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Chapter Six

Even after
two weeks of watching Jackson perform most nights, she didn’t tire of seeing
him on stage. In between searching for a studio and negotiating contracts with
several up and coming bands, he spent most of his time at the bar with her.
Hell, he’d practically moved in. He was weirdly domesticated and had spent his
spare time tidying up the apartment and even pitched in with the club
sometimes. Jackson had always been a good guy and a hard worker but she’d never
expected him to be happy doing the dishes or pulling pints.

But it
seemed he thrived on it. Jackson charmed the staff and the customers loved him
even when he wasn’t performing. The bar had never been busier and she knew it
was down to him. Soon she’d be financially stable and able to hire some more
staff to help, therefore taking some of the burden off her.

in spite of everything, she couldn’t depend on Jackson. For one, it wasn’t
fair. He had his own job, but also she couldn’t quite bring herself to believe
he’d stick around. It all seemed too easy, too perfect. They had slipped back
into each other’s lives as if they’d never been apart but with the maturity to
handle whatever came their way. Doubt pricked at Jazz. This kind of good luck
didn’t happen to her.

caught her eye from behind the bar and winked at her. She experienced the usual
flutter of excitement in her belly when she considered she’d get Jackson Wilde
all to herself in a few hours. They made love like teenagers, though they’d
both learned a thing or two which made it more exciting.

some glasses from a busy table, she pushed past the crowds and paused to admire
the band on stage. They reminded her of Jackson and his band. Jackson has just
started working with them and from what she could tell, they’d be big. The
crowd were already begging for more.

When she swept
past Jackson and he let his hand slide along her ass, she knew she’d be begging
for more soon enough too. She dumped the glasses in the kitchen and came back
out to see Jackson talking with a guy in a suit. She frowned. No one wore suits
to the club. Her stomach twisted. Was it a council guy?

They hadn’t
heard anything else from Environmental Health after Jackson sent him packing so
she’d assumed his threats had been enough.

spotted her and signalled her over. “This is Brett from Ripped Records. Do you
mind if I take a moment to talk with him in your office?”

Jazz nodded. “You don’t work here, remember, Jackson? I’m not your boss.”

He leaned
over, gave her a kiss on the cheek and led the suited guy through the back.
Jazz grabbed a cloth and viciously wiped down the bar as nerves ate into her.
Why would someone from a big record company want to talk to Jackson? Were they
offering him a record contract? Was he going to leave her again? Jackson was
still hot stuff—totally in demand. He could easily make it as a solo artist
with the backing of a big company. And who was she to hold him back? She’d
tried to cling onto him once before and where had that left her? Broken hearted.
If he wanted to go, she’d let him, but it would leave her shattered again.

hearted. Again.

she loved him. She hadn’t wanted to admit as much but she did. Jazz dropped the
cloth and rubbed her chest. One of the bar staff, Sarah, nudged her with an
elbow. “Is everything okay?”

fine.” She gave a tight smile.

would be okay. She’d survived having her heart broken by Jackson Wilde once
before and she’d survive again.


barely had a moment to talk to Jackson the rest of the night. By the time she’d
traipsed up to bed and changed into an old Ramones tee for bed, sickness
churned in her stomach and she was convinced he was going to leave her.

slipped into bed while he showered and she turned off the lights. She couldn’t bear
for him to see her heartbreak. His padding footsteps made her breathing hitch
and when he slid into bed next to her, she realised he was still naked. A pulse
of desire speared through her.

wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into the crook of his thighs. He
flattened a kiss to her neck which never failed to send tingles racing through

tired?” he asked.

little,” she said, though she wasn’t. Not really. How could she sleep when she
knew he was going again?

up, Jazz?”

she mumbled.

“Don’t do
that, that’s not like you. You’ve always told me the truth.”

She sighed
and rolled over. “Just make love to me.” Wrapping her arms around his neck, she
urged him to kiss her. “I need you.”

She did.
Even if it was just one more time. She might even admit to loving him again. It
would hurt but at least she no longer held onto the agony of thinking he’d
cheated on her. If she let him go, perhaps she could move on more easily this

“I always
need you, babe.” He kissed her sweetly and tears pricked behind her eyes. It
felt like a goodbye kiss. “I always have needed you.”

He tore
away suddenly, leaving her cold and bereft and the bedside lamp flicked on. He
grinned at her as she blinked in the light before pushing her back so he could
hover over her. Using a finger to trace her profile, he kissed her again and
drew back.

