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This book is dedicated to my Mother, Caroline.

She was my best friend and the best mother a girl could have.

This book was extremely hard to write as the whole Phoenix Boys series is linked to my mam. The day I published Ryder my mother passed away, which hit me hard. It took me longer to write this book but I know she would still be proud of me for it. I know she would have read  Ryder and Reeves books and she would have loved them.


So this book is for her.

I love and miss you every day Mam.


Always remember, never forget. ♥


















My side is itching like a bitch, I have had a tattoo that spans from my hip up my rib cage and it stops just below my left boob. It’s a mixture of Hibiscus flowers and the Welsh national flower, the daffodil. I had the tattoo bloke added a few music notes and hearts. I love it and I love the colors, so bright and cheerful. But after being stuck on this flight for so fucking long, I reek and my skin is itching like hell; I need a freaking hot shower. I am arriving two weeks earlier than expected due to the fact that a few days after I had got my tattoo, I came home to find Marc, my boyfriend of just over a year, shagging that bitch Nicola from the cake shop. In my bed, by the way. Fucking slag. And oh yes, I went bloody mental on them both. I punched Marc in the face and grabbed that bitch’s hair and threw her out of my house. She landed on my front garden in just a t-shirt; not that I gave a fuck; she shouldn’t have been shagging my boyfriend. She has always hated me and I have no clue why.

She was scared shitless of me and grabbed her things that I threw at her and she bolted down the street. Bitch. Now, Marc on the other hand, pulled me back into my house and slammed the front door. He was wearing just a pair of blue boxers and a face full of regret but fuck that shit; I am done with this dickhead. He is out on his arse. I close my eyes, taking a deep breath, and turn to face the guy who just ripped my heart out and shoved into another women’s v-jay-jay. I look into his eyes and fight damn hard to hold the tears back but fail miserably. Bollocks.

“Babe, I am so fucking sorry. I was weak and I never meant to hurt you. I should have ended it with you before I slept with Nic.” I cringe at her name leaving his mouth and gag a little but I push down the bile rising from my stomach. I let rip on him.

“Fuck off, Marc; you know full well what you were doing. I had a feeling that it was going on, but for some fucked up reason I believed you when you said that she was lying. I am glad that this happened now, Marc. You may have hurt me deep but thank fuck that I saw you for you now, before we went even further. How long?” I asked him. His reply shocked me but I should have known.

“Five months. She wasn't happy that I wouldn’t leave you, that’s why she told you. I know that I have hurt you but we are in love, Leah. But I am in love with you as well. Shit. My head is messed up and I don’t know what to do,” he explained as he ran his hands through hair and unshed tears filled his eyes. My own tears fell but he had hurt me badly that I just didn’t want to be near him, so this trip I am on now was brought forward two weeks. Marc wasn't happy about me leaving, but I needed to be away from him. I told him I want his things out of my house and him out of my life. I told him that I would make the decision easy for him by removing myself from the fucked up love triangle. I bet that Nicola is happy that she gets to have Marc all to herself now, but I just don’t have the energy to care about them at the moment.

My eyes are closed while I’m listening to some Stereophonics playing on my iPhone. Love this band. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I open my eyes to see the stewardess standing there.

“I’m sorry honey, we are about to land and you need to put your seat in the upright position and fold the tray away.” I nod and offer a smile, which she returns. I adjust my seat and clear my tray. I leave my music playing but fasten my seatbelt for landing. I am so bloody excited to see Lucy again and see all the gang. I have Skyped with them a few times but it’s just not the same. I love seeing Lucy’s baby belly grow, I love seeing how Rafe is with her, the love he has for her makes me both happy and envious at the same time but I hold that all in.

The plane lands with a slight jolt and comes to a gradual stop. I climb out of my seat and try to reach up for my hand luggage but can’t reach, God I hate being so fucking short. I am barely five foot and hate it most days. A really hot bloke stands and brings my bag down to me with a sexy smile on his face, which makes me smile back.

“Thank you, being this short is shit sometimes,” I say to him and his smile gets bigger and his blue eyes sparkle.

“You’re welcome. What part of Wales are you from?” He asks, as we make our way to arrivals and baggage claim. He is dressed in a pair of very nicely fitted dark blue jeans with brown ankle boots. A shirt tucked into his jeans and a grey blazer, he looks very dashing as my nana would say.

“I live in Cardiff. What part of the UK were you visiting?” I ask, because he has an American accent. I have no clue which part though. He gives me a sweet smile and answers.

“I was in London on business for two weeks but I am glad to be home. I miss my wife and baby girl,” he smiles proudly. Bugger, all the hot ones are already taken or gay. Shit.

“I love London. How old is your little girl?” I ask him. I love kids; I have two nieces and one nephew back home and I miss them already. They are my brother Ryan’s kids with his wife, Jade. They both work and I help out when they need it.

