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What the fuck! They are fucking everywhere. What is it with this goddamned town?

Charlotte shut her mouth and did as she was told. Seething, she sat looking at the now-dominant attorney before her. Gone were the kind eyes and happy attitude. He was now strong and very pissed. There was something in his demeanor that told her not to fuck with this guy. He looked worse than Braxton, and he even scared her when he got his Dom face on.

“That’s better,” he began, sitting back down. “I will not allow you to be disrespectful in this office. This is a place of business, and you will act accordingly. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Glad to hear it. Now, would you like to work for me?” he asked.

Charlotte was trapped and she knew it. She was damned if she did and fucked royally if she refused. Sulking, she nodded her head. She knew she should have told him that she couldn’t do what he was asking, but what harm could it do to surf the Internet looking for this man. If she found something, great, job done. Her only concern now was what happened if she didn’t find him?

“Good. I have an office already set up for you. Of course, you can bring your own equipment in. I figured someone with your talents would prefer to use their own stuff, but if you would rather I provide the computers for you, I can do that.”

“It’s all right. I’ll use your computer. I don’t have access to mine yet.”

“Good. I’ll get Colleen to order you a new computer and have someone install it right away. Now, Braxton and Jordan should be heading back from Celestial soon. Till then you are more than welcome to use my office. The files you will need are here on my desk. If you need anything, just ask Colleen at the front desk. She can get you whatever you need.”

Charlotte watched him get up and leave.

Alone in his office, she slumped in the chair and felt like crying, only to look up when a sound startled her.

Looking up, she stared into a face that mirrored her own.


* * * *


With the last box loaded, Jordan walked around the apartment with clipboard in hand, checking off everything and making sure nothing was left behind. Thanks to Braxton, who rented the large trailer and who brought some extra muscle, this move was relatively easy. The only hard part was when they entered Charlotte’s room. Jordan knew touching her babies was a death sentence, so he asked Braxton to do it.

Of course the Dominant just smiled, already knowing he was being set up, but Jordan refused to have Charlotte bust his balls for touching her computers. So while Braxton worked on her room, he and the McDaniel brothers, Orin, Davis, and Jacks, packed and cleared the apartment in record time.

So much had changed in the week they had spent living with the sheriff. For the first time in a long time, Jordan was happy where he was at emotionally. Braxton was slow going at first but eventually had no problem showing his attention. His favorite time was when the evening news was on. Braxton would sit next to him, and together they would watch the news holding hands. The little kisses and soft looks were a nice touch, too, but the sleeping arrangements were a bitch.

Neither of them had a big enough bed to hold all three of them, so while they began in Braxton’s queen-sized bed, fucking, by morning Jordan and Braxton were left alone while Charlotte vacated to the couch.

Jordan was starting to worry. Lately, Charlotte would leave right after having sex instead of staying and cuddling. Something was up with her. Jordan had his suspicions, but only time would tell. There were too many occurrences where she was concerned. Add in her erratic behavior, and well, her little idiosyncrasies were adding up. In the mean time, he and Braxton had ordered a California King, and it was supposed to be delivered this weekend.

“Well, Jordan, that’s the last box. If you and Braxton don’t mind, me and my brothers are gonna head on out. We’ll take the trailer. That way you and Brax can have some time together,” Orin McDaniel offered, walking toward the door.

“I’d appreciate that. Thank you, and tell your brothers beer is on me the next time.”

“You know something, Jordan”—the tall cowboy stopped, looking him in the eye—“a bunch of us were worried when we heard Braxton had found his better halves. We all grew up together, and, well Braxton may have been the high school quarterback and popular, but he never really showed any emotion. We all thought when his dad died he would open up, but he never did. But seeing you with him, well, I just want to be the first to say, you’re good for him. Braxton is lucky to have you.”

Jordan didn’t know what to say. He was shocked and a little embarrassed.

“Thank you.”

