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Rock Star Rebel

Emily Kee

Copyright 2013, Emily Kee



Warning: Adult Material…This story contains sexually explicit material. By opening this document and continuing to read, you are stating that you are of legal age to read this story.  Every character involved in sexual situations in this story are intended to be 18 years of age or older, whether they are explicitly described as such or not.



Rock Star Rebel

The Beginning



The Beginning

Simon Thrasher walked off the stage covered in sweat. His swagger was enhanced by his black boots and his tight leather pants. His chest was tan and bare, the way the audience liked it. The cheers and screams rose up from the crowd. It never got old hearing them chant his name, begging him to come back for an encore.

He stood waiting just long enough, and then with a grin went back to center stage. The crowd went wild, and as if on cue the music jammed on. Belting out his latest and greatest hit, Simon wooed the crowd and finished with a bang. With the show ending, all he wanted was a shower and a blow job. There would be plenty of groupies waiting for him, and he’d have his choice.

Pointing to two girls, he let them follow him into his room. “Wait here,” was all he said. The girls squealed knowing they were tonight’s chosen ones.

“You,” he said, pointing to a pretty redhead with long hair, “Come with me.”

She followed along obediently, and as he dropped his leather pants, he let his raging boner out for her lips. She started to tell him what a big fan she was, but he stopped him mid-sentence.

“Yeah, less talking, more sucking,” was all he said.

back into the counter in the bathroom, the girl sank between his legs and got him off. As she finished, he sent her away. She looked confused, thinking there’d be more, but she bit her lip and left as instructed. Oh well, at least she got to tell her friends she blew the hot, upcoming rock star Simon Thrasher, not that half of them would believe her.

After she left, he climbed into the shower.
Simon stood under the hot water letting the spray cascade around him and let it all sink in. Ever since his latest hit started climbing the charts, his fans were more ravenous, anxious to get a taste of him, and the venues he’d be playing in would only get bigger. If things continued to improve, pretty soon he’d be filling stadiums. He was almost there and could taste it. The rock star life was his for the taking, and the perks only got better the bigger he was.

Turning the water off, Simon ran his fingers through his wet, dark hair, pushing it off his face.  Grabbing a towel, he dried off and headed out to see the other girl he pulled into his room. Sitting his bare ass on the sofa in the room, he pointed to his dick, “Hey, you can blow me now,” he said with a grin.

The girl smiled broadly and kneeled between his legs.

With a knock on the door, the girl lifted her head off his cock.

“Did I tell you to stop?” he asked firmly, and then shoved her head back down to finish what she started.

“Simon,” Jimmy said with a grin, “great show. We’re ordering food, you want anything?”

“Yeah, a big fucking turkey club, but no tomatoes. I don’t want that slimy shit on there, and on your way back grab me a hot blonde to fuck.”

“No problem,” he answered. “There’s brew in the fridge, you want anything else?”

Simon pointed to the table to show he’d cracked a beer open before sitting down.

As he felt the urgency to shoot his load, Simon gripped the girl’s head in his lap and held her tight, letting his seed hit the back of her throat. As soon as she swallowed, he kicked her out of his room. Sex without having to talk was one of the best perks. These girls may have hoped for more, but they all knew it was about a good time, and it’s not like he was going to fall in love. Most of them accepted it and understood the groupie lifestyle, but once in a while you had one that was convinced she sucked the best cock, and if she did a good job, he’d want more. He hated those chicks, the clingy, needy ones, and he hated when they slipped through.

A light tap came at the door, “What now?”

A slender blonde opened the door, “Simon?”

“You the one Jimmy picked out? I’m not ready to fuck yet, so if you could wait outside,” he said.

“I’m flattered you think I’m fuckable, but I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she started. “I’m Sadie from payroll. I’m sorry to bother you right after a show, but I had a quick question about last night’s gig.”

Simon eyed the woman standing before him, she was pinned up tight, her hair too neat to be a rock chick. Yeah, she was definitely a book girl. He wasn’t at the level of throwing her out yet if he wanted to get paid for everything, so he swallowed his rock star pride for a few minutes, and answered her quick question. Too bad she wasn’t the one Jimmy picked out. She had a slamming body, and if she loosened her hair, and threw off her glasses, he’d totally do her.

Sadie Mustang smiled at the playboy rock star and left the room. Good looking guy, it’s a shame she’s going to have to fuck him over. It’s not his fault – she just needed the money. Walking down the hallway, she tossed ideas around in her mind as she maneuvered around the warm bodies hoping for a chance to spend time with the star. Yep, he was going to make her a lot of money, she grinned.


Sadie Mustang wasn’t who she said she was, but if she went around using her true identity Julie Monroe, she just might get caught. It took a lot of careful planning to change her identity – and once she landed the gig on Simon Thrasher’s tour as payroll manager, she knew she was golden. If she nailed this last score, skimming off the top of the rising rock star’s tour, she could easily retire. He was going places, and her scam was in full swing.

It wasn’t easy to land the job, but with enough lies and tequila, a few romps in bed, she got the gig. Thankfully the guy who hired her was married, so it’s not like he was going to tell anyone how she got it. She was a master in the sack, and with a few planned extra moves, he was putty in her hands. Now that they were on the road, and the guy wasn’t in her face day to day, there weren’t a lot of people watching her run her numbers. She was trusted to do her job well, and that was a mistake. Nobody should trust Sadie Mustang, aka Julie Monroe, because she was a thief, and good at what she did.

