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The more he thought about their time together the previous day the harder it was to gain control of his arousal.

Down boy.

“Morning,” she said, moaning. He gazed at her, watching as she stroked his chest with her fingertips.

“Morning, baby.”

“Do you need me to get off you?”


“You need to go to the toilet, right?”

He was confused for several seconds when her words suddenly dawned on him.

“What? No, baby, I’m turned on. I don’t need to use the bathroom. Well, I do, but this is more about you.”

“Oh.” She jerked up, looking to his cock then to his face.

“I’m just going to the bathroom. Go ahead and put the kettle on. I’ll finish when you use the bathroom.”

“Okay.” Piper kissed his lips then climbed off the bed. She didn’t cover up her nakedness and he loved seeing her walk around his place.

You’re screwed.

Ignoring the warning going off in his brain, he walked to the bathroom. Once he finished he took over, making coffee as Piper took his place. He slapped her ass on the way past, loving the sound of her squeal.

Totally screwed.

Jesse had fallen in love with her and he was totally, fucking screwed. John Rix would see through their chance meeting, which was one of the reasons why he wanted the opportunity to talk with him before Piper.

His cell phone was off in the bedroom. There was no way for him to get in touch with Charley without Piper finding out.

“Um, that coffee smells so good,” Piper said, walking toward him. She’d put on one of his robes, covering her nakedness.

“Nah, I don’t think so.” He pushed the robe off her shoulders until it fell to the floor. Jesse stood naked and so did Piper now.

“Hey, I need that.”

“No one is going to get the chance to see you naked, baby. We’re alone and I’m off work. It’s just the two of us.” Wrapping an arm around her waist he tugged her close. Her tiny hand went to his chest. “And I can think of so many things I want to do to you.” Slapping the cheek of her ass, he laughed at her squeak.

“Will you stop hitting me?” she asked.

“I’m spanking you, baby. I’m not hitting you.”

“Either way, it stings.”

Laughing, he took her lips, tasting the spearmint of the toothpaste she’d used. “You taste a lot better than any coffee.” He put his cup down then lifted her up in his arms. She wasn’t light but he didn’t mind as he carried her back through to his bedroom.

“Hey, I want my coffee. I need my coffee.”

“I’m going to be your coffee for the day.”

He dropped her to the bed then grabbed another condom from the drawer.

The spare lube he kept glared up at him, begging to be used. Taking out the tube, he dropped it to the bed.

“I doubt you’re going to keep me awake for the rest of the day.”

Jesse pressed his palm to her pussy, feeling the slickness of her arousal.

She cried out. Chuckling, he slid a finger inside her cunt.

“I can keep you awake and I’ll do a far better job than any caffeine hit.”

Adding a second finger, he pushed into her body, watching her come apart beneath his hand. There was nothing false about her response to his touch. She was natural and perfect.

Gliding his thumb over her clit he watched her orgasm, feeling her cunt spasm around his fingers.

“That’s it, baby. Give me everything. Your body knows who its master is.”

Licking her cream off his fingers, he handed her the foil packet. “Put it on me.”

She went to her knees before him, tearing into the foil packet then sliding the condom over his shaft. He waited for her to put the condom on him.

“Get on your knees and I want you to trust me. Can you do that?” he asked.

“Yes, I trust you.”


He caressed the cheeks of her ass, watching her shudder beneath his touch.

“I’m going to fuck your ass, baby. You can take me but I need you to trust me. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I trust you, Jesse.” He was sure she was going to say something else. Instead, she stayed quiet, leaving him to wonder what she would have said.

Picking up the tube of lubrication, he uncapped it and smeared plenty over his covered shaft. He wanted to make sure she was protected completely. He didn’t want to hurt her.

Once his cock was covered with the lube, he squirted plenty against the puckered hole he wanted so much.

She gasped. “It’s cold.”

Running fingers through the gel, he started to press against her ass. She tensed, but slowly, Piper started to relax against him.

With the tip of his finger inside her ass, she tensed again. Soothing her with words, touches and patience, Jesse waited for her to relax once again before pushing deeper.

