ROMANCE: MENAGE ROMANCE: Tapped and Taken by Two (Pregnancy Sports MMA UFC Fighter Romance) (Alpha Male Romance)

BOOK: ROMANCE: MENAGE ROMANCE: Tapped and Taken by Two (Pregnancy Sports MMA UFC Fighter Romance) (Alpha Male Romance)
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Tapped and Taken by Two







by Maxi MacNair




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Tapped and Taken by Two (Look Inside Preview)

Kylie McKee knew what the test would say before the lines turned blue. She’d never been pregnant before, but her body felt different, and when she missed her period, there wasn’t a doubt in her mind what was up.

Seeing the confirmation of what she already suspected brought her three simultaneous reactions. First, and most important, a warm glow of pleasure. While this was unplanned, she’d often considered motherhood. It was something she wanted, and for the first time in her life she was in a reasonably good place to provide for herself and a baby. She hoped it was a daughter.

Second, a dim disappointment at scaling back her MMA training for the next nine months. A bummer, as she’d been getting pretty good, and stronger than she’d ever been in her life.

Third? She had no idea who had fathered her baby.

She supposed it didn’t matter. The baby was hers, and she didn’t need someone else in her life to help. The father had to be either Jason Bright or Max Waller. They were they only two men she’d been with in the past few months, since moving to Venice Beach. And what a night it’d been, something to cross off her bucket list. Something she never thought she would ever do, but Kylie was the type who didn’t worry too much in the moment and usually just went with what felt right, which had gotten her to Venice Beach in the first place. That night, doing what felt right meant she’d brought both of them home and they’d all had the time of their lives, and even now doing what felt right meant she was going to have this baby.

Her memory of the night wasn’t too crisp, they’d all had a good amount to drink. She remembered hard, slick muscles, tattoos in two different styles, tangled bedsheets, hot breath and the intoxicating threshold where pleasure meets pain. Afterwards, feeling the same euphoric exhaustion she got from long and hard training session where she gave everything she had. She thought they’d be too macho to do it. That night, they were challenged over tequila shots, she didn’t think it would turn into what it did.

Kylie imagined that both Max and Jason remembered the path it took them to go from after-training drinks to tangled on her bed the same way she did. Kylie enjoying their bodies in every way, they enjoying her body in the same way. Taking one step, expecting it not to go any further, only to find you are already starting to think about taking the next step, until finally, the next step was all anyone could think about. Eventually, naked, doing what came naturally. 

She’d known them both about three months. She met Jason first in front of the Ultimate Pro Elite Spartan gym where he’d been futzing with his Harley, a light and lean candy orange 883 Iron. Kylie, eager to connect with people in her new area, told him the bike was beautiful, then asked if he trained at the gym. He puffed up like a peacock, did some typical macho flexing, and told her he did. He dressed like a rockabilly singer, modern pompadour undercut and bold stars tattooed up his forearms. His dark jeans and white t-shirt were tight. More American classic style tattoos peeked out from under his clothes.

“I just signed up for my first class here.” Kylie said.

He’d looked her up and down, given her a nod, but said, “Not enough tattoos.”

She laughed. “At least that you can see. Also, haven’t found the right one to show off yet.”

“Hey, do I know you?” he said. “You seem familiar.”

“Nope. Never been to Venice Beach in my life before I moved here.”

“Huh. Well I’ll see you around.” He leaned down to wipe some mud spatter off his back fender, and Kylie headed into the gym. She’d never done any kind of martial arts, but she danced for a long time, and with her recent move and the changes she’d made, she didn’t want to do it anymore. She had watched the fights before on T.V. She was drawn to it. The primal physicality of it, but also saw how hard these athletes trained and while she didn’t think she wanted to compete, it seemed like a good, physical way to get out some aggression and get some exercise. It was also the last thing she or anyone else from her old life would expect her to do, which made it all the more enticing for her.

