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Chapter 18


I put my finger up to his mouth, to quiet him, before replacing my
finger with my mouth, kissing him full and long. I pulled my arms up around his
shoulders, standing on my tiptoes until we were almost at equal eye level.
He smiled at me, but it was a different kind of smile this time. There was
something deeper there, and I knew that in one quick moment everything is going
to change between us. I liked it.


I could feel him… feel his hardness against me, feel him stirring. I
let go of my hands from around his neck, and reached down between us to stroke
him softly.
I had never really done that before, but even so I wasn't nervous. This was
Julien, after all, and I wanted to map out and kiss every part of his amazing
body. I wanted to claim him as mine. If only for tonight.


He sucked in a breath, slowly letting it back out as I picked up the
pace, feeling the soft skin of him over his hard length. He was so big, I
really wasn't sure if he was actually can fit everything inside of me, but I
knew it was going to be fun to try.


He cupped one of my breasts in his hands, kneading the soft flesh with
his fingers, and rolling my nipple between them. The stark contrast of his skin
against mine was beautiful, almost like a piece of art. I was obsessed, and I
wanted to see every inch of him next every inch of me, and see how our skin
would melt together as we finally made love.


Julien's fingers rubbed over my sensitive nipples one at a time,
eliciting moan after moan from me. My eyes flashed open wide, as he bent down
and took one of them in his mouth. He flicked his tongue against one, before
sucking on it, drawing it between his teeth. No one had ever done that to me
before, and I was finding out very quickly why women liked it. The sensations
that were flowing through me as he sucked and bit at me, they flowed down to my
core, making me even wetter than before.


I could feel my eyes rolling in the back my head, completely feeling
blissed out already. But I didn't stop what I was doing to him, no, I wanted to
keep him hard for me. It didn't seem like that was problem as I squeezed the
head in my fist, a groan bubbling up from his throat, making me grin. I loved
that I was causing him to make all these noises. I felt powerful. And at a time
when I was constantly feeling paranoid and unsafe… it was a worthy feeling


I squeezed him some more, before reaching down further and gently
rubbing his balls, feeling the weight of them in my hand.


"Fuck," he whispered, standing back up to look me straight
in the eyes. "I need you on the bed. Now."


I wanted to say something cheeky, but I couldn't bring myself to do
it. I did exactly what he wanted to, exactly when he wanted me to do it—right
now. The way his voice changed when he was being demanding of me during this
intimate of time… it was so damn sexual that I could barely stand it. If he
would've made me wait any longer, I was sure to be begging for it.


I laid back on the bed, my legs open wide and waiting for him. He
slunk across the bed toward me, taking his time as he did, reminding me of some
sort of prowling jungle cat the way his muscles moved in his back and
shoulders. He never took his eyes off of me, and I swear I could almost see
flames burn within them.


Julien put his knees between mine, looming over me with a sexy look. I
reached up and dragged my hands down his abdomen, grabbing on to his hips for
good measure, before trailing down the hard 'V' that was indented above his hip
bones. I took him back in my hand, stroking him a few good times, his cock so
hard for me. He groaned, knocking away my hands before putting one hand on
either side of my shoulders, lying right above me.


His hair swung into his face, and all he could see was the intensity
in his eyes. "I want you to say it. I want to hear you say what you
want." His voice was low and dark, meant only for me to hear in this very
"Fuck me. Please fuck me, Julien," I moaned, my hips beginning to
move on their own accords. I couldn't control my limbs, they were writhing, and
I arched up against him trying to get him to touch me. I felt like I was about
to burn to ashes without him.
My words set something loose inside of him, because the next thing I knew
Julien had shoved his huge cock deep inside me, not bothering to say another
word. And the scream that I let loose at the same time, I had to quickly cover
up with my hand, scared that everyone would hear.
But Julien didn't care, obviously not with the way he was thrusting himself
inside of me. I had to keep my hand over my mouth, moaning and whimpering
against my palm as I did, my breasts bouncing all over the place as he fucked
me even harder. I think he liked making me make those noises, too.
I could feel the sweat already dripping across my forehead, matching the
perspiration on Julien's forehead. He closed his eyes momentarily, looking as
completely filled and satisfied as I felt inside.
He paused only to roll me to the side, hitching my leg up as he hit new spots
inside me from the new angle. I shook from the oncoming orgasm, unable to
believe that it felt this good, that anything could feel this good. And when he
reached down between my thighs and started slowly rubbing my clit, I felt
myself explode and fall apart all at once. I let out a scream that I could no
longer contain behind my hand, tears rolling down the side of my face as every
emotion bubbled up to the surface.


