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It wasn’t funny, but Graham was
still laughing under as he crossed the living room.


“Put me down!”


He tossed me onto my squishy couch. For a
moment, Graham just stood there, looking around and taking it all in.


“What’s the matter, this humble
abode not fancy enough for you?” I said with annoyance in my voice at his cool


“I think I could get used to it,
actually. It’s a nice change of pace,” Graham replied, sitting down on the
chair across from me. The way he moved was confident and all too appealing.
Even in my panicked state, half of me just wanted him to tear my clothes off
and take me right here in the living room.


“Why did you run away, Savannah?”


He had a way of cutting right to
the chase.


“I didn’t mean for any of this to
happen. I was just out for a little fun. I don’t do this kind of stuff!”


“You mean kiss on the first
date?” Graham said softly, a hint of laughter in his voice.


“I mean get married to the first
guy I’ve ever had a one night stand with!”


His eyebrow rose as he cocked his
beautifully handsome head to the side. “Obviously, I was hoping for a little
more than one night.”


I want more than one night too. Can I have
more than one night?


“We have nothing in common
Graham. You’re some bigshot billionaire, I’m just a girl trying to make her own
way in the world… And…”


I hesitated.


“And what?”


“And you’re white.”


“I’ve noticed, Savannah,” Graham
said with a cool tone, his smile still firmly planted on his face.
“After last night, I didn’t expect that
would be a problem for you…”


“People are going to think I’m
just some stupid notch on your belt. Have you even
the news? Rich man marries token black girl trophy wife!”


“It’s not like that Savannah. I’m
a man of particular tastes, and you happen to satisfy
of them… I was hoping we could give this a try.”


“Keep hoping. We need to fix
this. We can get an annulment or something,” I said, hoping he didn’t feel the
way my body had reacted to his touch. “Have you seen what they’re saying on the
internet? My facebook is exploding right now. I can’t do this!”


“An annulment would make my
lawyer happy. Do you know how many times he’s called me already this morning?”


Graham let out another laugh,
settling into his chair and getting a little too comfortable. He didn’t seem to
be bothered by any of this. “Savannah,” he said quietly, “I’m asking you to
give me a chance. To give


His hand waved between us. My
eyes snapped back onto his, lifting from his strong shoulders and masculine


“I was drunk Graham. We did
something stupid that I can barely even remember.”


“You didn’t do this because you
had a few shots…” Graham started, but I cut him off, a stream of words pouring out
of my lips. “If this is supposed to work,” I replied, “you tell me right now
why I went through with this? If it wasn’t the tequila, tell me what it was!
What did you say to me? Why did I marry you?”


I could almost see it in my mind.
His lips were moving last night. He’d said something that I held onto. Maybe I
couldn’t remember it, but deep down I knew it was important.


“Savannah, I…” Graham said, his
voice hesitating.


“What? Tell me. I need to know
why I feel like this every time you look at me. Your voice puts butterflies in
my stomach. Your eyes make me want to tear off my clothes. Tell me what you


“You honestly don’t remember?”
Graham whispered, lifting himself from the chair. Tears were pouring from my
eyes as he kneeled down in front of me, taking my hand between his. Goosebumps
swept up my arm at his mere touch, my entire world upended as his thumb brushed
across the sparkling diamond ring I still hadn’t even thought to remove.


“I don’t remember,” I said, “help
me remember… Please.”


Graham looked up at me, his gaze
as captivating, as it was seductive. I wanted to hear his words more than
anything in the world. I held my breath as he started to speak.


“Savannah, last night was
irrational. It was crazy. I’ve never felt this way in my entire life…”


“And?” I asked.


“I told you I loved you,


I was lost in his eyes, unable to
force myself to look away. His unrelenting crystal blue gaze tore away my
defenses even as his voice wrapped itself around me. He pushed himself up, his
face becoming level with my own and his lips so tantalizingly close…


“And?” I asked breathlessly.


“And you believed it.”






His lips pushed into mine with a certain feeling
of desperation. It was soft yet aggressive, my tongue reaching out to part his
lips ever so softly, his mouth taking the lead in a dance as old as love
itself. With one tiny nibble of my lower lip, he retreated as quickly as he had
swept into me.


“I can’t stop thinking about how sweet your lips


I moaned as his hand swept up beneath my ear.


“I needed you the moment I first saw you. I can’t
control it…”


“I don’t know what to say,” I whispered, my head
still buzzing from his proximity.


“That’s easy,” Graham replied, his words soft as
his lips captured mine once more, our bodies pulling tight as a shiver of
pleasure rolled up my back. “Tell me you want my cock.”


I gasped, my body yearning for him. “I need time
to think…” I said, staring at the devastatingly handsome man before me.