Kylie had just come from San Francisco and didn’t ever want to go back. She didn’t grow up there. That was an even longer story, but it’s enough to say that at the age of 17 she found herself on a bus with just a small backpack with all her belongings in it on her way to anywhere but the small midwestern city where her mother and new stepfather lived. There was nothing abusive in her past. Kylie had always just been independent. When her step dad moved in things changed at home and something clicked inside Kylie. Even though her mom begged her not to leave she knew it was time to move on and start her own life just like her mom had done so with her new husband. After all, it was time for both of them to move on with life. It had been five years since Dad passed away.

For Kylie, it just felt right to pack her stuff and move away. Kylie hoped that her own child would have the same strength and determination she had, but also hoped that it wouldn’t put her through hell like she did to her own mom.

It took a few years and probably a million tense and worried phone conversations with her mom but eventually Kylie started to pay her rent in San Francisco. Soon enough, she started living in houses and apartments with less and less roommates. Every move getting her to a nicer place with more space of her own. Soon enough she was down to just one roommate, and then just as soon, she only started living with someone else when she wanted to and never because she had to. Funny enough, eventually she found herself living in a beautiful mansion married to an owner of a large software company. She had everything she could have wanted.

One of the downfalls though of letting your feelings for what is right guide you is that sometimes the alarms going off in our heads warning us to stay away from someone or something get ignored. Kylie found herself in a mansion, and in a relationship that started out great for a week or two and then started to get bad, and then just continued to get even worse. She had it all though so was able to ignore what her brain was telling her for a long time, and it wasn’t until her ex-husband decided he was done with her that Kylie found herself back where she started all those years ago on a bus leaving her second home. Now headed toward a new life in Venice Beach.

Luckily, she was still young enough to start over. In fact, she felt like she had found herself again. Like those few years she spent being a trophy wife weren’t actually her, and now she was about to start her real life. She could do it. She had done it before, and having no choice but to leave her old life she stepped off the bus at the L.A. station closest to Venice Beach feeling the lightest she had been in as long as she could remember.



Bad Boy Baby Daddy (Look Inside Preview)

~Forbidden Attraction~

Finally, Jen and Shane were alone together one day out on the range, both of them riding their horses to their limits. Jen remembered first admiring Shane from afar at that moment. She remembered admiring how well he could handle the rope and how he seemed to be able to anticipate the movements of the cattle as he cast his lasso. There was just something about how much he looked like he knew what he was doing. How effortlessly he did it. Some people weren't as natural on the horse as others. Some people didn’t seem to fill the saddle like they should. They could manage to ride, but just barely, and too often people like this were the ones wanting to get a job on Jen and her father’s ranch.

These people were also the type who were mostly trying to get away from something. For whatever reason, the myth of the cowboy still lived in a lot of people's' minds, but now as a job they could use to escape and start over. For some reason lately though, the job of a cowboy seemed to hang on mostly in the minds of people that had never really been on a horse before or knew anything about working hard outdoors in good and bad weather. Shane wasn't one of those people though, which was why Jen first noticed him.

              But that wasn't just what drew Jen to Shane. There had been a number of competent men out on the range before, helping herd cattle on the giant ranch. None of these men though also had the gorgeous eyes, muscular forearms, and all around perfect body that Shane did. Which is not to say that there had never been any hot ranch hands working for her father before either. Jen wasn’t blind or completely innocent, but nobody before was really as skilled as Shane or as gorgeous as Shane and certainly never those two things together. But there was something else that was also drawing her to him. If Jen took the time to think about it clearly when she started feeling drawn to Shane she might have realized it was the forbidden or dangerous aspect of Shane that was really causing this desire. Her daddy’s ranch hands were never the type of guys to get involved with. Whatever it was though, every time Jen saw him she couldn’t help but gawk at him breathlessly for as long as she thought she could get away with, which she knew was all that she could really let herself do. How long though could she play with fire by staring and fantasizing about Shane before needing her fantasies to become reality?

