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Authors: T. Sayers Ellis

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School for Nurses

BOOK: School for Nurses
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T. Sayers Ellis



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School for Nurses published in 2002, 2006 & 2011 by Chimera Books Ltd. Published as an eBook in 2011 by Chimera Books Ltd

Chimera a creation of the imagination, a wild fantasy


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Nurse, Nurse



Suzanne worked at a hospital where the nurses' uniforms were a bit too short in the skirt for her taste, although her best friend, Marie, really looked good in hers. They had come up through nursing school together and found their first posting together - two years in the Geriatric Ward of Waterman Town Centre hospital.

Sue quickly settled into her new routine. Her life revolved around the ward with its cold blue tiles, coughing old men, the endless beeps and groans of the life-support machines, and sharing a small rented apartment with Marie. She was happy enough, but she felt something must be missing. And then, one morning, she had a shock.

She had just arrived home from her nightshift and was taking her tea when Marie dashed across their small kitchen, obviously late for her own shift. She was naked, and her lovely breasts were still wet from the shower. She was running a towel through her damp blonde curls, and shaking water off her body like some parody of an erotic dancer, in an effort to dry herself as quickly as possible.

‘Can I borrow a uniform, Sue?' she asked, not seeming to notice the colour rushing into her roommate's cheeks. ‘I'm dead if I don't get out of here in two minutes flat!'

Sue nodded, somewhat taken aback by the request, and lowered her eyes to her steaming mug of tea. Marie dashed off again down the short hall, a tuft of blonde hair peeking out below the tight white cheeks of her bottom between her slender thighs. Sue realised with horror that she could not stop staring at it until Marie disappeared into her room. She had honestly never thought about her friend in any way resembling... well, she had never thought of her
, even though she did enjoy shopping for clothes with her and helping her pick out the tightest outfits, the skimpiest lingerie and the smallest bathing tops...

‘Must dash! You're an angel!' Marie breezed into the kitchen again, barely able to finish zipping Sue's slightly smaller uniform over her full, bra-free breasts. She gave her a quick peck on the cheek, and Sue found herself reaching up to touch her face in wonder as the door slammed closed behind her friend.


This will certainly not do
, Sue thought sternly as she walked into hospital that night to begin a new shift. She had spent a restless day in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep. She was pretty tired now and she had not even started work yet.

All day long, visions of Marie - Marie with her blonde curls peeping out from between the tops of her toned thighs; Marie with her firm, lovely breasts jewelled by water droplets; Marie's gorgeous face gazing at her anxiously as she dried her naked body off with a towel - haunted her and would not let her sleep in peace. She had found herself reaching down between her legs and feeling the wetness there, and then a delicious explosion would rock her body at the thought of sinking to her knees before the wetness Marie had been drying between her thighs, and burying her face in it...

She entered the Geriatric Unit. An old man was shuffling out of the cold Victorian toilet and returning slowly to his bed. A light had been left on at the nurses' desk. Usually there were more nurses around at the change of shift, and stepping behind the desk, Sue found a note that explained their absence. The staff was short tonight because two of the Sisters were out with the flu.


Suzanne suddenly felt soft, familiar hands covering her eyes from behind.

‘Marie,' she whispered.

‘Got it in one!' Giggling, Marie moved around to face her. She was still wearing Sue's uniform, and it really was much too small for her. On Marie, the skirt - which even on Sue was too short - was a sexy mini, and the tightness of the bodice straining to contain her generous breasts made her look utterly voluptuous. Her appearance was completely improper for a professional nurse, especially since she had let the zipper down a little in front to relieve the pressure on her bosom, offering a teasing view of her luscious cleavage to anyone who cared to look.

‘Guess who's been drafted to pull a double shift?' Marie made a disgruntled face for a half-hearted second before her usual smile returned. ‘But guess who's also found us a nice little earner?'

Sue gazed at her with a puzzled expression.

