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Caribbean Heat


A novella of erotic romance by










Copyright © 2011 Rae Winters


All rights reserved. No part of this work may be used or reproduced electronically or in print without the written permission, except in the case of brief quotation embodied in review. Due to copyright laws, you cannot trade, sell or give any


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.


As always I love to hear from readers. Please share your thoughts with me at [email protected]


Warning: This e-book contains sexually explicit content which is not suitable for mature readers.


Caribbean Heat, Seduction Series, Book One






A special thanks to my sister of the pen,
Brooks-Harris, for your love and support in bringing this book to life.




Enjoy this sample of my sensual poetry.


The Morning After

You woke up to my morning erection,

Knocking, wanting to come in for a visit,

you resisted, playing shy and innocent.


My caress and commanding strokes,

you to my way of thinking.

Your trembling body, warm

moist, electrified me.


Finally, you opened wide to welcome me inside,

in all of me.

Our erotic ride was

Feverish—passionate—and memorable,

away by your touch.


Time stood still as we lay afresh

the aftermath.

The afterglow of our intimacy

between us.

The morning after.


Rae Winters © 2006



Caribbean Heat


Seduction Series, Book One










Caribbean Heat


A Romantic Getaway


Shay Bennett returns to the island of St. Lucia with her steady boyfriend, Michael Powers, for a little romance. But two days into her vacation, she discovers him in bed with an island slut. Enraged, she kicks him and the slut right out of her resort’s room, ending their three-year relationship. Disillusioned by love, she goes to The Pulse Club, intending to get her groove on—dressed for a sexual escapade of her very own.


Will Linden succumb to an island fling?



Linden David Stewart, CEO of Stewart International, a Maryland-based company, has just signed a contract to provide office supplies to all of the island’s resorts and hotels. He and two of his employees saunter into the club for drinks and to unwind. The moment the hazel-eyed, caramel beauty bumps his shoulder and invites him to dance with her, he doesn’t hesitate. His radar lights
and her scent calls out to him. One night of sex turns into seven days of sexual bliss.



Can two people from different ethnic backgrounds fall in love?



Chapter One

St. Lucia, West Indies, May 7, 2010

Mike…yes, that’s it, baby. Give it to me!” she cried out in her native French accent when Michael pulled out and
back into her juicy ass.

Feverishly, Michael pumped into her high yellow ass as he palmed her jiggling melon-sized breasts riding her bareback.


Barefoot, Shay Bennett, slipped into her hotel room, at the Almond Morgan Bay Beach Resort ready to get something going with Michael. The room reeked of sex. Judging from the intensity of their moans and groans, they didn’t even know Shay was there.

What the hell?!

Shay shook her head in disbelief. She couldn’t believe she was watching Michael’s ebony ass rapidly thrusting between that island slut’s butt cheeks—in their resort’s bed—as if they hadn’t made love earlier that morning. He claimed he had a hangover and pleaded that he needed to lie down. The St. Lucian sun was too hot for him, and he wanted to stay inside of their air conditioned room to sleep off his headache. Shay ended up going down to the beach alone.

She found a secluded area next to the rocks, away from the mothers with their crying toddlers. Shay pulled up a lounge chair to get some sun. An hour later, perspiration beaded her face. Her orange string bikini stuck to her skin, and hot sand collected in the crack of her ass. Shay was melting out there, so she decided to join Michael in their room. Her intention was to slip right back into bed with him and give him a little something-something.

Damn, was she
to see Michael getting it on with the slut from The Pulse
woman she caught watching him the previous night.

Calm, but deadly as a cobra snake, she stepped over to the bed.



Michael bolted, flustered by Shay’s sudden presence.

“S-Shay…Boo, this isn’t what it looks like!” Michael stammered and pulled out of the woman. His cock was covered in her juices as he stood boldly.

Michael’s afternoon delight dove under the sheets. Warily, her big brown eyes looked startled, like a deer caught in headlights. Her hair was standing on top of her head, revealing the tracks from a bad weave job.

I’ll pull out every one of her tracks
, Shay thought.
Michael betrays me with this woman, because I wouldn’t give him anal sex.

“Get out!” Shay hissed towering over her.

The bitch looked at Shay as if she didn’t understand English.

“Don’t act like you don’t understand me! A few minutes ago, you spoke English very well: ‘
Mike. Yes, that’s it, baby. Give it to me!’” Shay mimicked the trick’s response to Michael taking her in the ass.

Then, Shay’s calmness exploded. She grabbed the bitch’s auburn-colored hair and yanked her out of the bed, but the weave broke off between Shay’s fingers.

“Ouch, get off me!” the woman screamed.

Shay reached out for a thicker patch of hair and dragged her across the hardwood floor. Although the woman kicked and screamed, Shay’s adrenaline was pumping high when she deposited the woman outside of the hotel room, followed by her maid’s uniform. Then, she wheeled her cart out of the room.

“I will be contacting management about their lousy cleaning service!” Shay quipped.

She marched back into the room.

My funds paid for this romantic getaway,
Shay thought.

“Get your nasty ass out of
room, Michael Powers!” She picked up Michael’s suitcase. He hadn’t unpacked yet, and she rolled it over to the door. She tossed it right out of the room, followed by his shirt and pants. The one he wore last evening.

The suitcase missed the woman by a mere inch. She quickly dressed, ignoring the sets of doors opening and the pairs of eyes looking out to see what the commotion was going on in the next room.

“Shay, let’s discuss this.” Michael ran over to her to stop her from tossing his cologne and personal toiletries, along with the rest of his things out of the room.

?” Shay laughed. “It’s over, Michael!”

She ran over to the nightstand and picked up the telephone.

Michael tried to grab the phone out of Shay’s hands.

“Don’t-touch-me!” she hissed. Anger lit up her eyes.

Michael had one time considered Shay’s hazel eyes as beautiful; but right then, they looked hostile as if she would hurt him. He backed away.

Shay pressed the button for the front desk.

“Hello…this is Shay Bennett, in room 205. I need to speak with the manager or the hotel security. I have an unwanted man in my room!” she said, throwing daggered looks at Michael.

A few seconds later, the call was transferred over.

“May I help you, ma’am?” a deep voice said across the phone line.

“Yes, I have a naked man in my room. I just found my man in bed fucking one of your hotel staff.”

“Excuse me, ma’am!”

“You heard me correctly! My man was fucking one of your maids. I don’t know her name, but I’m sure you can check your records to locate the bitch who was assigned to clean my room. I want this man out of my room. Please send up security to remove him, before I cut off his balls!” Shay said in a calm, but serious tone.

BOOK: Salsa Heat
6.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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