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He gave her one last kiss and pushed up her
body, propping his weight on his elbows on either side of her head.
He couldn't suppress the swell of masculine pride as he took in the
heavy-lidded look of satisfaction in her eyes. He considered
himself a good lover, made it a point to do his best to get his
partner off.

But he'd never been more proud of giving a
woman an orgasm than he was right now.




There was no mistaking the self satisfaction
lurking in the amber heat of Deck's gaze. She'd seen it before in
her lovers—even Ryan had sported it in the beginning, and it never
failed to piss her off.

Because in the past, her lover's satisfaction
usually came from the knowledge that he'd just fucked one of the
most bankable actresses in Hollywood, who'd made
"Fifty Most Beautiful" and
"Hot 100" the last seven
years straight. All that mattered was that he'd nailed her, not
whether or not he'd been any good at it.

But instinctively she knew Deck's pride was
all about his performance. And considering the way her body was
still trembling with the aftershocks of the most intense orgasm she
could ever remember, he'd earned the right to his arrogance.

And contrary to turning her off, that
self-satisfied smile teasing his lips only made her even more
determined to return the favor.

She ran her hands down the smooth, muscled
plane of his back, frowning a little when she encountered fabric at
his waist. Against her stomach she could feel him, rock hard and
straining against the confines of his tux pants. She reached one
hand in between them and cupped him in her palm, heard his sharp
inhale as her hand closed over him.

He groaned and flicked open the tab closure
of his pants, his movements urgent as he tugged down the zipper.
Jane helped him shove his pants and boxers down his hips and then
he was spilling into her eager hands.

His moan echoed hers as her hand closed
around him. There was a rush of wetness between her legs even as
her mouth went dry at the sight of him, so long and so thick her
fingers could barely close around him.

"Wow," she breathed before she could stop

"I hope that's a compliment," he said with a

Jane couldn't help but laugh too as her grip
tightened around him. "It most certainly is," she said sliding her
hand from the base to the tip, marveling at every inch in between.
"Consider me very impressed."

Then his smile turned into a pleasured
grimace as she pumped him in her fist, ran her thumb over the plump
head as the muscles in his chest and arms twitched like he was
being hit with an electric current. She leaned up to kiss him,
licking into his mouth as she explored him, all silky skin over
granite hardness.

The last of her post orgasmic bliss faded in
a wave of fresh desire, her body throbbing with renewed need as she
imagined how it would feel to take the thick heat of him inside

As though he read her mind Deck broke the
kiss and pulled away from her to shove his pants the rest of the
way off along with his socks. She watched him take a condom from
his wallet and sheath himself with quick, jerky movements.

And then he was there, kneeling between her
legs. Jane eagerly drew her knees up, opening herself to him. She
watched, the knot in her low belly tightening with every breath, as
he wrapped his hand around his cock and guided himself to her
opening. Instead of thrusting inside as she expected, he rubbed
himself against her, circling her clit, sliding himself against her
until he was soaked with her juice and Jane was convinced she was
going to come before he even got inside her.

"Please," she moaned and slid her hands down
his back and lower until her fingers dug into the rounded muscles
of his ass. "Ple—"

Her plea caught in her throat as he sank into
her, burying himself deep with one long thrust. She gasped and
clenched around him as her body stretched to accommodate him, the
slight pinch of pain doing nothing to quell the sharp ache building
low in her belly.

Oh my God, this is really happening.

The thought made her freeze for a moment, her
body clamping tight around him as though trying to stop this,
trying to stop him. As though deep down she somehow knew that if
she went through with this, she would never be the same.

Then he started to move, and any thought of
stopping dissolved under the onslaught of his desire. Her body
shuddered and clenched around the thick length of his cock as he
took her in hard, heavy thrusts. "Oh Christ, you feel so good," he
murmured, his mouth hot and open against her neck. "So wet and
tight and perfect around me."

