Saving Belle (A Category 5 Knights MC Romance Book 2)

BOOK: Saving Belle (A Category 5 Knights MC Romance Book 2)
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Saving Belle
A Category 5 Knight MC Romance
Saving Belle
A Category 5 Knight MC Romance
Olivia Rigal

ne look
at Belle and I was hooked. But then she stood me up and no one stands up Piston. I didn’t become the VP of a new chapter of the Category 5 Knights MC by letting chicks walk all over me.

I wanted to let it go that is until I found out that
Belle has a secret, one so painful she keeps it well hidden.

Figuring it out was the easy part, now if only saving Belle could be as simple.

Jacqueline Sweet

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© 2015 by Olivia Rigal

All rights reserved.

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his book is
a work of fiction. Even if some locations depicted do exist, the story and event described are totally fictitious. The names, the characters, and the events described have been imagined by the author. Any resemblance with reality would be a coincidence.


his new town
isn't half as bad as I feared.

Of course, I can't admit that to anyone after the shit-storm I caused when I came here. It's not like I had any choice in the matter. Once Chaser decided it was cool to open our new chapter in Defiance, aka, Nowhere-ville Florida, the only thing I could do was go along with it. First ‘cause he’d be lost without me. Second ‘cause Chaser's not the kind of man you cross. Friendly enough guy, but he doesn't take shit from anyone.

Where the hell is he, anyway?

I see him out by the bikes, gesticulating wildly, chewing out a prospective member for parking his bike wrong. The kid looks like he's about to faint.

If Chaser ever gives a girl half the attention he gives his Harley, she's gonna be one happy lady. He's borderline obsessive—always polishing the chrome accents, conditioning the leather, tweaking the engine. Hell, he's qualified to be a leader on that point alone.

Another member and friend of mine, Side-Light, elbows me and whistles. “Look at that chick. Right there.” He gives a quick jerk of his head upward toward the girl.

Even if she was standing in a crowd of thirty, I'd know exactly who he was talking about. Her hair is a shining blonde mess of curls, real Dolly Parton style. Being a man, my eyes quickly find their way to her tits—Dolly Parton through and through, it'd seem.

She was different, though. Dolly had tits, sure, but this girl was the real deal. The whole package. Sex on two legs striding toward us, her wide hips swinging with every step, tits bouncing in their strained leather containment.

Side-Light gives a low whistle. “You know, I don't usually care for big girls, but she's fuckin'

I chuckle, thinking to myself that there might be hope for him yet. He was always looking for the typical buxom chicks with narrow waists and big tits (fake or not) but something about this woman can't be denied. Hell, if he hangs around with me and Chaser long enough, he's gonna figure out that there's a whole lot more to a real woman—literally. Gotta be soft, real nice padding, warm.

Most chicks turn on their pretty little heels and run the other way when they see a gang of bikers just hanging around. But not her. No siree.

She spots us, her eyes darting once between us before her stride becomes more purposeful. She's coming right for us. Those hips swing even more beautifully, each near-bouncing step showing off all she's got. Fuck me sideways, a seasoned sailor'd get sea-sick with that kind of rocking. I can't help but think about what she'd be like in the sack, quickly correcting myself—what she
be like in the sack. Can't let a catch like her get away.

To Side-Light's chagrin, she saunters right up to me, standing a few inches out to my side like she's gonna pass me up, the look in her eyes almost daring me to do something. I take her up quickly, and slide my hands over her hips to pull her in close.

She looks up at me for a long moment, that satisfaction and confidence that can only come with being such a fucking bombshell all over her features.

“Wanna dance?”

Oh, fuck. The whole package. Her voice sends a shock through me, the words purred and honey-sweet. There's not an ounce of fear in her voice. Huge tease too, pressing those tits up against my chest.

“Come look for me inside later big boy. Y'know, when the music is nice and slow and maybe, if I’m in the mood, I’ll let you rub against me.”

I can hardly believe it. She's practically begging for it, taunting me as she slides a hand between us. It slides over my abs just beneath my leather jacket and shirt, almost as if she's sizing me up
No way she's finding anything less than the best under there. I grin, thinking to myself,
I'm fuckin' made of steel baby, explore away.

I can't keep my poker face on at all, bursting into a fit of laughter. She laughs along, but it's not the same as mine. Even her laugh is sexy. What kind of woman

One of the guys leans in, nudging Side-Light. “That one's a pistol.”

Side-Light's eyes are unabashedly fixed at her tits, pressed up against me. “I bet she's wild in the sack too.” He speaks plenty loud enough for her to hear, and she throws him a little wink.

I give a firm tap at her ass and motion with my head back toward the bar. “Run on, kitten. I'll catch up with you later.”

As my hands slip away from her waist, I spot another girl headed our way. When she approaches, I cross my arms, putting on my best cocky smile. “And what do we have here, huh?”

