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BOOK: Rogue Stallion (Chrome Horsemen MC Book 2)


She smiled broadly a sense of glee pouring out of her, "That's the first time in my life that I've had a boyfriend/girlfriend argument and won. We should have champagne or something with dinner to celebrate."


"If we aren't hiding in a boxcar waiting for the train to take us to New Orleans, I agree," he said and reached down to take her ass in his hand, "You aren't exactly a fair fighter, by the way."


"I'll go whisper in his ear. I’ll be right back," she laughed and then hurried over to the man behind the bar.


The bartender, whose name she discovered was Hank, didn't even flinch when she explained the instructions and where they would be, which from experience, didn't surprise her at all. Bartenders tended to be well experienced in the actions of humanity and this one worked at a club owned by an outlaw biker group.


As she walked back to Cole, she looked around. There was still only a smattering of people in the bar; most of the group remained outside, talking while their eyes remained on alert. Was there really something they could be worried about at this point?


She didn't know, but she wanted to know. After she took care of Cole, she would ask him about it. After. She also noticed that she was the only woman in the place, which was a good thing, until her logical mind gave her a reason for this. "They were sent home. The men are still on alert and so the women remain safe in their homes," she murmured. "There
something to worry about," she decided.


"Hank will let us know if Jim calls for you while we are in there, so come on, don't waste time," she informed Cole when she was in discrete talking distance while taking his hand and pulling to get him started.


She was amazed that he felt so shy about doing this. The men she was used to, the ones who taught her this little trick, often asked her to arrange someplace out of the way for a quickie.


Well, not all of them had this urge. Max didn't, but most of her regulars did.


She thought Cole would get off on it, but maybe it was embarrassing for him to share private space in a public area. Once she got him inside with the door closed, she pushed him up until his back was against the wall. Then leaned into him, pressing herself into the top of his abs.


"Thanks," she told him as she found his buckle and began the manual actions needed to get his cock out.


This was another skill she practiced and perfected -- buying a mannequin and practicing with her eyes closed as she listened to the evening stock exchange commentary on the radio. It was a good skill to have in intimate moments, so she didn’t risk breaking the mood by fumbling around, especially with all the effort she put into creating those “moments.”


"For what?" he said, very amused. "I'm the one getting the blowjob. Do you expect me to do you after or something?"


She grinned. She couldn't remember the last time someone did that for her. It was long ago; that was for sure. Clients didn't do that, at least hers didn't, and she never had a lover who did. Jorge, her last long term boyfriend, thought it was a disgusting thought, but then Jorge found most of the world disgusting or insulting.


"Like I said, Cole, I really enjoy doing this for you," she told him, still watching his eyes as she unclasped his pants and searched for the zipper hook.


"Do you?" he asked, "Did you … before?"


She shrugged and looked down, found the zipper hook, and released the zipper. "No, not really. I didn't really enjoy any of it. It was a job and I like doing things right, or at least, not wrong. The job was sometimes interesting, sometimes humorous, and often a challenge. But, no, Cole, it was never enjoyable to me. If you want to know about that part of my life, then we'll talk, all right? But, after," she told him.


"You don't have--"


"No," she said, shaking her head. "I
talk about it with you. A huge part of what I am was forged during those years. Not saying I'm proud of what I did, but I am proud of who I am, and I don't want to have huge parts of me hidden from you. I want to be with you. You. Not just your body, or the bedroom." She shrugged, "Besides, you'll get deja vus about that time of my life sooner or later, and we'll have to discuss it then."


Nicole lifted up on her toes, and gave him a sensuous kiss on his lips, "Now, nothing else until after," she sighed.





Even after the experiences of seeing this thing of his, and sucking him off four times now, and studying it with great interest, because it really seemed like it was too much to be real, Nicole felt a little shocked every time she came face to face with the thing. On her knees in from of him, the thing was definitely in her face, and seemed to be mocking her with its half aroused state.


Studying it for a brief moment, she decided, c
hallenge accepted,
and took him into her mouth.


She did, really, get off on sucking him. He was tall, strong, and very powerful. After seeing him in action earlier, he aroused her so much she could barely stand it. She wondered, since he seemed so shy about getting a blow job in the lady's room, how he would feel about fucking her up against the wall?


She gently put that thought out of her mind, deciding this wasn't the day or the moment, to find out, though she longed to be stretched open again by this thing again.


The first time she was with him, last week, she fell into a mental state of analyzing, as if she were still on the job, doing the dance. The mood and mentality just slipped in, and it felt so natural to be like that during sex, she didn't even realize what had happened until waking the next morning.


After some review, she decided firmly that she didn't like being so distant from him. Sex was no longer an experiment in psychology or a source for understanding the physiology of human sexuality. It was also not time to engage in mental games with Cole, such as instigating mood changes, or guiding conversations, or making sure he was experiencing the right emotions about her, so that she would be his favorite, and he would leave a good tip.


She didn't want a good tip, she wanted Cole.


Sex was now time for being with Cole, not for her research. In fact, there wasn't a place in her life for her research. She was glad she decided to leave all of her lab, and note books in the apartment. There was no room at Cole's house where they could comfortably fit in.  


It took some time, but she could deep-throat him, she taught herself the skill. After sucking, and working his shaft with both of her hands, and warming up her throat by making happy sex noises, she took him all the way down, and was rewarded by a loud, low groan from Cole, and a brief spasm of pleasure in his hips.


"Fucking hell," he breathed.


