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already kindled low in her body and she cried out when he withdrew almost to
the tip before plunging again, his grip firm on her legs.

“Fuck, you
are so gorgeous,” he said through gritted teeth. “I missed you so much, Jazz.”

missed… you… too,” she spilled out between thrusts.

Yes, she
really had, she realized. Jackson had always balanced out her serious side.
Even in school she’d been determined to achieve and he had taught her to relax,
to enjoy life. Problem was when she thought he had been cheating, she had put
if down to his relaxed attitude to life. Since then, she’d pushed aside any
thoughts of anything other than work.

But had
Jackson changed enough that they could have some kind of future together? She
couldn’t be sure.

digging into her thighs, he moved deep within her, his ragged breaths echoing
her own. They fell into a fast, heavy rhythm that made her body coil up
tightly, ready to explode at any moment. Before she reached her orgasm, Jackson
let her legs slip down his arms and he drew her close. Thighs pressed against
his hips, heels digging into his back, she gripped his arms and buried her face
against his chest as she convulsed and dizzying ecstasy rippled through her.

breaths blew over her hair as his thrusts stalled and became jerky. His muscles
tightened under her hands and he let out a low moan. Jackson thrust gently
before coming to a stop and whispering in her ear, “I love you. Always have.
Always will.”

Chapter Five

Soft skin
brushed his thighs and it took Jackson a moment to orientate himself. And to
figure out where the delicate fingers wrapped around his cock had come from. He
peeled open his eyes, stretched and released a lazy grin when he found Jazz
pressed again him, her breasts to his chest, one leg wrapped over his thigh.

she massaged his erection and he groaned and thrust a hand into her hair to
grip it tight. Damn, he loved this woman. Loved what she’d grown into but loved
that the parts of the old Jazz remained. The impulsive, take-charge girl
remained, even if it had been buried under responsibility and maturity. And he
didn’t mind that either. He needed maturity in his life. Too much time spent
with immature groupies wore a man down.

He had
every intention of keeping Jazz in his life. He only hoped he’d done a good
enough job yesterday convincing her to let him.

She tilted her head to view him and gave him a wicked look before slipping
beneath the covers.

He was
about to reply when her hot mouth touched his shaft and she slowly took him
into her mouth. Bit by bit, wet warmth surrounded him until she had almost
taken his whole cock. Reaching under, he found her head and cupped the back of
it, encouraging her to take it deep. She began to suck—he felt the hollowing of
her cheeks—and his hips lifted involuntarily off the bed.

A hand
came up to cup his balls and she continued to suck hard, bobbing up and down.
Jackson gripped her hair and closed his eyes. She must have learned a few
things as he didn’t remember her being this good at blow jobs. Fuck.

His pulse
throbbed in his temples and pleasure singed his veins. When the edge came too
close, he tried to tug her up but she was determined. Her hot mouth stayed
latched around him and she curled a hand around the base of his cock to suck
him more vigorously.

Unable to
do anything but cling to the sheets, he jerked his hips and his orgasm blew
through him. His cum filled her mouth and she gulped it down while he rode out
his climax, thrusting gently against her slack mouth.

licking him clean, she came to his side and stroked a hand up and down his

chuckled. “I could get used to this.”

don’t.” She laughed. “I need to get up and clean the bar.”

She rolled
away but he snatched her arm and pulled her beneath him. Pinned under his leg,
she wriggled and gasped. “Jackson!”

not going anywhere. Not yet. You need to learn to relax, babe.”

her hands above her head, he clamped both wrists between one hand and used his
other to sweep aside the tangle of blankets and reveal her to him. Damn, she
was hot. Her full breasts practically begged for his mouth. He flattened kisses
over the mounds and heard her sharp intake of breath as he took a nipple into
his mouth and nibbled lightly. She arched into him and he had to fight a smug

When he trailed
a hand between her thighs, he found her wet and ready. He didn’t have the
stamina he used to but he sure as hell wasn’t leaving her unsatisfied after
that amazing blow job. Using two fingers, he thrust into her and curled them.
Using beckoning movements, he found her g-spot and worked his fingers vigorously.
She cried out, urging him on and he turned his attention to nibbling on her ear
and neck and fucking her hard with his fingers.

shuddered and cried out. “Oh, Jackson, please fuck me.”

He recalled
how sensitive her neck was and how she’d always loved him ramming his fingers
hard into her pussy. But she never reacted like this—with such desperate need.
Hearing coarse words from her lips made his cock hard again. He hadn’t known he
could still do that. Apparently being with Jazz not only made him feel like a
teenager again but gave him the physical capability of one.

Unable to
hold back, he fumbled for the condoms in the bedside table that she’d admitted
to owning and sheathed himself with one hand, continuing to pound his fingers
into her. Then he released her, flipped her over and drew her back onto her

The sight
of her curved ass and wet slit forced a groan from him and he gripped her ass
as he lined himself up. In one smooth motion, he joined them. Her wet heat
enclosed around him and he felt her rippling response, telling him she wasn’t
far off.

Thank fuck,
because neither was he.

he pounded into her. Over and over, harder and faster. She urged him on with
cries of ecstasy and continued to beg him to fuck her harder. Sweat pricked on
his back and trickled down his spine. He clenched his jaw and sucked in ragged
breaths in an attempt to hold back his climax. When the first pulse of her
pussy hit, he came, a hot rush of a climax that made his body shudder.

slowed his movements and Jazz called his name while her beautiful body shook
against him. He eased out as she collapsed and he discarded the condom before
coming to lie at her side. A hand to her back, he caressed her smooth skin and
pressed a kiss to her nose.

“I should
be getting to work,” she murmured.

