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Raw, A Dark Romance

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RAW A Dark Romance



Raw: A dark romance

Kendall Tremaine is content with her life. Sure, she is still haunted by the ghosts of a dark past, still searching for redemption from selfish actions. But she wakes each morning, hoping it is just around the corner. Until a trip to
Spain turns her life upside down. She is sold as a sex slave. To a devastatingly handsome–and dangerous—billionaire. A billionaire who is more monster than man.

But it is the man’s tenderness that threatens to destroy her…not the monster’s cruelty.

Kace Ramos loves the sight of women knotted in his ropes. He enjoys their whimpers of pain. He craves their screams of terror. He never has a shortage of beautiful women in his dungeon. Some quietly submissive, some openly defiant, he strips them raw and then sends them home, broken and bruised. But the unbreakable Kendall does something no slave has ever done. Her cries of pleasure shatter his barriers, making him feel things he’s never felt before…things he thought he could never feel. Even before their time is up, he knows he’ll never get her out of his mind…or his heart.

The man will do whatever it takes to make her his. But the monster won’t be satisfied until he has torn her to pieces.



I backed away from him, one step, two. “Please. I’m a virgin. And I need to stay that way. I have no money. I’m not educated. My parents are dead. My purity is the one thing, the only thing, I have to offer a husband. Please don’t take that away from me.”

Staring at me with obsidian eyes, cold and hard, he shook his head. “Your pleas land on deaf ears,
. I could care less what you have to offer a husband. I only care that I’ve paid good money for you and I intend to get what I paid for.”

My head spun. I staggered back another step. “You paid money? To…to fuck me?”

“I paid money to do whatever I like to you. For one week.”

I wrapped my arms around myself. My head spun. Thoughts whipped through it, jumbled. “How much money? Maybe I can return your money?”

One brow quirked. “Do you have two million dollars, esclavo? You said you had nothing.”

I gasped. Then, because for some reason the oxygen I’d gulped didn’t make it to my lungs, I gasped a second time. “Two million? Two million U.S. dollars?” My legs wobbled. “Two million?”

“Two million.” Once again, he closed the distance between us. “So you see,
, I will get whatever I want. I’ve paid a great price for the right.”

“But…but…I’m not for sale!”

“You were.” He prowled closer, evil smile in place, eyes glittering. “And I was the highest bidder.”

This couldn’t be happening. Had Sid’s boss sold me like a common whore? My stomach convulsed, and I fell to my knees. I heaved but nothing came up.

Something hard and tight clamped around my arm and within a split second I was pulled across the room. With every inch I was dragged my terror swelled. And so did my fury. I fought. I kicked. I writhed and screamed until I was breathless and heaving and trembling all over. Stopping in front of the big wooden X bolted to the back wall, he hauled me to my feet then jerked one of my arms up.

Oh God. If he tied me up I wouldn’t be able to fight. He would be able to do anything he wanted to me. Anything at all.

He could kill me.

I fought even harder. I fought with everything I had. My rage pummeled my system, and I used it to drive me to keep fighting, even when he had one wrist bound. I swung with the other one and kicked with both feet until he’d secured both wrists and ankles in cuffs.

I’d fought. I’d lost.

But I wasn’t giving up.

I was chained to a big x, my back facing my captor. But I was still a virgin. For now.

But for how much longer?

My muscles were so tense they cramped. My nerves were jangling so badly I was shaking from head to toe. My senses were hyper-alert. I heard him moving behind me. I felt the slightest gust of air when he came closer. I smelled his cologne.

I felt his heat burning my back, even though I was still wearing my clothes.

The hairs on my nape stood on end.

“I enjoy your fire,
. Now, let me see if you enjoy mine.”

What did that mean?

My insides twisted.

Heat gushed to my core.

Shocked by my body’s reaction to the menace in his voice, I let my head fall forward until my forehead rested on the structure to which I was bound. “Go to hell.” Since when did the threat of rape turn me on? Since when did a bastard who didn’t give a fuck about me make me cream my panties?

I was sick. Sick!

I deserved to go to hell too.

Confused and disgusted with myself, I smacked my head against the wood and curled my fingers so tightly my fingernails dug into my palms. A sob ripped up my throat.

Behind me, he said, “Now, it is time to see what I have paid for.”

I felt a tug at the back of my shirt and then the sound of rending fabric echoed through the tense silence. My spine arched and I jerked in a desperate (but pointless) attempt at escape. A breeze chilled my back as the torn pieces of my tank top fell aside and my skin prickled with goose bumps. My bathing suit strap snapped and my breasts fell out of the cups. My nipples hardened almost instantly. And another blast of heat pulsed to my center.

I was fucked up.

“Stop it,” I yelled. “Stop it now.”

, keep screaming. Keep shouting. Your pretty little voice makes my cock hard.”

My skirt was next, cut, torn, I couldn’t tell which. The material slid down my right leg, catching on a cuff at my ankle. My bathing suit bottoms would be next. Oh God.

My pussy clenched. Hot, sticky cream coated my folds, dampening the lining.

He audibly inhaled. “I can smell your cream. Intoxicating.”

“Fuck you.”

“As you wish.”

I felt the tug at the waistband and panic gripped me. I writhed, fighting the chains holding my ankles and wrists in place. But there was no hope, no use. I was bound tight, unable to resist. Fingers slid down my lycra-covered crack. I trembled. Tears coursed down my cheeks, even as more heat pounded to my pussy. I was shocked and ashamed by my body’s response. I despised this man. I didn’t want him to touch me. Not my back. Not my ass. And…oh God…not
down there

“No,” I said on a whimper. “No, no, no.”

His fingers grazed over my sensitive flesh. No man had ever touched my pussy. It felt so good. Good but wrong. Wrong but thrilling.

“Please stop,” I begged.

“Do you know what the scent of your cream does to me?
, you are so wet. I want to cram my cock into that slick, tight heat and make you scream until you can’t scream anymore.” My thighs tensed. My feet slid wider apart, as far as the chains would allow, opening my center for his probing digits.

What the hell was I doing, welcoming his invasion?

My breathing quickened. My heartbeat thumped through my body, sending wave upon wave of lust burning through my core. My pussy was empty and clenching, so wet and hot I ached. Instinct told me to open wider, surrender to him, even as my brain told me to resist, to fight, to beg for mercy.

I couldn’t let him take what was mine.

But even as that thought blazed through my mind, I quivered with need. His fingers slipped into the leg of my bottoms, fingernails grazing my labia. My insides pulsed, and the air filled with the sweet scent of my need.

I was shameless. I was a whore. A whore who didn’t just want his touch to delve deeper, I
his touch to delve deeper.

Closing my eyes, I waited, my breath in my throat. My blood was like lava, burning through my body. Every nerve in my skin was electrified. His touch had awakened a part of myself I hadn’t realized existed. The feral self who didn’t give a damn about shoulds and should nots.

“This is mine. My cunt.” When his finger slipped between my nether lips, I whimpered. I quaked. I bit my lip and dug my fingernails into my palms. Deeper. I wanted his touch to go deeper. To thrust inside, stretch me wide.

Instead, it slid out.

“You surrender so quickly,
. Where did that fire go?” He walked away, leaving me standing there, barely able to hold myself up. My legs were as soft as molten gelatin. Knees wobbly. Pulse pounding in my ears. Arms practically numb from lack of blood supply. And the evidence of my need dripping from my pussy.

BOOK: Raw, A Dark Romance
4.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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