She doesn't shy away from walking into the bar with a rough bunch hanging around outside, but she keeps her eyes fixed on the ground as she walks past us, like it makes her invisible or something. Nuh-uh. No such luck. She's already caught my eye, and she's smokin' hot. Dark hair, rockin' body.

I'm about to reach for that one too when Chaser's heavy hand lands on my shoulder, stopping me.

“Ah-ah. Hands off Bro’, that one is mine!” His tone is almost playful, but I know well enough to heed the warning. If he's called her, there's no way in hell I'm even
about her again.

I quickly jerk my hands back and turn my head around to see him. “Sorry, Chaser, I had no way to know.”

He nods, letting his hand slip from my shoulder. “No harm done, bro’, as long as you remember she’s off limits, we’re all good.”

Lucky for me, I prefer blondes anyway.

The woman is stopped near the entrance to the bar, ten or so feet back from where I'm standing. Chaser looks over to her, grinning widely. “Holly and I have a date tonight, ain't that right sweetheart?”

She looks terrified and turned on all at once, shrinking back but enraptured by his boldness.

Chaser turns to us all. “Let's get this party started!” A roar goes up through the ranks hanging outside, and they start heading in. He makes it sound like a call for a good time, but he's really just trying to get everybody to leave him alone. I'm not so sure that's a good idea, and as his V.P. it's my job to tell him so. We're in unfamiliar, and potentially unfriendly, territory. I gotta watch out for him. No matter how tough you are, you're not takin' on a whole group of bikers, and if we're on somebody else's turf, Chaser's in trouble if they roll up.

He looks to me, knowing exactly what I've got on my mind. “I'll catch up with you in a bit. Holly and I need to get a little better acquainted.”

There's nothing I can say. I'm his V.P. and all, but I'm a subordinate too—and I follow my orders. I resolve to send a guy outside every now and then to check up on him and make sure everything's cool.

As I stroll through the doors, my vision goes dark. Adjusting to the relative darkness inside the bar, coming in from the neon-bathed front does a number on them, but soon enough I'm making my way through confidently, scoping the place out.

First things first. Two emergency exits at each corner of the back of the bar. If we get rolled up on, we gotta know how to get out and quick-like. Better safe than sorry. Thinking back, I remember at least two local MCs that could be unhappy with the creation of a new Category Five Knights chapter in their neck of the woods.

I don't know if they're gonna make a move, but if they do, I'm not gonna make their job any easier.


t only takes
me a few minutes to really get the lay of the land. I check out every group worth noting and get a feel for the general mood of the room. Everyone's having a good time, and no one's pissed off about us being here yet, so it's all good for now.

Gotta find that blonde chick again. The music ain't slow just yet, but I don't really care. I'm gonna take her up on that invitation any way I can.

As I slip through the club searching for her, I catch eyes with a group of local police officers lingering near the back. I guess somebody called the sheriff in anticipation of our arrival. I almost wanna walk up to them and tell them that we don't intend to cause any problems, but it'd be a waste of time. Whether we want trouble or not isn't what matters. It's whether or not trouble comes to find us.

Our President's just here to get a feel for the town. Now that I've seen Holly, I understand what kind of “exploration” he really had in mind, and I'm thinkin' I'll be doing the same with that sexy blonde kitten.

I make my way back up to the bar, and as I walk up I catch that beautiful blonde mess in my peripheral. She's sitting with a couple at a table right next to the dance floor. The band starts to play, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. I already like their sound, and good music always gets me pumped up and confident.

I make a bee-line for her table, and she shoots me a million dollar smile as I walk up. Always a good sign.

When I reach the table, I lean over to her, my lips nearly touching her ear, speaking low but firm. “I'm here for my dance, princess.”

As I stand up straight again, she slides out of her chair and stares up at me, seemingly trying to decide if I'm really good enough for her. She sure seemed to think so earlier. Her eyes jump here and there, checking out the patches on my jacket, my boots, my face.
Look all you want, baby. I keep myself in shape in every way.

I'm not exactly conceited, but I know I can pass inspection like this. Sure enough, she locks eyes with me, and I know I've passed.

She takes a slow step forward, leaning up to me. “The name's Belle.”


Belle comes back down on her heels, giggling softly. “Oh yeah? And what's that supposed to be descriptive of, huh?”

Just as I open my mouth to tell her just what part of my anatomy it's referring to, something catches my eye on the other side of the room. The crowd has cleared a wide circle, and I see the girl from earlier on the ground and a flash I recognize as Chaser.

Fuck. Chaser's in deep shit.

Belle follows my line of sight and gasps before calling out. “Holly!”

Her friend is down on the floor, and another guy soon crumples down next to her. The noise from the crowd picks up as the guy falls, but quiets down pretty quickly. Before I knew it, on instinct alone I'd made my way across the bar to stand at Chaser's side.

