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Second Chance Sister (21 page)

BOOK: Second Chance Sister

“I thought about why you called me Papa.” His hand rubbed her thigh. “You wanted me to father a child.”

child, Louis.

“For how long have you been

“Since the beginning.”

“Since the beginning,” he mused, rubbing her thigh again while he drove. “And yet you planned all this, the university and your teaching.”

, I did.”

“Why? Just so you would not be a burden to me, another parasite?”

“That, and also, to justify the time and money I have spent on my education, and to honor my promises to my family.”

“To Bat, you mean.”

, to Bat.”

“And you have not broken your promises to him.”


“To whom else have you made promises?”

“To you,
mon treasor

They pulled up in front of the house. “Any other promises?”

“No, only the one to love and cherish
mon mari
all my life. Just that one.”

Louis did not move to get out of the car. It took Bishou a moment to realize why. She felt for her purse, pulled out her handkerchief, and wiped tears from his face. He stopped her hand. His voice was very quiet and calm. “
Non, ma Bishou
, don’t bother. I am just — enjoying the feeling — that I could die happy at this moment.”

“I sincerely hope not, Papa. There are many more years for us.”

. But they will be years of — caring for our children, commuting to work, trading letters and telephone calls with friends and family, even — even growing old together. Those ordinary pleasures that I thought were forever denied me.” He leaned over. Those soft lips touched hers. “Thank you.”

mon cheri
. Thank you. For reaching out and welcoming me.”

About the Author

Linda Kepner is a genre fiction author living in New Hampshire, and employed at America’s oldest public library. Her other books include
Second Chance,
the previous volume of Bishou’s story. Linda has worked as a librarian, college instructor, magazine editor, and brokerage clerk.
Second Chance Sister
is her fourth novel. For more information about the author, please see her web site:

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