Pisces: Book 1 in a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Series (The Zodiac Twin Flame Series) (10 page)

BOOK: Pisces: Book 1 in a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Series (The Zodiac Twin Flame Series)
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‘Wait, what’s up?’ I said.

He paused as he clambered off the bed and looked back at me. ‘If I stay here, I’m going to do something we’ll both regret. I don’t even know why I came in. Daniel is probably the right one for you, so I promise to be supportive of that.’

I didn’t say anything as he left. What could I say? He had run away from me. I held my chest as I looked out of the window and watched the moon. My thoughts raced as my heart slowed down. One thing that kept coming back to me was that his running confirmed something I hadn’t believed. Antony was more than likely my twin flame soulmate.


Chapter Thirteen


‘Do you commute every day?’ a friendly girl asked as I stared out at the Thames.

We were on the train bound for London Victoria. I had been so wrapped up in my own thoughts, I hadn’t even noticed her sit next to me.

‘No, I’m just coming back to work after a break,’ I replied, smiling at her.

I dreaded going back to work in a stuffy office doing admin.

Father had decided that I needed to get on with my life. Hanging around the house was boring and it annoyed him too. I avoided Antony as much as he avoided me so there hadn’t been anyone to talk to. It was pointless staying there.

The boys had agreed to protect me so that Antony could stay with Father. My hands clenched into fists when I remembered the conversation. I wasn’t a child that needed babysitting. I didn’t understand why they made such a fuss.

‘Today’s my first day. I’m so nervous,’ the girl said.

Smiling, I reassured her that everything would go well. We said goodbye as the train pulled into the station.

‘You shouldn’t be alone.’

The whisper was quiet but my ears picked up on it. I spun on the platform but couldn’t see anyone near me. Maybe Antony was right. I was going mad.

‘Why are you here?’

I stopped and he appeared. His hair was shorter but I recognised the grey eyes. Work was only around the corner, I was convinced I didn’t need anyone with me. It seemed I was wrong.

‘Walk with me,’ he commanded.

My legs started to move without my consent. He fell into step beside me and took my elbow. My body was calm but my mind screamed inside my head.

‘What’s your name?’

A part of me didn’t want to know. I needed something to distract him, before I tried to escape.

‘In this lifetime, I’m called Nick. In the last, I was called Jamie and then Markus and then—’

‘I get the point.’

Ripping my arm from his grip, I spun away from him. The people around us moved as I started to fight my way back through the commuters.

‘You can run as much as you like but you’re alone here. You’re getting too close to your twin flame and we need to prevent that.’ His voice was near my ear. I swiped behind me but there was nothing there. I didn’t turn to see if he was following me. I could feel his energy nearby. My breath puffed in and out as I tried to get through the never-ending platform full of people.

‘Pisces…?’ The call from ahead caught my attention.

‘Daniel!’ I called back as I ran straight to him.

I was so pleased to see him that I threw my arms around his neck. He returned the gesture, pulling me away from the crowd at the same time.

‘Are you okay? It looked like you were running from something.’

I smiled up at him, thankful that he was there to save me. He took my hand and started to walk out of the station. I didn’t know if I would make it to work on my first day back but at least I was safe now.

‘Where are we going?’ I asked as we walked down a quiet corridor near the exit.

‘I missed you. I just wanted some space to do this.’ He leant down and pressed his lips against mine. I allowed him to hold me against him. My muscles shook. Had Nick seen where we had gone? Had he given up?

‘Let go of her.’ His voice made the hairs on my skin stand up.

‘We need to get out of here,’ I said, taking Daniel’s hand. Nick blocked our escape. He stood with two men at his side. They all wore black trousers with heavy black jumpers. One of them held a gun. I squeaked as Daniel stepped forward to face them.

‘Pisces, you can make this easier if you come with me now. I could just kill him…’ Nick turned to Daniel.


Doubt worked its way through me. Who was my soulmate? I thought it was Antony but my enemy seemed to think it was Daniel. Either way, I didn’t want anyone to get killed.