Marie pulled her deeper into the recesses behind the Sister's desk as if to make sure no one in the dark ward could hear her. ‘There's no one here tonight,' she whispered conspiratorially.

The accidental touch of her friend's soft, warm breasts against her arm made Sue shiver. ‘That's right,' she acknowledged, unable to look Marie in the eye. It was embarrassing having her so close, and she was ashamed of her secret physical reaction.
Stop it
! she thought, admonishing her body,
stop it right now

‘We've got a live one in private room seven,' Marie went on, oblivious to her friend's internal struggle.

‘Mr Walker?' Sue welcomed the distraction. ‘He's harmless enough, a nice old boy.'

‘A nice old boy who offered me two-hundred pounds to strip for him!' Marie exclaimed beneath her breath.

‘He did
?' Sue was stunned.

‘I know,' Marie sounded equally shocked, but evidently for a different reason, ‘the cheapskate! I got him to make it five-hundred for the two of us.' She smiled wickedly into her friend's eyes.

Sue was even more stunned. ‘You got... but I... but I
,' she gasped. ‘You're crazy, Marie!'

‘Not even for me?' Her roommate pouted even while fixing her with a challenging stare.

Sue's cheeks coloured in alarm, for she knew what was coming and she would have to struggle to resist the mental arm-twisting.

‘Not even for your best friend, who desperately needs the money, and who let you move into her flat when you had nowhere else to go?'

That was unfair, but true nonetheless, and Sue found her resistance wilting as her breathing became shaky. ‘Do we really have to?' she asked weakly.

need the money,' Marie whispered seductively, and clearly sensing victory, she picked this perfect moment to stroke Sue's silky fringe away from her flushed brow. Their bodies were pressed up against each other's in the small alcove behind the desk, one set of curves gently moulding into another. ‘You know I do, Sue,' she murmured. ‘And besides, he's a bit of an old codger, but it might be fun.'

Sue swallowed hard and closed her eyes so Marie would not see her thoughts as she nodded reluctantly.


Mr Walker's room was filled with shadows; only a single lamp was lit by the elderly man's bed where he lay snoring lightly. Marie crept into the room first, and then waved Sue in after glancing quickly up and down the corridor to make sure no one else was about. They could all die up and down the ward for the next half hour, Sue thought, yet strangely enough, she could not find it in herself to feel guilty about her frivolously unprofessional attitude. She was far too excited about being with Marie as she followed the sexy, shapely form of her friend into the quiet room.

Although Sue had never been consciously attracted to another female before, Marie looked absolutely mouth-watering to her now as she bent over the old man's bed. Mr Walker stirred, and his snoring came to an abrupt halt as his eyes squinted open, and caught sight of Marie's half unzipped dress looming over his face.

‘If you've got the money now, Mr Walker,' she leaned in closer to him as she spoke softly, ‘I believe you have a private show to enjoy.'

With her help the man struggled up into a sitting position, and supported by numerous pillows, he counted out a small pile of notes onto the mobile table used for meals and wheeled into place beside him by the nurses. Ten crisp fifty-pound notes now lay on the table. Marie made to pick them up, but the old man's hand moved with surprising swiftness to slap her arm away. ‘Not before the curtain falls,' he said. ‘I want to see the warm-up act first.' He looked directly at Sue, and she realised with a small shock that she would have to undress in front of both of them to get things rolling.

‘You didn't say I'd have to do this cold,' she complained beneath her breath to Marie when her friend walked encouragingly up beside her.

‘Keep him sweet,' Marie whispered, ‘we could get more out of him if we do this right.' She glanced back at the old man wearing her sexiest smile.

Mr Walker's wallet was under his pillow again, but it was by no means empty. He sat up a little higher, his yellow hands clutching the sheet over his chest, and gazed lecherously at Sue's shapely bottom as she turned away coyly before slowly pulling her crisp uniform up over her head without unzipping it. Then she stood waiting, her back still to him, wondering what on earth she was doing standing there only in her white bra, white stockings and suspenders, and small white panties.