Oh God… It’s so fucking good!


Wave after wave of satisfaction tossed me about, and the realization
of my feelings for him were like aftershocks. I loved him, and he… I didn’t
know how he felt... But at the moment, none of that really mattered.
Again he flipped me over, until I was on my knees bent over, my full ass in
front of him almost looking as if it were on a silver plate ready to be served.
He gave each ass cheek a good hard slap, before diving in for another go at me.
My heavy breasts swung as he shoved himself into me over and over, my last
orgasm threatening to spill over into another one. I wasn't sure if I could
even handle another round, and Julien was still going right at it, looking as
though he was never going to stop. At least not anytime soon…


He grunted, getting louder and louder each time that his balls slapped
against my sex. I reached down and began to touch myself, feeling the slickness
of me coating his cock as he pushed in and pulled out.
"Oh, oh God. I'm going . . .
I'm going to come!" He practically roared behind me. I looked over
my shoulder and watched as he fucked me even harder, slamming home one last
time before spilling himself into me, deeply.


I wriggled myself around him, milking him for everything he had. I
don't know why I felt that was a good idea… But it didn't matter in the heat of
the moment. I wanted every tiny piece of him I could get.
I collapsed onto the bed below, panting. Julien crept beside me, spooning me
from behind. As he wrapped his arms around my stomach I looked over and smiled
at him, still completely shocked that all this had transpired.
"So do you think you're just my maid?" He asked, his words ticklish
against my ear.


I laughed, shaking my head no. "God, I hope not. I'd hate to see
what happens when you're alone with Marie."


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Chapter 19


The next morning when I woke up the widest grin spilled across my face.
The whole world was brighter… Sharper... It was as though there had been some
sort of cloudiness to my vision, and now it was gone. Maybe because I was still
on a post-orgasmic power trip or something, but whatever it was, I felt great.
The best part was that Julien was still there, tucked under the covers against
my back. I quietly moved my arm away from him, happy to get the feeling back
after he slept on it for most the night. I smiled at him, shaking my head.
I didn't know what to do, whether I should report to Marie, go back to my own
room, or just lay in bed and fall back asleep against Julien. My heart said the
latter, but I knew that I should at least shower first…
Julien's en suite was nearly twice the size of my own large one, and decked out
just as nicely. I stood there for a full five minutes trying to debate on
whether I wanted to take a nice hot shower or soak in the huge clawfoot tub. I
decided to go with the shower.
I sighed, rubbing my shoulder as the hot water cascaded down my body. I got the
water as hot as I could take it, hoping that I would feel as fresh and clean as
possible for my next romp in bed with Julien. Which would happen soon… if I had
any say in it.
Once I had toweled off, I tiptoed into his bedroom and right away I knew that
he was gone. I could feel the creeping pangs of regret until I saw the little
note he left me on my pillow...
I have so much I'd like to say, but I'll
save it for when I see you next. I have to go out for the day and meet with clients,
but I'll be sure to be back early this evening so that I can spend it with you.
 Until I see you next- Julien.
, I thought.
I guess I'll go ahead and get dressed back in my room. I hope Marie
won't be too angry that I'm already an hour late to work...


