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She’s supposed to be untouchable. But I’ve had a taste of the forbidden fruit, and now I just want

She’s the girl from my freshman lecture - my perfect, straight-A pupil and the one I shouldn’t even be looking at much less having these kind of thoughts about. No woman has ever made me feel this way, like I’m going out of my mind with raw need for her. I know the rules, and I know she’s half my age, but I don’t give a

Because I’m going
her. I’m gonna be her
, and I’m going to breed her until everyone knows she’s MINE.

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Copyright © 2015 Madison Faye

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, organizations, actual events or locales is entirely coincidental. The author acknowledges the trademark status of products referred to in this book and acknowledges that trademarks have been used without permission.

This book is intended for mature, adult audiences only. It contains extremely sexually explicit and graphic scenes and language which may be considered offensive by some readers. This book is strictly intended for those over the age of 18.

All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older. All acts of a sexual nature are completely consensual.

Dear Reader,

This book, like my others, is about taking a fantasy and running
with it.
If you don’t like wildly over-the-top stories that basically consist of an older, alpha male breeding a much younger and innocent woman, than this isn’t for you. But chances are, you already knew that ;).

If you
into the above, then please read on, and I do hope you enjoy.

This book is for anyone who’s ever wanted a little


Chapter 1 - Liam

Chapter 2 - Ellie

Chapter 3 - Liam

Chapter 4 - Ellie

Chapter 5 - Liam

Chapter 6 - Liam

Chapter 7 - Ellie

Chapter 8 - Ellie

Chapter 9 - Liam

Chapter 10 - Ellie

Chapter 11 - Liam

Chapter 12 - Liam

Chapter 13 - Ellie

Chapter 14 - Ellie

Chapter 15 - Ellie

Chapter 16 - LIam

Chapter 17 - Ellie

Chapter 18 - Liam

Chapter 19 - Ellie

Chapter 20 - Ellie

Chapter 21 - Ellie

Chapter 22 - Liam

Chapter 23 - Liam

Chapter 24 - Ellie

Epilogue - Ellie

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I go to move past her towards the rolling ladder to the side of my office that spans one of the extra-tall bookshelves, but she stops me. “Oh, I can get it!” She says with a bright smile. And before I can stop her, she’s turning and starting to climb the wooden ladder. “Which shelf?”

But I barely hear her, like her voice is coming at me from underwater or something.

Holy shit.

Because now she’s four steps up the ladder right in front of me. And she’s wearing that short little pleated skirt.

…And I can see
up to the tiny patch of lace white pulled tight across the lips of her pussy before disappearing between the cheeks of her ass.

I’m utterly mesmerized, utterly frozen with my eyes
and locked on that sweet untouchable prize, like a little peach - barely covered, barely legal, and
in front of my face. My cock roars in my pants, and I’m so mesmerized, in fact, that I don’t even hear her ask a second time.

But it’s when I hear her small gasp and the soft “oh” that my eyes jerk up to her face.

And our eyes lock.

,” I swear, suddenly feeling the rush of adrenaline turn to something else as I quickly take a step back. “Shit, Ellie, I’m-” I shake my head as I take a deep breath and look up at her again. “Fuck, honey, I’m so sorry, that was out of li-”

“Do you like what you see, Professor?” Her voice is soft, and so tender sounding, and the combination of the two is
hot to my ears and has my cock rising right back up to attention.

“Ellie, I didn’t mean to-”

“I don’t mind,” She says, her face going bright red as she sucks her bottom lip between her teeth.

I freeze, one hand still on the wooden ladder and the blood roaring in my ear I slowly look back up at her. She’s still standing there, four rungs up and looking coyly and shyly over her shoulder at me.

And I can
see her panties.

“Ellie, maybe you should come down from th-”

“I really don’t mind, Professor,” She says again, her eyes flashing at me as she swallows thickly. “I think it’s only fair.”

I force my eyes up from her panty-clad pussy to her face again, my brow furrowing. “Fair?”

