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Jason was no longer watching TV, but was
instead playing on his smartphone and had my radio turned to the
local classic rock station. “I really like this song,” I said,
after hearing the chorus of a slow, but powerful ballad by an old
school band by the name of Slither.

“I do too… I think it’s quite fitting.” Jason
said with a sly grin on his face.

I lay back on my bed next to him, my hair
wrapped in a towel, when Jason leaned over and pulled it off,
looking at me with pure lust in his eyes. “You have beautiful hair.
Does it naturally curl like that?”

Shocked by his brazen act, I stuttered with
my answer. “Y-Yes. The wetter it is, the curlier it is.” I didn’t
give a second thought to the innuendo that was laced in that
sentence, but with his wicked grin, I could tell Jason did. He ran
his fingers through my wet hair.

“I love it. It’s so soft.”

I felt so completely awkward by this point
that I turned to look at him and was surprisingly met by his sweet,
sweet kiss.

He had his hands in my hair, his tongue in my
mouth, and I was shocked to find myself meeting him thrust for
thrust with my own tongue. I felt fireworks going off inside of me,
and I realized that I had been wanting him just as much as he
wanted me. He rolled on top of me, stopped and smiled down. “Cara
Pinkston, you are so incredibly delicious.”

As bashful as I was, I managed to mutter,
“you are too,” and we were once again off to the races, deep inside
each other’s mouths. It was at that moment that I realized just how
baldy I wanted Jason -- just the way Mila and Chelsea had told me.
I had never wanted anyone in this way, not even the one person I
had slept with. Those feelings set off the panic button, which
scared me and I stopped. Jason was panting, but lifted himself off
of me.

“Are you okay Cara?”

I nodded, but he knew that there was
something more to my reaction.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want

I whispered, “I want you Jason.” And before I
know it, we were right back to our earlier escapades.

Jason reached into his front right pocket and
pulled out a condom. He pulled his pants down, and I was met with
an erection that could poke holes through my wall. He reached down,
pulled my mesh shorts off, and gave a pleasantly surprised

“Not much work to be done here.”

I smiled back and kicked to get my shorts
off. Jason pulled my camisole top over my head, leaving me
completely, and gloriously naked. He gracefully slid the condom
onto his impressive length, but first used his fingers to tickle my
folds. As I squirmed under his touch, he slid one finger inside of
me, and gently circled the inside of my walls. As I raised my hips,
trying hungrily to get more from him, he slid a second finger in
and sent them off to work on destroying what self-control I thought
I had. I threw my head back and raised my hips a little more. When
I finally gathered enough control to open an eye, I found Jason
smiling wolfishly, and licking his lips. I grabbed hold of his hand
and tried to force his fingers even deeper into me.

He must have taken it as a clue because he
slowly eased his fingers out of me and sat with his knees in the
bed, smiling down at me. I was panting, shamelessly wanting more,
and licking my bottom lip. He grabbed himself, making sure he was
still firm, and then slowly eased into me. It felt so incredibly
good, so filling. I let out the loudest moan that I think has ever
escaped my body. He began to move, and started nibbling on my
breasts. I was running my hands through his silky hair, enjoying
every inch of this incredibly sexy guy. He picked up the pace and
with his eyes burning into mine, I closed them, trying to slip into
the trance that Jason’s body was rocking me to.

The rhythm of Jason hips forced me to meet
him thrust for thrust, and while trying to stifle my moans, I
sensed that I was failing miserably. He stopped to turn me over and
leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Don’t hold back on me. I want to
hear you.”

My eyes flashed open. His words sent a spark
through my body that awakened the silent demon lying dormant
inside. Jason eased into me, this time from behind. He was holding
my hips, and his jabs at my overly sensitive g-spot felt so good
that I moved my hips up and down in an a rhythmic motion to meet
his forceful impact. His open enjoyment sent me into a completely
different realm, and I let go, allowing my moans to grow louder and
louder. My moans excited Jason in a way that was foreign to me. He
took my hair in his right hand and used it to pull me closer so
that he could thrust deeper. His groans grew deeper, and more

“Oh shit Cara, don’t do that, not ready to
cum yet.”