"You feel amazing," Jane murmured helplessly.
Everything about him was amazing.

She couldn't get enough, wrapping her legs
around him to take him impossibly deeper, her hands gripping his
hips to urge him harder, faster. Rough, animal sounds she didn't
even recognize as her own echoed his own rough groans.

His hands seemed to be everywhere, seeming to
know exactly how she wanted to be touched before she even realized
it herself. She could feel her orgasm building, coiling like a
spring inside her as his muscles tightened under her fingers.

He circled her clit with firm strokes of his
thumb, pushing her to the edge. "That's it Jane, I want you to
come. I want to feel you come around my cock."

That was all it took to send her flying
apart, shattering like glass, blowing apart into a thousand
glittering shards. He gripped her hips, holding himself deep and
rocking his hips against her until he'd wrung every last shudder
from her body.

He reared back, his hips moving swift and
hard, any pretense of restraint gone. His face was tight with
agonized pleasure and every muscle and sinew stood out in stark
relief. He froze for a split second, his breath coming out on a low
groan as his body started to shudder against hers. Jane squeezed
her muscles around him, stroking him from the inside as his cock
pulsed heavily inside her.

He collapsed onto the mattress beside her,
his head cradled in his arms as he lay face down. Jane ran her gaze
eagerly down the long bare lines of his back and legs, wondering at
the faint pucker of scar tissue on his left shoulder.

He was so big, so tough. A warrior in the
truest sense of the word. Unlike anyone she'd ever been with.

She'd imagined being with Deck hundreds of
times, creating countless scenarios involving the two of them
ending up naked together in a sweaty tangle.

It had really happened. And it was infinitely
better than anything she'd ever come up with, she thought with a

He rolled onto his side and propped his head
in his hand, his mouth pulling into an answering smile, his eyes
heavy-lidded and radiating satisfaction. "For a minute there I was
afraid they were going to have to carry me out on a stretcher."

Jane cocked an eyebrow at him. "Oh yeah?"

He settled his free hand in the curve of her
waist. "There's a reason they call it the little death, right? You
made me come so hard I was afraid I was about to have an

Laughter bubbled up in her throat. "I'll take
that as a compliment," she said, echoing his earlier words, "even
though that doesn't sound very good."

He grinned and slid his hand up, his fingers
tangling in the hair spilling over her shoulder. "Any time you come
so hard you almost black out is a win in my book."

Jane grinned back. As he rolled to his feet
and sauntered to the bathroom, she was unable to suppress a flush
of pride. Call her shallow, but knowing she'd broken Deck's iron
control and made him feel as good as she did went a long way in
boosting her ego.

And after the day she'd had, her ego—not to
mention her spirits—had needed some serious boosting.

As Deck settled back on the bed beside her, a
twinge of sadness invaded their shared bubble of pleasure. She
tried to shove it away, but a hint of it must have shown on her

Deck's hand cupped her shoulder, his grin
fading into a look of sympathy. "I'm sorry Jane."

She squeezed her eyes shut against the burn
of tears. She was so tired of crying, and the last thing she wanted
to do was ruin this moment with Deck with tears over anything
having to do with her ex-husband. But they bubbled over anyway at
the thought of the coming weeks and months, the press no doubt
hounding her for comments, waiting to see if she'd actually crack
and break down in front of them.

Not to mention the prospect of watching
Katya's body swell with pregnancy while Jane's own prospects
continued to wither.

"Well that's it," Deck's voice broke through
her pity party a split second before she found her self flipped
over on her back.

"That's what?" Jane sniffed.

Deck rolled on top of her, using his knee to
push her legs apart so his hips were cradled between. "If you keep
crying, I'm going to have to keep fucking you to cheer you up."

She let out a watery laugh. "You better get
your strength up then. I'm pretty upset."

He nodded, taking her wrists in his hands and
pinning them to the mattress, his face solemn. "It's a demanding
job, but I'm pretty sure I'm up for it." He said the last with a
rock of his hips.

