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She chuckled. “I thought he was different.”

“Maybe he was. I don’t know, honey. I guess we’ll see what happens and what he does.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“If he really wants you, there will be no stopping him from coming to claim you.”

Snuggled up against her father, Piper felt a little better. Over the years he’d always taken care of her, even when there was nothing he could do.

“I don’t think he will.”

“He looked upset, Piper. I think he’ll surprise you.”

“No, I’m not going to risk it.” Pulling away from him, she wiped under her nose. She was done with being sad about the situation. Piper tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled at her father. “I’m sorry for putting the club at risk.”

“Fuck the club. You’re my little girl. No one hurts you. The guys would agree with me.”

“I’m not going to break. I’m fine.” The lies were pouring out of her mouth. She was breaking apart inside and it hurt every second she took a breath. John left her alone and she was free to finally break apart. No one else tried to bother her.

Chapter Seven

“You can’t keep me away from her, John. She’s my fucking woman.” Jesse yelled the words across the parking lot. He’d driven to the Hell’s Charter clubhouse only to be held back by the entire club. They all looked at him as if he were scum. For the last week he’d been trying to get in touch with Piper with no luck. It was like she’d disappeared off the face of the earth. His boys stood behind him, giving him support and protection if any of the rival club members tried anything.

He didn’t care what they tried. Jesse wanted his woman back. Her routine had changed in the last week. She no longer went to the coffee shop on Monday or Friday. Her phone was dead all the time.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” John asked, stepping in front of all of his men.

“She’s my woman.” He slammed a hand against his chest.

“She’s my fucking daughter and you’ve hurt her more than any other man I know. How dare you come to my land and start trying to yell at me.”

John advanced, holding a baseball bat.

“Go on, John, kill the lad.”

The distance between them thinned. Jesse wasn’t afraid. Piper was worth fighting for. He wore his Demons cut along with his golden jewelry he liked. In his back pocket was the gold band he’d bought in the city. He intended to make Piper his wife.

“What the hell are you doing here, lad? My girl has been crying her eyes out over you. I told you to give her time,” John said, lowering his voice so it was only between them.

“I’m going to marry Piper. I’m not here to cause a problem. I want her as my wife.” He didn’t raise his voice. This conversation wasn’t going any further.

“Is this some game Charley’s playing?”

“No, I don’t care about merging the clubs. I only care about Piper.”

“What do you want, Jesse?” Piper’s voice invaded the tension. She stood on the edge of the group with her arms folded. The clothes she wore didn’t do her body justice. The sight of her sent a shockwave to his gut. She looked so sad with her arms crossed over her stomach.

“I need to talk to you,” he said, turning his attention back to her.

“What about?”

“We need to go somewhere private.”

“No. Anything you need to say to me can be done in front of the men. I’m sure everyone is very busy and wants to move on with their day.” She was cold. He saw it in the way she held her body. The tightening of her arms, and the shudder running through her showed the chill getting to her. She needed a coat.

“You want me to say everything in front of all of these men?” Jesse asked.

“Yes. They know you more than I do.” She pointed toward his leather cut. “I didn’t even know you were a member of the Demons. See, a lot I don’t know about you, including your last name.”

“Name’s Jesse Jenkins. I’ve been a member of the Demons for the last ten years and I’m totally in love with you.” The words blurted out before he could stop them. The desperation clawed at him. Losing Piper was not an option.


“I love you. Yes, I’m not going to deny the fact I started pursuing you because I wanted to know about Junior but I fell for you.”

“You screwed me for information,” she said, spitting the words at him.

Was he a freak to find her anger a turn on?

“No. I screwed you because I wanted to.” Guns were loaded and aimed at his head. “I got the information because none of our clubs want a war.”

“I can’t believe you.” She turned on her heel, heading in the opposite direction. He looked at John, who gave him the nod to follow her.

“Believe what you want.” She was heading toward the side of the clubhouse where she’d appeared from. “Piper, fucking stop.”

She stopped suddenly, turned and glared at him. “I work for my father. I’m not part of club business. You should have stayed well away.”

