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Proposition Book 1, EROS INC.

BOOK: Proposition Book 1, EROS INC.
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EROS INC. – Book One


By Mia Moore

Published by Mia Moore

Copyright 2013, Mia Moore

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Proposition

Chapter 2 - Training

Chapter 3 – Two in One

Chapter 4 – Nick’s Office

Chapter 5 – Eros Inc.

About the Author


Chapter 1-


Soft jazz music played in the dim lighting of the bar at the
Metro Convention Centre. I straightened the side slit of my skirt and entered. As
it was early in the evening, there were only a handful of people seated at the
golden, oak bar. Two men wearing suits, sitting together at the bar, turned and
looked me up and down. And… Bonus. They weren’t bad looking, probably late
twenties, I’d guess. Knowing they were watching me, I gave an extra roll to my
hips as I walked to a table near the bar. When I sat down it was hard to resist
the urge to pull my skirt hem closer to my knees.

A waiter in a red shirt and bow tie appeared and I asked for
a glass of white wine. That had better be the last drink I’d buy tonight. There
was only had a twenty dollar bill in my purse and not much in my bank account.
I crossed my legs and returned the look of the men at the bar. My eyes flitted
between them and I ran the tip of my tongue over my lower lip. One guy was dark
haired with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen--I could tell even from here. He had
a strong jaw and straight Roman nose. He turned to say something to his companion.
The other guy was slightly shorter, with light brown hair, sun kissed blond at
the top and near his tanned face. His smile gave way to laughter and his eyes
kept glancing my way as he answered the dark haired man. He was cute and seemed
full of fun which contrasted nicely to the darker man. They turned slightly in
their seats, staring at me, smiling.

I sipped my wine and returned their look over the rim of my
glass. The butterflies in my stomach were swooping and dive bombing. If anyone
had told me a month ago that I’d be sitting in a bar hoping to pick up a man,
hoping that he’d give me money for sex, I’d have told them they were doing
cheap drugs. But back then, my job prospects had looked promising. I didn’t
have to worry about paying my student loan, let alone the rent.

Even though I’d always had fantasies of being an older guy’s
little sex slut—they were just fantasies. I was always the proper young lady.
No one would ever guess the wicked thoughts that went through my head late at
night in my bed. Now, desperation was forcing me to live them. Would the
reality be anywhere near as hot? My cheeks were getting warm.

Oh God! They had risen and were now walking to my table. Act
casual and sexy, Cerise. Just smile and look friendly. God knows, you’re
showing enough leg and cleavage to get their attention. Don’t blow this.

“Hi. Mind if we join you?” It was tall, dark and blue eyes.
His smile curled up at the corner and his eyes locked with mine. My heart was racing
in my chest. He was gorgeous. His suit draped over broad shoulders, down to a
flat stomach and slim hips. The man must live at the gym.

“I was hoping you would.” Ohmygod. Where did that come from?
I sounded like I’d done this a million times. Guess those drama classes in high
school were finally paying off.

The men took a seat—dark and handsome next to me, while
blond and cute pulled out a chair opposite me.

“I’m Nick and this is my friend and business partner, Dev.” He
raised his hand signaling to the waiter for another round. No rings, just an
expensive looking watch.

“I’m Cerise. A pleasure to meet you. Are you attending the engineering
conference here?” I tilted my head and ran my fingers through my hair, pulling back
a stray lock which had fallen to my cheek.

“Yeah. It’s over for the day, thank God.”  Nick leaned
closer to me, his lips uplifted in a small smile, revealing perfect white
teeth. “You can’t be an attendee Cerise. You look too young to be an
engineer—not to mention too beautiful.” There was an end of the day shadow of
beard in his swarthy complexion, accentuated by his twinkling, blue eyes.

I was tongue tied, stomach dropping to my knees. Nick looked
like he could be a model for GQ magazine. All of the good looking guys I had
ever dated paled in comparison to the man looking at me. I guess that was the
difference—the others were just boys, while this was a man.

“You look like you could be in high school. How’d you even
get in here?” Dev’s green eyes danced. His wide grin showed that he was teasing.
He picked up the glass of whisky the waiter placed before him.  “Cheers. Here’s
to meeting pretty young things after a day of boring presentations.”

I returned Dev’s grin and noticed the gold stud earring and
the top of a bluish tattoo that crept over the collar of his shirt.

“Thank you. But I’m actually a college grad, looking for a
job.” I picked up my glass and finished the wine, ready for the next. The
butterflies in my stomach had landed and now were fluttering their wings. I
needed more liquid courage to go through with this.

“Oh, what was your major? Maybe we could help you find work.
We own our own firm. We’re always on the lookout for talent.” Nick’s eyes bored
into mine. Was there a hint or proposition in that question?

“Physiotherapy. I can tell you about your muscles and
tendons but not a thing about building structure, so I’m not sure you’d want to
give me a job. Unless of course, you’d like a demo. I could probably help you
with any aches and pains, muscle tension.” I sipped my wine and looked from one
to the other. Yeah, that had an effect. Dev shifted his body in the chair and
leaned forward.

“I’m having some discomfort with a muscle right now. Think
you could help me? I’ve been to chiropractors galore, gave them bundles of
money. If you could fix me up, I’d sure appreciate it.” Dev’s hand drifted
under the table and grazed against my knee causing me to jump a little.

“Would you like to dance, Cerise?” Nick stood and extended
his hand to me.

Wasn’t he interested in what I had just offered? Dev sure
was. Maybe this was part of the pick-up game. I’ll play along as see what
happens. I smiled and took his hand feeling my own so small in his. He escorted
me to the dance floor, placing his hand gently in the small of my back.

