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Would he let Damon take this al the way? Right now, his fingers flexed, his wrists were loose and nothing was

stopping him from getting up and walking away from this.

Not until Damon dropped the cuffs on the bed, directly in Tanner’s line of vision.

“You know what to do with those,” Damon instructed.

Damon would make this his choice. Tanner could change hi s mind now…or strap himself down a nd d o what Jesse


His lips were dry. He licked them, then saw Damon shove a bottle of Gatorade in front of him. He gulped it down and

when Damon took the bottle, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

And then he stared at the cuffs that seemed to mock him. Especial y so when Damon climbed behind him and began

to slide his cock along the crack of Tanner’s ass, simulating what would happen once Tanner did restrain himself.

He nearly choked on a laugh. The thought of restraining himself wil ingly…letting himself be fucked wil ingly…

“You’re meant to be fucked, boy. Trust me on that. Your ass is meant to be violated…taken any way I want. And I plan

on putting my ten inches inside your virgin ass and fil ing you until you beg me to come.

And you wil . And then you’l beg me to do it again.”

Precome dripped from his cock at Damon’s words, and Damon’s finger swirled the liquid over the head. “Yes, you

want it.”

Damon was breaching al his barriers—and he’d found them far too easily.

One finger slid inside of him, brushed his prostate and he jumped.

“You’ve done this to yourself, haven’t you? Wondered what it would be like to have someone do it for you.”

He groaned as the pleasure began to overtake him. Damon replaced his finger with a thumb…and then he pushed a

second thumb inside. Tanner whimpered as Damon opened him, felt far more on display here than he had in the two

public scenes they’d had together.

“Beautiful,” Damon murmured and Tanner felt the puff of air against his hole. And he was ready to beg for Damon to

just fucking touch him or maybe he did because then there was the slide of Damon’s wet tongue along his ass, probing

his hole.

No one had ever done this to him before. There was another wet rasp before Damon’s tongue speared him, tongue

and thumbs opening him, taking him, and he was aware that he was very close to incoherence.

Opened his mouth but could only whimper, moan…and goddamn, it was amazing.

“The sweet boy’s a rimming virgin too.” Damon’s tongue flicked the tight ring of muscle mercilessly, and then the

thumbs left his ass to stroke Tanner’s cock. One finger wrapped under so a knuckle rubbed the underside of his cock

near the head, the other wrapped in a firm grip that encased him, stroking hard and steady.

“Damon, I’m going to…”

“Not right now.”

Tanner fol owed the command without thinking—it felt as natural as breathing.

As the bed rocked with their movements, the cuffs moved closer to Tanner’s hand, mocking him.

Three of Damon’s fingers were in his ass, twisting, turning…scissoring. Damon’s other hand was stil around his cock.

“That’s it, my sweet boy. Fuck yourself on my hand, the way you’l be fucking yourself on my cock. Begging me to fil


“God…Damon.” Right now, the two names were one and the same to Tanner. “Please.”

“The magic word. But you stil have to prove your decision.”

Tanner fumbled with the cuffs, Damon never stopping his movements as Tanner put the leather-lined cuff on one wrist

then threaded the longer chain through the headboard. When he clicked the second cuff into place, he nearly came.

The only things stopping him were Damon’s fingers, firm on the base of his cock, not al owing the orgasm.

Damon chuckled softly, his breath hot on the back of Tanner’s neck. “Good boy. Now, I’m going to show you your


And with that, the head of Damon’s cock entered him…slowly easing into him, and he heard his sharp intake of


“So tight…” Damon’s voice was husky as he pushed forward, and the air escaped from Tanner’s lungs. “Open for


“I don’t think—”

“Don’t think. Let me in.”

It was a s i f Damon’s commands made him forget about the pain, the fear, and his body simply responded, al owing

D a mo n t o e nte r h i m ful y. H i s ne rve endings we r e screaming b u t h e remembered t o breathe unti l h i s body

accommodated the big man’s cock. And then Damon moved, slowly at first, bumping his prostate, and Tanner felt the

white-hot slash of pleasure flash through him.

