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“Your hands, Summer. Grip the headboard please.”

I start to roll onto my back.

“No, face down, I think. Your arse is particularly tempting and I might just decide to spank it after all—since you seem so eager.”

I stretch my arms up, wrapping my fingers around the wooden laths making up the headboard. Dan loops the tie around my wrists quickly, securing me in place.

“Knees bent, bum in the air.” His matter-of-fact instructions serve to unnerve me even more.

Naturally, I comply immediately.

“Ah, yes, such a beautiful arse. So fuckable. But not this time, I think. I’ve neglected your pussy. I intend to put that right.”

“I… Thank you, Sir…”

“Thank me later. If you want to. Now, open your legs and let me in.”

I realize I’ve been gripping my thighs together, inhibition born of nervousness, no doubt. He’s not having it. I spread my legs, and hold my breath. He doesn’t seem to intend anything—challenging—but I never know with Dan.

My breath leaves my body on a gasp as he slips two fingers deep into my cunt. I hear the sound, my wetness apparent, despite my apprehension.

“Ah, yes, I love this. So hot, so wet. All for me, little slut.”

“Yes, Sir,

His thrusts increase in pace, a third finger slipping in alongside the first two. “I’m thinking this won’t take long…unless you’d like me to. Would you like to take this slow, Summer?”

“Not especially, Sir. Not if it means I’m not allowed to come.”

“You can climax as many times as you like, but I’m going for at least six. I think I can get that from you. What do you think?”

“I wouldn’t underestimate you, Sir. But six does sound like a lot.”

“It is a lot. I expect you to show some stamina. But I’ll let you have a lie in tomorrow morning. How does that sound?”

“You’re being very fair, Sir.”

“And you’re being very cheeky, my sweet slut. Are you liking this?” He twists his hand, stretching my inner walls around his plunging fingers. I gasp my delight.

“God, yes. Oh, Sir…”

“Come for me, Summer. I want your first orgasm. Now.”

“Yes, Sir.” Just the command is enough to produce the familiar bubble of release, starting low down in my abdomen, but the pad of his other middle finger applied direct to my clit seals the matter. I come, sharp and swift, and very sweet, the sensation ricocheting through my body as he continues to sink his fingers into my cunt. His movements are hard and fast, his intent relentless.

As my clenching subsides, Dan moves to kneel behind me. The head of his cock is at my entrance. “No condom, okay?”

“Yes, Sir.” I’ve never had unprotected sex with anyone else before Dan. He knows that, and I trust his word that he’s not about to infect me with anything unpleasant. So bareback it is.

His cock sinks into me, long, thick and hard. He fills me completely. My pussy stretches, re-shaping around him. I squeeze tight, holding him inside me as though I never want him to leave. Which perhaps I don’t.

“Fuck me, Sir. Fuck me hard, please.” My trepidation of a few minutes ago is completely dispelled now in the rush of pure lust as he starts to thrust. His strokes are deep and determined, driving me forward on the bed. He grips my hips with his hands, holding me still to receive his plunging cock.

“You’re going to come for me again. Are you close?”

Close? I’ve been close for days it seems to me. I’m never far away from the brink of orgasm since I met Dan Riche. “Yes, Sir, close. I need a little more…”

“More what? Harder? Faster? Deeper?”

“All, all of that, Sir.”

“Such a slut. God, you’re lovely. This better?”

“Aaah!” My screams might alarm the neighbors, but Dan appears unconcerned as he continues to drive his cock deep into my pussy, my inner walls throbbing around him as my second orgasm rushes to overwhelm me. “Christ, Sir, I’m there, it’s now…”

“Come for me, Summer. Come hard. Now, girl.” The timbre of his voice is pitched low and sexy, but above all, commanding.

I have to obey. I can’t help myself. Don’t want to even contemplate it. In the next moment I’m tumbling over the precipice again, my body racked with delightful convulsions as Dan sinks into me one last time. He’s balls deep within me, solid and totally Dominant as I quiver my response around his cock.

The furious pulsing soon subsides, and I expect Dan to deliver a few more quick, hard thrusts to complete his own release, but that’s not his plan this time, it seems. As soon as I stop writhing in orgasm, he withdraws his cock and rolls to lie behind me. Before I have any opportunity to work out what this next chapter might entail, his tongue is lapping at my pussy lips, licking my juices greedily. It feels exquisite, quite, quite delightful. Delicate yet intense, the action tender, but relentless in its eroticism.