“We’ve all know for a while now Braxton swings both ways. Not that we all care. Hell, there are some pretty dynamic couplings in Treasure Cove, but for someone like Braxton, it took a lot for him to admit what he really was, though, I don’t really think he really did admit it yet, but I heard through the grapevine he claimed ya’ll pretty loud and clear.” Orin grinned, and Jordan knew then that word had spread from Celestial of that day.

“Guess he was rather loud about it, wasn’t he?” Jordan smiled.

“Loud, hell, that was me just claiming what was mine,” Braxton said, coming up behind him and placing his hand on his shoulder. When Jordan looked into his eyes, they were full of laughter and something else. Love?

Could this handsome sheriff be falling in love with him?

God he hoped so, because from their first encounter, Jordan was head over heels.

“Never knew Braxton to beat around the bush. Now, that hellcat you both have, well she is something else. If you ever need help, you know where to find me.” Orin smiled and ducked out as Braxton lunged for him.

“You stay away from Charlotte, you asshole, and I will overlook those wild parties you have out at that ranch of yours,” Braxton yelled after his friend.

“Ha, can’t wait to have Charlie out there. You, too, Jordan! See ya’ll back at the Cove,” Orin shouted as he drove away.

“I like him,” Jordan said, coming up behind Braxton and wrapping his arms around his waist.

“He’s a good guy. If you ever need anything and I’m not around, you can count on Orin to have your back. Same with his brothers,” Braxton told him.

“When do we have to head back?” Jordan asked, kissing the side of Braxton’s neck. He loved the way Braxton’s head fell back, granting him better access. It was endearing and fucking hot as hell. Jordan could already fell his heartbeat pick up, and when his hands slowly moved down his waist, Braxton’s hard cock was already straining against his slacks.

“We have a couple of minutes,” Braxton moaned.

“That’s all we need.”

Quickly shedding their clothes, there were standing face-to-face, naked, rubbing and stoking each other’s cocks.

Braxton turned Jordan into his arms, kissing him hard, forcing his tongue into his mouth. He tasted like peppermint and sin. Kissing his way down he sucked each of his nipples, biting them gently before working his way back up then nibbling at one earlobe.

“This is gonna be fast, baby,” Braxton said, pushing Jordan to his knees.

Braxton watched as Jordan grabbed his dick and kissed it gently, licking the head of it. Sucking his balls into his mouth, Braxton groaned.

Smiling, Jordan gave Braxton a devilish grin as he pushed his legs wider. Jordan’s hot hands pushed his ass cheeks apart, and he felt the wetness of his tongue as he probed his asshole.

“Oh fuck, baby. Yeah, that’s it. Lick my ass,” Braxton groaned, threading his hands in a bushel of blond curls.

Braxton moaned, feeling his orgasm boiling within him. He’d never felt such an incredible feeling in his entire life. Jordan’s hand grabbed his balls and played with them, and he felt a sudden pinch of pain as he squeezed his balls hard. “Hold off, lover. I want you to come with me as I stick my cock in your ass,” Jordan said as his tongue penetrated his ass.

“Then fucking hurry up, cause you’re killing me!” Braxton shouted, trying to hold off his ejaculation.

Jordan stopped sucking on his ass and got on his feet.

“Suck my big cock, lover,” he ordered. “Wet it real good.”

Braxton kneeled before him as Jordan pushed his cock past his lips. He was surprised how warm it was and how soft the head felt against his mouth. Accepting the hot cock and enjoying the way it glided in and out of his mouth, Braxton hungrily sucked him, tasting Jordan’s salty pre-cum on his tongue.

“Enough. I want your ass on all fours, lover. My turn to fuck that ass,” Jordan ordered, taut with tension. Braxton turned, sticking his ass in the air, waiting for the burn as Jordan slid his cock deep.

“Lick my ass, baby,” he moaned. “Make me squirm for you.

Jordan didn't hesitate at all. Caught up in the sexual heat between them, they both ignored the buzzing that filled the room.

Jordan spread his cheeks with hands and saw his pink rosebud quivering, surrounded by dark curls. Pushing his tongue deep, he licked, only to have Braxton start moving his ass back and forth. Jordan heard Braxton breathing hard.