‘Come,’ Nick said, gesturing for me to go to him.

My steps were slow as I did as I was told. Daniel took my hand as I passed and walked with me.

‘What are you doing?’ I was trying to save him. He should run.

‘I’m not leaving you. If you go, I go.’

Nick escorted us out of the station and into a waiting car. It felt like I was in a dream. Once again I was being taken against my will and I allowed it to happen. My hands clenched at my side. There was no way I could let anyone die because of me. Too many people worried about my safety and now someone else was being dragged into my fight.

Antony’s face came into my mind. My heartbeat increased. Would he have come with me? If Daniel wasn’t my soulmate, why did he risk his life for me?




The dripping vibrated through my head. I couldn’t stop counting the water as it hit the ground. I had no idea where we were but I could just make out Daniel’s shape in the corner of the room. Someone had knocked me out when I’d climbed into the car.


I tried to move. My hands were tied behind me. My head was sore but I couldn’t rub the pain away. The ground was cold and hard. The water was the only sound in the silent room. It was shadowy. I looked for the source of light and saw a thin line coming from under a door.

‘You’re awake?’ Daniel asked.

The sound of shuffling was followed by a warm presence next to me.

‘Why did you do that?’ I asked as I sat up and leant against the wall.

He moved even closer and pressed his thigh against mine. My stomach tightened as I thought about our kidnapping. How would the others find me? Would Nick kill me?

‘Do what?’

‘You could’ve gone to my father. He would’ve rescued me.’

My arms were tight against my back. I tried to pull them apart but the rope made my wrists burn. As I sucked my breath in, he put an arm around me and pulled me to his side.

‘I know but I didn’t think of that at the time. I didn’t want to leave you.’ His breath hit my cheek. I leant into him for support. He was warm and smelt cleaner than the air around us.

‘Any idea where we are?’

His head rubbed against the brick wall as he shook it.

‘Wait, if your hands are free, you can untie me.’ I sat forward, offering him my arms.

He grabbed me back to him. ‘No, they said I wasn’t allowed. They have cameras down here. If I untie you, they’ll kill you.’

Shutting my eyes, I settled into his side again. My skin prickled at his words and I wondered what was going on. Something didn’t ring true.

‘Hello, Pisces.’ Nick spoke over an intercom.

‘If you’re going to kill me, just get it over with,’ I snapped.

My mind whirled with possibilities. My stomach clenched at the thought of Nick ending my life. I had been led to believe that my mission would be a nice, happy one, where I fell madly in love and it all ran smoothly. It was nothing like my daydreams. It was a nightmare and I wondered if it was worth it.

‘It’s okay,’ Daniel said, patting my head.

Wrenching away from him, I managed to get my legs under me. I stood up without using my arms and started to pace.

‘You know what? I don’t want to complete my mission anymore. I’m done…just kill me now so I can forget about it all!’

I opened my mouth and screamed as I jumped up and down on the spot. Daniel was sensible enough to stay where he was and let me have my hissy fit.

‘That would be too easy…unfortunately. I’m not allowed to kill you.’ Nick’s voice came again.

I froze. What did he mean?

‘Well come in here so I can bloody kill you then!’

A chuckle came over the speaker and my whole body tensed. Anger was an emotion that I couldn’t deal with but I was feeling it more and more.

‘You’re not allowed to kill me either. You can kill Daniel if you like.’

My muscles relaxed and my shoulders dropped. The emotion ran out of me and into the ground. Daniel stood up and wrapped his arms around me. I didn’t understand my body’s reaction when he touched me. My skin prickled but I felt relief at having someone by my side. My throat closed. A sob echoed around us as I gave in to the fear. I shouldn’t be afraid. If Nick couldn’t kill me, I would find a way out eventually.

‘Are you okay?’ Daniel asked when my body slumped against him.

‘This is a joke. Why would I sign up to do this? I don’t understand.’ I wiped my face on Daniel’s shirt.

The door opened and light flooded into the room, which turned out to be an underground basement. We must have been in one of the old Victorian houses in London.

