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A clap of thunder sounded. The signal, as if he’d had any doubt, that Creation approved. His balls felt heavy suddenly, and his cock throbbed in eagerness. With one hand, he lowered the cup while the other one grasped his erection and began to stroke it.

He’d had more than his share of sex over the years. He’d plunged his member into hot, wet pussies. Women had sucked on it, some shyly and others with an abandon that brought him to orgasm in seconds. Nothing had ever felt like this. While the wind blew and the waves crashed below him, he rubbed his hand over the length of his shaft, from the sac below all along to the head and back down again.

Images filled his vision. Gloria in the lace gown as she rode him, her eyes closed and her head thrown back in rapture. Gloria’s sweet ass as he plunged into her cunt from behind. The sight of his cock moist with her juices. Gloria standing over him with a whip in her hand while she fingered her clit with the other.

Damn, too much. He yearned to make this last, but he needed just as urgently to empty his love into the chalice so he could take it to her. He squeezed the base of his shaft, holding off the climax. Fighting against it.

The ocean churned beneath him. Huge waves building higher and higher. They pounded against the cliff as the pressure mounted inside him. He positioned the cup carefully. In another moment, he’d have no control of his motions, and he dared not miss.

All around him the wind whipped into a frenzy. It wailed in his ears with the sound of a hundred lovers screaming in their release, and every one of those cries held Gloria’s voice in it.

The ocean rose higher, roiling around the rock and climbing nearly to the promontory. He gave up all resistance and resumed the stroking. His cock came alive in his hand, swelling and throbbing in rhythm with the waves. He pulled harder on it as if he could strangle it into submission.

The climax started in his balls. An unbearable tension almost like pain. He moaned as it hit him and stroked on his cock like a madman. The shock wave ran the length of him and burst from the tip as he sprayed semen into the cup.

He opened his throat and howled as he came in one huge surge after another. His hips bucked with the power of it, but he held firm to his cock, guiding all of his essence into the cup.

This, I give to you
, his mind shouted.
And this, and this and this

One final ocean wave crested the cliff and sprayed up onto him as the last bit of semen seeped from the head of his cock and fell into the chalice.

It was done.

The ocean subsided, and the wind died down. Birds still cried with alarm, but slowly the island returned to normal. Quarian looked into the cup. All of that had come out of him, and now he’d offer it to his mate along with the gift of immortality. Just as Creation had ordered.




Chapter Five


Gloria watched Quarian approach. Powerful legs carried him quickly over the sand, and his loincloth moved in time with his footsteps. In his hand, he held a goblet of some kind.

He’d grown so beautiful to her over the days. Not just his impressive member, which had entranced her back in New York, but all of him. His smile, his hearty laugh, the way he surrendered totally when they made love. He’d gotten so close to her -- far closer than any other man ever had.

Maybe it was the island. Magic ruled here, enhancing all her senses to overload. She’d pursued beauty her entire life, from her drab hometown through graduate school and on to the dazzle and glitter of New York. How could she have known that she’d discover it on an island so remote she shared it with one other person? But, what a person.

What was she going to do now? She couldn’t stay on this island for the rest of her life. She couldn’t take someone like Quarian back to her apartment. Imagine what would happen if donors like Mrs. Homersby got a load of him in his loincloth. Maybe they could part for now and agree to meet back here in a year. Maybe she could visit him somewhere in the meantime. Somehow she couldn’t let things end when her week ran out.

He smiled as he approached her and held out the goblet to her. “I mixed you a special drink.”

She took it from him and studied the chalice. It appeared to be mother-of-pearl, studded here and there with coral of many different colors. “This is beautiful.”

“It’s quite ancient. Used only for important occasions.”

She smiled up at him. “What’s the occasion?”

He winked at her. “Drink it and see.”

She took a sip. As with everything on Chimera, the liquid exploded with flavor on her tongue. Spices, herbs, and wine that tasted of honey. Underneath all that lay a pleasantly salty tang.

“This is delicious.” She held the cup up to him. “Don’t you want some?”

“It’s all for you, my love. Drink up.”

She lifted the goblet to her lips again and swallowed the rest of Quarian’s concoction. Finally, she handed the cup back to him. “Okay, are you going to tell me what’s the occasion?”

“Come and sit with me for a minute.”

Something inside her went way wrong all of a sudden. Her head got light, and her vision dimmed. All the air rushed out of her chest. Her knees turned to water, and she felt herself collapsing. Quarian caught her, helped her down to the sand, and held her in his arms as the world disappeared in a whorl of dizziness. “What’s wrong with me?”

“Relax, mate,” he said. “It’ll pass.”

“I’m dying.” She’d tried to scream it, but her voice made only a whisper.

“You feel that way, but you’ll come out stronger at the end.”