His words confirmed what I was hoping to
achieve; I had him so I continued my relentless pursuit at a more
rapid pace. He tugged even tighter on my hair, and then used his
left hand to slap the meat of my behind. He slapped three times,
causing me to cry out in passionate pleasure. On the second slap,
he roughly instructed me to yell his name, and just as I did, he
slapped me even harder. This prompted me to move even faster, my
breasts moving up and down, almost smacking me in the face. Jason
started groaning and through clenched teeth said something
inaudible, but quickly repeated himself.

“Come for me Cara.”

Those words were my undoing, because almost
instantaneously, I let go, and climaxed all over him. With a few
more thrusts, Jason reached his peak and let go too. “Oh SHIT
Cara,” came loudly from his mouth, in the most strained southern
accent I had ever heard.

We both fell to the bed, basking in the
afterglow while working feverishly to catch our breaths. When our
breathing found its normal rhythm, I noticed that the song by
Slither was still playing, and it had been on repeat, playing over
and over again.

We lay on the bed; he removed the liquid
filled condom, and threw it into the trashcan near my bed. Just as
he rolled back over, we heard a round of applause and whistles
through the vent connecting my and Chelsea’s rooms.

“Way to go Cara. GET SOME!”

Jason looked at me, smiled, and kissed my
forehead, making me abandon my earlier persona of power, and filled
my face with the customary beet red complexion I was quickly
growing accustomed to.

Chapter 2

Jason stood and headed out of the room to the
bathroom. I rubbed my hands over my face, bewildered by what had
just taken place. On one hand, I was deeply irritated with myself
for allowing him to charm me right out of my pants, but on the
other hand, I was basking in the afterglow of what had just
transpired. This exceptionally beautiful guy had just given the
most delicate part of himself to me, and there was nothing special
that I had to do for it.

I started to flashback to my first time, and
how loved I thought I had been, and I immediately felt a thousand
times better about this one. I thought about the dark times
following my first time, and within a few seconds of that
terrifying image, Jason was standing in the doorway of my bedroom,
watching me.

“You look deep in thought. Should I leave you
to them?”

I immediately snapped back into the here and
now and shook my head. “I’m good. Just thinking that’s all.”

“I can see that.”

I turned to him and asked if he wanted
anything to drink and as he strolled into the room, nodding his
head, he leaned down to grab my shorts and camisole top. I put them
on and led him out into the living room. The front door unlocked
and in strolled Hunter. Jason stopped, I saw the malice fire up in
his eyes, and I immediately leapt into action.

“Hi Hunter, this is Jason.”

Hunter gave me a hug, and extended his hand
out to Jason, introducing himself.

“Hey man, I’m Hunter… Hunter James.”

‘I’m Jason… Jason Bradley.” There was still
something cold in Jason’s voice as he shook Hunter’s hand, so I
decided it was best to get Chelsea in the mix.

, “Hey Chels, Hunter is here,” I yelled,
hoping she would pick up on the alarm in my voice. It worked,
because she came darting into the living and took one look at
Jason, and scowled deeply.

“Hey Bradley, lock your testosterone down,
Hunter is my boyfriend, he is here to see ME!”

I eyed Jason cautiously, and watched his
shoulders start to relax. Was he really so alarmed any time a male
was around me? I could see why Jason would be alarmed by Hunter
casually strolling into our apartment. He was tall, toned, tanned,
had striking blue eyes, and cinnamon colored locks. He had a
silence to him that was easily mistaken for snobbish, but Hunter
was anything but, he was just a smart, quiet guy who often studied
those around him.

“Bradley? As in Bradley Oil Company?”

Chelsea and I gawked at one another and
watched this sudden and unexpected turn of events unfold.

“Yes, that’s right; I am from the Bradley Oil

Chelsea’s eyes lit up. She was almost
squealing. “Holy crap! That’s amazing… you sure know how to pick
em’ Cara.”

Jason smiled at me, and gushed, “yeah, you
damn right there.”