              Jen knew better but she always wanted what she couldn't have, but for some reason just the realization of that was never enough to stop her from wanting it. Maybe her father knew it too. Maybe that was why he had started sending Shane out on long rides and giving him the toughest hardest jobs that needed to be done only a week after Shane started. Some, Jen was sure, were jobs that didn’t even need doing. Jen’s dad was no fool. He could probably tell from the first few days of having Shane around that his daughter was attracted to him. The result of this as well was that Shane always tried to avoid her, always was on the move to somewhere where she wasn't and couldn't easily get to. Always finishing his plate during meals just as she sat down, or sitting down just as she was leaving the table. At first it hurt, but that hurt eventually went away as she became able to ignore it. What never went away though was her desire for Shane. Everyday growing stronger and stronger as he rode off to fix fence posts or walked by her with his face to the ground barely mumbling a good morning or good night as he brushed past. Jen was sure her father had a hard talk with Shane within a few days of hiring him. Probably noticing before Jen did the way she was looking at Shane, and he probably thought he was getting his way and had fixed that “little problem” by keeping Shane away from her.  Jen wouldn’t be surprised if he literally threatened Shane if he was to talk to her. Jen’s dad was pretty protective of her, but he also needed to be way out on their secluded ranch in Utah with only a small town close by with only a handful of women. A handful of women with even a smaller number of young and attractive ones like Jen and a whole lot of hard tough men on the run from god knows what. But her father had no idea how Jen was really feeling, or how all this forcing Shane to be away from her and ignore her were intensifying these feelings that she had for him.

Jen did know from previous experience how to look and not touch though. Even though she had needs, and there had been hot ranch hands working for her father before, she could always secretly flirt with them a bit, and they would always flirt back, and then they would quit and move on to the next job like people in that line of work usually did. That was usually enough for her. She knew that her daddy’s ranch hands were never the type of people to get close to. Sometimes ex-criminals, sometimes just simple drunks and losers, but all of them no matter what with some sort of darkness in their past they were trying to get away from. But Jen’s desire for Shane wasn’t going away for some reason, and not being able to act on it or having any other outlet for it was getting too hard to bear. Eventually, things needed to be expressed one way or the other. A person couldn't simply just keep something of that nature bottled up in them forever, no matter how hard they tried.

A person could try for a long time though, that was something Jen was finding out, a person could try and try, and every day it would be a little bit harder than the day before. Until what? Jen was starting to realize there was no escaping what she was feeling no matter what rules she or her daddy put on her.

              Unlike most of the ranch hands on her father’s ranch, Shane probably didn't have a criminal record to speak of, Jen figured. She couldn’t know for sure, but one of the things not being able to talk to Shane had done to Jen was to turn the life story of this mysterious and achingly handsome man into a sort of obsession. The way he acted he was more like someone that had been a runaway at some point, and was now grown and just didn't know what else to do with themselves. This was something that was not as common on the ranch, but certainly not unheard of, the runaway that worked there until he was well into his late twenties simply lacking a better thing to do.

Jen’s imagination worked overtime on this question of who he was though, and Shane had been at times in her mind a secret billionaire, a mafia boss’ son, and a brilliant artists. In reality, Jen did manage to pick up little bits and pieces of information during the whole first year Shane was working with them. Whether they were true or not was not something she could really know. As far as she knew, Shane was from somewhere in California, his parents were both dead, and he had no siblings, but those were all rumors. If they were the truth or not was not really important. What was important though was what Jen had observed about what type of person Shane was during that first year.

More or less, Shane had a chip on his shoulder. Jen didn’t know the real reasons but at least four times that year Shane had been in a fight with another ranch hand. One time, Jen ran over to the commotion just in time to see Shane take a punch to the face from another worker. There were already two other guys on the ground and Jen recognized the three guys. They were all friends and so Jen more or less realized Shane had just been in a fight with three guys at once. It’s a little scary knowing that a single guy could almost get the best of three other grown men or was even crazy enough to try.


BOOK: ROMANCE: MENAGE ROMANCE: Tapped and Taken by Two (Pregnancy Sports MMA UFC Fighter Romance) (Alpha Male Romance)
9.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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