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Pursued by the Prisoner



Book two in the Ultimate Fantasy series.


Mary has always fantasized about a dangerous escaped
prisoner kidnapping her and forcing her to submit to his brutal, pent-up
desires. When she receives an invitation from the Institute of Women’s Sexual
Satisfaction to live out that fantasy in one of their research facilities, she
jumps at the chance. Now she just has to convince her gentle giant of a husband
to take control and make her his willing love slave.


Inside Scoop:
This prisoner has a little bondage in
mind, and his wife loves every minute of it.


contemporary erotic romance
from Ellora’s Cave

Pursued by the Prisoner
Ann Mayburn


Chapter One


Mary carefully placed the letter on the small
bronze-and-glass table in her foyer, along with the Chinese takeout she’d
stopped to get on the way home from work, almost spilling the food when she
placed it too close to the edge. She took a deep breath and tried to calm her
racing heart. In a slow, unhurried manner, she removed her light fall jacket
with shaking hands.

Despite her nonchalant actions, her gaze kept darting back
to the piece of paper with the Institute for Women’s Sexual Satisfaction logo
at the top. She hung her jacket in the closet and then removed the sensible
black heels she wore to teach science at the local high school. When her
stocking-clad feet hit the cool tile, she did what she’d wanted to do since the
moment she’d opened the mail—jumped up and down while clapping with delight.

A quick glance at the old grandfather clock in the living
room just off the foyer showed she had maybe ten minutes until her husband Sean
came home from work. The joy swiftly gave way to a gut-tightening apprehension.
If she was going to do this, she would need his help and she wasn’t at all sure
he’d be on board for what she had in mind. It was unconventional, risky and had
the potential to be explosively hot…but only if he fully got into his role.

She thought about changing into some lingerie and grabbing a
beer to soften him up, but they’d no doubt fall into bed together. And if he
accepted her wicked proposal, they couldn’t have sex until Thanksgiving break
in two weeks. Well, they probably could, but she wanted him in the right frame
of mind for her naughty sexual fantasy. The IWSS director had emphasized how
important it was she indulge in her ultimate sexual fantasy in order to get the
best readings. This particular fantasy was one she’d had for about as long as
she could remember. While her husband fit the physical description of her
fantasy man to a T, she didn’t know if he could ever do the things she craved.

Nerves had her peeking through the frosted glass of the
front door, waiting for a glimpse of his truck pulling into the driveway in the
late-evening dusk. If fate was on her side, the traffic would be light coming
from the university and he’d be home soon. The longer it took him, the more
worked up she would get. Already her stomach tightened and she couldn’t help
but clasp her hands together. What if he said no? What if his feelings got
hurt? What if he called her a pervert and then phoned her mom? Okay, that last
part was probably an exaggeration, but she’d never shared this fantasy with any
of her lovers, let alone her husband.

A bright wash of headlights swept over their lawn as Sean’s
truck pulled into their drive. Her heart beat faster and a light sweat broke
out on her palms. She stepped away from the door and moved into the living
room, checking her makeup in the massive mirror over the fireplace and
smoothing strands of dark hair back with a shaking hand. Her reflection showed
a woman who looked as if she might be on the verge of coming down with the flu,
so she closed her eyes and blew out a deep breath.

She had nothing to worry about. This was Sean. Her Sean. The
man who’d captured her heart back in college. The man she’d married on what had
to be the best day of her life. He did everything he could to make her life a
wonderful place. She needed to convince him that by indulging her fantasy, he
wouldn’t be hurting her…much.

The front door opened with a small whoosh of air and Sean
entered the foyer. The battered leather jacket he loved hugged tight his broad
shoulders and powerful arms. He removed the black knit hat covering his shaved
head and tossed it onto the foyer table. It landed next to the Chinese on top
of her letter. A bag full of football gear from practice still hung over his
shoulder, but he looked for her before doing anything else. When he spotted her
in the living room, his rough, handsome face lit up with a smile.

“Hey, baby, how was school?”

“Good.” Before she could have any second thoughts, she
blurted out her request. “Hey, Sean, would you pretend to be a dangerous
escaped prisoner, kidnap me and force me to do wicked things to you?”

