Pisces: Book 1 in a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Series (The Zodiac Twin Flame Series)

BOOK: Pisces: Book 1 in a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Series (The Zodiac Twin Flame Series)
3.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub



A Zodiac Twin Flame Novel


By Rachel Medhurst


Copyright © 2015 by Rachel Medhurst


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This book is dedicated to my soulmate.





A Twin flame is a spiritual concept describing a special love soul connection between two souls/people. Twin flames are thought to be the same soul split in two. The masculine and feminine counterparts make up one soul. When they unite, they become one.


Chapter One



The shout woke me. The blurred vision of my flatmate staring down at me made me pull my head out of the water. She squeaked when bathwater streamed from my mouth, pouring out of my lungs. My long brown hair stuck to my back, turning it black.

‘What the hell? You looked dead. I thought you were dead…!’

I tried to cover my nakedness but Kat didn’t pay any attention.

‘I can breathe underwater,’ I said as I climbed out of the bath and wrapped a towel around myself.

‘You can breathe underwater?’

My stomach clenched as I debated whether to make a joke out of it. Maybe if I told her that all my siblings had powers, she would just think that I was mad.

‘You can’t tell anyone.’ I took her hands into mine. If I could convince her to stay quiet, maybe I could still live a normal life.

She was shaking. Her hands vibrated against mine. ‘I thought there was something weird about you,’ she said, going out of the bathroom.

Closing my eyes, I released my held breath. Did that mean I would have to leave and start over, or even worse, go home? Trusting her to keep my secret was a massive risk. I wouldn’t find it easy to stay quiet if I knew that someone could breathe underwater.

I rushed to get dressed, hoping that she wasn’t letting the world know. My snuggly pyjamas looked ridiculous. I rubbed my hair with a towel as I left the steaming bathroom. Kat hovered by the home phone.

‘Please don’t…’

She shook her head. ‘Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.’

A knock sounded at the door. I knew exactly who it was. I could feel them. Why couldn’t they just leave me alone?

‘I’ll get it.’ Kat rushed to the door and opened it.

The boys stood there, towering in the hallway. They completely blocked any view past the open door.

‘Hello, gorgeous.’ Leo pushed his way into the apartment, his gaze locked on Kat.

I froze by the bedroom door. I mentally tried to calculate an escape. It was no good. The only way out was blocked by three men over six foot.

‘You need to come home,’ Leo ordered.

Kat’s eyes popped out of her head as Leo stretched. His tight shirt lifted to reveal toned, tanned abs. Her gaze roamed over his arms and landed on his blond hair. I crossed my arms as he strutted into the flat, showing off his tattoos.

‘I don’t want to come home.’ I was adamant.

He took my elbow gently and looked down into my eyes. ‘You can’t stay here, Pisces.’ His previous cockiness had gone. A flash of something crossed his face. I wondered what he wasn’t telling me.


I was being difficult. I needed freedom. All my life I had been around eleven other people, and although I begged for space, the boys never gave me any.

‘Quit with the small talk. You’ve been compromised. Let’s go.’ Aries came into the room, took hold of Kat and put his hands on either side of her face. She looked up at him, unable to take her eyes from the tall, dark haired man.

Leo nodded. ‘I’m sorry.’ Before I knew it, I was thrown over his shoulder.

Grabbing his hair, I tugged, making him grunt. He laughed at my weak efforts. My strength was nothing compared to his. Why were they doing this to me? It wasn’t my fault Kat had caught me. How did they know?

‘Get her stuff.’ Aries gestured to Scorpio without taking his gaze away from Kat.

My chest constricted as Kat’s eyes went blank. Aries wiped her memory of me and yet again, I was losing a friend.

‘I hate you,’ I hissed as Leo carried me out of my new life and back to my old one.

I was twenty. I wanted to fly from the family home. They had promised me that I could try and live alone. On the condition that no one ever found out about my power. It hadn’t lasted five minutes.

‘You know you can’t do this,’ he said as we got to the vehicle outside. The old Royal Mail delivery van had a bright red exterior with a black leather interior. With six seats, only half of us could go out at any one time.

‘Do what?’ I mumbled as he let me drop to my feet. I was tempted to try and escape but there was no point. He was faster. His long legs would catch up with me in one step. I hesitated when he opened the passenger door. I had to admit defeat. My brothers would never let me stay.

Climbing in, I switched on the radio and turned it up to full volume. Leo sat in the driver’s seat and flicked it off. ‘Do you want to get us noticed?’

I glared at him before staring out the window.

‘You can’t live a normal life.’ He put his hand on my arm.

Glancing down at where his long slender fingers rested against my pale skin, I growled. He pulled away and muttered under his breath as he started the engine. Aries and Scorpio checked over their shoulder as they came out of the building.

I could never run away. They would never let me leave. A glint of silver caught my eye as I rested my chin against my fist. The bracelet around my wrist looked dark blue in the light from the street lamp.

‘Sorry, it had to be done.’ Aries climbed into the back.

‘Shame, really. The flatmate was probably worth a—’ Scorpio was cut off as Aries punched him in the arm. I ignored them as they bickered.

I studied the ancient astrological star sign on my bracelet. The leather was worn but the silver charm with the Pisces symbol was still intact. Fingering the leather, I tried to pull the whole thing off. I wanted to release myself from the life I had apparently agreed to live. It infuriated me that I didn’t even remember what I had signed up to do.

‘You will find him.’ Leo squeezed my arm as he steered the van away from the life I could’ve had.

‘It’s bloody cold tonight,’ Scorpio whined.

‘London town, baby, I’ve missed this place.’ Aries laughed, slapping the back of my seat.