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Chapter 20


She may have been a teensy bit mad at me this time… It wasn't really
my fault. At least that's what I tried to tell myself. It had become hard to
get any work done around the house. Every time I’d be alone cleaning a room,
Julien would find me… And cleaning up became the last thing on my mind.


Julien couldn't keep his hands off me, and I didn't want him to.


Okay, so there were a couple of times that maybe I initiated
everything… but who could blame me? When you have the sexiest man alive waiting
to hike up your skirt and fill you up with the kind of heat Julien was packing,
how could you say no?
I think my favorite time was when I was trying to help Marie with the laundry.
It was the biggest laundry room I'd ever seen, of course. She had walked out
for a moment to go fetch some starch when Julien sneaked in, shut and locked
the door, and bent me right over the dryer...


Or maybe it was the fact that after he was done working for the day,
Julien would take me out for the evening. He always requested that I got
completely freshened up and dressed up to the nines to go to all these beautiful
places he wanted to take me. I guess that's one of the many perks of dating a

I know that I shouldn't get caught up in silly things like money, but
coming from a home where both parents had worked two jobs to keep up… it kind
of made me really appreciate the life I was living.
I finally broke down and accepted the bracelet that Julien had bought me two
weeks ago before our first night together. The best part was that I could see
how much it meant to him. For as long as he would have me, I knew that this
piece of jewelry would mean a lot to the both of us.
Julien never wanted to talk specifics about financial things, and that was
totally fine with me. I really didn't want to hear it, to be quite honest. I
knew he was worth a lot of money, but he was worth a lot more than money to me…
That's all that really mattered. The past two weeks I had seen so many
different sides to him.


We even had our first fight over something silly… That ended up leading
to the best thing yet — makeup sex. I think he might have even picked the fight
with me for the express purpose of makeup sex, but Julien still denied it.
Only a few days ago Agent Wilson finally called me back, checking in on me to
see how I was doing at my job. I had to laugh, even though I felt incredibly
guilty about it. The truth was that I was doing really well, just not at my
job. With all the times that Julien and I sneaked off to spend time together
one way or another, you could have barely called me a housekeeper... I ended up
telling Agent Wilson that I wasn't sure I wanted to find a new place to live
just yet. I didn't mention the whole relationship Julien thing, because it
really wasn't his business.
"Well, I suppose that as long as it's okay with Mr. Malveaux, it wouldn’t
make a difference to us. I would just make sure that you find the proper kind
of job to line up for after this one runs out. It would just be smarter that
way," Agent Wilson informed me.
Well, of course. I wasn't just gonna sit there and not do anything about my
future. Whether it was with Julien or wasn't, I still had to figure out what I
wanted to do with my life. It was just kind of hard when I had Julien
constantly trying to take my clothes off all the time…
Not that I was complaining.
I finished cleaning up the billiards room, vacuuming the last corners for the
evening. My arms ached from having to push and pull the heavy vacuum cleaner
all throughout the lower level of the house. You would think that in an old
house such as this one, that carpet would've never even been made a thing, but
apparently Julien didn't like to have cold feet. Of course I suggested to him
to wear shoes, even house slippers, but he preferred his bare feet on shag. So
there you go.
I wrapped the cord up around the vacuum cleaner, wiping my forehead. No one
ever tells you before you get into the cleaning business that cleaning is a lot
harder than it looks. Or at least cleaning someone else's place is… My
apartment back home was constantly clean, and I barely had to work to keep it
that way. Then again… my apartment wasn't a sprawling château in the French
countryside, either.
I turned to walk out the door I felt a thick arm wrap around my middle and squeezing
me tightly, making me scream in the process.


It wasn’t Julien.


I tried to spin around, but the arm was just wrapping tighter and
tighter around me, making it harder for me to breathe. I felt a hand at my
throat, choking me, cutting off the scream that had led to nowhere. There were
no rushing footsteps down the hall, no one was coming for me to help.



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