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His cock was still stiffer than he could ever remember it being but first he needed to take care of Angel. So ignoring his own need, he gained his feet, picking her up with him. Her quick intake of breath gave away her surprise. He nipped her chin playfully as he strolled to the bed. Giggling, she squirmed in his hold, brushing her chest against his.

He laid her down on top of the light tan sheets after pulling back the heavy brown comforter. Her dark complexion seemed to glow above the lighter bedding. She reached out a hand but he caught it in his. He placed a kiss on her wrist, as he raised an eyebrow.

Lifting her face, she narrowed her eyes. “Don’t tease,” she complained.

He took a step back as he dropped her hand. He bent to remove his boots, hopping from one foot to another. It would have been much easier to sit on the bed but he was worried that once he was down he wouldn’t be able to resist Angel’s tempting body. Instead he struggled with his boots and socks before finally pulling down his zipper. He almost went lightheaded with the release of his erection from the confine of his pants.

He quickly shucked the rest of his clothes. While watching him, Angel had been running her palms down her stomach and up to cup her breasts. Watching her touch herself, Alex could think of a lot more fun they could have next time. He needed her too much right then to watch her pleasure herself. Damn it was a turn on, though. Hopefully soon he could talk her into giving him a show.

He grasped his cock, giving himself a few tugs while her eyes roamed over him. As soon as she licked her lips he knew he’d made them both wait as long as they’d be able. Alex climbed on the bed between her legs, circling her ankles with his palms. Slowly he ran his hand up her legs, forcing her to spread for him. Yes, he could smell her need and arousal.

Barely brushing his thumbs over the wet folds that covered her pussy had her lifting her hips. With his elbows down between her legs to hold her in place, Alex opened her up to lick at her entrance.

“Please,” she begged so sweetly.

He buried his face and feasted while she squirmed under him. He added his fingers and started to prepare her to take his cock. He couldn’t wait to be inside. First he wanted to blow her mind. Plunging two fingers in and out, he brought his lips down to her clit and sucked hard.

She cried out as she crested over the edge, Angel found her climax, arching and clawing at the bed. Alex worked her through her orgasm until she was panting and flat on the sheets. He climbed up her body before using his knees to keep her open. He sought her mouth so he could share her unique flavor. Diving into the kiss, he moved his hips to drag his hard-on against her leg.

Angel’s nails dug into his lower back while their tongues battled for dominance. Finally she relented and let him control the speed and pressure of the kiss. Once she’d given in, he lifted his head. He positioned his cock at her entrance. With her heels planted on the bed, Angel lifted up to accept him.

Slowly he pushed in.

Fuck, yeah.
It felt good to have his cock sliding into her slick, sweet pussy.

Before he’d filled her completely he withdrew only to snap his hips then thrust deeply. This time he plunged fully. Angel was already moving in rhythm with him. They clung together as he drove them closer to the edge. Sweat covered their bodies with the force of their coupling. Angel had her chin tilted back and eyes clenched, urging him on with moans and huffs of breath.

He’d known it wouldn’t take him long to come once he’d gotten inside her, but he had to take her with him in pleasure. He braced his knees firmly on the soft mattress and sat back and lifted her ass in the palms of his hands. He held her hips off the bed, driving himself faster and harder.

Her cries grew in volume as he sped up the pace.

“Alex!” she screamed at the same time her inner muscles clamped down on his cock.

With one hand beside her head, he drove in one more time before he lost it. Vision blurry, his climax hit him and he came, empting his seed deep inside his mate.

“Holy shit!” He managed to get out the words.

Angel collapsed back, gazing up at him. The blue of hers eyes were even more amazing than before. The color was bright with the sparkle from earlier, but now they actually glowed, showing her arousal. Still blue, her eyes could probably light up an entire room when they looked like that. He’d only seen them glow once before, but it caused shivers of anticipation that he could draw that reaction from her.

Day Walker—what Angel was hit him suddenly. She’d said she drank blood but she hadn’t bitten him. She was faster and stronger than a human, but that was the only evidence that she was different, if he didn’t count her glowing eyes.