‘I have some food and drink here,’ Nick said. He dropped a tray on the floor and backed out of the room, closing the door behind him.

‘Don’t you dare leave! What are you going to do with us?’

A shudder ran over me as the corner of his lip sank into his cheek.

‘I’m going to help you remember. It’s proven to be a handy trick in the past. Daniel, untie her and hand me the rope.’

Daniel did as he was told. The door closed behind Nick as he left. I was tempted to throw myself against it. Daniel kept a hand on my elbow so I resisted the urge.

‘I want to remember, you fool!’ I shouted.

It was true. I hated not knowing why I was on earth and who my soulmate was. Somewhere deep inside, I knew there was a point to life but I couldn’t get any clarity. My parents had told me everything but I wasn’t there yet.

‘What does he want you to remember? What’s this all about, Pisces?’

I shrugged and bent to the tray on the floor. Picking up the glass of water, I downed half of it before I handed it to Daniel. He refused but changed his mind and took it from me. Nick expected me to eat? My stomach clenched at the thought of putting food in my mouth. I left the bread and butter on the plate and returned to my cold seat on the floor.

‘I want you to remember your past lives. It’s insulting that you don’t remember me or our fights from the past. I’ve done some pretty impressive things to you and I’m the only one that knows about them.’

The voice over the speaker irritated me. ‘You’re a coward. You couldn’t stay in here and say that? You hide behind your weapons but you’re a bloody wimp!’

‘Stop encouraging him, he must be a psychopath,’ Daniel said, taking my hand as he lowered himself next to me again.

I blinked a few times as heat climbed its way up my throat. Sweat beaded on my forehead. Something wasn’t right. My head started to swim. I had to lean against the wall to stop myself from falling forward.

‘Just allow, Pisces, and the memories will come.’ The voice was distant as a rushing sound filled my ears.

My eyes drooped shut. I saw the sun in front of me. It was low over the rapeseed field. The yellow of the stems swayed in the gentle breeze. My gaze was transfixed. I felt at peace.

‘Are you all right, my dear?’

Turning my head towards the voice, I smiled when my gaze landed on him. I was lying in the rapeseed, the swaying stalks next to my head. Beside me was a handsome man with mousey hair and a beard. A rush of love filtered through me when our eyes met.

‘Yes, I’m perfect,’ I replied as I stroked the hair on his chin.

A rustling sound nearby made us scramble to our feet.

‘There you are, you whore! Come with me now! You are accused of adultery and sentenced to death!’

The man wore a red coat and had his hair tied back by a black ribbon. He lurched forward to try and grab me. My lover stood in front of me, blocking my view of the English solider. He must have been lying in wait amongst the rapeseed, watching us.

‘You will not hang her. You’ll hang me in her place,’ he demanded.

The protest that left my lips as I grabbed his hand went ignored. He pushed me away. His gaze begged me to run but I couldn’t move.

‘I will not leave you,’ I whispered.

‘You are married, woman!’ the solider shouted.

Cringing at his words, I looked over the field. We were alone but my husband had planned our discovery all along. He was a rich and powerful man. My father had been worth a fortune, too. I had fallen in love with the man that defended me when we were young. My father had been influenced to marry me off to my rogue of a husband that now wanted me hung for my fortune.

My lover turned to me and cradled my face in his calloused hands. ‘I will always love you. Just go, and be free. Pretend you are someone else, and that I am by your side.’

Grabbing him, I tried to fight but he pushed me away.

‘One of you shall hang today,’ the solider said, taking a step forward.

‘That will be me, so let her go.’

The pleading look in my lover’s eyes made me turn away. The soldier came forward and held up a rope. The swing of it caught my eye and I couldn’t take another step. My lover was led out of the rapeseed field and towards his pending doom. He didn’t look back once. The tears that blurred my vision ran down my face. I couldn’t let this happen. My soulmate was about to die. I couldn’t run away and try to live life without him.

BOOK: Pisces: Book 1 in a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Series (The Zodiac Twin Flame Series)
13.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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