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Kemet Uncovered





Taige Crenshaw and Aliyah Burke




Book four in the Kemet Uncovered Series


I am nature’s representative. I give my voice when the earth cannot. My work sent me on an intersecting course with a stubborn, arrogant, and hard-headed man named Kenric Annson. Although I don’t understand him I can’t help but be attracted to him. His smouldering looks and heated caresses have rattled me unlike any before him. The cosmos has an interesting sense of humour. I, who have lived longer than he could possibly imagine, can be struck mute by something so simple as his touch. What’s a goddess to do when she wants the one man who has the means destroy her beloved earth? Kill him? Save him?




Taige Crenshaw’s Dedication

To the people who work to make this world we live in a better place. Thanks for everything you do and the sacrifices you make.


Aliyah Burke’s Dedication


Thank you to all of those who give so much of themselves so the rest of us can be free!




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Chapter One






“Look here, damn it, I don’t need any fucking geo-freak coming in here and telling me what I can and can’t do!” Kenric Annson shouted into the phone. “I’m here doing my goddamn job. It’s not like it’s a picnic out here where you can walk up the street to Starbucks for a venti mocha. There’s wars going on around here, and sending some pencil pusher down isn’t going to do a damn thing, except complicate things. My men and I are busy enough without the added job of babysitting.”

The response he received only infuriated him further. After cursing a streak at the dial tone in his ear he slammed the phone down.

“You okay, Boss?”

The question came from Shade, one of the workers on this crew. Actually, Shade was his next in command. Kenric only knew him as Shade and that was fine. He trusted him with his life—hell, Shade could call himself Tinkerbell if he wanted to. Shade was a huge, muscular man with braided hair, which he kept confined to a ponytail most of the time. A goatee and dark brown skin completed the package. The man looked downright lethal standing there with his personal arsenal strapped to him. Everyone respected him.

“Hell, no.” He popped his neck and sat on the edge of his desk, arms crossed.

“What’s up?”

“That was Frank.”

Shade groaned and rolled his eyes as he snipped the end off a cigar. Frank Grimmel was technically the boss down here. Frank was only here since his brother owned the company. However, as far as Kenric and the others were concerned, he was a waste of sperm. It was part of the reason everyone called Kenric ‘Boss’, to add another dig into Frank’s authority. “What’d the dumbass want?”

“He’s sending us a civilian.”

“What!” Shade looked over the top of his mirrored sunglasses and stared while he lit his cigar, the smoke curling up and around his face like a snake.

“Yes, something about this doctor being able to help us find the natural gas pockets faster, and dig for them safer.”

A snort of derision. “Does he not get this isn’t your America? That, while we’re digging, we have men standing guard? Hell, even when we’re not.” Shade shook his head. “I mean, even Frank has two men guard him the rare occasions he’s here.”

Kenric shrugged and got up to lean against the wall near the window. He stared outside at the steppe, only to turn fully and brace a hand against the pane of glass, warmed from the summer sun.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” he muttered. “A fuckin’ rock doc.”

Shade cleared his throat. “Boss.”

“Yeah?” He continued to stare out over the brush and scrub.

“We have company.”

He spun around and found himself staring at a woman. A gorgeous woman. Whose skin, the colour of melted caramel, covered an amazing body. One reminiscent of an old pin-up girl, nothing but swells, dips, and curves.

Oh fuck.

Her black hair was drawn back from haughty facial features by a tight bun. On her face was a cool look of dismissal. Her navy-blue skirt suit brought some other things to mind and he felt his body respond. Almost violently. Her dark brown eyes were framed by thick, sooty lashes. She had full lips that shone with a clear lip gloss.

In one hand she held a black briefcase. He’d never seen anyone so determined to dress severely and look so damn hot. He allowed himself one more leisurely perusal of her fuck-me heels, long legs, then up over nice breasts and an amazing—even with the hint of the superbia—face.

Hellfire and damnation. I would love to see her in a bikini. Or nothing at all.
He spied Shade staring at her too, and for some reason it pissed him off. From deep within, a rush of anger coursed through him at the thought of Shade even touching this woman.
Why is she looking at him?