After some time she took all of his finger and then a second. When he worked a third finger into her ass, he knew she was ready to take his cock.

He gripped the root and pressed the head to her anus.

She tensed up again.

“It’s only me, baby. Trust me. Let me claim you. Remember, I’m not letting you go.”

Slowly, once again she relaxed against him.

Piper took the tip of his cock into her ass and he took his time to work in more of his length. She didn’t scream or cry out at his penetration. Staying still under his claiming, Jesse worked his way inside her until she’d taken every single inch.

“I’m in, baby. You’ve got me all.”

Opening the cheeks of her ass wide, he watched his cock inside her. It was one of the most erotic things he’d ever seen.

He’d claimed her. In his mind, Piper was his and no other man was ever going to know the kind of pleasure she could give. He would handle everything with John and his club.

“It feels weird,” she said. She was breathless every time she talked.

“It’ll get better.” He was determined she’d love it by the time he was finished. Pulling out of her heat, he started up a pace that took his time, getting her accustomed to the feel of him inside.

In no time at all, she was thrusting against him, begging and screaming for more. He fucked her hard, reaching around to strum her clit with every thrust he made.

Jesse knew he’d fallen deep and hard for this woman. He would put everything right and treat her like the princess she fucking deserved.

Slamming in deep, he fucked her hard, feeling the edge of bliss was close.

“Come for me, Piper. I need you to come before I find my own release.” He yelled the words for her to hear over the erotic fog over them. Jesse couldn’t hear anything past the beating of his heart and her screams of pleasure.

“I’m coming,” she said, crying out.

He kept strumming her clit, feeling her orgasm wrapped around his dick. With two quick thrusts, Jesse followed her into bliss. The pleasure was unlike anything he’d ever thought.

Neither of them had time to bask in the arousal as his front door was slammed opened. Covering Piper’s nakedness, he quickly tore the condom off, ready to take on any fucker who charged through his door. Whoever thought they could invade his home was fucking mistaken.

“Jesse, what’s going on?” Piper asked, terrified.

She got her answer before he said anything.

John Rix charged through the bedroom door. The anger on his face was clear. John knew what had been going on as he looked between the two of them. Behind him Charley and a mixture of their boys crashed through the room.

He didn’t defend himself as John landed a blow to his face. Not caring about his naked state, Jesse took the hit.

“You fucking piece of scum. You make me fucking sick.” John landed a blow then another blow.

“Daddy, stop it.” Piper had wrapped the blanket around her and was trying to tear her father off him.

Bless her, she didn’t have a clue how much he deserved this beating.

“Get fucking dressed and get downstairs.”

Jesse was pulled to his feet and dragged out of the apartment. A pair of jeans was handed to him.

The fresh air was freezing cold and he gasped, wishing he was back in his apartment wrapped around Piper.


She needed to get downstairs before her father hurt the man she loved. Drake, one of her father’s boys, stood outside the bedroom giving her privacy to dress. She quickly pulled on a pair of Jesse’s sweat pants and a shirt. Her sneakers were in the living room. Brushing past Drake, she quickly put the shoes on then headed downstairs.

“What were you thinking?” Drake asked, following her.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on. I need to stop my dad before he does something stupid.”

“You really don’t know who that fucker is, do you?”

She stopped to look at him. “I don’t have a clue what’s going on but if you’d like to enlighten me, go ahead. I’m sure I could use the new info.” Her hands were shaking and she was mortified inside at what her father had discovered when he’d walked into the bedroom.

Great, she didn’t want her father knowing she’d experimented with anal sex. There was no hiding from it now.

Piper pushed the embarrassment aside and headed outside in time to see Charley, the leader of the Demon’s, standing in front of Jesse who was on the floor, bleeding.

“You’ve made your point,” Charley said.

“My daughter is not up for being played like some fucking tool. She doesn’t know all of your men. You shouldn’t have brought her into this.” John’s hands were fisted at his side.