He stared down at her but she wasn’t trying to hide this from him. He wondered if this was why she’d kept her face buried from view before.

Doesn’t matter.
She was allowing him to see her now.

With their gazes locked, he bent his head. Raising her face, she smiled so trustingly that Alex knew he’d just met his match in every way.

Chapter Six




Angel knew she couldn’t hide her reaction to Alex’s and her mating. After what they had just shared, there was no going back now. Alex belonged to her.

With gentle hands, Alex cupped her face as he peppered kisses over her forehead and cheeks. She closed her eyes, enjoying the post-lovemaking attention.

“You are so beautiful,” Alex told her quietly.

It was all too much. Tears of joy pooled in her eyes. She blinked rapidly, trying to hold them back. She didn’t know what she’d done to deserve a man like Alex but she was going to appreciate every moment with him.

“I wonder how long we can hide out in here?” he asked while he finally settled down by her side.

Rolling onto her stomach so she could rest her chin on his chest, she peered up at him and just smiled. “I bet not long.”

“I’m glad you’re staying here.”

“Me too,” she admitted. But what about when this was over? She still had a job to do, and Alex’s place was with his mate.

“Can I ask you something?”

The way his body had stiffened while he’d spoken had tension tightening her shoulders. “Sure.”

“In the den, you said that you drink blood. I saw Kieran’s fangs. Why didn’t you bite me?” He sounded honestly confused.

“I wouldn’t do that without your permission,” she assured him. Curling her legs under her body, she slowly sat up.

Alex raised enough to lean his back against the headboard and they were facing each other. Time seemed to draw out as he reached for her hand. He never took his eyes off her, but he didn’t speak either.

“Alex?” she asked. How had he really thought she would bite him during sex?

“But you do want to bite me?” he asked.

Unsure how to answer that, Angel had no choice but to be honest. She nodded.


“Okay?” she repeated.

“I thought maybe you didn’t want to,” he confessed.

Why wouldn’t I want to drink from my mate? Have I done something to make Alex think I don’t want him?
Angel was trying to give Alex time to get used to what she was. Surely he’d seen movies where vampires bit…
Oh, oh!
She understood! She started to laugh. He frowned when she tipped to the side, not able to contain it.

“Sorry, sorry,” she said, waving her hand but unable to stop giggling.

Waiting patiently for her to stop, he couldn’t hide the twitch of his own lips.

“I just pictured what you must have been imagining,” she told him.

“Not really seeing what’s so funny,” he commented, pulling her back toward him.

She went willingly. “While I might take a nip while we’re making love I wouldn’t actually drink from you,” she explained. “There is too big a chance of taking too much blood, which would hurt me and kill you.”

“What do you mean hurt you?”

“I do need to drink blood. But not because I’m dead or something like that.”

“You said before that all the myths about vampires weren’t true,” he pressed.

“I have a blood disorder. It is heredity for my kind. I need to replace my tainted blood with fresh, good blood. The poisoned blood eats away at the good blood, so if I don’t feed I will die.”

“That’s a lot different than most stories,” Alex commented.

“Yes, our belief is our kind has evolved through many centuries and in the order to survive we’ve adapted.” She tapped her teeth. “That’s why we believe we have fangs that drop.”

“I’ve seen you in the sun,” he stated.

“There is no reason I can’t be outside during the day. I have no problem entering a church. I eat garlic and am not burned by crosses.”

“So just about everything is wrong.”

She nodded.

“How much blood do you need?”

“Not a lot, and the older we get, the less we need. I can’t turn someone into what I am either. You have to be born with this disease.”

“That’s amazing,” Alex said. “I would never have imagined any of this was possible.”

There was more that she needed to tell him but Alex was taking everything so well she didn’t want to ruin anything.

“What about the increased strength and speed?”

“We get those benefits from the difference in our blood. The more we use it, the more good blood that gets eaten.”

“So, since the fight yesterday, you should have fed?”

This was what she was afraid he’d figure out. “Yes.”

“So how should we do this?”

“No, not yet,” Angel told him.

“You need it,” he argued.

“I can feed from Remy before he leaves,” she replied easily.