Going to his knees, he lifted the box containing the gold ring he’d purchased for her. Piper shut up. Her gaze landed on the velvet box to his eyes and back again.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

He heard the sound of the boys joining them. Jesse didn’t care what they thought of him for begging his woman. One week without her was too fucking long. “I want you to marry me. This is what I have to do. I get down on one knee but seeing as I pissed you off I’m actually on two knees.” He tapped each knee for her to see. “I fucked up. I admit that but if I have to I’d do it all again because it brought me you. I love you, Piper.”

Her eyes glazed over, tears forming.

“I can’t believe you.”

“Then give me time.” He stood, taking the steps to close the distance between them. “I’m promising you a lifetime commitment. There’s no other woman for me. I know my mind. Give me time.”

Jesse wished for her to say yes. This had to be the hardest proposal in the history of all proposals. It sucked, but he knew it was the way it had to go. He’d fucked up, screwed her over, and this was the price he needed to pay.

“I don’t know what you want from me,” she said. “None of this is making sense. I can’t trust you. This means nothing to me.”

“I know you feel something for me.” Reaching out, he stroked her cheek. He blanked out the whole world. None of their clubs existed, only the two of them in this moment. “I’m asking you to marry me. I want to make you my woman, my old lady. Please, give me a chance to prove I can do this.”

Taking her hand he slid the ring onto her finger. It was a perfect fit.

“One chance, Piper. All I’m asking is for one chance. What we felt together, that was real.” He gritted his teeth, hating how silent he needed to be about their time together. Jesse didn’t want the other guys to know how responsive she was or how she sucked cock like an angel. All of these traits were his own.

“Fine, you want a chance then I’ll give you a chance.” She pulled away from him and before he could stop her, Piper kneed him in the balls.

Dropping to his knees, Jesse watched her walk toward the door.

“If you’re really serious about this then you’ll come and pick me up for coffee this Friday.”


Four months later

Piper stared down at the books in front of her. Tapping the pencil on her lip she looked at the numbers as she worked out the sum.

“Are you going to give that boy a break?” John asked, walking into the office, taking a seat opposite her.

“What do you mean?” She’d been dating Jesse for the past four months. No sex, only dating and the odd kiss. Her body ached for something more but she was determined to not give in.

“I feel sorry for the boy. You’re being a right bitch to him. When are you going to give the guy a break? Four months is a long time, honey.”

Placing the pencil on the desk, she smiled at him. “I sometimes forget what went on between us. He comes around so often it’s like he’s part of the family.”

“Jesse’s not one of my boys. He’s staying with the Demon’s. You’ll be a Hell’s Charter princess, honey. Both clubs will look out for you. We’re all excited about this.”

“Dad, I was going to accept his marriage proposal tonight. He’s making me dinner at his place. I’m going to accept and everything is going to be fine. Stop worrying.” She reached over to tap his hand, fondly. “I love you too, Dad.”

“I want what is best for you. I hate Jesse for what he did to you but I can see he’s telling the truth. Boy loves you.”

Piper smiled. “I’m starting to get it. Jesse is a hard ass who finally fell in love.”

Over the last few months she heard a lot of women talking about Jesse Jenkins, stud muffin, being tamed by a biker princess. Every time she heard it, the news made her smile. She’d tamed a man. It was the strangest thought in the world.

“Well, good. I’ll let the boys know what’s going on.”

He got up to leave.

“You do that.”

Going back to her numbers, she wasn’t expecting the knock on the office door. Looking up she saw Jesse, his arms folded, waiting for her.

“Hey, baby,” he said.

Ever since he’ d gone back to wearing his leather cut and displaying all of his muscle she’d struggled to string together a coherent thought.

“Hey yourself.”

For Christmas both clubs had mingled at the Hell’s Charter clubhouse. She’d cooked three turkeys and put a feast on that would make any chef proud. He’d worn the silver cross she’d given to him around his neck. Jesse owned so much gold jewelry she wanted hers to stand out against all the others he owned.

Jesse had bought her an e-reader, which she loved so much.