He turns to stare at a group of men at a nearby table, his eyes wild. One of them picks a hand up, shaking his head hard. “Hey, you won't get any trouble from us.”

I see the crowd starting to split near the back of the bar, and the unmistakable sight of three police officers making their way through them, no doubt to see what's going on. Belle kneels down beside Holly, cradling her head in her lap. I can already see where she got hit. A strange quietness has fallen over the crowd, all staring slack-jawed at the scene before them.

Belle looks up and yells at them. “Don't just stand there looking! Somebody get me a bucket of ice and a clean rag, come on!”

The cops finally reach the spot where everything went down, assessing the situation. The tallest of them, a corn-fed redhead with a high and tight Marine cut looks to the table of guys closest to the ruckus.

“So? Anybody gonna tell us what happened here, or do we gotta haul you in?”

The same man who held his hand up and told us he didn't want any trouble answers immediately.

The cop's heavy brow lifts as he turns to Chaser. “So. You punched this guy David when he hit her?” He jabs a thumb down at Holly and Belle.

“Yep. That a problem?” Chaser's not exactly the biggest cop fan or anything, but he doesn't want trouble—that much is evident in his tone.

The cop's hand comes out to grasp Chaser's, shaking it firmly. “Good man.” He signals the other cops with a whistle, and they haul up the now half-conscious David to drag him out.

Chaser grins hard, giving a firm shake. “Right on. Can't have that.”

Belle looks up to Chaser, beckoning with a hand. Seeming to understand what she needed completely, he scoops Holly up and carries her to a bench in the back alley. He settles her into a half-seated position, cradling her against him, trying to bring her around.

Seeing the care and concern on Belle's face as she applied the ice cold rag to her friend's face sparks something inside of me. She bites her lips, exceedingly careful, afraid to hurt her any further.

I'm a total sucker for those. I'm not into head shrinking or whatever, but I'm pretty sure it comes from the fact that I never really got to know my mother. Always felt like I missed out on all that.

Holly comes around, and the first thing out of her mouth is a softly spoken request to go home. Being a ruthless opportunist, I swing for the fences, hoping for a home run.

“Hey. I've got an idea.”

The sound of my voice turns Belle's head immediately, and just like that the concern is gone, replaced with that same flirty grin I saw as I held her against me. “Is that so?”

“Yeah, I know. Looks
brains. It’s a rare combination but I’ve got it!” I give her an exaggerated wink, trying to lift her spirits.

She laughs, and the sound of it seems to carry me away to some reflection pool in a forest, birdsongs ringing out all around me. Absolutely bizarre, being transported like that. I've always had a good imagination, but there's a strange purity to her voice that touches something deep inside me.

“Next thing you’re going to say is that we should let Chaser watch over her for a couple of hours or that the four of us could go home right now?”

I chuckle, crossing my arms. “The woman can read my mind.” I turn my eyes to Chaser, giving a slight motion of my hand toward Belle. “Believe her?” He laughs, but says nothing, more concerned with making Holly comfortable.

Worst part is, she was right on the money. “I was gonna suggest we pick up a pizza and hit your crib.”

Belle hesitates a moment, an affirmative caught on her lips, pulled back as she slips them between her teeth and gives a slight shake of her head. “Nah. I think we're just gonna call it a night.”

As he helps Holly to sit up properly, Chaser nods and looks up to me. “That’s probably for the best.”

I can't say I agree, but he's the boss. Ain't gonna fight him
Belle on it, so I decide to go along. While he helps Holly out to the car, Belle stays behind. She watches them until Holly's safely buckled up and resting before she turns back to me.

Before she can say anything, I cut her off with a grin. “You realize you're leaving me here with like... the world's worst case of blue balls, right?”

She leans up, lips just an inch from mine, our eyes locked. After a long moment of silence, she grins hard. “Oh, I think you'll live.”

I bring my hands up to encircle her, but she deftly slips out, completely effortless. Just as she's about to saunter off swinging those sexy hips, I grab her hand. She turns, seemingly knowing exactly what was coming, leaning her head up to let our lips meet.

She's a little timid at first, which was surprising, but she quickly lets loose. Before I know it, we're kissing passionately, like long-lost lovers. Her fingers slide through my hair, and she holds tight to me with a desperation reminiscent of a shipwrecked wretch clutching a life preserver.

When I let her go, she's breathless, panting softly. She doesn't move away at all for a moment, and places her hands on my hips to steady herself.

Damn, I'm good

“Ah... mm. Gotta go.” She tries hard to hide how much she was affected by the kiss, but it's obvious. She's shaky on her legs, breath coming in slow, shaking, measured sets.

Try all you want, babe. I know just how you feel.

I shoot her a quick wink and motion toward the car. “Go on, baby doll. Your friend's waiting for you.”

BOOK: Saving Belle (A Category 5 Knights MC Romance Book 2)
10.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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