“No!” His voice rose, surprising her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout. But my wolf isn’t going to allow you to be that intimate with someone else.”

“It’s not like that. It’s just like any other procedure. Fast and easy.”

“Maybe, but with my wolf close to the surface, it wouldn’t be a good idea. After the way I reacted to Caspar close to you, knowing that you were feeding from someone else wouldn’t be good.”

“Alex…” She couldn’t do it.

“I never lose control like that,” he said, gripping her hands. “Never.”

Their bond had already started. She understood that but… Shit, she was going to have to confess.

Taking a deep breath, she prepared for the worst part. “Alex, when I feed from someone it makes them sick.”

“What do you mean?”

“The poison that’s involved transfers from me to my donor. It dangerous.”

“How sick would I get?”

He still wants to do it?
Angel was truly shocked by his offer. She knew other Day Walkers who’d had to wait years for what Alex was willing to give so freely.

“We belong together. You called me your mate.”

“Yes but…”

“So how sick will I get?”

“I don’t know,” she replied honestly. “Remy usually gets a headache and sometimes sick to his stomach. Shifters seem to do okay, much better than a full human, but I really don’t know. You should be okay.”

He nodded.

She appreciated what he was willing to do but Angel knew Alex didn’t know what he was actually offering.

“Hey.” He kissed her lips gently. “I want to do this.”

Angel had to get blood one way or another. If Alex didn’t want her to get substance from Remy this was the only other alternative.

“Please be sure,” she told him, but already her gums tingled in anticipation.

“I am,” he promised.

Bringing his arm over her lap, she thumbed the inside of his elbow. “Close your eyes,” she ordered softly.

He snorted but complied with her request. Her fangs breaking through hurt but she knew that wouldn’t last long. She looked over her to mate to make sure he hadn’t changed his mind.

But no, Alex remained relaxed, offering up himself. Powerless to resist her mate’s blood due to both her need and the desire to taste him, she bent forward. As carefully as she could, she sliced her fangs into his soft flesh.

He hissed but didn’t jerk away.

Sweet, precious blood flowed from her mate into her mouth, to coat her tongue. She took a deep pull, which was like liquid gold. The high from the exchange had her vision sharpening as a sense of peace overcame her. A couple more deep drinks and she extracted her fangs. She licked the cuts, although another myth was her being able to close the wounds.

She did it just to soothe him. Alex opened his eyes, and she tried to gauge how he was doing. He smiled at her and she relaxed. A box of tissues was on the nightstand beside the bed so she reached over to grab one.

Alex had already started to heal but she blotted at the small amount of blood.

“You okay?” she questioned.

“Fine,” he replied, leaning forward.

A loud pounding on the door made them jerk apart before their lips could touch.

“Hey!” a female voice shouted. “Lunch is ready!”

“We’ll be right there,” Alex yelled back. He returned his attention to her. “I guess we should get dressed and go down before my sister barges in.”

“Okay,” she agreed even though she really didn’t want to get up. But after they’d eaten, Remy and Kieran would be taking off and she needed to speak with them first.

“I wish we could stay right here.” Alex’s words corresponded with her feelings. “After we eat, maybe we can sneak away again.”

Angel was in full agreement.


Alex’s head ached with what he would call a very mild headache but he’d expected a lot worse with how worried Angel had been. Watching her dress, it was all he could do not to wrestle her back onto the bed.

“I know what you’re thinking and we don’t have time,” Angel told him without even looking up. “It’s
sister that will barge in here.”

He didn’t really think Cassie would burst into the room. In fact, he was certain she would be more than happy to make excuses for them. But they had responsibilities and couldn’t put them off. The safety of the Pack wouldn’t suffer because he wanted to get laid. However, once this was all over, he was locking Angel in his room for at least twenty-four hours—maybe forty-eight, he amended.

After yanking back on his jeans he strolled to the closet to get a clean T-shirt. Passing Angel, he stopped for a quick kiss. She grinned up at him with a dazzling smile. He hadn’t noticed before how pale she’d gotten from when she’d first arrived. Now that her face had regained some color, he worried that she’d not let him know what she’d needed.

BOOK: Pack Secrets
9.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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