“Are you ready to go home?” he asked.

Glancing around her office she nodded, feeling nervous at being alone with him. For the last four months he’d really shown her how much he loved her. He told her every chance he got and he seemed to enjoy taking her around to his clubhouse.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

Grabbing her bag she followed him out. Several of the guys shook hands with Jesse on the way out. Her father raised an eyebrow at her. Glaring at him, she kept up with Jesse. His bike waited for them outside. Jesse strapped her bag to the back of the bike then handed her a helmet. She held onto him very tightly as he drove out of the club.

He smelled amazing.

When he was parked she climbed off and handed him his helmet. Jesse took her hand, leading her up to his apartment. Neither of them spoke and the tension built. She was surprised by the scent of chicken permeating the place.

“You cooked?”

“Yeah, I’ve been single for a long time and I know how to cook. I can follow a recipe.” She chuckled, taking a seat as he opened the oven.

Piper watched him buzz around the kitchen getting their meal ready. She was totally in love with him and her father’s words came back to haunt her. Was she being cruel in waiting to tell Jesse?

They all made mistakes and Jesse had paid long enough.

“Yes,” she said, finally answering his questions.

“What, babe?” He put the casserole on the counter, staring at her.

“Yes, I’ll marry you.”

“Are you shitting me?”

“I hate that word but, no, I’m not shitting you, Jesse. I’m being serious. I want to marry you.” He rushed around the counter, picking her up and pressing her against his chest.

“Fuck, I love you so fucking much.” His lips slammed onto hers and he plunged his tongue into her mouth.

She whimpered, wrapping her arms around him.

“What about dinner?” she asked. He kissed down her neck sucking on her flesh.

“Fuck dinner.” He left her side to put the casserole back in the oven.

In the next breath he was tearing at her clothes.

“Jesse, what are you doing?” She was laughing as he did.

“I’ve waited too fucking long to be inside you. I can’t wait another fucking minute.” Within seconds he slammed inside her. He had her perched on the edge of the stool. She was surprised by the power of his thrusts.

Crying out, she held onto him as he fucked her hard.

“Fuck, I forgot the condom.”

“I don’t care, don’t stop.” She’d been on the pill since she was young to help regulate her periods.

“Yeah.” He gripped her hips slamming inside her, over and over again. “Fuck, I’m not going to last. Touch yourself. Make yourself come all over my fucking cock,” he said.

She stroked her clit, feeling her orgasm approaching within seconds.

They both reached their climax together, shaking in each other’s arms.

“I’m so sorry I fucked up, baby. I promise you, I won’t do that again.”

Pressing a finger to his lips, she silenced him. “Shut the fuck up, Jesse.” Kissing him back, she moaned as his cock twitched inside her. “I don’t want to hear anything else other than you fucking me and loving me.”

“Baby, I’m going to spend the rest of my life fucking you, screwing every inch of this body.”

He picked her up. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Piper moaned as he proved to her over and over that his stamina was something to be in awe about.


Ten years later

“Come here, you little shit,” Jesse said, shouting toward his five-year-old son, who was running around the yard. Piper loved this house and he couldn’t deny her anything. Charley and John had helped with the down payment for the mortgage and together they’d paid him back. After ten years together they had four children to their name with a fifth on the way. David, Lily, Markus and Peter were the second best part of his life. Piper was the best thing that ever happened to him.

“Stop swearing at your son.” Piper walked out of the kitchen with their three-year-old on her hip. Her stomach was barely rounded, as she was only a few months along. When she turned to grab a toy from the floor he saw the ink she’d gotten three months after they married. She’d kept asking him questions about his tattoos and he’d booked her an appointment. His name was there for him to see, showing who owned her. Piper never wore his leather cut but she had his name on her skin, turning him the fuck on.

“He’s stolen my keys. I can’t deal with the fucking stress if he tries to ride away.” Running fingers through his hair, he looked at the plastic house he’d bought for the garden. Assembling the climbing frame had taken him and three of the guys to put right.

BOOK: Screwed
6.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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