The mesh bag full of football helmets hit the floor with a
thud as Sean stared at her with a look of disbelief. “What? You want me to

Mary tried to keep the encouraging smile on her face, but it
was hard with Sean looking at her as if she’d lost her mind. “Remember that
research study I told you about?” He gave her a blank stare, and she bit back
an irritated sigh. “The one Amanda told me about in our Pilates class about
female arousal? We talked about it over dinner on Tuesday.”

He opened the door to a small coat closet and hung his
jacket. The t-shirt he wore stretched over his big muscles, revealing tattooed
arms and biceps almost as big as her thighs. “Kinda.” He bent over to take off
his shoes, giving her a nice view of his tight ass. “But what the hell does
that have to do with me pretending to be a convict?”

She took a seat on their big brown leather couch and
smoothed her skirt around her knees. “Come sit down, and let’s talk about
this.” He gave her a weary look, and this time she didn’t try to hide her sigh.
“Just come here.”

“How about you talk to me about it while we dig into some

She closed her eyes and counted to ten for patience.
“Because this is not a conversation I want to have with you where I have to
compete for your attention with your General Tso’s chicken.”

He rolled his dark-green eyes but did what she asked. The
couch groaned under his weight, and he remained stiff as she cuddled closer.
Keeping her touch light, she stroked her hand over his shaved head. “We got
accepted into the study, and they want to fly us out to their research facility
in Dallas for three days.”

“Babe, I can’t go anywhere for three days, and I doubt the
school’s going to let you go either. Doesn’t your AP science class have some
kind of robot war thing to do? And you know I can’t take off in the middle of
football season. I’d be fired.”

“I’m not talking about either of us having to skip work.
Thanksgiving break is coming up. Instead of going to my mom’s this year, let’s
go have some really awesome sex and catch a Cowboys game.”

Excitement warred with apprehension on his handsome face.
“You don’t fight fair.” A small grin turned up the corners of his mouth. “Sex
and football, what guy could possibly resist that?”

Elated, she gave him a loud kiss on the lips but pulled away
before he could tug her closer. “All I need you to do is pretend to be an
escaped prisoner who kidnaps and ravishes me. I want you to tie me up and not
take no for an answer, force me to serve your wicked lust.” She tried to keep
her tone light and teasing, but as soon as she said those words he began to
shut down.

He clapped his hands over his face and leaned his head back
against the couch. “Mary…”

Hurt and embarrassment made her words come out sharper than
she intended. “What’s the big deal? We’ve role-played before.”

Even as she said it, she knew what the big deal was. Despite
the fact Sean looked like a biker from the wrong side of hell with his massive
frame and tattoos, he was actually as gentle as could be. He was always careful
not to hurt anyone smaller than him, which was pretty much everyone, and
absolutely abhorred men who beat on their women. What he didn’t understand was
that every once in a while, she wanted him to be a little rough with her, not
to the point of actually hurting her, but a little slap on the ass and taking
complete control every once in a while would be nice.

He drew in a deep breath and blew it out, still staring at the
ceiling rather than looking at her. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She growled and hitched up her skirt around her hips before
straddling his lap, trying to make him look at her. “You won’t hurt me.”

He shook his head. “How do you know? I might get carried
away and bruise you. You’re so small and delicate.”

She balled her small and delicate hand into a fist and hit
him in the biceps in a decidedly not small and delicate way. Unfortunately it
hurt her more than him, and she shook out her stinging hand with a scowl.
“Sean, you’ve never hurt me, and you never will. The only time I’ve ever seen
you get rough with anyone was when you were a bouncer in college and on the
football field. You won’t hurt me if you restrain and spank me, but you
turn me on.”

“Let me see your hand,” he muttered and pulled her knuckles
to his mouth, kissing away the pain. “Let’s say, for the sake of argument, I’ll
think about it. Are there going to be people watching us? ’Cause that would be
a total deal breaker for me. You are my woman, and I’m the only guy who’s ever
going to see you come.”

His possessive words started a warm ember of desire burning
in her stomach. “No, it will be just me and you. They put some kind of headband
thingy on me to monitor my brain waves, but we’re totally alone, and they don’t
take pictures of us or anything like that.”