“I’ll give you all the time in the world,” Graham
whispered, lifting me up effortlessly. I squealed as he held me tight, carrying
me toward the hallway. We reached the bedroom with our bodies clutching at each
other, my hands no longer under my control. He gripped them tightly, bringing
them above my head as Graham pressed me up against the cool bedroom wall. He
pinned me there, one hand keeping me stretched and on display, the other
swiftly tugging at my blouse, one button at a time.


“I don’t think you understand how you make me
feel,” Graham whispered, his hand firing off electricity through my skin as he
gave up on the buttons, tearing the cloth free in one swift and deliciously
ferocious movement, exposing my delicate flesh.


“You’re perfect, Savannah… You’re everything I’ve
ever wanted…”


He brought my hands down, shrugging the tattered
remnants of the blouse up over my shoulders and letting it fall, my breasts
coming into full view. The lacy white bra I had worn last night was probably
still laying somewhere in the hotel room we had shared, a victim of my hurry to
get away from him. Without another word, his lips found their way to my bare
neck, kissing me ever so gently.


“You’re fucking beautiful,” he whispered. I just
cooed at the feeling of his lips on me.


“But there’s something else about you that I
love…” Graham said, his voice tickling the inside of my ear.


Was I really going to let him do this?


His soft lips traced kisses up to my cheek line
before he bit me ever so softly on my neck. I let out a soft moan, my body
almost involuntarily pulling tight with his, my breasts pressing up against his
hard chest.


“What do you love?” I asked, desperate to


“I love how submissive you are, Savannah…”


“What?” I asked breathlessly. I was many things,
but submissive was
one of them. I
was a strong independent woman, and I didn’t need a man to tell me what to do.


“Get on your knees.”


My pussy pulsed at his command, memory flooding
back from the night in his hotel room. He didn’t just marry me, he claimed me…
He took me… He controlled me… And I’d fucking loved it.


His dominating words weren’t leaving room for
interpretation, and I couldn’t stop myself. Graham released my hands and my
knees buckled beneath me, sinking into the carpet as I found myself face to
face with his beautifully pressed slacks. I was on autopilot.


wants me to suck his cock… Oh my fucking God!


Just the mere thought of having that monster in my
mouth was sending pulsations of pleasure rolling through my body. I grappled
with his belt, tearing it open as I peeled his pants down over his muscular
thighs to reveal the thickness hidden beneath.


I didn’t need further encouragement, but Graham’s
fingers laced themselves into my hair, gripping it tightly and bringing my lips
up against the tip of his bobbing 9 inches of heaven. I inhaled deeply,
chancing a look upward to catch his beautiful blue eyes before wrapping my lips
around him and moaning.


“Not so fast,” he said, holding me so that I could
barely capture the tip of his incredible shaft. “You’re so used to being in
control that you forgot what it feels like for a man to
what he wants.”


I’d have done anything to make him let me go. I
just wanted to drive that cock straight down my throat and show him just how
much control I had, but he wasn’t budging. My tongue lashed around the head,
feeling out the ridge and bringing a low groan out of his lips.


“Relax Savannah. Let me show you what to do.”


If this wasn’t right, I was ready to be wrong.
Graham gripped my head with both hands and pulled me down, burying his dick
inside my mouth, driving me to bob up and down on his meaty length. He was
controlling me, fucking my mouth with every little thrust of his hips. As he
released the tension I didn’t stop. I was attacking his cock, letting it hit
the back of my throat before sliding back out to my plump lips, then repeating
the process again and again.


“God damn,” Graham whispered, throwing his head
back. His encouraging sounds and the way he gripped me tightly were driving me even
wilder. I let the dirty little southern girl inside of me out to play, slurping
and sucking along his length as he held my chocolate colored locks. A little
voice was inside my head asking me what the hell I was doing, but I knew full
well what my body wanted.


His cock was delicious and all I wanted to do was
stay here enjoying the long thickness as I took him from swollen head all the
way to the root. I wanted to blow this man’s mind and show him exactly how in
control I was, but before I could get my fill, he pulled me off with a
satisfying pop.


“Beg for it,” he said sternly, holding me just out
of range of his ungodly cock. A shiver of desire rolled through me. I couldn’t
tell you where I was or why I was doing this, all I knew is I wanted more of this


“Please,” I said, straining against his hand as it
held my hair tightly. My scalp tingled with pain.


“Please what,” Graham replied, smiling down at me.
Oh God, why was he doing this? Why wouldn’t he just let me have what I wanted?


“Please let me suck your cock,” I said,
desperately trying to channel my fucking inner goddess. I needed this more than
I needed air.


“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Graham said, “You
just want me to blow my load right down that pretty little throat, don’t you?”


yes. Oh fucking God yes…
I wanted that so
bad, but I could see the sparkle in his eyes. He was playing with me. He had no
intention of letting himself go like that, and suddenly, I knew exactly what
was coming. I didn’t say a word as he pulled me up by my wrists, spinning me
around and throwing my body up against the wall.


