and Chase were staying with Kayla’s dad deeper in the canyon at Marcus’ house. Chase, Justin and Randy had gone back to Lubbock with Kieran and Remy.

Luckily Max and Cassie’s house was only a few steps from Alex’s. Alex was speaking softly in the phone but hung up as they reached the back door located in the kitchen.

“Max is going to come in the back while we take the front,” Alex whispered to her.

“They’ll be expecting us,” she relayed. “Remember, they move fast. Your eyes won’t be able to follow so use your other senses.”

Alex sent her a confused look.

“I helped train Remy so I have a good idea how you’ll be able to fight any Day Walker,” she told him.

He nodded before squeezing her hand. “Let’s go.”

As they stepped out in the darkness the sounds in the stable had quieted down. Angel knew how to walk without a sound and was pleased that Alex also moved silently.

The stables weren’t far from the house but it still took several minutes for them to see clearly. The doors were closed.

“If they can’t see out they won’t see us coming,” Alex murmured.

“They’ll sense us,” she reminded him.

“Well if they’re waiting, then let’s not keep them,” Alex said with humor.

Angel couldn’t see his face but she just knew he was grinning. She’d always thought that the shifters were a little nuts and he was just proving her point. The animal in them actually enjoyed the fight.

They’d reached the door and while Angel took the left side Alex stood on the right. He held up three fingers. Nodding, she braced herself. Slowly he counted down until he held up a fist and yanked the door open with his other hand. Angel used her speed to rush inside. Her vision blurred, not being able to keep up with her body.

She was halfway in the stables before Alex followed.

Pressing her back against one of the stalls, she listened, trying to pinpoint what had caused the horses to act up. From farther down, near the horse she’d met before, she could hear the

Leaping, she pushed off the wall.

Her jump was interrupted as she collided with another body. The sound of bodies crashing into each other was loud in the previously silent space. Hitting the ground, she rolled just in time to miss a boot to her head.

Bounding up, she crouched and prepared for the next attempt. They were dealing with the rogue agents without a doubt. She caught a punch aimed at her face and spun around. Losing her grip, she hopped back and away.

A low growl reached her and she wondered when Alex had shifted. The distraction of her mate was enough for her opponent to land a hard kick to her stomach. Angel soared back, slamming into the wall with the force of the strike.

She grunted, falling.

Desperately clawing at the ground, she picked up a handful of dirt before throwing it where she suspected her enemy would be. Her toss slowed down her opponent. Scrambling back up and taking advantage, she kicked out with her own roundhouse, connecting with a chest.

Before she could celebrate, arms came around her back and lifted her feet.

The slamming of the back door announced Max’s arrival an instant before he howled. Max’s appearance was enough for her to find an opening. She kicked back at the knee of the person who had a hold of her, using all her strength.

They went down together but she managed an elbow to his ribs, causing the arms around her to disappear as the man yelled.

She darted to the right as Max leaped over her to tackle her second opponent. There was a yelp from where Alex was but she couldn’t look away from the younger man who circled her. Since Caspar had identified the three missing agents, Angel had received the files on each of them. Squaring off with her was Kyle Langley who was an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Fighting with him wasn’t going to be to her benefit. She eyed the area around her and spotted a rope hanging from the ceiling. It looked like some sort of pulley system. Just as Kyle dove for her she jumped straight up. The rope brushed her left hand but she was able to wrap her right around the line. Swinging, she lashed out, knocking into Kyle’s head.

He went down hard.

She landed next to him before throwing a punch. After hitting her mark, she tried to follow it up but found herself once again thrown through the air.


Chapter Eight




Alex saw Angel had landed hard and was slumped back. Fear rushed over him knowing she’d been hurt. He snapped his canines at his rival, hoping to catch him in a sensitive part.

He’d done pretty well so far. Angel had given him good advice in using his other senses. The rogue agents moved so fast that Alex could feel the wind against his fur just before contact was made.

His nose, however, alerted him whenever the rogue was close enough to strike.

Since Day Walkers, like Angel, had no scent, he couldn’t smell the threat from them. Instead he concentrated on the disturbance around him. The odor of the dirt being kicked up. The sound of boots across the ground.

Spinning around, Alex bit down on the wrist of the person who tried to grab him. His opponent yelled but Alex clamped down tight. Tossing his head to the side, he could taste blood from the wound he’d managed. His enemy dropped to his knees, and Alex could see it was an older man. Samson or something like that, according to the file he’d seen. With a firm hold, he dragged the whimpering rogue closer to where Angel and Max were. He let go just as Max reached out and grabbed Samson. Max’s rival was on the ground groaning but unable to move. It looked as if he had a broken leg and maybe even an arm. As soon as Max had Samson, Alex darted off to check on Angel.

Finding her crouched over a young man with her hand wrapped around his throat, her fangs flashing, he approached slowly. Angel looked over at him, still hissing.

Having not seen this part of her before, he wasn’t sure what to do—or what not to do—to ensure she wouldn’t think him a threat. He wasn’t afraid of her, though. Actually the opposite was true. Seeing that she’d defeated the trespasser and protected his home, Alex thought she was sexy as hell.

Her shoulders relaxed but she didn’t let up her hold. Alex whined at the back of his throat. He could smell blood and didn’t know whether it was the man’s or his mate’s.

“I’m okay,” she told him as if she knew what he was thinking.

Alex didn’t really believe her though. Angel’s shirt was torn and there was blood staining the knee of her jeans. He couldn’t hold back a growl at the rogue who’d hurt her. “Angel?” Max spoke quietly as he approached.

She smiled, not taking her gaze off Alex. He crawled forward.

“I’m not hurt,” she said again.

He didn’t know if she was talking to him or Max. It didn’t matter. He needed to check for himself.

“The other two are tied up. I’ll grab this guy and let Alex check you over,” Max offered.

Exchanging places, Max took over their prisoner while Angel hobbled closer to him. Alex stood on his four paws, walking to close the distance. The moment that her hand buried into his thick fur he grew lightheaded with relief.

BOOK: Pack Secrets
7.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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