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Elliot blinked as tears came to his eyes. “You smell like my mother.”

Chase nodded and scooted back to sit on the couch beside his brother. “I suspected as much.”

“Suspected what?” Elliot asked.

The look that passed between Chase and Donovan before they looked back over at him sent chills down Elliot’s back. He braced himself, not sure he was going to like what they had to say. He was suddenly terrified what they would say would take Tommy from him and grabbed onto the man’s arms to hold him close.

“We thought there was just the four of us brothers,” Chase said slowly. “We may have been wrong.”


“Elliot, we believe you’re our brother.”

Chapter 13


Tommy glanced away from the window and over his shoulder to Elliot. He could see the apprehension in his mate, the soft tremble of his hands that he tried to hide by twisting them together.

The last few days had been pretty hard on Elliot, and Tommy knew that. Just the last two days since Donovan and Chase left to get their brother were wearing on Tommy’ nerves. The trip should have taken a day. It had turned into two. Hopefully, once Chase and Donovan got back with their brother things would even out a bit.

“What’s wrong, pretty baby?” Tommy asked as he fully turned to face Elliot.

“You’re not…” Elliot licked his lips. “Does this change things?”

“Between us?”

Elliot nodded, a small lock of blond hair falling against his forehead.

“No, Elliot, it doesn’t change things.” Tommy chuckled. “It makes them more interesting, I’ll grant you, but we’re mates, and that’s for life.”

The deep sigh that fell from Elliot’s lips made Tommy laugh. He gestured with his hand for Elliot to come closer, not in the least surprised when the man practically sprinted across the room. Tommy wrapped his arms around Elliot and buried his face in the man’s sweet smelling hair.

“Nothing will ever change how I feel about you, Elliot.”

“How do you feel about me?” Elliot asked as he tilted his head back.

“I think you’re the best thing since the invention of sliced bread.”

“Sliced bread?”

“Pre-canned beer?” Tommy countered, barely able to keep the grin off his face at Elliot’s astonishment. “Individually wrapped cheese?”


“Sorry, pretty baby, but you’re just too easy sometimes.”

“I can be.” Elliot’s eyes started to sparkle. “Easy, I mean.”

Tommy felt his eyebrows shoot up at the blatant invitation he could see in Elliot’s face. He could immediately feel heat surround him, making it hard to breathe. Arousal spiraled through his body.

Tommy quickly glanced around the living room, trying to find a spot where they could be alone. He thought of the bedroom upstairs, but it seemed too far away. Then he remembered the pantry. It would do for his purposes, and he wouldn’t need it very long. Tommy already felt like he was ready to blow just from Elliot’s heated look.

Elliot’s laughter filled the room as Tommy picked the man up and tossed him over his shoulder. Tommy could feel several sets of eyes on him as he carried Elliot out of the living room and made his way quickly to the pantry. He didn’t care. He needed his mate and he needed him now. They would understand.

Tommy walked into the pantry and set Elliot down before reaching back to close the door behind him and turn on the light. When he reached for Elliot again, he was shocked to find him trembling. “Elliot?”

“Are you locking me up again?” Elliot voice wavered.

“Oh, god, no, baby.” Tommy pulled Elliot’s shaking body into his arms, mentally smacking himself for not remembering Elliot being locked in the same damn pantry. “No, I just wanted someplace where we could be alone.”

“And you chose the pantry?”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.” Tommy chuckled. He found Elliot’s snort amusing. “I’m sorry, pretty baby, I wasn’t thinking. I just wanted to be alone with you.”

“Yeah?” Elliot leaned back, one eyebrow arched. “Why?”

Tommy growled and went for the throat exposed when Elliot tilted his head back. He heard Elliot’s dim whimper then the man pressed against him, and he felt a whole lot more. Tommy groaned as he licked a line from the base of Elliot’s neck to his ear. His mate tasted so damn good.

“Lube, Tommy,” Elliot panted. “Did you remember the lube?”