Nicole reflected that this reward from Cole, was worth far more to her, than a good tip. Money was almost nothing to the men that visited her -- other than in their world it meant everything. Not having enough to buy a building however, was more of a social problem, than a financial one for them.


She had a good deal of money, very close now to a million -- which sounded like a lot, and it was a lot, but not enough to retire in the lifestyle she believed she wanted to a month ago. She felt then that she needed to triple that, and also have a similar portfolio, if she was going to retire from the show.


With the warmth of Cole's gift still glowing in her breasts, she worked, and sucked his cock, while occasionally taking him all the way down -- which was a serious depth to think about, so she chose not to.


It was perhaps ten minutes later, with Cole's low, pleasant moans giving her goosebumps, that she felt from him a peak of emotional power, letting her know that he was close to climax. She felt that power flair before, and it came into her mind looking like a star going supernova.


On the heels of his climax, he jerked, then twisted his hips. His hands were suddenly gripping her head, and then clutching at her hair. She felt a pleasant golden heat rush through her body, which she recognized as being the effects of what she use to call, climax.


Flattening her hands against him, she swallowed him once more, enduring several sharp thrust from his hips, pulsing his orgasm into her.


His abs were clutching up, so he felt like he was looming over her, but once his climax was over, he leaned back against the wall. Nicole spent more than a minute afterward, humming happily, and lavishing his cock with licks, kisses and playful sucks at his over-stimulated head.


I came! I fucking came giving him head! I can't believe that.


But the afterglow was there, and her breasts were flushed. It was undeniably true. It wasn't as strong as a
, the kind she was put through having sex with him, but it was very soothing and warm anyway, and relaxed her shoulders from tensions she wasn't aware she was suffering from.


Standing again, she buttoned and zipped him up, after folding his cock safely away. Then performed a playful jump in order to reach his cheek, and give him a kiss. Then she stepped back, and looked him over. Everything looked good.

Once he passed her inspection, she went to the sink, pulling her brush from her purse, and quickly fixed her hair from the tangles created during his climax.


"All done," she reported with voice that was dangerously close to being girly.


He looked her over, his eyes lazy, and calm, then nodded, and came forward off the wall. "Thanks for pushing me to do that, I feel a lot better now. Not so edgy. Having an edge is good, being edgy sucks."


She nodded to this bit of wisdom, and agreed. Careful and concerned were a good mind-sets to have, in their situation. Paranoia could paralyze you from action, and that would result in greater loses than she was willing to cope with.


Nicole nodded, and then calmly asked, "When would you like to learn about my life as a call girl?"


Cole met her eyes, and then nodded, "Soon, because you are right. I want to know you too. All of you. Because I cherish all of you. But not right now. Now, we need to be ready to see Jim, and that's what I want to focus on. Maybe in the hotel, later, or where ever we are going to be spending the night."


Agreeing she said, "All right, let's go finish our beers."


They walked back to their seats, just as Hank was hanging up the wall phone by the register. He turned, and said in a voice that would reach them, "Cole? Jim is ready for you."


So, instead of sitting down they picked up their bottles and walked together to the office.








Big Jim was easily the largest, meanest looking man Nicole had ever laid eyes on in person. He felt like the incarnation of a powerful storm and one that was on the brink of letting loose to level a few cities. His voice, however, though deep and feeling somehow muscular, didn't fit with the outer window dressing when he greeted them both warmly and asked them to sit down. Cole guided her took the offered chairs and they got comfortable.


"I read the note. Thanks for the overview to get me up to speed, but how long have you been guarding her over at your house, Cole?"


"I'm not guarding her; she's living with me."


Jim's eyebrow went up and he leaned back in his large, leather padded desk chair, which complained at his movement with strained squeaks and stressed wood. "I probably shouldn't say this, but I couldn't count the number of women I've seen you spend some time with, but I can't recall any of them ever moving in with you."


"That's because none of them ever did."


"Your choice?" Jim asked.


"Yes," Cole admitted.


"Hmm," Jim mused and came back forward to rest his thick forearms on the surface of the large, antique wooden desk between them. "So this is already fairly serious between you two."


"Yep, pretty serious, boss. For me it's more serious than anything before, real or imagined. Nicole has expressed the same level of commitment enough times that I believe her."


"So," Jim said with some thought, "everything is wonderful on the home front, until the visitors tonight who, if I read things right, were there to abduct Nicole and take her back to the life."


"That's exactly how it went down," Cole agreed, "only missing the part where I then shot and killed them for their efforts, and ran with her as fast as I could."


Jim drummed his fingers together and decided on something, "Ya know, I got an email from Gabriel a few days back, claiming a woman of his ran off with something and he also attached a photo. The email continued on to offer a one hundred thousand dollar reward -- alive and unharmed."


"Holy shit!" she breathed in a voice that was close to a whimper, "What the fuck?"


Jim nodded, "I agree. That was my first thought. That amount seemed to be overkill to me. But let's let that simmer and come back to it. Cole? Did you recognize these men?"


"Yeah. Antonio led and Davis was with him, and Brian. Brian Winters."


"You killed Brian?" Jim gasped in surprise and shock. "That might have been a point to put in your note," he added with reproach and anger was rumbling around in the back of this throat as well.


"No, I didn't. I know that quite a few of our men are drivers for Gabriel. I was one. I heard Antonio telling Nicole that her new driver was named Brian. Anyway, after I dealt with Antonio and Davis, I called out when he was running up the walk. Brain responded, recognized me, and then helped us get this far."

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