ROMANCE: Party of Three: A Lustful Collection of Menage Romance (Menage Romance, Bisexual Romance, Stepbrother Romance)

BOOK: ROMANCE: Party of Three: A Lustful Collection of Menage Romance (Menage Romance, Bisexual Romance, Stepbrother Romance)
8.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub
Party of Three

A Steamy Collection of Threesome Stories



By Brittanee Farrow



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Lust By Appointment


An Interracial Office Romance



By Brittanee Farrow


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The Art of Seduction


Neela sat quietly behind her desk absent minded chewing on the end of her pen while she stared at the two men in the office across from her desk. It wasn’t very often the founders of the company were there, but rumour had it that they were looking to start a new branch so the both of them were going to be here at the Orlando, Florida branch.

Neela tilted her head slightly. Both the men were intensely good-looking. One was taller than the other, and slightly more muscular. He had soft features, such a pretty boy. He just seemed so much more laid back and relaxed. He had dark brown hair, so dark it was almost black and it hung rebelliously over his left eye. Every time he was shuffle it off his face his steel grey eyes would glint in the morning sunlight.

The other man was sitting on the edge of the manager’s desk with his strong arms crossed across his broad chest. He looked a lot more serious than his happy go lucky counter-part. His features were much more prominent, angular and chiseled. He looked like he walked out of a high-fashion magazine. His ash-brown hair was cut neatly into a perfectly styled fauxhawk and whenever he would move his head the very ends of his hair would show a light blonde. From where she was sitting she couldn’t really tell what color his eyes were but they looked brown.

The two men and her manager shook hands and started to come out of the office. She quickly snapped out of her daze and resumed her work. The manager led the two men over to her desk.

“This is going to be your secretary for the duration of your stay here in Orlando. Neela Gordon.” Her manager motioned toward her.

Neela rose from her chair and straightened her skirt, then smiled and held out her hand to the men.

“Thank you Mrs. Rappaport, it is a pleasure to meet you both.” She gently shook each of their hands and they introduced themselves.

“Noah Harling.” The dark haired man smiled and winked at her as he held her hand in his a little longer than normal.

“David Prichard.” The other said as he held his head up and looked down his nose at her.
No smile, so serious

Neela nodded politely.
Oh he definitely has brown eyes. Dreamy brown eyes.
Neela remained standing until the three of them left and then she took her seat and stared at the men as they walked away.

“Neela!” Someone shouted from beside her ear causing her to jump. She turned to see her friend, Hannah, smiling in her face.

“Jesus Christ, Hannah! You scared the shit out of me.” Neela turned toward her friend and picked up her pen.

“We are going to the beach after work. Are you in?” Hannah stood up straight and crossed her arms.

“Yeah sure, I’m in.” Neela smiled back and Hannah took off back to her desk.

It wasn’t long before she got back into her work and temporarily sentenced the two handsome men to the back of her mind. At least until later when she was on the beach in the sun.

Her work day was nearly finished, only half an hour or so to go. She had finished all her work that she had been assigned for the day and had started organizing what she would have to go through tomorrow morning. She was so encased in what she was doing that she didn’t notice someone standing in front of her desk.

“Do you always work this hard?” A low voice asked. The sound of his voice made her clench her thighs together and gave her butterflies in her stomach.

“I work hard yes. But I play harder.” She batted her big brown eyes at Mr. Noah Harling and smiled seductively. She saw his jaw tightened and he shoved his hands in his pockets.

“Is that right?” He leaned on her desk after gathering his wits. “So what are you doing after work then?” He asked and smiled.

“Actually a few friends and I are heading down to Cocoa Beach after work. You are more than welcome to join.” She lightly nibbled on the end of her pen. Noah watched her lips very carefully and then looked up at her.

“I just might take you up on that offer.” He said as he took the pen from her mouth and jotted down his number on one of the sticky pads on her desk. Before handing the pen back to her he placed the end of it on his bottom lip and traced it with his tongue. He then handed the number and the pen back to Neela.

“Just in case the location changes.” He smiled and turned on his heel and left.

She slowly ran the end of the pen across her collarbone and over the top of her breasts. She pretended it was his mouth instead of just a company pen. She popped her eyes open and realized that the shorter-haired man had his eyes on her. He had on a straight face but he was watching her very carefully.

She drug her bottom lip through her teeth as she stared into his gorgeous brown eyes and then inserted the tip of pen slowly in and out of her mouth. David looked away and closed his eyes.

Neela looked at the clock. Time for her to pack up and head to the beach. She took one last look at David and smiled. Oh how she loved the art of seduction. So far she had both of the boss’s eyes on her, and that is right where she intended to keep them.

The Beach


After work Neela had to quickly run home to get ready. Since Mr. Noah Harling was more than likely going to be showing up, she didn’t want to slack on a single detail of her appearance. Fortunately she always took care of her appearance so it was nothing for her to quickly polish it up.

Neela stared at herself in her full length mirror she had beside her bed. She had on her new string bikini that she ordered online. She looked hot. Her long black hair hung past her breasts, and her big brown eyes were lightly done up with natural shades of brown so that you couldn’t tell she was wearing make-up over her brown skin. She put on some shiny lip gloss and smiled at herself in the mirror. She was ready.

After about an hour she arrived at Cocoa beach. She pulled up beside Hannah’s old Jeep Wrangler and grabbed her beach bag. It didn’t take her long to spot Hannah waving crazily at her from down by the water. Neela headed over and laid out her towel. She then proceeded to lather her dark skin with tanning oil and laid back on her towel.

“I wish I had skin like yours.” Hannah pouted as she rubbed sunscreen over her somewhat pasty skin.