“I-” She blushes furiously. “I saw you,” she says quietly. “The other day here, here in your office.”

Here in my-


The flash of movement, the cracked open door, and the empty hallway, the night I’d jerked off in here thinking of her. And suddenly, it’s all clicking as my jaw clenches and my muscles tense. My eyes pierce into hers, and I can see the heat and the same hunger there in hers that I know is writ across mine.

“Ellie, honey-”

“I- I liked what I saw, Professor,” She says softly. Slowly, she starts to turn on the ladder, until she’s facing and looking down at me perched there above me. “Could-” She blushes bright red again, and I can feel the blood pumping my dick rock hard as I watch the way her tits rise and fall with her breath.

“Could I see it again?”

Holy shit.

“Ellie,” I say quietly, barely trusting myself to talk to her with how ready I am to bury every inch of my dick inside of her. “I think you should leave.”

The fuck I do
. I don’t, really. Leave? Fuck that. I want her to stay right here, preferable with her legs spreading and my cock buried balls-deep in that tight little eighteen year old pussy. But I also have a job to think about. I have rules and consequences of breaking them to think about.

“I won’t tell anyone, Professor Martin,” she says softly, and she says it so innocently and sweetly that I literally groan out loud at how hard my cock gets when she’s says it.

“It can be our little secret,” she says with a hushed voice.

It’s so fucking
, but damn if hearing sweet little Ellie Thompson say shit like that doesn’t have me ready to tear those panties right off her and bury my tongue in her slit.

“Fuck, Ellie,” I growl, letting my eyes roam freely over her nubile young body.

“Do you want a better look, Professor?” She says, grinning shyly as she bites her lip. And before I can say or do anything, she slowly starts to pull up on her skirt. I groan as more and more of her creamy thighs are revealed. And when she pulls it higher still and the lacy white of her panties pulled right across her pussy comes into view, I

, and I can see it plainly there between her legs. Her panties are wet across her pussy, making them mold to every soft contour of her forbidden place.

“Is this what you were trying to see earlier in the lecture, Professor?” She says with a little grin across her lips.

“Jesus, Ellie,” I growl. I’m moving forward then, drawn to her, and confident that nothing in the fucking world could stop me now. My hands slide up from the wood of the ladder to her legs, and I feel her shiver at the contact of my hands across her soft warm skin.

I’m moving closer still, my mouth inches from her thigh and my breath hot across her skin when she

And there goes the last shred of my restraint. My hands slide right put her thighs, my fingers hooking into her panties. She whimpers then, her breath coming quick as I start to pull them down over her hips. I slip them down until the soft, pink, wet lips of her perfect, college pussy is revealed to me, and I

Chapter 1


I’m a bad man.

Well, no, I’m a good man, but I’m about to do something bad. Because I’m staring down at this perfect little picture of innocence and temptation sprawled out beneath me, and I know I’m never going to be able to resist her.

; strawberry blonde hair cascading around her angelic face with those deep blue eyes looking up at me. Her cheeks flushed pink; pink like the soft pink nipples peaking her heavenly tits. Fuck me, I could bury my face for
in the soft, creamy skin of those breasts and the way they defy fucking gravity in the way they sit so high and perky on her chest despite being so big.

And she’s so fucking wet for me that I can see it glistening in the low light of her dorm room. I can see how ready and willing that tight little pussy is, ready for me as I hover above her about to plunge my cock balls deep into that impossibly tight channel.

Jesus, her
dorm room

Yeah, this girl is perfect, but she’s also
so fucking wrong.
She’s legal, but she’s a student;
student for God’s sake. She’s my perfect, straight-A student that sits front and center in my freshman english literature class at Hardham College. The one I lose my damn words over when I get sucked into watching her. The one I lose my place in my readings over when I watch her chewing on the end of her pen, her eyes lost in the book in front of her, or when she crosses and uncrosses her legs. She’s not
to be sexy, but that’s exactly what gets me hard as a fucking rock for her.

BOOK: Professor: A First Time Novel
6.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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