“You did this to me!” He was a homicidal maniac, after all. He hadn’t knifed her, hadn’t beaten her to death as she’d feared when she first saw him. He’d poisoned her. He’d made her love him, and then he’d poisoned her.

“You wouldn’t see reason, Gloria. I had to.”

“Oh, God.”

He rocked her back and forth. “Hush, love. All will be well.”

The darkness swallowed her up, pulling her down into a bottomless pit. Her stomach clenched as she fought to stay in the world. Her heartbeat slowed and weakened. She struggled for breath, but no matter how hard she tried, nothing got into her lungs. Quarian’s arms were her only reality as he continued to cradle her against his chest. She loved him and he’d killed her, and she’d die with nothing but the memory of his embrace.

She gave up and let death have her. No use trying to hang on. She let herself float as she sank lower and lower into the abyss. At least there was peace here. She’d never see her parents again. Never see the Hollowel. Never see another sunset. Nothingness awaited her.

Just when she’d started to slip away, everything reversed course. She stopped falling and hung suspended in space and time. Sounds intruded -- distant at first but growing louder. The rhythmic crash of waves on the shore, the calls of sea birds, the rustle of leaves in the wind.

“That’s it, love.” Quarian’s voice. “Come back to me.”

Sand appeared under her body. Though her arm felt weighted down, she could stretch out her hand and bury her fingers into the sun-warmed sand. Light burned into her brain, even through her eyelids. She opened her eyes to the glare and immediately shut them again before moaning and rolling onto her side.

Quarian stroked her back. “Feeling better?”

She pulled away from him and forced herself to sit up. Her head swam for a moment and then cleared. When she opened her eyes again, the mists had burned away. The world looked brighter than before, the colors more saturated. Her ears picked up sounds she would normally never have heard. The flapping of birds’ wings far above her, the murmuring of sea currents.

“What in hell happened?” she said. “I thought I was dying.”

“You were in a way.”

“What did you put into that drink?”

“My essence. You’re immortal now.”

Her jaw dropped, and she stared at him. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Not at all. We can be mated now.”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake.” She rose, wobbled slightly, and righted herself. “Not that mate crap again.”

He rose, too, and held his hand out to her. “It’s not crap. You’re my mate, Gloria.”

She batted his hand away. “Okay, now I know for sure you’re crazy. You slipped some kind of date rape drug into the wine, and you expected I’d agree to be your mate after that?”

“Damn it, woman!” he thundered. “I’ve been more patient than any god needs to be. You’re immortal now. You are my mate, and we will leave here together. We’ll go where I say when I say, and you will not argue.”

The sound of his voice should have scared her or at least startled her. Instead, it rushed through her like a charge of electricity, increasing her own strength.

“The only place I’m going is back to New York, and I’m not waiting until the week is up. I’m getting off this damned island the minute they can get a boat out here to get me.”

“I forbid it,” he shouted.

“You can’t forbid me anything, pal. You’re a maniac, and I’m done playing make-believe with you.”

His face turned into the picture of fury and he spread his arms wide. “Do as I say, or I will raise a hurricane and carry you off with me that way.”

“Yeah, right. Whatever. I’m going into the cabin now and locking the door behind me. Don’t even bother knocking.”

She turned and walked off. Let him try to raise a storm. She wouldn’t stick around to see it.

* * *

There was a storm that night. Not quite a hurricane, but strong enough to rattle the screen door against the outside of the cabin. Rain pelted the window over Gloria’s bed, and the waves slammed against the beach outside. Somehow, in all that madness she could make out each single sound. Damn, but she could swear she heard the birds huddling in the trees. One note came through most clearly, though. A wail. It should have been the wind, but no. A voice. A cry of pure misery.

She sat up in bed and looked out the window. Her vision seemed oddly acute, too. She shouldn’t have been able to see anything, but somehow everything came through clearly.

The sea cast its own glow as the froth on the surf shimmered in a ghastly white. A flash of lightning revealed a lone figure on the beach. Quarian stood there with his arms by his sides and his head thrown back. Rain poured over him, and the waves threw water up at his feet. The storm gathered around him, the clouds swarming overhead. One lightning strike and then another hit around him. They should have electrocuted him by now or at the very least thrown him off his feet. None of it moved him. He stood there with that inhuman sound coming out of his throat while the elements went mad around him.

Gloria took a deep breath and lay back down. She should go to him and order him to come inside. But how could she do that without getting herself struck by one of those bolts? Besides, he’d drugged her once in his insane attempts to convince her she should become his mate. She didn’t dare trust him again.

No, he’d have to stay out there. When she got to the main island, she could call someone and get him some help. He needed to be in a hospital somewhere where experts could take care of him. She had a lot of her own work to do getting over him and what she’d thought was love.

Sanity would return tomorrow. She only had to endure the storm tonight.