Her breath caught as she felt him, rock hard
against her belly, as if moments before he hadn't come so hard he'd
nearly blacked out. "I'd say so." He bent to kiss her, and all
traces of sadness fled as a wave of need hit her, surprising her
with its force considering how quickly it came on the heels of her
own climaxes.

She shifted under him, cradling him with her
heat. His breath hissed out as his cock slipped and slid against
the slick folds of her sex, and Jane moaned at the delicious
friction as he moved his shaft against her clit. She slid her arms
down his back and cupped his ass, reveling in the feel of his hard
muscles flexing with every shift of his hips.

He covered her mouth, claiming it with slow
sweeps of his tongue that muffled the high pinched sounds of
pleasure building in her throat. She was close, so close, but
inside her was a throbbing ache, a need to have him drive inside
her. Fill her up until she once again forgot all about being sad.
Fill her up until there was nothing but him.

Suddenly Deck froze on top of her. "Do you
hear that?"

Jane froze too, her heart slamming in her
chest as she heard the unmistakable sound of her name accompanied
by heavy footsteps on the hardwood floor outside. Deck started to
scramble off her but it was too late. Jane's door swung open,
offering whoever was behind it an unobstructed view of a nude Jane
sprawled on the bed, and an equally nude Deck, sporting a very
impressive erection.


Chapter 3



Jane scrambled to cover herself with the
sheet, cringing at the exclamation shrieked in the all too familiar
voice of Hal Parsons, her publicist.

She watched as Hal turned his attention to
Deck, who was yanking his pants up his legs. "Holy python, Deck!"
Hal shrieked again. "I mean, I always imagined you'd be big, but
who knew you were the human tripod."

Deck grimaced as he zipped up his fly and
bent to grab his shirt from the floor. "You know, I could have gone
my entire life not thinking about you imagining my junk."

Jane snorted as she darted for her walk in
closet and grabbed a thin cotton robe to wrap around herself.

"Don't worry, sweetie," she heard Hal say as
she walked back into the bedroom. "You're so straight, you make
stripes look curvy. But a gay's gotta get his jollies where he can.
Especially when I have to deal with disasters like her," he said,
waving one plump hand dramatically in Jane's direction as he turned
to pin her with his hard stare.

With his round body and mop of dark curls,
Hal looked like an overgrown cherub, which made it hard to keep a
straight face when he put on his "mad face."

Still he was one of the best publicists in
the business, and he'd been a lifesaver when the whole thing with
Ryan and Katya first blew up. And he would be indispensable in the
coming weeks as he helped her navigate the media fallout that would
come from Ryan's latest bombshell.

With that in mind, Jane schooled her face
into a somber expression as Hal ranted. "I called you like fifty
times after I saw the news! My phone is blowing up with people
calling me to tell me you're nowhere to be found at the Globes—did
you forget you were a goddamn presenter?"

"I'm sorry, Hal. I was upset—"

"I was worried sick about you," Hal said,
splaying his hand across the front of his periwinkle blue shirt,
"imagining all kinds of horrible things, worried you hurt

"I'm sorry—" Jane interjected but Hal
continued, undaunted.

"And then I come to your house and find you
fucking the help?"

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Deck

"Let's go talk about this downstairs," Jane
said, grabbing Hal by the arm. She ushered him out the door and
left Deck in her room, hunting for the rest of his clothes.

She led Hal to the kitchen, where he promptly
helped himself to a glass of wine from the bottle she'd left
sitting out on the counter. He took a large swallow and heaved a
dramatic sigh.

"Feel better now," Jane said, cocking her

"It's no double dirty vodka martini, but I
need something to settle my nerves," he said and set the glass
aside. "My God, Jane, what were you thinking, sleeping with

Jane swallowed convulsively. "It wasn't like
I planned it. He showed up, right after I found out the news. I was

BOOK: Private Passions
12.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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