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As we walked outside, I took notice of this
fine specimen of a man in front of me. His swim trucks were black
with only a white waistband. They, too, were from Sauvage. They
were form fitting, and hit just at his thigh. I got to enjoy the
view from behind. Jason definitely worked out, and his ass was pure
evidence of that. His cheeks looked like two boulders moving
simultaneously. His broad shoulders were sculptured and lead to a V
at his hips. How did I get so lucky?

The backyard overlooked a mountainside that
was nestled just above the beach. Moving out onto the patio, the
sound of the waves crashing against the mountainside took all of
the apprehension out of me. Jason had a pool that was the length of
the house towards the back of the yard. The patio, with a built in
bar and bar-b-cue, sat under an ice white lattice patio cover.
There were lights strung along throughout, giving it a very calm,
and romantic feel.

Jason went into the fridge and offered me a
glass of wine, while grabbing a beer for himself. I offered a
surprising stare in his direction and he smiled at me, while using
his teeth to remove the cap to his beer. I took a sip of the wine,
and to my surprise it was my favorite; the same wine that Chelsea
had gotten herself drunk on tonight.

“How did you know I love this wine?” I asked
with a slight giggle in my voice.

He took a big swig of his beer, and after
wiping his mouth clean, smiled and answered. “Your roommates are
more than willing to spill the dirt on you, ya know.” He laughed,
“Does it matter?”

I scrunched my eyes, trying to figure out
which motor mouth talked.

“Finish your wine, we have things to do.”

As we drank, I figured this was as a good a
time as any to ask him questions about his family.

“So I saw your family photos, I didn’t know
you had a brother.”

He paused, and then answered, “Yes I do. His
name is Jacob.”

“Are you twins? You look so much alike.”

He looked annoyed and harshly answered,

I could take a hint, so I dropped the talk
about his brother. Unfortunately, my curiosity wanted to know more
about his family, so I carefully diverted my questions.

“So who is that pretty little girl in the

He stared blankly at me, and then in a tone
that sent a clear warning, he answered my probing question.

“That’s my niece Abigail.” He was obviously
done talking about it and tried to shift the conversation. “Are you
done with your wine?”

I looked down at my glass; I had only
finished half of my drink. I shook my head, but that didn’t stop
him from walking over from behind the bar over in my direction. He
leaned down and lowly murmured in my ear in a very seductive tone,
“keeping you dry is not in the plans tonight.”

In one swift move, he swooped me off the
barstool, and ran me to the pool. I squealed the entire way,
practically begging him not to throw me in. My pleas went ignored
because as soon as he made it to the edge of the pool, he threw me
in, wine glass and all. I surfaced, only to find him outside the
pool, laughing at me.

I began splashing water in his direction,
hoping that by getting him wet, he would join me. He decided to
dive in, and after taking the glass out of the pool, swam over to

“Water feels good huh?”

“Yes it does. So this was your plan tonight
-- bike ride, drinks, pool?”

He gave me a very conniving smile.

“You left something off the list.”

"What is that?”

“I think you know what it is.”

He moved closer to me, took me head in his
hands, and kissed me passionately.

“Your hair is curly.” He was panting at this
point. “Your curly hair is a serious turn on for me.”

I began shaking my head so that my hair was
wild and free.

“Don’t do that. You think I’m kidding, but
your hair is like kryptonite for me.”

Hearing that turned me on. This hair, that
had been a constant headache my entire life, was a lifeline to this
man’s heart. I fully intended to use it to my advantage. I took his
hands and put them in my hair. Once he starts rubbing, I started
kissing him -- hard.