He continued to run her knuckles over his lips. “Why are you
so eager to do this?”

“Well, other than having one of my favorite fantasies come
to life with my husband, I really believe in what they’re doing. I know so many
women who have lost their desire for a variety of reasons. If I could be part
of a study that helps them get their passion back, I would really feel good
about myself. It’s important work, Sean, and they need healthy, sexually active
volunteers to make it happen.”

He dropped her hand and stroked her back through the thin
satin of her blouse. “But why the prisoner thing? Why not just you and me?
Isn’t that enough?”

The note of vulnerability in his voice caught her attention,
and she mentally smacked herself in the forehead. She sometimes forgot that for
all his rough exterior, he was a very sensitive man, and there was nothing men
were more sensitive about than their skills in the bedroom.

“You will always be more than enough for me. I trust you
more than anyone in the world. That’s why I know I can totally let go in this
fantasy, and you won’t abuse that trust.” She lowered her voice and played with
the edge of his shirt, caressing the smooth sliver of skin beneath. “I can let
go, be wild and uninhibited, and know you won’t judge me for it or make me feel
bad about what turns me on. I hope you can say the same for me.”

“Well…I do have this fantasy about sheep…”

She lightly smacked his arm and couldn’t help but return his
grin. “Look, bud, I’ll dress up like Little Bo Peep for you, but that’s where I
draw the line.”

“Would you be willing to bring an inflatable sheep with

“Pervert.” She tried to get off his lap, but he easily held
her in place.

“This from the woman who wants me to kidnap her.”

She wiggled her bottom against him, liking the way his gaze
flared with heat. “Just think about it. The institute has these huge stages
they set up for the fantasies, and they provide all the props we want.” She
moved her hips in a slow circle, the thickness of his cock growing beneath her.
“You get to be a big, scary, sex-starved convict on the run who hasn’t been
with a woman in years. I get to be the lucky woman who is the focus of all that
pent-up need, all those urges. Of course I’ll fight you a bit and say no…” She
winked and tilted her hips so the thin silk of her panties slid over the
prominent bulge in his pants. “But you won’t take no for an answer, and you’ll
force me to have pleasure. Force me to come on your fingers, your lips and your

He groaned and his grip on her back moved down to her hips,
pressing her against him. “When you say it like that, it sounds fucking hot.
How come you never mentioned this before?”

She shrugged and started to slowly unbutton her blouse. “I
don’t know. I guess I thought you might not want to. That you’d think I was
weird or something.”

His big hands wrapped around hers, stilling them with only
two buttons on her shirt undone. “Which is pretty much what I did. I’m sorry,
baby. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I don’t want this to go wrong and end
up hurting you. That would kill me.” He brought her fingertips to his mouth and
kissed the gold wedding band on her finger.

“So you’ll do it?”

“Yeah, I’ll do it.”


He gripped her bottom and pulled her snug against his
erection. “Just tell me what you want, and I’ll make it happen.”

The grandfather clock chimed, and something deep inside her
relaxed. “Well I don’t want to give you directions. That’s not fun.”

He gave her butt a pinch that startled a yelp out of her.
“I’m not asking for a script, just like a list of things you do and don’t want
me to do. Actually, just make it a list of things you don’t want, and I’ll go
from there.”

“Is there anything I can do for you to make it more fun?”
She ran her hands over him and looked at him through her lashes. “Anything at

The muscles of his shoulders turned to steel beneath her
hands, and he pursed his lips. “Are you going to make me wear some kind of
prisoner outfit?” She nodded and pressed her palms against his chest, the
steady beat of his heart pounding against her hands. “What are you going to

She cocked her head to the side. “I hadn’t thought of that.
What would you like me to wear?”

He wet his lips with the tip of his tongue and rocked his
erection against her, earning a low gasp as his thickness pressed against her
swollen pussy lips. “You still have your cheerleading outfit from college?”

She couldn’t help but laugh at the hopeful look in his eyes.
“Yeah, I still have it. Might be a little tight in the bust and hips, but I
think I can fit into it. If I remember right, the last time I wore my uniform
was when you scored the winning touchdown in the Orange Bowl.”

BOOK: PursuedbythePrisoner
11.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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