Jimmy dropped off Sadie’s dinner as he made the rounds. Making small talk, she smiled, “Did you find a nice blonde for Simon?”

He laughed, “Yeah, a young, hot one, just like he likes them.”

“He thought you sent me when I stopped by earlier,” she mused.

“I don’t think you’re his type, no offense. He likes them slutty and younger.”

That last comment stung. She thought she pulled off thirty well, “Ah well, how will I ever survive.” Her sarcasm wasn’t lost on him, and with a grin Jimmy left to deliver the rest of the crew’s meals.


Simon’s dreams came true a little later than he’d expected, but music was his life. He’d hoped to have a record deal in his early twenties, but it wasn’t until his late twenties that one finally came through. An indie record label took a chance on him, and they scored him two big hits. With his third rising fast, both the indie label and his own star kept rising.

He was living the life, fucking more girls than he ever imagined, being blown nightly, and doing things to girls he only ever dreamed of. There was no way he was ever giving this crazy life up; he was having too much fun. Before he was famous, girls never let him do kinky stuff – but now he had free reign.

His star was rising, and everybody wanted a piece of him – and that guaranteed him a piece of ass nightly. His band saw just as much action – but he was the one that stood out head and shoulders above the others. His manager pulled together a band to back him, and each time he toured, he’d pull another group together so the
guys didn’t get too comfortable or demand too much money. If he was going to keep Simon Thrasher rolling in the dough, he had to keep everyone else in check.

The tours started small with small venues, but the more hits he had, the bigger the ticket sales. With this third solid hit, they’d be on to stadiums in no time. While he started opening for other bands, on his next tour, he’d be the main attraction. He was a bona fide star – and his ego was growing with each new event.


Finally wrapping the tour, opening for the super band Macho Magnitude on a few gigs, and playing smaller venues on his own, he was ready for the next go round. They’d be taking a six week break and then revealing the tour dates for his very own tour – with Simon as the main event. Another eight weeks, and he’d start a six month bus tour across the

His agent, his manager, and the studio heads were lining him up for as a summer sensational tour, targeting the women that threw their panties on stage, and would spread the word through social media. It was a new age, and his more mature looks got him a wide fan base. From teens to their mothers, people were singing along to Simon Thrasher’s rock ballads, and bopping their heads to his more up-tempo latest hit – My Sugar.

It was weird to see the audience sing the lyrics back to him so openly, when the lyrics of the song clearly were about his seed shooting out of his cock covering a woman with “his sugar”. He loved the raunchy, over the top words, but the coolest thing ever was seeing his audience plead with him to do his humping routine on stage. He’d pull someone from the audience, and dry hump her from behind, while singing about how he was going to cover her with “my sugar”. The audience went wild at the crowd favorite.

The song was soaring on the charts, and he wasn’t complaining. Rock stars and sex go together hand in hand – and he was loving life.

As the final pieces of his show were coming together, he was getting ready to start up again. As his manager pulled everyone together for a meeting, Sadie Mustang caught Simon’s eye. She was sitting to the side, her hair pulled up in a high, tight ponytail, with her red framed glasses making a statement.

She was pretty, shame she looked so uptight. Glancing up, Simon caught her eye. He smiled at the girl, but she simply looked through him, and then turned her attention back to the man speaking.

As the meeting wrapped, Sadie gathered her notebook and stood to leave the room. Simon caught up with her, “Hey,” he said, not remembering her name at first.

Sadie turned, “Hi, can I help you with something?”

“It’s Sadie, right? You want to grab a bite to eat?” He stood beside her in faded jeans and a tight, black t-shirt. The stubble on his face only made him cuter, and Sadie caught her breath.

“Umm, no, I have work to do, but thanks.” She wanted to do more than lunch with him, but Simon was off limits. Her hormones kicked into overdrive when he was around – how could they not. He was a great looking guy, but she had plans, and they included swindling the man, skimming from the tour’s take, and then getting the hell out of dodge. Falling for the main attraction didn’t fall into Sadie’s retirement plans. She had visions of a beach and tall, fruity drinks in the sun – not of an affair with a singer.

Don’t let your hormones blow the scam, she thought. She’d worked too hard and long to position herself here – and this big tour was exactly what she was waiting for. They’d be scoring huge amounts of money with ticket and merchandise sales, and even a small take of that would set her up nicely.

Simon wasn’t used to being turned down, “What do you mean no? Come on, keep a star happy,” he said enthusiastically, pouring on his charm, “besides, I could use some company.” His dimple made him damn near irresistible.

“I can’t, but thanks,” she said walking away. It took everything inside of her to keep walking.

Simon stared as she turned at the end of the hallway, her ass swaying side to side.
I need to fuck that ass, he thought. She might think she’s playing hard to get, but he was up for a challenge.

Their big opening night was in Atlanta, with upcoming stops in Philly, New York, Chicago, Vegas, Dallas, and Los Angeles. He was thrilled to be in bigger stadiums, leaving the smaller arenas behind. This was the big time, no more opening up for other acts – he was finally the biggest star of the tour.
It was the perfect timing for his new release.

BOOK: Rock Star Rebel (Rising Rock Star)
13.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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