“You don’t know what you do to me,” Graham said,
reaching down and pulling my jeans and panties straight down, the cloth pooling
around my ankles and trapping my legs as he pulled my hips backward toward him.
His cock pressed up against my ass and I squealed.


“Look at that,” Graham said, his hand sliding down
over my curves and between my legs. He pressed upward against my soaking
wetness, his fingertip plunging gently between my folds. I rode his hand,
explosions of pleasure rolling over me as he pressed his finger against my
oversensitive nub and ran little circles around it.


“Please,” I gasped, but Graham pulled his hand
away, slapping me hard against my ass. The stinging pain was unexpected, and I
cried out as he brought his fingers back around to play between my thighs.
Pleasure coursed through me again, but I needed more. I felt so fucking empty!


“Graham, please!” I said again, trying to get the
words out. God I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to feel him split me in half
as I rode him into oblivion. I cried out again as he pulled his hand away a
second time, spanking me even harder. Three swift swats, the sensation left
behind tingling and mixing with the pangs of desire filling my body.


“Don’t be in such a hurry,” Graham said, his voice
dominating and strong. “You really want it, don’t you?”


I could barely respond, his hand cracking down on
my ass again at the first sign of my voice. I cut myself off, biting my lip as
hard as I could without drawing blood even as his finger returned to my pussy,
driving me absolutely insane with pleasure. What the hell was he doing to me?


“That’s right. You stay just like that,” Graham
said, his hand leaving my pussy behind and moving around almost painfully
slowly. I could feel him grasping at his cock, slipping it down and bringing it
into alignment with my folds. A shiver rolled through me as I tried to spread
my legs, but my feet were as good as bound together by my panties. There was no
way he could get that monster inside me like this! Oh God! OH GOD!


I shouted as he moved his hips forward, his cock
slipping up under my pussy and soaking itself in my juices from tip to base. He
drew back, the shaft moving across my clit and sending me out of my fucking
mind. I couldn’t take it. Oh FUCK I needed him.


“You’re so eager to please… I like that about you
Savannah,” he said, bringing the tip to my delicate tunnel. I couldn’t speak. I
couldn’t even breathe as he drove himself forward. He was doing it! He was
going to fuck me with all nine fucking inches right up against this goddamned
wall! I exploded into orgasm as he drive himself to the hilt, my body losing
itself harder than I’d ever came before. I was pulsing and shivering around his
length, all connections with reality being thrown free as he started to fuck


“YES! OH FUCK YES!” I screamed, the orgasm
wracking me with pulse after pulse of pleasure in time with every thrust of his
God given cock. His hand cracked against my ass again, silencing my words as he
fucked me even harder, only moans and grunts filling my room as he took me hard
and without protection.


No man had ever taken me like this. He shoved me
harder up against the wall, his cock pressing against the inner side of my tummy
as he drove himself inside with renewed vigor. I could feel him pressing up
against my g-spot, and I lost it again, another orgasm wracking me right on top
of the afterglow of my first. Two times? Mother fucker no man deserved to be
this good!


My pussy was drenched, his long dick burying
itself inside me as he filled me to overflowing. Graham knew exactly how to
please me. One of his hands wrapped into my weave and pulled my head back away
from the wall, my back arching as he fucked me. I cried out his name, losing
all control as his free hand swept down over my side and around to my pussy,
his fingers playing against my clit as his dick pounded into me. I could feel
it coming again, the sensation building inside me to a fever pitch.


“Not yet,” Graham said, fucking me for all he was
worth. “You come when I come.”


Fuck! Oh God! I needed it. I needed him to cum so
bad. My pussy clamped down on his cock as I tilted my hips, giving him deeper
access. Every muscle in my body was tense and on edge as I felt the telltale
throbbing inside me. There it was!
yes… YES!


We came together, my lips whispering his name over
and over as he filled me with his essence, my pussy milking every last little
drop from this man. There was no stopping it. Three orgasms so fast sent me
straight out of my mind. I collapsed as he released me, my body totally spent.
I didn’t know what to say. I’d come here to end whatever the fuck I had with
this man, and now, he’d just fucked me into total submission.


“Where are you going?” I asked as he pulled his
beautiful slacks back up, tucking his huge throbbing flesh back inside.


“Back to New York,” Graham replied, his voice deep
and out of breath. “I have a private jet at the airport and it’s leaving in
half an hour. If you change your mind about this annulment, I expect you to be
on it.”


“I… I don’t understand… My apartment. My


“This is your decision to make. If you’re not on
that plane, I’ll have my lawyer send over the annulment paperwork in the

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