“Oh God, oh God…” I can only moan my pleasure as he uses his fingers to part my lips, plunging his tongue deep into my pussy. “Dan! Sir!”

He ignores my cries, clearly too well-mannered to attempt to talk with his mouth full. I’m glad of this, shaking now in the intensity of my coming release. This is not going to last long at all. It doesn’t, and I’m soon gasping my gratitude, once again caught up in the throes of orgasm. Each time I come, it’s different. Before, the sensation was powerful, almost brutal in its forcefulness. This climax is gentle, the beautiful slow build up more a gentle beckoning than the imperious, irresistible command of a few minutes ago. I follow, responding happily, drawn inexorably onwards as he fucks me with his tongue. His fingers are busy too, tracing the outline of my pussy lips, spreading them for his tongue to gain entry.

While he fucked me with his cock, and before that with his fingers, I was content in my restraints, unresisting as he pounded my body. I was happy to let him do everything, he intended to anyway. But now, I want to participate more actively. I want to tangle my fingers in his hair, stroke his cheek, cling on to him as I come. I want to express my tenderness for him, as he is for me.

“Please, free my hands.”

“No.” He breaks his momentum briefly to answer me, then resumes his ministrations. He draws his tongue across my clit to forestall any further insurrection.

It works, of course it works, and despite his intransigence, my orgasm is a truly spiritual experience this time. He licks and laps and flicks with his tongue, probing and tormenting, eventually settling on my clit. He takes that between his lips to hold it in place while he circles it with the tip of his tongue, eventually sucking gently.

I’m whimpering throughout, every nerve ending on red alert as he brings my pleasure to new heights. If I didn’t love him already, this would do the trick, without doubt. I forget any notion of taking a direct role, content to receive anything and all that he can offer me. I lift my bum higher, offering him better access. He doesn’t need it, he’s everywhere already, nudging me upwards toward another breathtaking release.

When my climax hits me, it’s all-consuming. Past screaming, I can only sigh in exalted relief as my body descends into spasming ecstasy. I clench my pussy, seeking…something. Dan slips two fingers into me, and I grip those, bearing down hard as my body throbs and pulses around his hand. His tongue is busy on my clit, easing and cajoling the last trembling waves of orgasm from me as I drift in a post-orgasmic haze.

“Do you still want me to untie you?”

“What? Why…?”

“Summer? You asked me to free your hands. Do you still want that or can I continue?”

“What? Oh, I see. You haven’t come yet.”

“I can manage to come either way. Hands-free fucking suits me fine. We’ll try that then.” He unfastens the tie with a couple of swift tugs, and rolls me onto my back. My limbs feel not to be my own, my arms stiff from tugging at my restraints, my legs from straining against his as I desperately sought greater friction. Perhaps he knew that, knew I needed to shift position. It wouldn’t surprise me. He seems to know everything else that goes on in my head or body.

He rolls on top of me, positioning himself between my legs. He’s supporting his weight on his elbows, his fingers combing gently through my hair.

“Look at me, sweetheart.”

It’s an effort, but I know I must obey, always. I pry my eyelids open, meeting his warm gaze. The deep brown of his eyes takes on a new intensity, a seductive richness which is all Dan. He’s gentle now, infinitely tender as he leans in to nibble the lobe of my ear.

“Are you ready for more?”

“No more. I’m done.” I turn my head to let him have access to my neck, my shoulder. I spread my legs wider, expecting him to sink his cock into me again to achieve his own climax.

He seems to be in no particular hurry. “Done? I think not. I’ll tell you when you’re done. Right now, I’m letting you catch your breath.”

I smile and let my eyelids drop again. He may be right. Again. We’ll see.

At last, he nudges the wide, blunt head of his cock between my pussy lips. My body opens in welcome, slick and hot and utterly ready. He pushes, his entry slow and purposeful. He fills me, rolling his hips to seat himself even deeper.

“Lift your legs up, love. Lock your ankles behind me and hold on.”

I do, and I bury my face against Dan’s shoulder as he withdraws and plunges back into me. He sets up a hard, fast rhythm, pumping his cock inside my pussy like a piston. This time he’s going for speed and power as much as accuracy, but the result is much the same. My body reacts instantly, despite my earlier heartfelt belief that I could find no more. Dan finds it, fans the flames back to life with swift, determined strokes.