“Why is that?” Neela looked over at Hannah with a sarcastic smile plastered on her face.

“Because then I wouldn’t have to spend all my money on sunscreen.” Hannah said as she hid under the shade of the umbrella she had set up.

“Yes I supposed that would be a perk.” Neela laughed. She was just starting to relax when Hannah slapped her arm.

“Oh my God, Neela is that our boss?” Hannah sat up to get a better look.

“Yeah probably. He said he was going to come.” Neela smiled but didn’t bother looking.

“Are you kidding me?” Hannah glared at Neela over her oversized sunglasses.

“What?” Neela looked over at her.

“I just don’t get how you do it. You don’t even have to talk to a guy and they swoon all over you. It makes me sick.” Hannah pouted again but tucked her lip away as Noah got closer.

“You guys aren’t very hard to find.” Noah walked up with his towel slung casually over his shoulder.

Neela smiled up at him.
Mmmmm he is yummy!
She thought to herself as she ran her eyes down his perfectly sculpted body. She caught herself wondering what size of goodies he was packing under his board shorts.

“I’m pretty hungry, I skipped lunch. Would you like to come to the food truck with me?” Noah held out his hand to Neela.

“Yeah I suppose I can keep you company.” Neela slowly licked her lips and took his hand. He kept her hand in his all the way to the food truck.

They walked along the beach while Noah casually ate with the torta he had just bought.

“I’m getting pretty hot. I’m going to take a dip in the water. You can join me when you’re done.” Neela slowly took off her sarong and used to tie up her hair so it wouldn’t get wet. She walked into the water, making sure she added a little extra sway to her ass as she walked away.

She went into the water until the water covered just above her waist. Then she made sure that Noah was watching before she wet her hands and slowly ran them up her stomach, over her breasts and around her neck. She turned slowly in the water and continued this motion until she could feel hands on her waist under the water.

She turned to face Noah and then laughed as she plunged herself backward in the water and started swimming away. Noah looked shocked at first but then he smiled too as he swam after her.

After splashing around in the water for a while they returned to the beach where Hannah was now laying on her stomach reading a book.

“Hey guys, how was the water?” Hannah asked without taking her eyes off her book.

“It felt amazing.” Neela said as she laid down on the towel and watched lustfully as Noah dried himself off and then laid his towel next to hers before sitting down.

“It’s been ages since I went for a swim in the ocean.” Noah closed his eyes and let the cool evening breeze glide over his beautiful face.

“Why?” Neela looked over at him.

“No beaches where I have been.” He answered simply.

“I don’t think I would be able to live somewhere if there were no beaches around.” Neela said and laid her head back on her towel.

The sound of a phone ringing interrupted their conversation. Hannah started digging through her purse for her phone.

“Hello?” Hannah answered and then a look of annoyance crossed her face. “Yeah I’ll be right there.” She sounded bored as she hung up.

“Something wrong?” Neela asked as Hannah packed up her beach bag.

“My brother and his girlfriend are having one of their fights. He wants me to come and grab Dillon and take him out for a while so he doesn’t have to hear it.” Hannah said with a hint of anger in her voice.

“Why doesn’t he just leave her already?” Neela said. She was bored of Hannah having to leave early from everything to go and save her nephew Dillon from his parents.

“I wish I knew.” Hannah sighed. “He says he can’t just leave, Dillon needs his mom.” Hannah blew Neela a kiss and waved good bye to Noah. “Talk to you guys tomorrow.” She said as she walked up the beach to her jeep.

Neela rolled over to her stomach and realized that Noah was watching her.

“Does that happen often?” He asked. “Hannah having to go get Dillon?” He leaned back and propped himself on his elbow facing Neela.

“More than it should.” Neela sighed. “I never understood why couples stay together just for the kids. Do they not realize that staying together and fighting is actually harder on the kids then if they would just split up and go their separate ways?” Neela was angry.

“Speaking from experience?” Noah asked as he raised his eyebrows in surprise at her sudden outburst.

Neela turned her face toward the towel, hiding her disappointment in revealing her feelings to a complete stranger. She never talked about her family. Not to anyone. She didn’t answer him just shrugged.

“My parents fought a lot when I was growing up. They stayed together as long as they could for my sister and I but in the long run they realized that it wasn’t doing any of us any good.” He shared casually. Obviously he got over his family troubles and could easily share them with other people. This wasn’t the case for Neela at all.

She still didn’t comment on the subject but smiled at how friendly Noah was being. She changed the subject to things they enjoyed doing outside of work. Something light and casual that didn’t involve talking about families.

As the sun started to set they walked up to their vehicles with their beach gear in hand.

“I had a lot of fun.” Noah smiled and gave Neela a light nudge as they walked.

“Yeah me too.” Neela answered honestly. She wasn’t used to having to actually talk to a guy. She had personal issues and preferred to just keep her relationships with the opposite sex strictly physical and nothing more.

“We should get together again sometime.” He stood next to Neela’s car as she opened the door. She smiled sweetly at him and nodded.

“Yeah for sure.” She answered and then jumped in her car, giving Noah a little wave as she watched him get into his truck.

She waited there as he drove away and then flopped back against the seat of her car. She wanted him, there was no doubt about that. But she didn’t want to have to get down to all the emotional things that he was trying to pry out of her. She knew that he was only trying to get to know her but that wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted sex. That was all. Relationships were not her thing and if she did see him again she was worried that he may think that’s where they were heading.

Neela turned the car engine over and headed for home. She would see him again, but next time she would make damn sure that he was too distracted to even think about talking.

BOOK: ROMANCE: Party of Three: A Lustful Collection of Menage Romance (Menage Romance, Bisexual Romance, Stepbrother Romance)
8.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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