Jason skillfully untied my bikini top, then
my bottoms. Before I knew it, I was completely naked in the pool.
He took my breasts in his hands, and while massaging the left,
began to suck on the right. I ran my hands through his hair, and
wriggled at the overwhelming sensation coursing through my body.
Before I knew it, his erection was moving up and down my leg, and
then he entered me. The feeling in the water was surreal. It was so
pleasurable, with a hint of pain. He started to move --
aggressively. I was lost in him, he had me, completely. I was still
fisting my hands through his hair, and as water splashed between
us, I moaned so loud that I think his neighbors might have heard
us. He had my legs wrapped around his hips, and grabbing my behind,
he lifted me -- giving himself access to go deeper and deeper. I
could feel my body start to climb, the sensation was unbearable,
and Jason started to growl.

“Come on baby, cum for me.”

My body must have been waiting on an
invitation because not long after, I started to convulse and with
rapid breathing, screamed out his name, and exploded all over him,
in the pool. He followed me, and we stay put for a minute in the
water, trying to catch our breaths.

Jason kissed me, swam over to my swimsuit,
grabbed both pieces, and climbed out of the pool. He held out his
hand, and helped me out of the water.

“Cara, I love what you do to me.”

I looked at him flabbergasted.

“What do I do to you? I think it might be the
other way around.”

He shook his head insistently. “No, trust me;
it’s what you do to me. We can stand out here and argue this all
night, but it’s a bit chilly and I want to get you inside.”

I smiled, feeling triumphant, and followed
Jason into the house.



Back in the house, Jason instructed me to
start the shower while he went into the garage for wood. I hadn’t
had the opportunity to explore the bathroom, and when I did. I was
just as awestruck with it as I was with the rest of the house. The
travertine covered the floor, as well as the shower. The
countertops were a midnight black with small specks of gold. The
bathtub was a deep, black, spa tub with about eight jets flanking
the sides. Ideas started to run through my head, but before I could
get completely sidetracked, I started the water in the shower.
There was an overhead shower head, just what I needed to keep this
curly hair curly. On second thought, I may not ever make it out of
the shower with this thing. I started to laugh inwardly. There were
about three doors, and I was hoping that one was a linen closet
because I didn’t see any towels anywhere. I opened the first door
on the left, and found that it was a closet filled with motorcycle
gear. I had no idea once person required so much gear, but from
what I was learning about Jason, he didn’t spend conservatively on
things he enjoyed. I shut the door, and moved on to the next one.
That closet was filled with all of Jason’s clothes, shoes, hats,
and watches. He had impeccable taste in clothing, and I could
envision him in and every piece of it. I came out of the closet and
was startled to find Jason standing in the doorway of the bathroom,
smirking at me.

“What you looking for?”

Trying to catch my breath, I managed to make
out an answer. “I was looking for towels, but came across your
multiple closets.”

His smirk turned into a full blown smile as
he walked past me to the last door. He opened it, and then opened
another stainless door that resembled and oven. He pulled out two
oversized, white towels that smelled of lavender, and were
soothingly warm to the touch.

We stepped into the shower and he pulled me
into a warm embrace, letting the water cascade over our bodies. He
grabbed the body wash and began to lather it in a pink shower
sponge. I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that in all of his
excess, he had what looked like very basic body wash in the

“What’s so funny?”


He scrunched his eyebrows, trying to figure
out what I was referring to.

“Why am I funny? I haven’t done

“You live in and enjoy all of this excess,
yet you have this everyday bottle of body wash. I just figured you
would have some expensive body wash, whose name I wouldn’t be able
to pronounce.”

He started laughing.

“I have a surprise for you then.” He stepped
to the side and pulled out a bottle of everyday, basic shampoo.
“Six bucks at the local grocery store.” He started to laugh.

He took some of the shampoo and lathered it
in my hair. I could take him running his fingers through my hair
any day. His expert fingers tickled my scalp, sending lightning
rods through my body. I took the shampoo and reciprocated, and he
seemed to visibly relax. The lather didn’t last long with the
overhead shower head, but it felt good nonetheless.