He had visited Ireland in the hope of finding his twin flame soulmate. He assumed that he had found her, but when he became bored after a week, he realised she wasn’t the one. It was often the way with Aries. He would find a woman, sleep with her and then get bored.

‘Do you think any of us are close to finding our soulmate?’ Leo asked, flipping the radio off again when I reached forward and switched it on. I didn’t want to talk about it.

‘Just shut up and drive,’ Scorpio said. He was the only one of the men I could relate to. We were similar because we were both emotional. Not that he would ever show that side to others.

‘I can’t believe you fell asleep underwater,’ Aries said.

I didn’t bother to look back at him. I loved him but he still did my head in.

‘How did you know?’

His chuckle was deep. ‘Mother rang an hour ago.’

Mother and Father were not our biological parents. They had collected us when we were born and brought us together to teach us why we were on earth.

My hands balled into fists. Had my mother put cameras in my bathroom?

‘That’s an invasion of privacy!’

Leo’s cheeks flushed red when I glared at him.

Aries clucked his tongue. ‘The cameras are in the living room. You know how Mother likes to keep an eye on us. When she noticed that you’d been in the bathroom for two hours, she got worried. She asked us to come and check.’

They must have placed the cameras when they’d helped me move in. My teeth ached as I gritted them to prevent myself from losing it.

‘Don’t worry, she wasn’t watching you pee.’

The boys laughed at Aries.

‘I think we’ve got a tail,’ Leo announced suddenly, his voice tight.

The boys switched from jokey to serious instantly. They spun in their seats and reached for their phones. I sighed and rolled my eyes. They were so dramatic when it came to—

The van was shunted from behind. I had to grab hold of the dashboard. I looked in the wing mirror. A 4X4 lined up to hit us again.

Leo spun the steering wheel and dodged another hit.

‘Who do you think it is?’ I asked.

The dark sky made it easier to travel around but the bright red van was still obvious. No one knew who we were so there wasn’t a reason for us to be under attack. We had been careful about our identity. Our parents had told us at a young age that we were on earth to complete a mission. They nicknamed us The Zodiacs. Twelve people that lived together with the main aim of meeting their soulmate.

‘I’m not sure,’ Leo said, laughing when the car clipped our rear end and spun us out.

‘What the bloody…?’ Aries shouted, holding onto the back of the seat as the tyres screeched across the tarmac. ‘Leo, you’re such a crap driver!’

The van skidded to a stop. The boys jumped out. ‘Stay here,’ Aries shouted at me.

I considered his words. They went in one ear and out the other. I clambered from my seat as the owner of the other car approached the lads. A woman got out of the 4X4 but kept her head bowed as she stood back. The man stopped in front of my brothers. They stood in a line with their arms crossed over their chest.

Inching closer, I caught a glimpse of the wooden baseball bat clenched in the man’s hand. He was brave to face the three young men in front of him.

‘You slept with my wife!’ he called in a shaky voice. His face turned red when the lads chuckled.

I rolled my eyes. We had been run off the road in the middle of London, because one of the lads had slept with the man’s wife.

The temptation to turn and run was overwhelming. I could deal with threats from people that didn’t understand who we were but I couldn’t put up with drama over a bloody woman. Marching over to the boys, I pushed my way through and faced the man.

‘Which one was it?’

‘All of them,’ the man answered, glaring over his shoulder at his wife.

Shaking my head, I looked into his eyes. The hard glare melted as our gaze met.

‘I really hope you don’t take that bat to your wife.’

His eyes widened. ‘I would never do that.’

Smiling sweetly, I held out my hand. The wood landed softly in my palm as a look of confusion crossed his face.

‘Your wife was the one that did the dirty on you. These boys are young and immature. They’re not as clever as you.’

I heard Aries snort but ignored him. It was true.

‘You’re right.’ The man backed away, cursing as he turned. He clicked his fingers at his wife and she got back into the car.

‘Why did you do that?’ Aries said. ‘I fancied a fight tonight.’

Spinning, I pushed past them and marched back to the van. ‘Just get me home!’

‘How can women do that to men?’ Scorpio whinged as Leo started the engine and pulled off again.

‘I don’t know and I don’t care. I just hate the fact that men even exist,’ I muttered, trying not to smile when they shook their heads.

‘You’re too nice to say things like that.’ Leo slapped my thigh as he parked up and turned the engine off.

My fingers wrapped around his arm and squeezed. ‘I may be nice but don’t push me.’

My new life had been ripped away from me. I choked back the lump that came to my throat. I had only left the house two weeks ago. I wasn’t ready to go back. Living with six men and five women caused me to pull my hair out.

‘You know you haven’t got a choice, don’t you?’ Leo reached out to stroke my hair but pulled back when I shot him my ‘don’t you dare touch me’ look.

‘Bloody hell, Pisces, let those walls down once in a while, will you?’ Scorpio said.

‘You can bloody talk.’ Aries pushed his friend as they got out.

Walking behind the three men, I glared at the back of their heads. Leo’s dark blond spiky hair was perfectly groomed. Aries’ dark hair was cropped short, disguising his curls and Scorpio’s was blond and soft. I loved the men like they were my brothers. We considered each other siblings. We had lived in the same house for years, waiting to start our mission.

‘I can’t face the others,’ I said, cutting across the road. ‘Not yet.’

It was late. The small townhouse community in the stylish part of London was the safest central place we could live. Everyone kept to themselves and never asked questions.

‘Where are you going?’ Leo called. He had one foot in the road and the other on the pavement. I ignored his question. He knew me well enough to know when to leave me alone.

I needed my space and I was going to get it.


BOOK: Pisces: Book 1 in a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Series (The Zodiac Twin Flame Series)
3.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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