I felt like I had been slapped in the face by
this revelation. I never knew he was from the Bradley Oil family,
only the largest oil family in the Western United States. How was I
to compare? My mom worked as an Elementary school teacher, and my
dad was a fireman for the Carlsbad Fire Department. Honorable jobs,
but really, we were talking about an oil man here.

Hunter eyed Jason for a moment longer, and
then a light bulb went off in his head.

“I thought that was you. My dad’s accounting
firm handles a few of your accounts, and last spring we were down
in Texas for business meetings, and luncheons… boring stuff.”

Jason immediately tensed up but Hunter
continued. “Your family took the big family/business photo, and I
remember your dad saying that you and...”

Jason cut him off with a sharp gaze and that
could have sliced Hunter in half.

“What’s the plan for tomorrow Cara?” I was
struck by his odd behavior, but figured Jason just didn’t want to
talk about his family or his ridiculous wealth.

“We have games tomorrow, right here at SSDU,
you should come.”

The invitation seemed to lighten the mood,
because Jason smiled, and happily obliged.

Chelsea pulled two beers out of the fridge
and handed each to Hunter and Jason. She also pulled out two waters
and we made our way to the living room to sit down.

“So Bradley, oil man huh? You must be living
the life here in SD?”

Jason responded, not trying to hide the
annoyance building in his voice. “I do okay. I don’t own the
company of anything, so I get what I work for. Right now I am a
student, so I don’t get much.”

Chelsea was highly intrigued, her family had
money so the upper crust of society was something that she admired,
and often craved. She continued her barrage of inquisitive
questions, not caring if Jason was in the mood to answer them or
not. “Where exactly do you live, since I’m sure you aren’t bumming
it like us commoners on campus?” She smiled a big smile that was
unfortunately not reciprocated by Jason.

“I live in a small house in La Jolla, nothing
too special.”

Chelsea’s mouth dropped to the floor, and she
beamed with excitement. “La Jolla is my old stomping grounds. My
parents still live there, and to say that you do okay is a stretch
Bradley, cut the shit.” She shook her head and grinned at him,
knowing that he was trying to downplay his excessive wealth.
“Besides, you should be proud.”

Jason looked at her impassively, which was a
welcome change from the death stares he had been dishing out all

Mila came barging through the door, with
Grant on her arm, and loudly introduced him to Jason. He was tall,
lean, and average looking, but he was a known playboy, and I
wondered how their relationship worked. I could only assume that
they were taming one another because they had been spending so much
time together lately, it seemed like their status was evolving. Of
course with Mila you could never be sure.

Jason stood and shook his hand, and just as
quickly as they had entered the living room, there were gone. Mila
whisked him off to her bedroom.

Chelsea ran into Mila’s room and Grant came
strolling out. I could hear Chelsea and Mila talking when Mila,
moving at lightning speed out of her room, jumped into my lap with
a Cheshire cat type grin, and whispered into my ear, “You just
fucked Mr. Big Bucks? So much for not charming you out of your
pants with that southern drawl.”

I must have stopped breathing for a second
because Jason was smiling at me like he knew what was being said,
and approved of it. I nodded at Mila, and managed to break through
my bashful state of mind and smiled at her.

After sitting around, laughing and talking
for what felt like hours, Jason looked at his watch and stood to
stretch, signaling that it was late and he was tired. “Cara, it’s
late, you said you have games tomorrow – time for you to go to

Chelsea stopped to look at Jason, shocked at
his demanding tone of voice. I agreed with him and stood up, taking
his hand. Mila’s face scrunched as if she had just smelled
something rotten. I ignored them and went to my bedroom, bidding
good night to everyone.



Lying down on the bed, I looked at Jason, all
scrumptious six foot one of him, and decided to ask about

“Why were you so cool with Grant tonight, and
so callous towards Hunter?” He eyed me cautiously but gave no
answer. He changed the subject rather abruptly. We sat and talked
for a while longer, before Jason got up to leave. My heart sank a
little. I knew it was low class to have him stay, but I was really
hoping that he would.

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