“Work can
wait. We wasted too much time apart, Jazz. I’m not making the same mistake


voices made Jackson pause before stepping into the bar. It sounded like a man. Damn,
he shouldn’t have taken the time to shower before joining her downstairs. He
hung back at the door and peered around to see an older guy in a suit. Jazz had
her back to Jackson but he saw her anger just from her stance. Hands on her
hips, feet apart, spine stiff. He smirked. He didn’t envy whoever this was
being on the receiving end of her temper.

bullshit,” she spat.

“We have
to follow up every complaint,” the man droned.

“I spent a
fortune having this place fixed up because of these complaints. I even had the
sound measured independently. There is no way the club is putting out those
levels of noise.”

Jasmine,” the guy edged forward, “I will try my best to get the complaint
dropped. You know you only have to cooperate.”

“I know
what kind of cooperation you mean and it’s not happening, Cliff.”

tensed. What was going on? Lenny had hinted the bar was having problems but who
was this man and why was he coming onto Jazz? ‘Cause it sure sounded like he
wanted more than just her cooperation.

“You could
make life a lot easier,” Cliff said coolly. “I’ll get these complaints dropped
and your bar will be saved. All you need to do is agree to one little date.”

“And one
night too, I bet.”

shrugged. “You’re a beautiful woman, Ms Moreno. Why not use it to your

Going. To. Happen,” she replied tightly.

sighed and made a show of placing down a stash of papers on the bar. “At this
rate, you’ll be shut down within the month.” He shifted closer until he was
only a pace away from Jazz. Jackson curled a fist, ready to pounce. Cliff
skimmed a hand over Jazz’s bare shoulder and he saw her shudder. “One night and
this could all be over. What do you think?”

surged through Jackson’s veins. He stepped out, his breaths coming heavy and
fast and stalked over to put himself between Jazz and the man. A palm to the
guy’s chest, Jackson clenched his teeth and spoke through them. “Lay a hand on
her again and it really will be all over for you.”

He half-expected
a protest from Jazz but out of the corner of his eye, he saw her step away and
she leant back against the bar, as if enjoying the spectacle. The grey-haired
man peered up at him, eyes narrow.

“I don’t
know who you are but this it between Ms Moreno and Environmental Health. Her
bar is has received several complaints about noise pollution. I suggest you
keep your hands off me or I’ll be calling the cops.”

And what will they say when they find out you’ve been trying to gain sexual
favours with these complaints?”

pulled his shoulders straight. “I had nothing to do with these complaints.”

“I didn’t
say you did, but thanks for clarifying.” Jackson saw the lie in the man’s eyes.
“I’m guessing you made up these complaints in the hopes of persuading Ms Moreno
to sleep with you, am I right? ‘Cause I played here last night and there’s no
way this place is in breach. She has top of the line sound proofing.”

“That is a
serious allegation, Mr…”

Jackson Wilde.”

crept into Cliff’s expression and he must have realized he was playing with a
heavy hitter. But still he kept his stance firm. “I could press charges over
such slander,” he said, but his voice held no conviction.

“I suspect
if I put in a complaint about these allegations and they were investigated,
you’d have more problems to deal with than slander. Putting in false
allegations, trying to blackmail Ms Moreno…” Jackson smirked. “I wouldn’t want
to be in your shoes.”

“You can’t
prove anything.” Redness crawled up his face, making Jackson’s grin expand.

“You know
who I am, right? So you know I have plenty of backing and I know several
important people. To be honest, I probably don’t need to prove anything.”

The man
narrowed his eyes at him and took a step back. “You’ll regret this, Mr Wilde.”

“I doubt
that.” Arms folded across his chest, Jackson shadowed his steps, urging him
toward the door.

jerked his head in Jazz’s direction. “Not worth it anyway.”

clenched, Jackson fought the desire to force the guy out of the club with more
than just threats. But he was trying to prove to Jazz he had changed, that he
was a responsible adult, capable of behaving as such. So all he did was grin.

“Oh, she’s
worth it. As you probably figured. She’s worth a lot. And if you value your
life, you won’t come here again because I’ll be hanging around a lot more from
now on.”

With a
sniff, Cliff turned and yanked open the front door before stomping out.
Slamming the door shut behind him, Jackson gave a triumphant grin and turned
back to see Jazz still against the bar, her smile a mirror of his.

“I thought
you were going to kill him.”

He shook
his head and strode over to take her into his arms. “I was tempted but I’m a
lover not a fighter, babe.”

“Yes, you
are,” she agreed. “Did you mean what you said about hanging around?”

course.” He gazed down at her, his heart softening as the vulnerability he saw
in her eyes. Jazz had always played at being tough really well, but he’d never
failed to see through it. She needed him as badly as he needed her, he could
tell. “I meant what I said last night too, Jazz. I love you.”

dropped her gaze but kept her arms around his neck. “I don’t know. It’s been a
long time. We can’t just pick up where we left off. We’re different… I mean…”

“We are,
you’re right. But that’s good. We’ve grown up. It will make things even better,
I promise you.”


He dropped
a quick kiss to her lips to silence her, then drew back. “Stop thinking, start

“Are those
song lyrics?”

shrugged. “Could be, but they work. You always did spend too much time
thinking. Give us a chance and see where we go. All I can say is I learned my
lesson the hard way. All these years without you has been a tough price to pay
but it’s taught me what’s important, and it’s you.”

“You can’t
just come strolling back in and expect everything to be the same you know?”

“I know. I
don’t expect it to be.” He pulled her tight into him and felt her nipples press
hard against his chest. Her little intake of breath made his cock tighten. “It
will be even better, I swear.”

BOOK: Rock n' Roll All Night
11.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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