“That’s why I thought of the pantry.” Tommy leaned away from Elliot’s neck and grinned, reaching for a small plastic bottle behind the man’s head. “The lube is all the way upstairs. The cooking oil isn’t.”

“Can you use cooking oil?”

“It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it will do in a pinch.” Tommy chuckled. “Now, drop your pants, gorgeous, and brace yourself. This is going to be fast and rough.”

Elliot giggled and went to work on his jeans. Tommy unbuttoned his own, which was hard to do, considering he kept getting interrupted by the sight of Elliot’s naked body. By the time he got them undone and pushed down his legs, Elliot stood in front of him with his arms crossed over his chest, lightly tapping his foot.

“Your fault.”

“What is my fault?”

“If you weren’t so damn gorgeous, I wouldn’t have problems getting my clothes off.”

“I would think me being gorgeous would mean you could get your clothes off faster.”

Tommy paused in the act of taking the lid off the oil to stare at Elliot in surprise. The little arch of Eliot’s eyebrow sent Tommy into a burst of laughter. He wondered if he would ever stop being surprised by his mate. He hoped not.

“Grab the shelves, pretty baby,” Tommy said as he dropped to his knees. He poured a generous amount of oil out on his fingers then set the bottle on the floor. Looking up at Elliot’s confused face, Tommy grinned. “Spread ‘em.”

Elliot grabbed the shelves on either side of him then slowly spread his legs. Tommy kept his eyes locked with Elliot’s as he reached between the man’s legs and pressed his fingers against his tight entrance.

Elliot’s response was quick and arousing. The man’s head fell back on his shoulders and he groaned, his legs shaking. Tommy grinned and pressed one oiled finger into Elliot’s ass. “You like that, pretty baby?”

Elliot glanced down, his eyes dazed, and nodded his head.

“Then you’re gonna love this.” Tommy leaned forward and swallowed Elliot’s cock to the root. At the same time, he pressed another finger into his mate.

Elliot’s reaction was instantaneous. He cried out, filling Tommy’s mouth with his release. Tommy gloried in the satisfaction he derived from giving his mate so much pleasure even as he swallowed down all Elliot had to give him.

Tommy grabbed the oil off the floor and poured some more into the palm of his hand. He set the bottle back down then wrapped his hand around his hard shaft. He groaned at the ache that filled him as he covered himself with oil. He wasn’t going to last long, not long at all.

“Ready for me, pretty baby?” Tommy asked as he stood and reached for the man. He lifted Elliot into his arms, pressing the man back against the wall behind him. He grinned when Elliot’s legs wrapped around his waist. “I guess you are.”

“Kisses,” Elliot panted. “Need kisses.”

Tommy was all too happy to oblige. He pressed his lips against Elliot’s, feeling the man’s mouth open to allow him in. Intense desire burned through his lips, igniting every nerve in his body. Kissing Elliot was a joy unto itself.

Tommy reached behind Elliot and slid his fingers back down the crease of his ass. Two of his fingers slid right into the man. The third finger took a little moving, a little pushing in and pulling out before it slid in the rest of the way. Tommy would never do anything that hurt Elliot, no matter how much he wanted the man.

“I love how damn responsive you are, pretty baby,” Tommy groaned at the soft pressure of Elliot’s cock pushing against his stomach. The man’s recovery time was astronomical.

Tommy pulled his fingers from Elliot then gripped the man’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart. He pushed forward until he felt the head of his cock slid against Elliot. Pushing forward even more, Tommy started to slide in.

Elliot’s moan filled the small room. Tommy glanced down at the man, grinning when he found Elliot staring back up at him, his mouth hanging open as if he couldn’t keep his groans of pleasure behind his lips.

Tommy gripped Elliot’s ass tighter and slowly pulled out. He could see Elliot’s response to his movements in the man’s glazed eyes. He thrust forward suddenly and all the air blew out of Elliot’s mouth.

“Like that, pretty baby?” Tommy asked as he did it again.

Elliot nodded, his mouth still hanging open.

“Or like this?” Tommy rammed up into Elliot several times, quick short motions. Elliot’s head dropped back. His hands tightened on Tommy’s shoulders.