She knew he was struggling to contain his anger, which was directed at Jesse.

“We needed information.”

“Next time, you come to me. Don’t send some fucking punk to screw with my daughter.”

Her father’s words cut her to the core. Jesse was staring at her, pleading almost. What the hell had happened? This morning she’d woken up so fucking happy and now she felt like she was being torn apart.

“What the hell are you trying to say?” Piper asked, turning her attention back to her father.

“This fucking asshole was using you, honey. Yeah, he was sent on a mission to find out why we killed Junior. The little fucking weasel stealing our dough.” John shouted the words for everyone to hear. Only the two MCs were present but that was still too many people for her liking. They’d seen her naked with Jesse.

Whirling around, she stared at Jesse. The shame on his face was clear to see. He didn’t look away from her, either.

“Is this true?” She hated the hurt building inside her. Why was she really surprised? No one wanted her. She was the fat daughter of John Rix. She was a means to an end. In that moment, Piper hated herself and the life she’d started to lead.

“It started out that way. They needed information and you were the one we thought would have it.”

Tears spilled from her eyes. She felt them falling, thick and fast. Again, she’d been used again to get to her father’s club.

“You screwed me to what? To butter me up so I’d tell you all of my father’s secrets?” she asked. “I don’t know everything about the club.”

“It started out like that but it changed, Piper. Surely you felt it.”

“What? When you screwed me and all the time you were only wanting information?” Staring up and down his body, she didn’t know if she even knew him. Everything he said was a lie.

“It’s different, Piper. I love you. I’m telling you to trust me.”

She shook her head. “No, I can’t trust you. You’re a fucking liar.” Walking toward him, she stood in front of him then slapped him around the face. “Don’t you ever come near me again. I don’t want you near me. Do you understand?”

“Piper, please.”

Spinning on her heel, she went to her father. “Get me out of here, please.”

“Sure thing.” John draped his arm over her shoulder. “We’ll talk soon.” His comment directed at Charley.

She didn’t look back at the man who’d torn out her heart. Going toward her father’s bike, she climbed on the back after putting on the helmet. Holding onto her father, she’d never been more happy to leave a man behind.

Jesse had hurt and humiliated her. She wouldn’t be forgetting about this moment for a long time. When they got to the Hell’s Charter clubhouse, she handed her helmet back and walked in. Several of the guys were playing pool. They looked at her as she entered. Without looking them in the eye she passed the sweet butts and old ladies, going to the back of the house to where her bedroom was.

Closing and locking the door, she went straight to the en-suite bathroom, scrubbing off any memory of Jesse’s touch.

With the water cascading down around her, she gave into her tears. Pressing a hand to her face, she tried to stop the tears but couldn’t.

She’d given her virginity to a man who’d only been using her to get what he wanted.

Get over it. No one else cares.

When she could cry no more, she turned the water off, dried her body and put a nightshirt on. Brushing her hair, she settled on her bed, wishing the pain would go away.

Several people knocked, asking if she was all right. She heard the sweet butts giggling. The tears fell down her cheeks.

Her father didn’t knock. He used the spare key to get inside.

“Honey, you shouldn’t be alone.” John locked the door behind him, moving toward the bed.

The tears continued to fall even though she wiped them away.

“I don’t want you in here.”

“I’m not going anywhere. This boy is different from all of the others.” He sat down on the edge of the bed.

“I fell in love with him,” she admitted.

“Shit, baby. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. I should have known. A guy like that would never go for a girl like me.”

“What the hell are you talking about? You’re a beautiful woman, Piper. I know most of my boys would have you in a heartbeat if you ever showed them any interest.”

“I’m fat, Dad. Men like thin women. Slender and model-like. I’m none of those things.”

John cursed. “Honey, your mother wasn’t slender. Yeah, some guys like fucking a stick but there are plenty of men who love a full woman with curves.” He held her close. She remembered all the times over the years he’d comforted her after being bullied at school. “Any man would be happy to have you and you point the evil bastards out to me who wouldn’t.”

BOOK: Screwed
3.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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