“I want you to come again, as quickly as you can.”

“That’s up to you, surely.”

“It is, and I say come, now. Do it, Summer.” His words are punctuated by solid thrusting, almost brutal in his demanding insistence that I respond and respond immediately.

I have no resistance, could come up with nothing if I tried. My body soars in response to his solid, repetitive rhythm, my pussy clenching around him.

“Christ, girl, that feels so good. Grip me tight, with your legs and your cunt. Yes!”

I do it and squeal with pleasure as he insinuates his hand between our bodies again to brush my clit with his thumb. Naturally, that’s all it takes, and I’m hurtled into yet another orgasm. I cling to Dan as my release pulses through me. This is a real marathon, and I’m starting to dig into reserves I had no idea were there. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s made me come since we returned from the bistro, but I seem to recall he said it would be at least six. I thought he was being a tad optimistic at the time. I now realize he was just telling me how it was going to be.

I dig my fingers into Dan’s shoulders as the last ripples of pleasure fade away. I’m fairly certain he hasn’t come yet, though I have been distracted and couldn’t swear to it. His erection shows no sign of softening, so probably not.

I lie still, Dan’s cock still deep inside me as he reaches behind him to take hold of my ankles. He unlocks them, and pushes my knees further up on each side of my chest. He presses them together holding me still, my body curled under him, and withdraws his cock from my pussy. I’m puzzled, but not for long. He shifts slightly to re-position himself, and his cock is at the entrance to my arse. He hasn’t prepared me in advance, no probing fingers, no slick lube to make me ready.

My eyes open wide, I stare at him. His eyebrow is lifted, he’s asking my permission before entering me. I nod, and close my eyes to wait.

He’s slow, careful. His cock is coated with my juice and my arse is receptive now, no longer the tight, virginal place of just a few days ago. But he could hurt me. He knows it. I know it. He’s incredibly gentle, in sharp contrast to the almost brutal fucking of moments before. Inch by inch he pushes his cock into me, and for my part, I make a conscious effort to relax my muscles and let him in. It’s tight. I’m stretched and full, but he continues. I want him to continue, not to stop now.

I lay my hands behind my head, my pose consciously one of confidence, relaxed and carefree. I want him to know I trust him. I’m in his hands and happy to be there.

“Thank you, Summer. Just a little farther, just a little more…” His low murmur is sexy, and it’s all that’s required to encourage me for those last slow millimeters. Dan is not hurrying, he’s going to fuck my arse, but it’s going to be leisurely, measured, sweet and tender.

At last, he’s fully inside me. He releases my knees to let my legs straighten. I draw a deep breath, my whole focus centered on that feeling of extreme fullness, of being pushed and stretched delightfully, almost to breaking point, quivering with pent up sensation, ready, eager. Totally his.

Dan doesn’t thrust though. Instead, he adjusts his position again, this time to kneel up with his knees under my bum. My legs are spread wide, my pussy open and exposed, beautifully naked for him. He settles his thumbs in those little hollows where my thighs and groin meet, almost touching my pussy lips but not quite. I open my eyes to meet his gaze. His expression is almost mischievous now, his eyes taking on a definite wicked glint.

“Have you been keeping count, my slut?”

“Count, Sir?”

“How many orgasms so far?”

“I’m not sure, Sir. Was it four?”

“You’ve not been paying attention, little one. It was five. Perhaps I should be working on your numeracy a little more.

“I-I think I’d like that, Sir.”
Perhaps. Probably.

He chuckles. “So would I. Tell me your safe word, Summer.”

“Red, Sir. But I’m fine.”
Better than fine.

He just smirks, a distinctly self-satisfied expression that makes me nervous. “Just use it. When you’ve had enough.”

I open my mouth to speak, not sure just what I want to say or ask, but my words are strangled in my throat as he takes my clit between two fingers. The pad of his thumb caresses the tip of my throbbing nub, the friction light but perfectly applied.

“Oh. Oh, Sir…”

“Warm up time’s over, Summer. Now for the main event. I’ll stop when you say red. Not before. Do you understand me?” He flicks my clit again, sending shock waves of pure joy pulsing through me.

BOOK: Rich Promise
6.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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