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Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History

BOOK: Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History
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With appreciation to Adam Parfrey.
I would like to thank the following persons for their contributions to the research: Vicky Bolin, X. Sharks DeSpot, Hawthorne Abendsen, Michael A. Hoffman II, Jerry Smith, Larry Nunn, Wayne Henderson, James Shelby Downard, Greg Krupey, Tim O’Neill, Ron Bonds, Tim Cridland, Kenn Thomas, Howard Martenson, Ace Hayes, Len Bracken, John Aes-Nihil and “The Franciscan.”
The editor is always interested in contacting people who have interesting information. I can be contacted care of IllumiNet Press, PO Box 2808, Lilburn, GA, 30226.
— Jim Keith



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Careful examination of the facts will reveal something curious to the unbiased: America’s electronic and print media are simultaneously “free” and heavily controlled.


The existence of books like this one proves that there is freedom of the press within the clipped-wing aviary of the “underground,” where the ravings of radicals accomplish little more than provide comic relief. In the big buck, million-copy world of the mainstream, commentators on both Left and Right have discerned and decried the hand of censorship and manipulation for years while wittingly or otherwise playing a part in the mass deception. Conservatives like Limbaugh and Quayle prattle about the liberal slant of the news, while liberals like Chomsky and Vidal reveal the subtleties of an ongoing manipulation and redesign of our society by a cabal of the ruling elite who own the media, and their henchperson spin-doctors who tinker with the mind of the body politic.


How can the media be both free and controlled at the same time? And why?


FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. Every civilization has had slavery as an essential element of its economy —including our own. Have you attained the “American Dream” by making payments on your own home? But who owns your home, really? If you’re still making payments, who owns your car? Washer/dryer? Refrigerator/freezer? Big screen TV? Just stop making payments and see what happens. Let’s say you’ve paid off your car, paid off your home. What happens if you don’t pay property taxes on time, or pay car insurance? What if you suddenly take ill? Ever hear of indentured servitude? Before the Civil War, free men who needed money could sell themselves into slavery for a period of time, usually seven years. Most Americans are way over their heads in debt. Daily they sell themselves into slavery — in forty hour weeks, eight hour shifts, if they can find them.


What has all this got to do with the media? The people who direct and control the world’s financial resources are, to a very large extent, the same people who control and direct the world’s media. Networks, cable stations, studios, theatre chains, publishing consortiums, newspapers, are owned by a handful of people, and those people either own the banks or are owned by the banks.


THE HORRIBLE TRUTH. Electronic and print media are a pacification program run by the Happyface Fun Enforcers. There is an ideal mental/emotional state for rabid consumerism, and that is the state of glad that the media promotes. The shock cuts and nervous camera succor a short attention span; so short, in fact, that your brain becomes a sieve, short-circuiting memory and logic. You are on IV TV, awaiting the next in-flow of shock or pacifying hypnotic to keep you hooked into the consumerist foodchain.


Small robbers are put in prison;

A great robber becomes a feudal lord;

And in the gate of the feudal lord your righteous scholars will be found.

— Man Kau-Teh


IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. By now, most of America has heard the phrase “Politically Correct,” a term that George Orwell would have relished. I means to speak, think and act within the mandates of a supposed worldview of compassion and tolerance. It also means that there are certain thoughts — a lot of them, actually — that you must not think.


I had a personal encounter with the unthinkable recently. It was at a recent convention for writers, publishers, and fans of “marginal” forms of literature, including science fiction, horror, comics, conspiracy politics, and other genres catering to the not-quite-right in the head. There, I chaired a panel discussion on the topic of “Censorship,” prefacing the free-for-all with a thumbnail listing of a few things that you can’t discuss in this society without facing the wrath of the self-appointed righteous. I was careful to state that by mentioning these dreadful subjects that I was not endorsing them, and
I am still not endorsing them,
but pointed out these were topics that one could not safely consider, regardless of the alleged protections of our much-touted First Amendment.


1. Racial correlation to IQ.


2. Homosexuality as pathology.


3. Holocaust revisionism (i.e., did 6 million die?).


4. AIDS as military bio-warfare.


5. Application of the same rules and procedures to AIDS victims as to victims of other communicable diseases.


While these subjects all seemed prosaic to a jaded figurine such as myself, they were not, as I had anticipated, old news to everyone. Still, I hardly expected such a stimulus-response convulsion from so-called freethinkers and iconoclasts. As soon as I had totted off on my fingers the prime candidates for “things you can’t think, much less talk about around here,” a fellow panelist, a capable writer whom I had personally invited to participate in the discussion, threatened to walk if I didn’t immediately shut my face!

BOOK: Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History
13.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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