Jason took the sponge that he filled with
body wash and began to wash my body. He used his right hands to
scrub me with the sponge, but his left hand was gliding over every
inch of my wet body. He definitely had an intoxicating touch. I
grabbed the blue sponge and applied the body wash, then began to
wash him. I was not nearly as practiced, so my washing and
subsequent touching were not nearly as seductive. He pulled me to
him, and while allowing the water to wash the lather from our
bodies, we stood in absolute, but enjoyable silence.

I had so many thoughts running through my
head, but the most prevalent of them all was the fact that I had
been deliberately trying to avoid this guy. He was a bit bossy, and
didn’t respect privacy, but he was very affectionate, attentive,
and completely accommodating. I was so happy that I gave in,
because I hadn’t felt this type of connection in a long time.

Jason moved to turn off the water, then held
out a towel and wrapped me in it.

“You are so damn beautiful Cara,” he said
while drying me off.

“So are you Jason,” I reciprocated because
honestly, it was the truth.

Once I was dried and wrapped, he smacked my
butt, wrapped himself, and led me back into the bedroom, where I
had pajamas and a strong, intoxicating lotion waiting for me. I
picked it up and gave him an inquisitive look. He held out his
hands and lifted his shoulders as if to question my look.

“It made me damn near cum at the store, so I
bought it for you.” He laughed, and I could do nothing but shake my
head at his candor.

“So you make your purchases based on their
ability to make you lose your junk?”

“Pretty much,” he smirked, as he began to rub
it in on my back.

I stood and allowed his seasoned hands to
work their magic on me. Once he finished, he pulled on a pair of
boxer briefs, grabbed the remote control, and pulled the blankets
back to the bed.

Jason must have started the fire while I was
rummaging through his bathroom trying to find towels. The room
smelled delectable, almost like we are camping, but in much more
luxurious digs. As I lay down in the bed, my text message alert
went off on my phone. Reaching over and looking at it, I saw that
there was a text from Mila. Before I got a chance to look at it,
Jason grabbed my phone and turned it off.

“It’s too late for this – and besides, you’re
with me.”

I looked at him with astonishment. Did he
just take my phone and turn it off?

“Jason that was Mila. She may have needed
something,” I said, glancing at him with angry eyes.

“Well, I left the number to the house. If
it’s an emergency, they can call here,” he stopped, and looked at
me, “when it’s our time, it’s our time. Your friends will figure
that out.”

He turned the television on, and while I
wanted to be mad at him, I was sated, and the need to be cordial
won out. I decided, since he had returned to his good mood, that I
could ask him some more of the questions that had been on my

“So why do you have this huge house, if it’s
just you living here?”

He turned to me, and looked into my eyes,
almost like he is trying look into my soul.

“This house belongs to my dad. He bought it
when I decided to go to school here. I wasn’t going to be the only
person living in it.”

Now he had sparked my curiosity. “Who else
was going to live here with you?”

“He sat up using his elbows to balance his
weight. He stared at me, and I suddenly wished I hadn’t asked the

“Why are you so inquisitive tonight?”

“Because I don’t know much about you. We are
working this relationship in reverse order, remember?”

He smiled at me, kissed my forehead, and then
lay back down.

“We are doing things in reverse order, but
some stuff is just irrelevant.”

“I thought you said there were no secrets
between us Jason,” I angrily snapped at him.

“There are no secrets… there is also no need
to speak about bullshit that doesn’t matter.”

I lay back in the bed, pondering what could
be so important that he didn’t want to talk about it, and decided
on a new line of questioning.

“You have so many double standards. No
secrets for me, but yet, when my dad asked you about what you did
prior to getting in school, you were so vague with him. Why?”

He sighed an exasperated sigh. “Cara, I don’t
want to meet your parents and immediately start talking about my
family and their wealth. That is considered poor manners and would
cause your parents to think I was just trying to flaunt my

“Isn’t that what you did tonight?”

“No! Tonight I showed my girlfriend a good
time.” He said with a menacing tone. “Are you trying to pick a

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