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Authors: Tony Hayden

Sara (26 page)

“What would you know of God?”

Popineau took a step closer to Sara. “I know that you may think differently, but I am simply a tool of the Lord.” Pastor Gary smiled and cupped his hands together in prayer. “I am a carpenter, just like Jesus. I build the circumstances that bring men closer to God. Your father, Sara; he was a lost soul until you and I met.”

“Through adversity, man finds God?” Sara asked.

Popineau tilted his head. A proud look spread over his face. “Yes, my child. I build the staircase and point the way upward. Now you understand who I truly am.”

Sara lowered the handgun. “I know who you are,” she said. “
Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Pop grew furious. “I
a ferocious wolf, you little bitch,” he yelled. “This time I will cut you into pieces as you beg for my forgiveness.”

Sara had rehearsed for a year, exactly what she would say at this moment. She had envisioned herself yelling obscenities at this demon; forcing him to beg for his worthless life. She had pictured him squirming, gasping for breath as his blood spilled onto the floor in a pink and frothy stew.

She raised the gun and squeezed the trigger once. A small hole appeared between Gary Popineau’s eyes, and she watched a mass of blood and brain paint a gruesome portrait of death on the wall behind him. Pop’s knees folded, causing him to drop straight to the floor. In Sara’s mind, she envisioned him continuing to fall to the fires that awaited him.

Remembering the book she read at the cabin of crime scene investigations, Sara bent, picked up the spent casing of the bullet she had just fired, then turned away.



Mike pulled in behind Sara’s Honda. The car was empty. He slid from behind the wheel and closed his door silently. As he crossed the stree
t, the front door to the ministry quarters opened and Sara stepped out. There was no surprise on her face when she saw him. There was not so much as a tear in her eye.

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