“Fuck yourself on my cock,” Damon said, stil ing so the tension in Tanner’s body made him taut as a wire. “Go on—

you want to. You want to fol ow every order I give you.”

A shudder overtook Tanner’s entire body. He bit back a groan until Damon threaded his hands in his hair and yanked

his head back slowly. Licked a line along his jaw. Bit his neck. “Do it.”

Tanner couldn’t hold out. He slammed his body back hard, saw stars as Damon’s cock hit his prostate again and


“Take me,” he heard himself say, his voice a hoarse command, his wrists stretched taut against their bonds and

Damon paused for a second, rubbed the back of Tanner’s neck.

“Good boy.”

It al became a blur—his legs were spread and Damon was taking him, fil ing him, stretched him until he writhed like

an animal, no control left.

“Yes, yes.” He practical y sobbed the words out. Damon took hi m harder now, the seduction having transcended its

original purpose.

Boundaries…control…they were gone and he was left with the most primal need and wel beyond logical thought.

He was an animal—Damon rutted him like one and Tanner wanted more of it—wanted it harder.

Rougher. Lust slammed him—it was like hitting a brick wal at a hundred and ten miles per hour and coming out the

victor, if not limping slightly.

Because yeah, Damon pounded him. He could barely hold onto the bed frame like Damon ordered him to do.

“Yes, Damon, don’t stop, okay? Not now…”

Damon wasn’t—everything was wet and hot and his dick spil ed precome and he needed to touch it, stroke it. But he

kept his hands where Damon wanted him to, and he moaned like a bitch in heat, the way Damon had promised and

nothing else mattered except this. Al of this.

And then, Tanner came harder than he ever had in his life, spil ing thick ropes of come across the sheets and barely

able t o hold himself up. Damon came right after, his orgasm throbbing into him and Tanner wished there was no condom

between them, wanted to feel the hot come inside of him.

Damon leaned down and breathed into Tanner’s ear, “We’re just getting started, sweet boy.”

In the aftermath, Tanner’s eyes blurred with tears he refused to let fal . Damon left his wrists bound together, but

released them from the headboard so he could rol comfortably on his side. He did so, half-dazed, feeling sated and

ready for more at the same time.

“I like keeping you bound and ready for me,” Damon told him and Tanner swal owed hard, couldn’t form the words…

didn’t know what the hel he wanted to say.

Damon looked at him with understanding and final y Tanner was able to speak. “How the hel did you know?”

Damon just smiled.

“Was it like that…with Jesse?”

“No. Jesse always knew what he was. You…so sure you were the top. Making yourself think that’s al there was.”

Damon stroked Tanner’s hair from his face. “You were making yourself goddamned miserable and you couldn’t figure out

why. I think Jesse knew that on some level.”

“And you knew, right away.”

“Yeah, I knew.”

Damon hadn’t been trying to humiliate him. No, it hadn’t been about that at al , and Damon confirmed it when he told


“You want someone to overwhelm you, to take control so you don’t have to be s o damned strong a l the time. You’re

al owed to let your guard down, sweet boy. If I can give you that…”

If Damon could give him that…

And after tonight, then what?

Tanner refused to think on it, his body stil strumming like an idling race car. The only thing he knew for sure was that

he wasn’t leaving the loft wil ingly tonight. And so he rubbed his body against Damon’s, nuzzled his chest, licked and

sucked on one of Damon’s nipples as Damon continued to stroke his hair.

“You want more, sweet boy?”

“Yeah, I want more. I want to do that a thousand fucking times over.”

Damon’s laugh was a low rumble. “So you’ve forgiven me that easily.”

Tanner pul ed back.

“Hey, I wasn’t saying there’s anything wrong with that. You should forgive me, but you’ve stil got a hel of a big apology

coming your way. Gonna make it so right for you. For Jesse.”

“For Jesse,” Tanner agreed around the lump that suddenly formed in his throat.