* * *

The door to the cabin opened not long after the sun rose. Quarian rose from the rock he’d been sitting on for the past few hours and watched as Gloria came out. She’d put on tight, black jeans and a clingy black tee shirt that only went to her midriff. She’d painted her face again and spiked up her hair. In each hand, she held a suitcase.

When she saw him, she hesitated briefly. That lasted only a moment, though, before she set her jaw and resumed her determined march to the water’s edge.

He walked up beside her. “Are you really going to leave?”

She set down her luggage and stared out over the waves. “Will you let me leave?”

“What do you think?”

“I know now that you can stop me. You really are who you say you are, aren’t you?”

“I never tried to hide myself from you.”

“What sane person would believe a story like that?”

“I hoped maybe you would. How did you finally figure it out?”

She looked at him for a moment, cold fury in her eyes. “You did make me immortal. I cut myself shaving my legs, and it healed instantly. So, I tried holding my breath to see what would happen. Nothing. I don’t seem to need to breathe.”

“You don’t.”

“How could you?” Her voice was low and as cold as ice. “How could you make a decision like that for me?”

He looked down at his feet. He’d never mistreated women before, but he’d never taken them very seriously, either. They were lovely, sweet creatures who could share great pleasure. Eventually, he’d move on, leaving them with wonderful memories. He’d never had to consider their life choices. He did now, and he’d done a piss poor job of it.

“I love you, Gloria,” he said. “Do you believe me?”

She ran her fingers through the spikes of her hair. “Yeah, sure. I guess.”

“All I can say in my own defense is that the mating urge got the better of me. It’s more powerful than even the elements. I must have been crazy with it.”

“So, you turned me into… what?” She paused. “What am I, anyway?”

He looked back up at her. “With me, you’d be a part of me. Part of one of life’s strongest forces. The ocean, rivers, streams.”

“And without you?”

“I don’t know.” Creation, what had he done? He’d made a being in his own image but given her no choice in the matter. The ultimate betrayal, and she had to see it as such. If only he could undo his actions of the last twenty-four hours… but he couldn’t.

“What are you going to do?” he asked.

She sighed, and the sound cut into him like a knife. Damn, how he’d hurt her.

“I haven’t decided,” she said. “I guess I’ll live one life until people realize I’m not aging and then move on to another identity.”

“That sounds lonely.”

She shrugged. “What else can I do?”

She could come with him, but surely she’d considered that possibility and rejected it. Damn, she’d rejected him.

“What about you?” she said. “Will you get a new mate?”

“I have only one mate -- you.”

“You really fucked up, didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry, Gloria. I’m so sorry.”

“A hundred years from now, I’ll be able to speak with authority on today’s art because I’ll have known the artist personally. I won’t be able to tell anyone that for fear they’ll have me locked up.”

“Damn, I wish there was some way you could kill me.”

“I’d like that, too.”

“Let me give you one gift before you leave.”

She glared at him. “It doesn’t involve drinking any potions, I hope.”

He raised his hands in surrender. “I’m being completely honest now. I want to show you something that may make up for some of the pain I’ve caused you.”

She sighed again. “What do you want to show me?”

“The sea. I want you to see it the way no one but I have ever seen it before.”

“The boat’s coming for me.”

“It won’t be here for some time.”

Anger flared in her eyes again.

“I didn’t do anything to delay the boat,” he said. “I know the schedule.”


“Please, Gloria. Just this one thing, and I’ll let you go.”

* * *

Gloria took Quarian’s hand. There had to be some benefits of immortality, although they’d all escaped her when the magnitude of what he’d done had sunk in. Quarian had lived for centuries, and he seemed pretty happy. Maybe he could help her adjust to her new status.

He led her out into the sea. Warm water swirled around her ankles and then her knees as they went. When they got deep enough for the waves to reach her waist, her sodden jeans rubbed between her legs and felt clammy against her skin. Her clothes disappeared -- just vanished -- leaving her naked.

She looked at Quarian. “I’m not having sex with you, if that’s what this is about.”

He shrugged. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Then who got rid of my clothes?”

“You did.”

“I did?”

“When you have more practice, manipulating objects will come easier.”

She glanced down at herself. Her body seemed to belong in the sea, and only nakedness made sense. Anything human-made would get between her and her element. On they went as the water rose higher around her. Over her breasts and to her shoulders. Quarian stopped and held his hand out to her. On his palm lay a clip made out of tortoise shell.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“Put it over your nostrils. Once you’re used to doing without breathing, you won’t need it.”

She clipped it over her nose, cutting off her breath. That strange light-headed feeling returned. Giddy, but pleasantly so. In front of them, a large wave built. A country girl, she’d only encountered the ocean as an adult, and its power had always frightened her. They were already nearly immersed. This swell would take them under. She watched it come, building and building. It couldn’t kill her, but it could scare her pretty well.

BOOK: Sea God's Pleasure
12.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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