“Her name is Hollie and she is three. My wife and I are high school sweethearts and are more in love now than when we were sixteen.” I can see the love is written all over his face when he talks about his family. We say our goodbyes at immigration and I head walk over to the huge baggage carousel thingy. I send Lucy a Facebook message to let her know that I have arrived. I stand there waiting for my suitcase and wait for her to reply to me. My phone dings and I read her message and my heart skips a beat. I see my suitcase and drag it off the moving conveyor belt with a huge struggle. There is a huge guy dressed in Army clothes who helps me. Thank god. “Thank you,” I say with a smile.

“Not a problem, Ma’am.” He dips his hat to me with a full toothed smile. Holy shit, why was that so freaking hot? I fan my face and he smiles at me with a wicked grin. I start to pull my suitcase out to the arrivals lounge to meet the one guy that makes my heart skip a beat. Even though I was with Marc for over a year, he never made me feel this way and after what has happened, I am not ready to jump right into another relationship, I don’t think.

I look around for my ride and can't see him anywhere. I message Lucy back, telling her that he isn’t here, but she is adamant that he told her he was there waiting for me. I check my watch again and I see that I have been waiting twenty minutes for him now. I have even walked around a little but have kept my eye on the coffee cart where I supposed to meet him. I give up and sit on the floor next to the cart and message Lucy again, telling her that he still isn’t here. She tells me that he isn’t answering her texts so she is sending Beck to pick me up. I decide to have a quick look over by the food court and see if my ride is in there waiting for me. I look around the place and my eyes land on him; my bloody ride in chatting to a freaking blonde bimbo when he should be looking for me. Fucking dickhead. I hear their conversation as I get closer.

“I am picking my sister-in-law’s friend up from the UK; she should be here by now. She had better not keep me waiting, I need to be balls deep in you with Skeet, sweetheart. I don’t fuck without him.” He kisses her again. I stop in front of their table and they both look up at me.

“Oi knob head, I have been waiting here for over twenty minutes while you was chatting this skank up, so I am not the one keeping you waiting when it’s you who’s keeping me waiting. I have been on a long flight and I am tired and sweaty and all I want to do it get to Lucy’s and have a shower and get some kip, so can we leave… like now?” I take a breath and just stare at them. They are both looking at me as if I have lost my mind. Bastards.

“Where the fuck is the car, Reeve?” I grab the handle of my suitcase and start to pull it away. I don’t look back to see if he is following me but I feel him as he gets closer. He takes the handle off me and pulls my suitcase from me.

“Well, that was quite the introduction. Why don’t we start over? I’m Reeve Phoenix, nice to meet you and you are?” He smirks at me because he knows who I am. Fucker. I take a deep breath and take him in; he is wearing black boots under light blue jeans with a few rips in them, a white V-neck t-shirt with a very sexy black leather jacket, with aviator glasses hanging from his jean pocket. Shit he looks good and my heart skips a beat when our eyes meet. He sticks out his hand for me to shake but I shake my head no.

“Mate, I am so not shaking that hand, I have no idea as to where it’s been and I do not want to catch an STD while I’m here. So not happening. I’m Leah Adams by the way, which I’m sure you already know since I am the one that you kept avoiding while I Skyped with everyone else because you were too good to talk to me. Now, can you please take me to see Lucy? I am tired and dirty and need some girl time,” I say looking into his eyes; something flashes across his face but I can't place it.

“Sounds very kinky to me, I like my girls dirty and looking for some girl time. This way, Lipsy.”

And that is how I came face to face with Reeve Phoenix for the first time.





Chapter 1



The music is pulsing through my body, the girls are screaming my name and I can’t get enough of it. We are at Max Point doing our usual Friday night thing. The girls are wearing their usual fuck me clothes and yes ladies, I will accommodate to you later. Well, one or two of you will get lucky later with me and my boy Skeet. I see him sucking face with a hot blonde at the side of the stage and the sight of them gets me hard. Fuck, I need to get laid. I scan the crowd and see our crew sitting by the bar. Juicy is perched on a bar stool being guarded by Gunner and Leah; fucking Leah. That girl gets me so fucking hard just by walking into a room, but fuck if anything is going to happen. Lucy warned me off her before she even arrived. She is staying with Rafe and Lucy for a few months after she caught her prick of a boyfriend sleeping with the town whore. That’s what she meant by being used; Lucy explained it all to me and my anger boiled knowing what that prick had done to her.

Maisey, Kenzi and Quinn are dirty dancing among the crowd and I can’t help but smile at the way Gunner and Zach are panting like dogs over by the bar. I’m happy that Gunner is staying close to Juicy; she is carrying my niece or nephew. We finish the song and I walk back to Ryder, who is just as sweaty as me and I see him wink at Letty, who is walking past the stage coming from the ladies. She winks back and joins the girls at the bar.

“Dude, it’s fucking hot in here tonight,” Rafe says as he joins us, downing half the bottle of water he just lifted. Ryder follows suit and dries himself off.

“It’s skin time boys.” I wink at my brothers. I turn back to my mic stand and address the girls. “So ladies, it’s getting really hot in here, so we are thinking it’s time to shed some clothes. You aren’t opposed to that, are you?” My ears ring from the screaming and I hear ‘take it all off’ and I see the girls all pointing to Letty. I smile and turn to look at Ryder, who just smiles and shakes his head.

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