Kevin had been a patron of Crave, had consensual sex with two men inside the club and then walked out to go home

and got taken without his consent, had a ripped-up ass and a concussion, and his life would never be the same.

LC rode with him in the ambulance, talked with the EMTs, hoped that Damon wouldn’t find out about this before he

could be the one to tel him.

Maybe Damon went home with Tanner after Rex’s party. That would buy him some time before he had to tel Damon


But first, he needed to hold a man’s hand through a rape kit and a police report and the general humiliation that came

with it.

The hospital was teeming with people—Sunday night, ful moon and the ER was insane.

LC sat behind the closed curtain with Kevin, who wouldn’t let go of his hand until the sedation worked and he calmed

enough to talk with the police. This was long after the exam and the police’s questions, and while LC sat there because

Kevin needed him to be close, one of the detectives came over to him and asked, “Are you family?”

“No. I own the club near where he was attacked.”

“I know.” The detective eyed him a little warily and it took LC a moment to understand why. He’d seen the detective at

Crave a few times, in much different clothing than the buttoned-up suit and tie he wore now. He guessed the man was

hoping LC wouldn’t say anything about that in front of his partner, who didn’t look happy having to deal with a potential

gay bashing.

Kevin’s friends came in then and LC took leave of the smal area to afford them some privacy. He stood outside in the

cold air, smoking, wondering when the hel this would al go away.

The detective joined him shortly after that.

“You think this is a gay bashing?” The detective, who introduced himself as Paulo, but looked one hundred percent

Irish, asked.

LC shook his head. “I think it’s gay men targeting other gay men.”

“You’ve seen something like this happen before at your club?”

“Not at Crave, no.” But God, he’d seen it happen inside other clubs—so long ago he’d thought he’d sufficiently beaten

the memory down. He fought the panic attack that could build so easily if he al owed himself to remember that night…and

the aftermath.

“Do you think it’s personal?” Paulo was asking, a hand on LC’s arm as if he knew LC was unsteady.

LC jerked his arm away like he’d been burned. “I think al attacks are personal, detective.”

“Point taken.” Paulo took a few notes before speaking again. “How many others have there been?”

“This is the third. The other men didn’t want it reported.” LC met Paulo’s gaze. The bright blue eyes boring into his

held a heat that shocked his system. “I was handling it.”

“You’re going to have to tel your partner. The situation is escalating.”

“I wil . And I’l hire extra men,” LC said tightly.

Paulo nodded, one corner of his mouth twitching. “One more question. Is Damon more than just your partner in the



Paulo smiled outright. “That’s good for me, then.”

And it might be good for LC too, for one or two nights—if LC could handle the detective’s touch without seeing

another man’s face instead of his.

The detective handed him a card with a cel number on it. “I’l be in touch. In the meantime, use the number anytime—

personal use is fine.”

LC went back inside and said goodbye to Kevin and then caught a cab back to the club. Renn had closed up and

was waiting for him inside with the other bouncers, which LC appreciated.

“No press. No one seemed to know what was happening,” Renn confirmed, and that was good. He didn’t need this to

turn into a media blitz.

“Where’s Damon?”

“He came in around midnight. And then that guy, Tanner, joined him. Hasn’t left yet,” Renn said.

“Glad someone’s having a good night,” LC muttered, although he didn’t begrudge Damon’s time with Tanner. He’d

been hoping the men would meet up at Rex’s anyway.

The men were al circling around him, knowing they could easily catch LC’s wrath, but he was too drained to go on a


“The attacker targeted the al ey on the north side of the club this time, but the results are stil the same—a man left

beaten and raped with no witnesses—so where the fuck were al of you?”

“LC, we’re real y sorry. This is pissing us off too,” Renn told his boss quietly. Renn had been bouncing at the club for

four years now—was one of Crave’s most trusted employees. The rest of the group might not care quite as much, but LC

could see they were al visibly upset.

They damned wel better be.

“If we can’t keep our clientele safe, they wil not come back here,” LC emphasized, thinking about his and Damon’s

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