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A rhythm I couldn’t escape hung in the air. I heard a heartbeat I’d never forget. It would always be with me. I set my stride to the pulse in my memory and pushed on. Wide-open.

The sweet smell of the first hay of the season drifted across the pasture. I walked to the hangar. I wanted the feel of the Prosper County dirt beneath my boots. I wanted to breathe under the broad night sky. I wanted to drum. I wanted to dance—if not at the pier, somewhere. The sun had gone, disappeared, pulling a trail of darkness over us all. But a crescent moon, a silver sliver, floated above the horizon. And Venus burned next to it. She shines the brightest right after the sunset.


with Paisley and Waylon




You left before I could say good-bye

Time rolls on and so do I

You taught us to trust in our best, own the moment, screw the rest

You’d expect nothing less

Than for us to write you a good mourning song.


The sun comes up and I want to cry

Shake a fist at God, and wonder why

But you’d find that a waste of time, put on your boots, and move along

You would move along

Taking with you your good mourning song.


You showed me things aren’t always what they seem

One man’s hobby is another man’s dream

You were wild rides and warm sweet kisses

You were burn the candle at both ends and make two wishes

You’d leave no regrets

So this is your good mourning song.


We’re still taking the drums and guitars high

Rolling with your spirit that stayed behind

So the door slammed, we’ll bust a window

Go wide-open, a bright beyond

And we will sing your good mourning song.

A new day, and this good morning song.





From the muse that is country music to a bound book with a rockin’ cover, I get by with a little help from my friends:

My agent, Michael Bourret, who encouraged me to put my stamp on the “band book” genre. Boot-stamped.

My editor, Liz Szabla, whose patience and guidance delivered the melody of
to me.

The teams/roadies at the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators, and Feiwel and Friends, whose support is as steady as the backbeat to a song.

My jam session/critique partners, Erin, Linda, Martha, and Sharon, who know how to get down to the nitty-gritty.

Friends and groupies, including Stacy and Blake, Katie and Sarah, Craig and Catherine, who not only read, but cheer me up.

My husband, Jon, who believes when I can’t, and holds my hand as we run this dream down.

And the forever fun-loving William, my son, who has both endured and survived socially despite my carpool tendencies to blare Southern rock and country with the windows wide open.
Hey, hey, Big Red.… It’s how I roll!

Thanks, y’all.




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Alexander, Jill (Jill Shurbet)

Paradise / Jill S. Alexander. — 1st ed.

p. cm.

Summary: Teenaged Paisley Tillery dreams a career as a professional drummer will take her out of her small Texas town, but when her country rock band gets a handsome new lead singer from Paradise, Texas, those dreams may change.

ISBN: 978-0-312-60541-4

[1.  Bands (Music)—Fiction.   2.  Drummers (Musicians)—Fiction.   3.  Country rock music—Fiction.   4.  Ambition—Fiction.   5.  Love—Fiction.   6.  Family life—Texas—Fiction.   7.  Texas—Fiction.]   I.  Title.

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BOOK: Paradise
9.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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