“I…I have to choose?”

“Guess not.” Tommy chuckled. He started thrusting again, alternating between fast and short, to slow and long. Each movement brought a different sound from Elliot’s mouth, a groan, a moan, a deep cry. Tommy was fascinated. He couldn’t look away from Elliot. Everything the man felt was written across his flushed face.

Tommy was so caught up in watching Elliot’s pleasure play across his handsome features that his orgasm took him by surprise. One second he was thrusting into Elliot, the next, his knees buckled as the most intense orgasm of his life swept over him.

Tommy roared, his vision blurring as he felt the knot at the end of his cock extend to take hold inside of his mate. More pleasure exploded through Tommy when he heard Elliot cry out, the space between them filling with the man’s release.

He sat back on his legs and cradled Elliot to him, smiling into the man’s hair when Elliot nuzzled into his chest. His hands gently stroked up and down Elliot’s back as he waited for the knot to recede, but glad he had these few minutes connected to his mate.

“You never did tell me what that thing is,” Elliot mumbled against Tommy’s throat.

“Tell you what what thing is, pretty baby?”

Elliot wiggled his hips, drawing another groan from Tommy. “That thing inside of me.”

“My cock?” Elliot’s head snapped back. Tommy chuckled at the fierce little glare in Elliot’s baby blue eyes. “It’s called a knot, Elliot. Every shifter has one, but it only comes out when we have sex with our mates.”

“Really?” Elliot’s eyebrows shot up.


“So, before me, you’ve never experienced it?”

“Nope, you’re the first one I’ve ever knotted.”

Elliot’s grin was beautiful and lit up his entire face. “I like that.”

“Me too, pretty baby.” Tommy leaned in and planted a slow, gentle kiss on Elliot’s lips. He grinned when he pulled away, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. “Sometime later I’ll tell you what happens on the full moon. You’ll like it, I promise.”

Tommy felt the knot finally start to recede and chuckled at the low groan or protest that came from his mate. He didn’t want to leave Elliot either but knew it was not something he could prevent at the moment. But maybe later they could try again.

“Come on, pretty baby, let’s get dressed. I’m sure everyone is wondering where we are.”

Elliot snorted. “I’m pretty sure they know exactly where we are. You’re very loud.”

“Says the man who just screamed in ecstasy,” Tommy snickered. He had no doubt that everyone had heard the both of them. He didn’t care. In fact, he was in favor of it. The more the others knew that Tommy and Elliot were mated, the better. He wanted everyone to know Elliot was here to stay.

Tommy cleaned up with some paper towels from the pantry shelf then got dressed. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the small grimace on Elliot’s face as the man cleaned himself up. Cooking oil might do when you were in a hurry, but it sure left a mess behind.

As Elliot moved toward the door, something intense suddenly flared through Tommy. Somehow, this small, neurotic, chatty man had unlocked his heart and soul, and Elliot was laying claim to it a piece at a time.

“Elliot,” Tommy called out just as Elliot reached for the doorknob.


Tommy couldn’t miss the intensity in Elliot’s eyes as they traveled over his face. He felt it all the way down to his toes. He was powerless to resist the emotion he could see burning in Elliot’s eyes. And he didn’t want to.

Tommy walked over to stand next to Elliot, cupping his hand around the man’s beautiful cheek. He swallowed hard, the sudden lump in his throat making it hard to talk. “I…you’re mine, you know?” he whispered.

Elliot’s expression stilled then grew serious. The beginning of a smile tipped the corners of his lips. “I love you, too, Tommy.”

Tommy blinked. He wasn’t sure that was exactly what he wanted to say. He wasn’t even sure how he really felt about Elliot. Shouldn’t they need more than a few days to know if they loved each other? Maybe years?

But the more he thought about the joy that filled him at Elliot’s words, the more Tommy began to suspect his mate had phrased their feeling for each other perfectly. Tommy smiled and stroked his thumb over Elliot’s high cheekbone.

BOOK: Pretty Baby [Wolf Creek Pack 7]
5.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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