Jordan covered Braxton as he pushed the head of his cock against his tight hole. Giving no resistance, Jordan slid in and groaned, “Oh fuck, lover!”

Braxton actually heard the popping sound as Jordan’s huge mushroom head pushed past his sphincter muscle. He felt a quick pain, and he relaxed, allowing him entrance.

“I'm not hurting you, am I, love?” Jordan whispered softly.

“Just fuck me now, damn it!” Braxton groaned.

When Jordan slowly began to slide his monster cock into him, the pain subsided as the most incredible sensations he’d ever experienced began swamping his body. The pleasure took over. Only Jordan’s dick fucking his ass remained.

Rocking their bodies fast, Jordan’s intense fucking motion was driving his need for release. Wanting him deeper and fucking him harder and faster, Braxton ordered, “Fuck my ass. Shoot your wad deep. Give it to me, Jordan. Fuck me harder, faster.” Braxton panted, almost out of breath.

Braxton felt an orgasm begin as Jordan reached under him and started jacking him off. His ass went crazy, squeezing Jordan’s cock, followed by an explosion of cum all over the carpet as if his balls had erupted in a fiery explosion. Braxton cried out almost in agony as the muscles of his entire body contracted and he could barely breathe.

Within seconds, Jordan's release began as he pulled Braxton’s ass closer to him as he pumped into him like a jackhammer. Braxton felt the contractions of his cock with every shot of his semen as he ejaculated deep into his ass.

“Oh, fuck. I think I’m dead,” Braxton gasped, trying to catch his breath.

“Shit, lover, I think you broke my cock,” Jordan chuckled as he slowly removed his softening cock from his ass.

“If that’s a quickie, I’d hate to see what happens when we go all night.”

“Yeah, and add Charlotte into the mix and we’re toast. We’re gonna be walking funny for days.”

Braxton rolled over and smiled at Jordan. “She is a handful, isn’t she.”

“You don’t have to tell me that.” Jordan grinned, throwing Braxton his pants and putting his own on. “I’ve lived with the woman for months now. Nothing she does surprises me.”

“Well, as much as I would love to sit and gasp in our afterglow, I think we better head back and rescue Matthew from our hell kitten. Hand me my shirt, and let’s get on the road,” Braxton said, but the smile left his face when he saw Jordan stiffen. “What?”

Looking at his cell, Jordan sighed. “It’s Charlotte. She’s missing.”

Chapter 6


Charlotte sat across the table from her sister, her mind spinning too fast. Too much was happening. She couldn’t concentrate. So much had happened in such a short time, and everything was changing. She didn’t like change. Change meant bad things, usually for her. So far she had been able to handle the move and even being around Braxton. She actually enjoyed her time with him. He was forceful and he liked tying her up, which she loved. Even Jordan was enamored with the sheriff. She still didn’t fully trust the law officer, but as long as he kept fucking her the way he did, she was okay with him.

But all the other stuff, moving, the lawyer, the club, and now her sister, it was a lot to take in. She couldn’t believe after all these years, she had found her. Well, actually Janie found her. It was a chance meeting, only one that fate could have planned, but nonetheless, she was with Janie.

So much had happened in her life, but the memory of that cold night so long ago had stayed with her forever. She remembered curling up with her big sister as they huddled together trying to stay warm. She remembered a soft, fuzzy purple blanket and a lady ripping her out of her Janie’s arms. Charlotte remembered that night as if it was yesterday.

“I can’t believe you’re here. Oh, Charlie, I have looked and looked for you. Your court records were sealed. I had hoped when you turned eighteen that you would come find me, but when you didn’t, I started my own search. I never expected you to be here in Treasure Cove. Tell me everything. Where did you go? Who raised you? What do you do now?” Janie asked as tears pooled in her eyes.

Smiling, Charlotte took a deep breath.

Focus. One question at a time. It’s your sister. Breathe.

BOOK: Rebecca Joyce
9.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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