“Can I help you, darling?” he drawled, leaning against the windowsill.

Her gaze snapped from Shade to him. Her eyes narrowed a fraction before that damn unimpressed stare took over.

“First, I’m not your darling.”

Her voice was a raspy alto, which sent shivers all down his spine. His cock stiffened in his BDUs and he almost shook his head to clear the fog that seemed to encompass his mind, steering him down the sexual path.

Want to be?
He put a toothpick between his teeth. “Testy. Who are you?”

“I’m here to see Mr Kenric Annson.”

Another thrill rushed through him. He quirked an eyebrow and glided towards her, noting how she held her ground. Like a stalking lion, he prowled around her. She smelt fresh, with a light yet unrecognisable scent.
No one smelt this good around here
. Another look at her, like a punch to his gut, made him bite back a groan.

He wanted to know if she smelt like this all over. How soft her skin would be beneath his. How all those damnable curves would feel pressed to him.

Back before her, he gazed down to her waiting stare. “I’m him, darlin’. What can I do for you? Hell, why don’t you tell me who you are.”

She never blinked. “I’m…how did you put it…the fuckin’ rock doc. Dr Eshe.”

He heard Shade’s baritone laughter and fought the snarl. Disbelief smacked into him. This was who Frank had told him about? Shit.

“One, we don’t need you here so don’t bother unpacking. Two, dressed like that—it’s ridiculous for this kind of place.”

Her retaliatory smile would better be described as a baring of straight teeth. It was no hard thing to imagine her snapping those pearly whites at him.

“Nice to know you can count. I’ve already put my bags in a room. I’m in this outfit because I came straight from a meeting. When I work in the field, Mr Annson, I wear appropriate clothes. And I don’t give a damn if
feel I’m not needed. I’m here because Mr Grimmel hired me. Kade, not Frank.” She blinked and it appeared as if there were flames in her eyes. “Kade asked me to come here. I have no wish to be here anymore than you wish me to be, so if you cut the macho crap we can get this done faster and I can get out of your hair.” Her tone was cold. “Now, I’m going to change then I’d appreciate a trip out to the dig sites, starting with the most current and we will work backwards. Are we clear?” She arched a fine eyebrow. “Good.”

Spinning on her heel, she did an about-face and left the office. He watched the sway of her ass in the skirt until she rounded the corner and disappeared.

“Don’t say a word,” he growled to the smirking Shade. “Not a fucking word.”

Kenric stormed from the room headed towards berthing. She was not in sight. In the hall, he grabbed a worker and was pointed in the direction of the room she’d gone to. His scowl grew deeper the closer he drew to his own domicile.

She wouldn’t dare.
He passed his room and stopped at the next one. Frank’s room. He pushed through the partially open door without knocking and froze.
Damn it!
She had a large duffel bag on the bed, with some silver cases. Dr Eshe no longer wore the skirt outfit and, honestly, he wasn’t sure that was a blessing. Her greenish-grey cargo pants rode low upon her hips. A white T-shirt graced her upper body and was tucked in, accentuating her narrow waist.

At the moment, she was drawing her hair back into a ponytail. He wanted to wrap his hand in it as he plundered her mouth. She glanced at him and lifted an eyebrow.

“I’m pretty sure I told you I’d get back to you when I was ready, Mr Annson.”

“You being here is not warranted. Leave before I have to send word to Kade that your body is on its way back to him in a body bag.” He paused. “Assuming, of course, there’s a body for me to send.”

She pivoted on booted feet to face him head on. “I will not die here, Mr Annson.”

The way she stated that gave him pause. Shaking off the odd feeling her statement and her eyes presented him with, he glared down at her.

“Confidence from a woman dropped into a war-torn country and a totally male-run business. Men around here haven’t seen a woman for weeks or months, especially one as beautiful as you. Who knows what may happen?”

The doc stepped closer yet. She stared at her short, unpolished nails before shrugging negligently. “Are you saying your men won’t listen to you?”

He bristled at the implication. “I’m saying men are men and you are a temptation. One we don’t need.”

“Luckily I have you to keep me safe.”

BOOK: Saffron
7.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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