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A president’s got a reputation to keep.



I’ve got blood on my hands, more scars than tats.

I don’t love. I f*** and forget.


When I see Lauren on that auction block…

Something inside of me snapped.


I’m the last thing she wants.

But I’m the only hope she’s got.


Because out here, might is right.


And she can either jump in bed with a monster to live...

… or get tossed to the devils to die.



I wasn’t supposed to end up here:

On an auction block in front of a jeering crowd.


And then I see him.

The monster who’ll claim me.


A man whose hard tattooed body is matched only by his ruthlessness.

A man who terrifies me.


And when he looks in my eyes…


I can practically hear him growl.

Feel his rough hands on my curves.

His scarred body pressed against mine.


And the words keep echoing in my ear:

“Don’t forget. You’re MINE”



The last thing I wanted was a kid


I spend my days cheating death and my nights laying pipe. There’s nothing I love more than a good one night stand. Settling down wasn’t in my blood.


But that was before Alexandra.


A firecracker in bed with a fiery attitude to match.

I’d never fallen harder for anyone else.


Until I knocked her up and everything changed.


She thinks I’m a monster.

A criminal.

A thug.


She thinks she can keep my kid from me.


I’m going to get her back.

I’m going to make her pay.


And when her voice’s broken from screaming my name, I’m going to make her



Growing up the youngest daughter in a family of three, I had always been the baby of the family. That meant I was pretty much left to learn things either on my own or from my two older sisters. They were the ones who got me interested in writing and I owe so much of my accomplishments to them. Megan and Raissa, I couldn’t have done it without y’all!


I like stories with alpha males who can show a surprising streak of passion, even in stories as dark as Night After Night. Characters like that allow us to jump into and explore their world—even if only for a short while!


If you liked my books, I would love it if you RECOMMEND it, LEND it, or REVIEW it. I always look for feedback from my readers to help me develop better as a writer.


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Short story description:


She's the law and he's the lawbreaker


As a cop, Detective Flora Daunt meets the worst types but Terry Brandt is unique.

And it's not just Terry Brandt's offbeat looks. His deep set blue eyes, the chiseled body, the stride, that awesome cockiness - and that smoldering, inviting look...


Each time they speak, it seems like their roles are reversed. As he plies her with question after question that leaves her feverishly looking forward to the next session, it's only a matter of time before he asks her the one question she's been waiting to hear this entire time...




BOOK: Scars
2.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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