Cold fear
fisted her heart at his serious expression. She gulped.

“I have
some news.”

closed her eyes. She knew it. “It’s okay,” she said huskily. “I don’t mind if
you go. I’m glad we at least had this.”


She opened
her eyes to see his dipped brow. “I know I’m not enough for you. I mean you’re
Jackson Wilde for fuck’s sakes.”

His brows
almost knitted. “Jazz, you’ve always been enough for me. I was an idiot not to
fight harder for you but these past years… there was something missing. Music
wasn’t enough, you know? The thing that was missing was you.”

“I don’t
understand. That man—”

offering a contract to the band—the band I’m working with. They’re going to hit
it big and with that kind of backing… well, things are definitely doing to take
off for the production company.” His eyes softened. “And that means I’ll be
sticking around for a long, long time.”

not leaving?”

“No way.”
He drew back and grabbed her hand, pulling her to sitting. Naked, he got off
the bed and got on one knee.

eyes widened and she clapped a hand across her mouth.

“I haven’t
got you a ring yet but... I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I just
wanted to make sure everything was in place first.” He clasped her hand between
both of his. “Jazz Moreno, will you marry me?”

failed to hold back a spluttered laugh. She had the tough rocker, Jackson
Wilde, naked, on his knees and begging to marry her.

A brow
rose. “Well?”

Jazz slid
off the bed and joined him on the floor. Grasping his face, she grinned. “Of
course I will.”

A smug
smile broke across his face and he bundled her into him to kiss her until she
was breathless. “I’ll get you a ring tomorrow,” he promised between kisses.

“I don’t
need a ring.”

“I’m going
to get you the biggest, shiniest one there is,” he declared and scooped her
fully into his arms to lift her as he kissed her again. Breathless from his
kisses, Jazz shook her head and laughed. She gripped his neck and desire
coursed through her when his erection nudged between her thighs. With his hands
to her back, he lowered her to the floor, the fuzzy fabric of the carpet
tickling her thighs.

over her, he sighed. “I wasted so much time.”

you did what you love and made lots of people happy. And I did what I’d always
wanted to do. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m glad in a way. I think maybe we
needed to do our own thing.”

He skimmed
a hand down the outside of her thigh and pressed it under to cup her ass. His
grin turned wicked when he found she wasn’t wearing underwear. “You always were
smarter than me.” He gave her rear a squeeze and slid his hand up her back and
around to squeeze her breast under her tee.

Jazz moved
up into his touch and tilted her head back as his lips found her neck. Hands
splayed across his back, she let out a content sigh and relished the feel of
his powerful body over hers. She couldn’t be sure when, but at some point all
the hurt from the prevous years had vanished. Perhaps it was never intended for
them to be together at such a young age. She meant what she’d said. They’d
taken the time to achieve their dreams and now they could truly devote
themselves to one another.

And she
full intended to devote plenty of time to Jackson.

him back, she urged him to lie back and straddled him. She rubbed herself
against his cock, feeling how wet she already was. He groaned while she kissed
across ink covered chest and down his stomach.

Somehow he
snaked a hand between them and his thumb found her clit. With his other hand,
he gripped her ass and a finger slid between her cheeks to put pressure on her
puckered hole. He didn’t press, just teased, sending swirls of need through
her. She straightened, reached for protection, sheathed him and braced her
hands on his chest so she could lower herself down on him.

Inch by
inch, she sank onto his steely heat and she closed her eyes to savour it. His
thumb continued to work over her clit and when she opened her eyes, she found
him staring up at her. The look in his eyes left her in no doubt that the
future held great things for them both.

She moved
slowly at first, savouring the slide of his cock insider her but as the
sensations grew, she picked up the pace. Jackson urged her on with his hands to
her hips. The pulse of his cock triggered a climax so strong she had to close
her eyes to it and she was fairly sure her fingernails would leave marks on his
chest. His guttural groan told her he’d followed her over and she sagged down
to lie on his chest.

grinned to herself as his shaft continued to pulse gently inside her and he
rubbed his hands up and down her back under her tee.

fall asleep,” he warned. “We’ve got a lot of time to make up for.”

the side of his neck, she nodded. “We have. And don’t worry, Jackson Wilde. I
intend to keep you up all night.” She drew herself up enough to kiss his mouth.
“I love you. Always have, always will.”


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BOOK: Rock n' Roll All Night
10.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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