“Cerise, you’re pretty young. I’m getting the impression
you’re kind of inexperienced in this sort of thing. His lips whispered against
my ear lobe as he held me close on the dance floor. A tingle vibrated down my
spine and I shivered. Was that desire or fear? I didn’t know and I didn’t care.

“It’s that obvious?” I nuzzled into his neck inhaling the
sharp, clean smell of his cologne.

“If I wanted a full body massage, I could get that on any
street corner. You need money, right?” He pulled his head back and I melted in
his cerulean blue eyes. My hand drifted lower on his back. I could feel the
muscles even through his suit jacket.

“Yes. The bank is hounding me. I’ve always had a thing for
older men and thought I could kill two birds with one stone.” I could feel the
brush off coming on. What am I going to do now? My throat tightened. I placed
my head on his chest to hide my disappointment. He was turning me down. A small
part of me was relieved, but that was overwhelmed by worry. The worry was
overwhelmed by disappointment, being passed over by a guy. Damn.

My breath hitched when his groin brushed against my stomach.
He was hard. My eyes must have been wide when my head jerked up to look at him.

He smiled between a smirk and a full-fledged grin. “Hey, I’m
only in my thirties—not an old man!” He drew me in closer, pushing his
stiffness against my belly. “I wasn’t saying I didn’t want to be with you.
You’re beautiful and young, who wouldn’t want you?”

I breathed a sigh of relief. And resignation. I’m a hooker

In the middle of the song he took me off the dance floor by
the hand. He put his fingers on my shoulders and looked directly at me, his
face close. “If I’m going to pay you to be with me, you need to be able to take
direction. Do you know what I’m saying?” His knee pressed between mine as we
stood there.

I opened them a little, and he pressed in. He rose his foot
on his toe and pressed further. This felt so dirty, being off to the side like
this. I was surprised—a small thrill went through me. His eyes bored into me.
“Good girl,” he said and relaxed his knee. For a second I tilted my hips to it.
He smiled mischievously.

“What do you mean by direction?” I asked.

“Good girls do what they’re told—because that pleases a man.
Will you do what you’re told?”

I looked away to collect my thoughts. I wasn’t going to get
fucked up the ass. No way—I’d never done it. And if he thinks I’m going to get
my freak on with a German Shepherd forget it. I needed the money but not that
bad. I turned back to look at him.

“I have limitations,” I said.

 “Good. Shows some inner strength.” Again that mischievous
grin. “Character, maybe.” He put his finger to his chin. “How about for our
first time, if I ask you to do something you don’t like, you just say ‘red’?”

“Really?” I found that hard to believe. “You’ll just stop?”

His face got serious and he nodded. “Yes.” He took my hand
and stood close again. “Look, Cerise, I’m a businessman. And every transaction
always works out better if there’s respect. Even though you don’t know me, I’m
a pretty decent guy.” He smiled again and rubbed against me again.

He must have known that I went all in at that moment.

My body sure did. Ohmygod, I was starting to get wet. He was
going to give me direction. That thought caused a tingle in my pussy. I had
never had a boyfriend ‘give direction’. I’ve been asked, pleaded with and
begged, yes. But now to be told? Why did that arouse me so much? How much
longer until we could leave?

I put my arms around him and pressed in. “Just tell me what
you want.” I could barely hear my whispered reply.

“Good girl.”


Chapter 2 –


I sat at the table with Dev waiting for Cerise to return
from the ladies room. When the waiter arrived to take our drink order, I threw
a fifty on the table and declined. Dev of course ordered another.

“She’s gorgeous and built like a brick shit house. You lucky
dog. I wish it was my turn to have her first.” Dev raised his fist and gave me
a playful punch on the arm.

“Horn dog. It’s just an hour. I’ll have her all warmed up
for you. Yeah, she’s a looker. The innocence turns me on.” I laughed. “A virgin

“And if she really is a college grad, she’s got some smarts.
Might be just the one we’re looking for.” Dev’s eyes leveled with mine. Maybe.

“Shush, here she comes.” I rose to my feet and intercepted
her before she reached the table. Her hand was tiny and warm in mine as I led
her from the bar to the elevator.

She glanced from my face to the floor numbers above the
stainless doors signaling the ascent of the elevator. When she smiled at me,
the corners of her mouth quivered a bit, betraying her nerves. I liked the
nervousness. To take someone like this, a little scared, and turn her into a
creaming slut…

I put my arm around her shoulders. If she’s the one, she’ll
find desires she’s never thought about. She doesn’t have a clue how depraved
she can be.

I watched her ass when we got off the elevator. The red
dress clung to her round hips and hugged the spot just under the cheeks. God,
my hands twitched at the thought of squeezing those sweet little orbs till she cried
out. She wouldn’t know if it was pain or pleasure. I love it when that happens.

She turned and stopped, waiting for me to catch up. I
slipped my arm around her waist pulling her close. There was no excess flesh
under my hand, just a soft firmness. Her perfume was spice in my nostrils.

I slid the card through the slot and pushed the door open
for her to enter. With short steps, hips swaying, she walked to the bed and
turned to face me. She had such an odd smile. He eyes were wide, but her mouth
was wanton, the tip of her pinkie finger resting between her red lips. Her head
was lowered, eyes looking up at me in a Lady Di way. She knows the effect she’s
having on me. Okay little girl, there’s a lot you don’t know--time to take you
to school.

BOOK: Proposition Book 1, EROS INC.
10.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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