‘Come here, my dear girl,' the old man said in a dry, raspy voice.

Her belly churning, she turned to face both patient and nurse, and she blushed as much from the feel of Marie's eyes on her body as from the old man's stare as he crooked a finger to beckon her closer.

Anxiously glancing at Marie, Sue found herself obeying him until she stood beside her friend again. Her thighs brushed the edge of the bed close beside him, easily within his reach should he want to touch her, but all he did was point at her panties. She blushed even more deeply, understanding his silent demand.

Marie nodded once, encouraging her to carry on, and Sue was stunned to see a fierce light burning in her friend's eyes. She looked away quickly, yet she found herself obeying the sensuous nurse as she eased her panties down, and shivered to feel the cool air of the quiet room kiss her bare bottom... and worse, it made her shamefully conscious of the wetness between her thighs as she slipped the fine cotton all the way down her legs to the floor. She stepped out of them daintily, and that left only her bra, stockings and suspenders.

The old man's eyes devoured the nubile vision before him. ‘Now you help your friend,' he instructed.

Still blushing furiously, Sue found herself reaching for Marie.

When they had both lost their uniforms, Sue could not help but wonder at how beautiful her friend was, and at her nearly uncontrollable desire to kiss and suck her large breasts. She wanted to sink to her knees before Marie right then and there and bury her face in the tight wet curls of her intoxicatingly fragrant pubic hair... she gasped, distracted from her fantasy when she suddenly felt one of the old man's hands on her bare buttocks.

Marie said firmly, ‘No touching, unless you want to pay more.'

Negotiations ensued, but the old man's hand remained possessively on Sue's bottom for the duration. Finally he and Marie had agreed on the terms and Sue felt his clammy, possessive touch slip away. She realised then that she should have been listening. Apparently, the touching to be allowed was not to be done by Mr Walker. She saw his wallet appear from beneath the pillow again, and ten more notes were counted out on the table, only to disappear into Marie's discarded uniform.

Strangely dazed, Sue heard words floating in the air before her, but for some bizarre reason she could not string them together to make any sense. She heard her name mentioned, but she could not seem to concentrate on the dialogue and what it meant. It was as though the whole scene was turning into a dream in which she was completely powerless to do anything while her behaviour was manipulated for pleasure and profit.

She watched Marie elegantly perch herself on the edge of the wooden table over the old man's bed, and spread her legs. Her friend then beckoned to her without a word, and Sue found herself climbing up over Mr Walker's blankets, her knees on either side of him so her bare bottom was presented directly before his appreciative face. She was between Marie's gloriously parted thighs, looking up into her gorgeous friend's hypnotic eyes.

‘Kiss me,' Marie whispered with a hint of triumphant mischief. ‘It's all for a good cause.'

Sue's head sank willingly into the heady scent of Marie's blonde curls, her mouth hanging open in breathless gratitude.

Marie's head rolled back, and she groaned deep in her throat, inhaling sharply as Sue's first tentative kisses became more confident and her tongue found its way deep into her hot, wet furrow. She licked softly and insistently until her friend came on the small table with a shudder that made her breasts quiver.

Marie quickly recovered herself, however, and giggled as the old man's wallet once again emerged from behind the pillows. ‘Don't move,' she instructed in a firm but friendly voice, and utterly dazed now, Sue held her position, Marie's wetness shining on her cheeks, her naked bottom still presented to the old man's face. She did not truly comprehend what he said; she heard only his wheezy snigger and the soft rustling of money being counted again. And then Marie slipped down from her perch and whispered, ‘Hold on, darling, it won't take him long.'

‘Take him long for what?' Sue gasped, but Marie simply moved the table away, guided her a little further down the bed, and then held firmly on to her wrists. Sue looked helplessly up into her flatmate's eyes. ‘What do you want me to do now?' she asked softly.

BOOK: School for Nurses
8.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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